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DVD title: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
ziyi my pretty

I recently watched the subtitled version of crouching tiger on dvd, and yes I would agree with all the reviews here lauding the cinematography, the acting, the fight sequences, and the moody musical score. My favorite scene is the one where Jen is spinning upwards two stories in the air. I thought the best acting performance in the movie was by Michelle Yeoh. If I had a dvd player myself, I would get my own copy of this movie just to watch some more of my pretty ziyi. She must have been 19 or just turned 20 when she made this film. Every time I listen to coco lee's song from the movie I start daydreaming about her...ouch...what a babe.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Ang Lee
Yun-Fat Chow
Michelle Yeoh
Ziyi Zhang

DVD title: Three's Company - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Three's Company - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
How Much Better Can This Get!

I'm so glad this show is finally coming out on dvd. I've been waiting for it ever since MASH came out on dvd. Mash and Three's Company have always been my all time favorite shows and i'm only 20 years old. You can't get much better in John Ritter's physical comedy in Three's Company. He's probably the greatest actor/comedian to ever walk the face of this earth. And to hear of his passing tore a whole in my heart. I never got to meet the guy, but his tv performances helped me to generate a many a laught and I can't wait till i can get my hands on this dvd. It's a safe bet i'm gonna wear this dvd set out quickly as i did MASH. RIP Mr. John Ritter, but your awesome legacy will live on in my dvd player for years to come.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers

DVD title: Suckers
Productgroup: DVD
Suckers - movie DVD cover picture
Better than it looks!

Great movie! I went in thinking it would be really stupid and came out laughing hard. I thought maybe it was just me, but even my friends loved it too. If you're in sales you'll really get a kick out of it - especially if you're in car sales!

It's well worth the money and it's one of those obscure titles that's a definite nugget.

Studio: Victory Video
Director: Roger Nygard

DVD title: Madonna - Music (DVD Single)
Productgroup: DVD
Madonna - Music (DVD Single) - movie DVD cover picture
Some wild fun!

Well, Madonna, as usual the visionary artist as she is, comes up with a video that is not exactly a RAY OF LIGHT though both helmed by Jonas Auckland. Music is a grand hip-hop affair, full of black street-culture and that not-so-subtle ghetto groove. In it, Madonna does some of the greatest spoofs of rappers and rappers' video by wearing thick gold jewelry and prancing up and down the strip-clubs. Strung together with a hyper-kinetic animation segment which sees Madonna deal with some street thugs along with her sista pals, Debi and Niki. Ali-G, the irrepressible driver of hers even commented how Madonna's "babylons looked less big than on the telly!" See the full-length uncensored version, found on this DVD, and Ali even does a parody of LIKE A VIRGIN, got me urging... Just a whole load of un on a gals' nite out!

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: U2 - Rattle and Hum
Productgroup: DVD
U2 - Rattle and Hum - movie DVD cover picture
Ignore the critics

This movie was really good...I didn't buy it to learn about U2's past (get U2 at the End of the World or something for that), but to hear them sing. And that's exactly what I got. While Rattle and Hum has some of U2's best songs (Bullet the Blue Sky, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Angel of Harlem, and Bad), I was dissapointed to find out that All I Want is You plays during the credits. That's one of the songs that got my into U2 in the first place, and I was hoping I would see them perform it. Oh, well, I'll survive.
Definetly get this, whether you're new to U2 or an old fan.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Phil Joanou
The Edge
Adam Clayton
Larry Mullen Jr.
B.B. King

DVD title: To Hell & Back Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
To Hell & Back Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
A First Rate Thriller. Up There With The Original.

Halloween The Curse Of Michael Myers is my favorite Halloween sequel, and, despite having horrible reviews, is the second best of the series (the first being part 1, of course). The movie realized that the series was getting pretty dull by part 5, so it adds a lot of new plot twists, like Michael being involved in some cult called "Thorn" that makes one person kill every member of his family. You'll also find out in this one who the Man In Black really is (I'll give you a hint, he was in ONE scene from the original).
The movie begins with Jamie Lloyd (no longer Danniele Harris, but J.C. Brandy) having a baby, which is then stolen by the man in black, who is going to make this baby Michael's sacrifice. However, a kind woman working there helps Jamie escape with her baby. This woman then meets her fate, impaled to a coat hanger by Michael Myers, who is now stronger and more enraged than ever!! Jamie does get away, and hides her baby at a bus depot, before she, to, meets her maker. Then, we go on to meet Kara Strode (Marriene Hagan) and her family. She's got a seven year old boy. She's going to college to make up for her past mistakes. Her father, John, dosn't approve of her staying at his place, where he already has two other people living, his wife, and his son, John (Bradford English). John Strode is an abusive alcoholic, who mistreats his entire family. Kara is a little bit creeped out by this man who's staring at her out his window. Well, this man happens to be Tommy Doyle (Paul Steven Rudd), who was being babysat by Laurie Strode when Myers attacked in 1978. He's a little messed up by this particular incident, and he thinks that Michael's returning. He was also listening to this particular radio show the night before, and recorded when Jamie screamed "Help Me" to the show. He tracks the area she was calling from down to the bus depot, where he finds her baby. Meanwhile, Kara is being stalked by Michael, but doesn't realize it. And, to make things worse, her little son is hearing a voice that says "Kill For Me". Who's going to survive THIS Halloween? Watch and see.
Halloween The Curse Of Michael Myers is a very underrated Halloween film. It is propably (aside from Part 3) the least popular of the series, but I can't understand why. My least favorite film is actually Part 4. This movie is great, it's scary, funny, shocking, gory, mysterious. Everything to make a perfect horror film (including suspense). Yes, it's very hard to make to much sense of it, but that's what makes it more intelligent. And there is so much gore! I know Part 1 is famous for being almost completely bloodless, but blood was needed at this point. It's definetly the most extremly graphic of the whole series. But still, it's got a plot, and a fine plot, I must say. The Myers mask is back to normal, as is his house (where the Strode family is living). The man behind the mask this time, George P. Wilbur (Michael in Part 4), is far superior to that guy, Donald Shank, who played him in the fifth one. But, then, in H2O, the man behind the mak is HORRIBLE!! And YOU CAN SEE HIS EYES!!! But in this, you can't see Michael's eyes, and he's played eerily. Nice job Mr. Wilbur!
As for this DVD, well, it's OK. No special features (aside from sneak peek trailers for H2O and the Scream Box Set), but it's presented in widescreen, and has nice, clear picture. I'm dieing to see that Producer's Cut, which is apparentally almost a different film. It'd be awesome to release a DVD with both versions on it, but for now, this one's OK. If I were you, though, I'd wait a little bit, and I'm sure they'll release the producer's cut.
If you found my review helpful, don't forget to vote for me!!!!Thank You!

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Dimension Thriller Theater

DVD title: Spirited Away
Productgroup: DVD
Spirited Away - movie DVD cover picture
I love it!

It's one of the best cartoon/anime i've saw, actually, probably THE best. It'll be better if you understand more about the Japanese culture (then it'll all make sense), but if you don't it's still a pretty good movie. I've watched Hayao Miyazaki's movies ever since i was born and i loved them! this is one of the best, then totoro, then the panda one, then kiki.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Miyu Irino

DVD title: Chariots of the Gods
Productgroup: DVD
Chariots of the Gods - movie DVD cover picture
Shallow thinking

I found this film to be very intresting. Whether or not it is true,Scary if it is,I thought it was a magnificent attempt to illustrate one possible reason for the meaning of our human exisitance. Fraud or not, its the mystery that we all would like to know. Imagine if all out of the box thinkers caved in to the critisizm of people who thought they were mad, Columbus in 1492 would have turned his vessels around.

Studio: Vci Home Video
Director: Harald Reinl

DVD title: Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Productgroup: DVD
Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - movie DVD cover picture
Sellers at his best!

This movie, along with "Being There", are my favorite movies! Peter Sellers was a master actor! The extras on the disk are worth it too.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Peter Sellers
George C. Scott

DVD title: Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures (1990-1995)
Productgroup: DVD
Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures (1990-1995) - movie DVD cover picture
what a great collection of short films!!!

i was introduced to wallace and gromit from my boyfriend who moved here from england, and i must say that these two are my new heros. wallace who kind of reminds me of inspector gadget is a riot, and his side kick gromit, dog wonder of the 21st century. if only there were more than three films!!! i could listen to wallace talk all day, and gromit is just your normal relaxed quiet pet who has a mind of his own, and likes to knit. i hope if you get this, you enjoy them just as much as i did.

Studio: Audrey L Ward
Director: Nick Park

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