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DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

If you are moved by music, then this movie will move you! It is gorgeous, visually stimulating from every direction, and the acting is superb. I was completely floored by the amazing voice coming out of Ewan McGregor, and pleasantly surprised by Nicole Kidman singing ability. The chemistry between them is incredible. The story is stage worthy. This could be the next CATS on stage! I purchased this dvd, and downloaded the soundtrack. It's a beautiful picture for the intelligent and romantic at heart. One of my favorite movies of all time!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: She's So Lovely
Productgroup: DVD
She's So Lovely - movie DVD cover picture
Lovely says it all

This movie is absolutly the best movie I have ever seen. It is sad, dramatic and (at times) funny. I am not very old and yet I love Sean Penn. He is the best actor. He is able to get so in-touch with the character you actually forget you are watching him at all. He is by far the greatest actor of all time. The fact that they had Robin Wright Penn act along side of him was brilliant. The two make a great duo and really bring the movie to life. Travolta also does a great job. It really touches the heart. You will laugh, you will cry, you will care. This movie is truly one of the greatest films of all time.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Robin Wright Penn
Sean Penn

DVD title: The Princess Diaries (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Princess Diaries (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie

I took my 3 kids to this the second night it was out, and we loved it. My kids and my husband and I all found it very funny. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Garry Marshall
Julie Andrews
Anne Hathaway

DVD title: The Best of Abbott & Costello - Volume 3 (8 Film Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Best of Abbott & Costello - Volume 3 (8 Film Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Are A&C Fans Nutty People?

These A&C sets are real bargains and they are filled with A&C's best works. So, I guess most A&C fans are nutty people because all I hear is 'defects' and 'freezing'. What is wrong with all of you A&C fans? I was so scared on buying these sets because of all these rumors. Well, let me give a little advice. These rumors are not true. I bought all three volumes of these A&C sets and not one of them had any defects or problems. I have four DVD players and they are about 4 years old and these DVDs play fine on all of these players. So, either you people have broken DVD players or you like spreading rumors. Well, get a life and stop driving customers away.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Charles Lamont
Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Mari Blanchard
Robert Paige (IV)
Martha Hyer

DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die - movie DVD cover picture
Couldn't Have Laughed harder!

This was one movie that was so bad, i would have laughed at it without MST making fun of it! Mary Jo Pehl as the "Brain That Wouldn't Die" in one of the cut scenes was hilarious! A must see and buy for any MST3K collection.

Studio: Rhino Video
Michael J. Nelson
Joel Hodgson
Trace Beaulieu
Kevin Murphy (II)

DVD title: Wings of Desire
Productgroup: DVD
Wings of Desire - movie DVD cover picture
When the child was still a child...

When a movie treats of angels, one is tempted to think of the facile conception of winged pale men-like creatures doing "holy" work, as opposed to the "base" material world. Such reasoning is bound to degenerate in altruistic and Christian propaganda.
In "Wings of Desire" this dichotomy is enforced, as there are also two worlds : the material and the angelic. But the angelic world is not "divine". There is no god, at least no apparent one, and angels are unsubstantial observers who envy the humans' capacity to experience. Wandering around the divided 80s Berlin in dark trenchcoats, two angels on friendly terms, Damiel and Cassiel, share their daily tasks as Damiel begins to express his desires to become human.
The narrative of the movie revolves around a poem that begins : "Als das Kind Kind war..." (When the child was still a child...). Indeed, the movie's ideological structure itself is centered around this notion of innocent but immature child stage vs mature adulthood. The angels are atemporal and have little experience, and in a fitting symbolism, see things monochromatically. When we see the human viewpoint, the screen bursts with colour. Much like in the movie Pleasantville, black-and-white thinking must mature into the richness and complexity of colours.
Along the way the angels meet Homer (alive after all these centuries), and especially delicious, Peter Falk, playing himself, more or less. Damiel also falls in love with an angel of another kind - a beautiful trapeze artist named Marion. All the while, they read the minds of the humans of Berlin, forced to simply observe.
Interestingly, the movie was dedicated to Ozu, Truffaut and... Tarkovsky. Like a Tarkovsky, this is not an easy movie, or a fast-paced movie - you need to be able to take your time and understand it. Unfortunately, Wenders' commentary track is... well, pretty bad. Not only is he rambling most of the time, but he has little to say about the movie itself. This is rather too bad.
Damiel : "Just once, I'd like to say 'oh!' and 'hey!' instead of always 'yea' and 'amen'"

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Wim Wenders
Bruno Ganz
Solveig Dommartin
Otto Sander
Curt Bois
Peter Falk

DVD title: Swingers
Productgroup: DVD
Swingers - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Funniest Movies I Have Ever Seen!!

I see movies occasionally and never more than once in the theater. I saw this one four times in the theatre. Each time I had to share it with another group of friends. Each time the audience howled with laughter. The humor is accessible on many different levels. It has the fast pacing of a Seinfeld and has not-so-subtle references to Scorcese and Tarantino films. This is one DVD that will get a lot of use as you put it on when you really want to laugh. You won't be disappointed!

Studio: Miramax
Director: Doug Liman
Vince Vaughn
Heather Graham

DVD title: Star Trek - Insurrection
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek - Insurrection - movie DVD cover picture
Better than the critics said

Movie critics are pack animals. As soon as someone made the observation that the odd-numbered Star Trek movies seemed to be worse than the even-numbered, the hack-critics started repeating this ad nauseum. Dare we forget that Generations was a good movie? Well, Insurrection is quite good as well. I liked it the first time I saw it in the theatre, but recently rented it on video and was surprised to find that it was more entertaining on second viewing. So, rent it until the price falls, then buy it. It's a worthy addition.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes
Patrick Stewart
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis

DVD title: Bill Bruford - Footloose in New York City
Productgroup: DVD
Bill Bruford - Footloose in New York City - movie DVD cover picture
Master Bruford...again.

Just what who expect from the number one drummer in the world. Efortless, classic, but creative, complex, yet simple. Great sound is like having a drum lesson in your room. now you know why these top musician want to play with him.If you like prog rock, drums, or very good jazz, this is a must.You can watch over and over again, you'll always find something new.TOTALLY BUY IT!

Studio: Wea Corp
Bill Bruford

DVD title: Music for Montserrat
Productgroup: DVD
Music for Montserrat - movie DVD cover picture
Pavarotti didn't come, so ....

This is what the British singer Elton John told the public that overcrowded the famous Royal Albert Hall, in London, before he sang and played Live like Horses, a song he composed to be played along with the Luciano Pavarotti. Unfortunately Luciano could not come up so Elton John did both his part and Luciano's! The outcome you will see when you buy this DVD but I may tip in advance that the audience in the back, composed of musicians from the Royal Orchestra, was totally overwhelmed by the solo performance of the pop singer Elton John. The venue of the show is an attraction in itself, being one of the most sacred temples both to classical music and to recent pop history if we remember the former Beatle John Lennon asking the noble audience to shake their jewels.

This superb September 1997 show was done to raise funds to help the people from Montserrat to rebuild their lives after a volcano eruption almost completely devastated the tiny Caribbean island it in the same year. The performers were mainly British and one after the other they convey to the audience and to home spectators the sheer intensity of their devotion to music. Sting, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Elton John and the former Beatle Paul McCartney, just to name a few of the pop stars present at the performance, with a little help from the British Royal Orchestra, play some of their most famous songs and, in the end, band themselves together in a final jam session not to be equaled in sheer intensity by anything done before in pop story. Just figure out what is to have in a single session the likes of Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, M.Knopfler, etc..., and to top it all, with background orchestra and vocals conducted by sir George Martin, the man who made arrangements to almost all Beatles songs!!

It is a must buy to anyone who enjoys music played by the best performers from the 60's trough the 90's; this DVD will bring you a lot of the pleasure you may be looking for. Enjoy it!!

Studio: Image Entertainment

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