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DVD title: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Collector's Edition) (High School Reunion Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Collector's Edition) (High School Reunion Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
very very good movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@

movie that my fascinates during 110 minute fast times at ridgement high and among the good movie that I saw. He represents the reality of his pleasure year that is the year 70 indeed. Really very chosen actor them to play has them the height. My actor preferred in himself movie and JEFF SPICOLI, because it is bad boys the best comedian in the movie. I think that this movie it is he that has revolutionizes and put has the fashion its beautiful shoe that his Them ?VANS? that JEFF SPICOLI to carry at the end the movie. I would like thanks my English professor for me have present it marvelous movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Amy Heckerling
Sean Penn

DVD title: Yoga Journal's Yoga for Back Care
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga Journal's Yoga for Back Care - movie DVD cover picture
Gentle and Excellent

I checked here for reviews before buying this. There weren't any, so I took a chance. I'm glad I did. And since no one else has posted a review, I finally decided to in case anyone else would like a user's opinion. When I first tried this routine, I didn't think it was going to do much. It is very conservative. But it is also very safe. It avoids some of the front bending and stretching postures that can be dangerous for low back problems. Yoga Journal's routines often go in and out of postures faster than I like, and at first I wasn't sure I liked that aspect of the routine either. Ater doing this routine for about a month, though, I can say that my low back discomfort has eased off greatly. This DVD gets the credit. It is an excellent combination of equalized stretching on both sides of your body, plus relaxation for your upper and low back. The entire workout runs nearly an hour, which I don't always have time for. But it is broken into three segments, so you can do one or two only. Still, make the time for the full routine if you can. It's worth it. You don't need to do it every day. A few times a week has been enough for me to feel the benefit. Finally, the setting is beautiful, the production quality is high, and Rodney Yee is a pleasant presence (important for something you listen to over and over again). I highly recommend the DVD for anyone looking for back-related flexibility, relaxation, and restoration.

Studio: Gaiam Americas
Rodney Yee

DVD title: Frankenstein
Productgroup: DVD
Frankenstein - movie DVD cover picture
Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection......It's ALIVE!!!!!

Look, don't read this, just buy this thing before Universal realizes what they've done! They've opened their rusty old vault doors and let their most prized creations escape into open air! FRANKENSTEIN (dir.James Whale, w/ Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, Boris Karloff, Dwight Frye) is loose! His BRIDE (dir. James Whale again! w/ Colin Clive, Elsa Lanchester, Boris Karloff, Dwight Frye) too! Their hideous SON (Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone, Lionel Atwill) is also rampaging! If that's not enough, the GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (Lon Chaney jr., Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, Sir Cedric Hardwicke) now walks among us as well! Yes, this collection has them all, and tosses in the HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney jr., John Carradine, George Zucco, Lionel Atwill) that long overgrown piece of wretched real estate! Hurry, before Universal slams those creaky doors shut once more! If you're a horror nut like yours truly, then this is a nightmare come true! Highest recommendation...

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: James Whale
Colin Clive
Mae Clarke
Boris Karloff

DVD title: Rules of Engagement
Productgroup: DVD
Rules of Engagement - movie DVD cover picture
Inspiring legal drama

I watched this film when it was released in VHS years ago, but it is still a great film. I've read a few bad reviews about this movie, where people claim it to be propaganda in order to better the U.S' position in the world, but it isn't.

Dealing with the issue of Childers murdering those Yemenis, to tell the truth, I understand protests, but they were blazingly violent. They were grabbing guards and beating the crap out of them. A mother had her child in her arms while standing next to a sniper on a rooftop, and shielded his ears while he was firing (which reminds me of the protestors at the Terri Schiavo 2-week death period, where they brought their kids, only to have them arrested). The fact that the crowd had guns was just the "cherry on top" for a good excuse for Childers to solve the problem permanently. That embassy was U.S soil, and snipers (and the crowd) were firing at it, killing Marines, throwing firebombs, rocks, pretty much they signed their death warrants when they got violent.

It was U.S soil, though, and Childers had every right to kill anyone attacking it. Right now in Uzbekistan, for example, they are going through a type of civil war. It started with VIOLENT protests against the government for wrongfully imprisoning their comrades. If they had protested peacefully, their murders would incite a cry of mass slaughter. However, they were attacking government soldiers, so the soldiers have a right to defend themselves.

To have your hands tied behind your back, carrying a loaded rifle, while the possibility of instant death or torture is looming in your face, and you cannot fire because you fear the legal and sociopolitical consequences of your actions - is just plain nuts...and I am not supporting Florida's "Wild-West" gun law by saying that.

That being said, the film is an inspiration for doing the right thing. It defends truth, justice, and fairness. Whether you are a "bleeding heart Liberal" or a staunch anti-American from another country, you will love this film because, even though it is fiction, it does represent today's justice system and how difficult it can be to reach truth. Plus, the government loses the case - OH NO, SPOILER! Sorry :(

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: William Friedkin
Tommy Lee Jones
Samuel L. Jackson

DVD title: An Evening with the Dixie Chicks
Productgroup: DVD
An Evening with the Dixie Chicks - movie DVD cover picture
An evening with angels

I love this dvd. The first time I bought it I just instantly loved it. I loved the way they talk about the songs and how the crowd has so much energy. It makes the dvd more exciting. I loved the 4 songs they played at the end. It was such a treat to hear those songs again. The dvd is something to watch over and over again.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Joel Gallen

DVD title: The Night Flier
Productgroup: DVD
The Night Flier - movie DVD cover picture
Stephen King done RIGHT

Many Stephen King films just don't capture the scares Mr. King probably intended. Although The Shining DID and King hated that movie, so I am not sure if he likes The Night Flier or not. Well, he should. I read the story before the movie was made and the film if very faithful to the story and captures the feel perfectly. My town has a small airport like the ones featured in the story and film. No one goes there on a daily basis, so a small plane landing and the vampire pilot feasting on the small landing strip crew, is not only believable, but spooky for me (since I live about half a mile from our "airport".
The Night Flier follows a tabloid has-been reporter (played by Miguel Ferrer with his usual gravel-toned zest) chasing a small plane pilot who travels from small airstrip to small airstrip killing the crews he finds in a way that suggests he is (or thinks he is) a vampire.
My biggest problem with the DVD is that the killer is displayed on the front and back of the DVD packaging, thereby taking away any of the big surprise reveal of the killer's face near the end. I hate that. It includes a trailer and a slide-show type behind the scenes story about the making of the film.
Bottom line, this is one of the good Stephen King films. It's not blatantly scary, but it does have a certain sustained suspense to it as the journalist gains ground on his prey.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Mark Pavia
Miguel Ferrer
Julie Entwisle

DVD title: Dancer in the Dark (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Dancer in the Dark (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
The only movie that's made me cry

I just have to say it was the most emotional movie I have ever seen. I was brought to tears, and was bawling in front of my television. I wanted to help Selma, the main character so much, and I felt there was nothing I could do. I can;'t put it in words, but this film has made me such a part of it moreso than any other film I have seen, and have never been so moved by a piece of fiction.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Lars von Trier

DVD title: Demon Knight
Productgroup: DVD
Demon Knight - movie DVD cover picture
Demon Knight!!!

Wow! What a good Movie! This is byfar the best Demon Possesion movie since the Evil Dead. The demons look a lot like pumkinhead, but with long rock band hair. William Saddler and Jada Pinkett lead the fight against the sly and funny collector (Billy Zane). The fun begins right away with a cool beginning action sequence. As The film goes on, introducing the charcters, the demons arrive and the war begins. I'd say the best parts of the movie is where you see the demons takeover people.
It's really gross! They mutate and deform in different ways! But, if you like funny, actiony horror films that are explosive, This is It!!!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Billy Zane
William Sadler

DVD title: Gamera 3 - Revenge of Iris
Productgroup: DVD
Gamera 3 - Revenge of Iris - movie DVD cover picture
Visceral reality

The final film in the Heisei Gamera series, G3 is a jewel. True, the meta-spiritual sub-plot does go a bit "deep" ifyaknowhatImean, but overall this is VERY fine movie with good performances and many great SFX shots that Mssr's Devlin & Emmerich should have taken a note or two from. This comes Stratospherically recommended!

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: Shusuke Kaneko

DVD title: The Odyssey
Productgroup: DVD
The Odyssey - movie DVD cover picture
Man and Goddess

In spite of lacking the Cattle of the Sun and the Sirens (I guess you can't have it all in one film, eh?), Konchalovsky and Coppola do an excellent job in this production, staying very close to the text, in most significant ways, and bestowing on all such scenes a rendition worthy of the bard's timeless song. Although the plot follows a chronological order (including even a concise narrative-with-highlights condensation of the Trojan War), rather than the in-medias-res order of the poem, the overall world of Homer's classic hero is conveyed not only by the gorgeous Mediterranean film locations but also by the daily activities of the bronze-age Hellene, such as sacrifice to and commune with the gods, which play such an important part in the ethical world of the original, since as Homer's classic notes, "All men need the gods" (3.48), a statement which the film dramatically iterates when Odysseus most eagerly entreats the sea god Poseidon to help him "understand." Also significant is how the film notes the sway which the gods hold over such pertinent issues herein as guest relations, which in the original, Odysseus makes known to the brutal Cyclops, saying, "Respect the Gods! . . . strangers are sacred--Zeus will avenge their rights!" (9.269-71), to which the Cyclops responds, "I'd never spare you in fear of Zeus's hatred" (9.277-78). Perhaps most important though is the relationship between Odysseus and Athena, the protectress, who never forsook Odysseus, as "He followed in her footsteps--man and Goddess" (2.406). The film adds grace to the belief that her divine favor was bestowed on this "man of twists and turns," the archetypal epic adventurer who, through his loyalty, bravery and ingenuity, proves himself worthy of such divine intervention.

Studio: Hallmark Home Entertainment
Director: Andrei Konchalovsky

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