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DVD title: The Fighting Sullivans
Productgroup: DVD
The Fighting Sullivans - movie DVD cover picture
unforgettable after my first viewing in 1945

In 1955 my mother made me sit and watch this movie at the ripe young age of 10. I will never forget the emotions that overcame me even at this youg age. For years I had looked, and looked for this movie, and alas a few years back it appeared on late nite tv. I watched, I recalled, and I cried my eyes out. Mind you I am a seasoned Viet Nam veteran...and this movie is so realistic as to what life was and should be, that it will affect anyone who views it in a favorable light. I now insist that my two adult children view this movie, and will purchase it for each of them as a reminder as to family values, and the sacrifice that past American's have made for our freedoms. This is a film that should be viewed by every American. This is a film which should be included as required viewing for any immigrant entering and enjoying the freedoms of the USA. This film is reality, family values, loyalty, tradition, and patriosim all intertwined into a classic movie which has and will endure over the years.

Director: Lloyd Bacon
Loyd Bacon
Thomas Mitchell Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Thomas Mitchell
Selena Royle

DVD title: 100 Girls
Productgroup: DVD
100 Girls - movie DVD cover picture

Mike Davis is a genius!This is a fun film to watch, you will not regret it.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Michael Davis (II)

DVD title: Once and Again - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Once and Again - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
amazing show!!!

Once and Again is one of my favorite shows and i was so sad to see it end after only 3 seasons. Being 18 and a senior in High School I was able to relate to a lot of the material. This show has so many different angles and emotions that you will connect with at least one character. This show is good for ages 13 and up. All the emotions that are enravled throught the three seasons are addicting. If you think your life is a mess watch this show and you will see that you are not the only one. It also showed me different ways to deal with problems I had/have in high school and life. It can also be very benafical to divorced parnets/children. The acting from all the characters is superb. I will be shocked if you do not fall in love with the Samlers and Mannings.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Sela Ward

DVD title: SCTV, Volume 3 (5 Disc Set)
Productgroup: DVD
SCTV, Volume 3 (5 Disc Set) - movie DVD cover picture
Worth it for the "Battle of the PBS Stars" alone

SCTV is a comedy classic. Yet despite the often brilliant satire, much of the episodes in the first two box sets fall short. Maybe it's just my own experiences talking, but I really thought SCTV came alive with this cast, and in the short run with both Martin Short and Rick Moranis at the same time.

There are some absolute classics here. For those of us who grew up on the absolute worst of television history in the 70's, with the endless variety shows and "star ensemble" "olympic" style games, and so forth, the sketches were brilliant satire. Who could forget Levy doing Howard Cosell in the "Battle of the PBS Stars" episode, especially the boxing match between Julia Childs and Mister Rogers. I am crying with laughter. The "Raiders of the Lost Ark" silly take off sketch of "Soapy Maxwell" where Moranis exists the show with lines like "I'll shoot you so full of holes you will look like the Cub's infield" it is funny stuff indeed.

The show really went to town on the "Great White North" surprise popularity. The episode where Bob and Doug get their own variety special will leave you in stitches.

This is SCTV at its best in my opinion. The best line up and some of the best skits. If you have never seen the show, start with this set, not the first two. Highly recommended.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: The James Bond Collection, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
The James Bond Collection, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Musthave for 007 fans

This DVD collection is something, which you should - if you are a James Bond fan, as I am - look for! While the three collections and the selection method for them can be criticised, by this time all three sets are available, so it really doesn't matter which set contains what 007 episode. The DVD editions are nicely worked out, and usually contain all available MM materials - trailers, interviews, making of ... shots, soundtracks - so you can get a good overview and feeling of the times each film was introduced. I also enjoyed the nice navigation interface, which is changing across all DVDs, thou maintaining the same style. What I really missing is the encyclopedia like details - you can only find these in 'The Essential Bond' or the 'Complete James Bond movie encyclopedia' books - which would keep me returning to the details section of the DVDs (not just playing the film over and over).
Anyway, if you like James Bond movies, I strongly recommend to buy this (and the other two) sets and enjoy :-)

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
James Bond

DVD title: Fat Man and Little Boy
Productgroup: DVD
Fat Man and Little Boy - movie DVD cover picture
A very good drama

This movie is the best film that depicts the story behind the atom bomb. It shows that although the original reason for building the bomb changed with the defeat of Germany, once the began, it was almost impossible to stop.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Roland Joffé
Paul Newman
Dwight Schultz
Bonnie Bedelia

DVD title: The Office - The Complete Collection (First And Second Series Plus Special)
Productgroup: DVD
The Office - The Complete Collection (First And Second Series Plus Special) - movie DVD cover picture
Brilliant - try it for yourself

As an American generally unimpressed with TV comedies of recent years, I'm surprised to report that The Office is a truly brilliant piece of entertainment. Side-splittingly funny, fantastically clever and occasionally touching, this show is a TV genre unto itself - similar to the mockumentary films of Christopher Guest (e.g. Best in Show) but in my opinion more clever and hilarious.

It's fair to add that the show is not for everyone - my wife and my sister couldn't stand it, mainly because of how annoying they found the David Brent character (despite my protestations that this is entirely the point).

I strongly urge anyone who's curious about the show to give it a try. I rented the first season on DVD and got through two episodes before purchasing the box set. I haven't been disappointed - I've never seen any other show that hits the mark perfectly with every character in every scene of every episode. I recommend this program as strongly as I would any film or TV show I've ever seen.

Studio: BBC
Ricky Gervais

DVD title: Dagon
Productgroup: DVD
Dagon - movie DVD cover picture
A Big Surprise

I caught this on the SciFi channel and have yet to see the DVD. Judging from what I saw, however, I have to say that this is definitely a must for true HP Lovecraft lovers. I coerced my wife and youngest daughter into watching it and judging from their reactions, the movie was fairly spooky. I can't say I was spooked because I know the plot line only too well.

What surprises and pleases me the most about this movie is how well, how *faithful* the flick was to the original story--which is 90% "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and maybe 5% of "Dagon", a minor work of HPL that I've read but can't recall all that well. There's a bonus to the movie that is also surprising--the updated parts (modern technology such as cell phones, etc.) are blended seamlessly into the movie and augment the atmosphere.

As the other reviewers note, this is a Grade B movie, however. The special effects aren't state of the art by any means and if that's all you care about, you might as well find a different flick.

It's the little things that matter, in this film. The fact that the hero, Paul, is classic Lovecraft in manner and appearance. He even wears a Miskatonic University sweatshirt! HPL's horror of foreigners and foreign languages, of the ocean, of anything slimy, of mold, of damn near anything a respectable but decaying Rhodey aristocrat would find yucky, is perfectly obvious in the movie. The plot, though updated to take place in Spain, rather than in New England, is remarkably faithful even to the long narration by the one townsman that remains fully human.

As in the original, Paul has narrow escape after narrow escape--indeed, quite a bit of the movie is Paul getting chased by limping, shambling, crawling monstrosities in the dark. Even the ending is faithful, which is a must for the plot line to make the slightest sense whatsoever. In point of fact, the movie has more tension in it than the story, simply because the artificial frame of the narration, so often employed by HPL, is done away with, thus establishing a sense of immediacy that Lovecraft never really achieves.

Purists of Lovecraft generally rate "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" up in the top five of the best of Lovecraft, along with *At the Mountains of Madness*, "The Color Out of Space", and "The Dunwich Horror", and it should be. And this is probably the best movie ever done from Lovecraft's work.


Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Stuart Gordon

DVD title: The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
Productgroup: DVD
The Bird With the Crystal Plumage - movie DVD cover picture
One Of Argento's Best Films

Opening the film, a man observes a murder but doesn't know what he saw happen...(typical Argento themata). As the plot thickens, the killer takes on a masochistic hatred of our hero, making his existence not only tortured (mind) but pursues him vehemently, almost as badly as the protagonist pursues the killer. Cat and mouse games indeed, and a complex, thrilling plot. A must see, even for non-Argentophiles.

Studio: Vci Home Video
Director: Dario Argento
Tony Musante
Suzy Kendall

DVD title: Kung Fu - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Kung Fu - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
16:9 From The Original 35mm Film

I have been comparing again the epsiode "Aletha" on the DVD with the TV Version.
The DVD does show more of the image to the left and right for example another bar in Caine's jail cell.There is however slight cropping at the top and bottom of the image so it would indeed seem they have made these DVD's from the 35mm masters using a 16:9 frame rather than the original 4:3.
Also look out for the power pylon (on a hill side) in one of the early episodes while Caine is trying to calm a horse.

Studio: Warner Home Video
David Carradine

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