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DVD title: Legend (Ultimate Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Legend (Ultimate Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
timing error set straight

Well, to set the record straight regading the actual length of the European version, it is actually only 2 (two) minutes longer than the domestic release; however, there is almost 30 minutes of alternate scenes and alternate dialog which makes all the difference in the world and makes the European version infinitely better then the American cut. I have a bootleg recording of this version, which is the basis of my information. I happen to love both scores, but then again, I am a big Tangerine Dream fan. I can't wait to finally get a clean DVD copy of this awesome movie and throw my "boot" away.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Ridley Scott
Tom Cruise
Mia Sara
Tim Curry

DVD title: You've Got Mail
Productgroup: DVD
You've Got Mail - movie DVD cover picture
You've Got a Sale

I bought this movie as soon as it came out on video..I love Meg Ryan in anything...She and Tom Hanks always pair up Great..She is small bookstore owner that is being squeezed out of the businessby the "Big Evil Bookstore Corp"..which of course Tom Hanks family owns..Meg falls for a guy online and Tom falls for Meg...Who is Megs internet Love?

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Nora Ephron
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

DVD title: Sparks - Lil' Beethoven / Live in Stockholm
Productgroup: DVD
Sparks - Lil' Beethoven / Live in Stockholm - movie DVD cover picture
Lights Out Ibiza

The Mael Bro's have been at it for so long is it any wonder?
Entertainment at it's wryest best. And pretty cool, too.

Studio: Kultur

DVD title: The Hitcher
Productgroup: DVD
The Hitcher - movie DVD cover picture
C. Thomas Howell....punished for his sins.

It's a great flick, if only because Rutger Hauer, King of the B-movies, gets to do to C. Thomas Howell what we have all dreamed of.....torture him mercilessly, for no adequately explained reason.
I guess Rutger saw "Soul Man."
Seriously, it's a well-done, if somewhat formulaic, version of the ol' deadly hitchhiker story. I endorse it wholeheartedly. Howell being the victim is just a bonus.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Robert Harmon
C. Thomas Howell
Rutger Hauer

DVD title: Valentine
Productgroup: DVD
Valentine - movie DVD cover picture
The best moddern day horror film of them all!

Let me start out by saying that this movie will make the easily scared piss their pants! The origionality of this film is so hard to come by these days. When a group of attractive young girls humiliate a nerd at the valentines day dance, he vows revenge on all of them. 13 years later they recieve thretening valentines and gifts. The gift that Jessica Cauffiel's character Lily gets will make the squeamish throw up! Anyway, One by one they are hunted down by a crazed killer wearing a cupid mask. Very creative death scenes including arrows, power drills, shards of glass, axes and more. Great soundtrack too! I rate it an A+! Stars Denise Richards, Marly Shelton, Jessica Cauffiel, Jessica Capshaw, Kathrine Heigel, Hedy Burress and David Boreanza.

Studio: Warner Brothers Home Video
Director: Jamie Blanks
Denise Richards
David Boreanaz

DVD title: Blue Crush (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Crush (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Sick movie!

Yes, I will be the first to admit off the bat that this movie is the typical 'teenager overcomes all odds' type of movie but I have to say that I was actually impressed by the script and especially the acting. Kate Bosworth is a refreshing new face to Hollywood and filled the lead role perfectly. Michelle Rodreguiz is always amazing in any role that she is faced with and plays (as usual) an exceptionally good bad-... Something that I also give thumbs-up to is the movie's chance at putting exceptionally new talent out there in the public eye. Sanoe Lake is perfect for her role and all of the surfer locals throughout the movie are absolutly picture perfect and give the whole set of the movie a very personal feel for Hawaii and the culture. The film is surprisingly good and the camerawork is some of the best I've seen in a long time; to actually see the mechanics of the waves and to gain a new respect for their power is amazing. This is a must-see for any teenage girl or boy looking to follow a dream that anyone ever told you was unrealistic and for any adult just looking to have a good time.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: John Stockwell
Kate Bosworth
Michelle Rodriguez

DVD title: Richard Scarry's Best Sing-A-Long Mother Goose Video!
Productgroup: DVD
Richard Scarry's Best Sing-A-Long Mother Goose Video! - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect for 18mos and up

My 19mos old daughter never watched tv or any video for more then few minuts till she watched this one. She loves it and wants to watch it everyday. It sweet and simple and quite entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Director: Greg Bailey (II)

DVD title: Black Hawk Down
Productgroup: DVD
Black Hawk Down - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent adaptation of the book.

Best movie of the Year. Period. Forget what other feeble minded people say about this movie. It is excellent and will really hit home if you have ever served your country in the Military. Other reviewers say it is confusing. DUH. War is confusing and as many of us who have been there know it is also very acelerated and fast. I bought the book only a few days after it came out and it kept my attention through every last page.
Being a new soilder when the events in Somalia where first taking place, I never new that so much happened until I read the book and numerous other accounts of the situation. War is scary,fast,slow,mean,lovely,brutal,glori ous,disgusting, and on and on and on.....
This movie shows that not everyone is a hero. Like the character says in the movie, "just do your duty" politics and everything else be damned. Those who can't understand that are usually the ones who never served their own country. Get this movie and try to put yourself in that situation. Think about it and know that there are people like this (young sons and daughters) that do that stuff everyday just for you and this great country.
I give this movie 5 stars (saw it twice in the theater and now own the DVD). Watch it a few times and you will always see more and understand things better.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Ridley Scott
Josh Hartnett

DVD title: Die Hard Trilogy
Productgroup: DVD
Die Hard Trilogy - movie DVD cover picture
Thumbs up

Die hard is the first action movie that make me sit up and enjoy it totally. The witty and great actions are so nicely done. There are many enjoyable moments which make me want to watch again. Very good!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Bruce Willis

DVD title: Run Lola Run
Productgroup: DVD
Run Lola Run - movie DVD cover picture
Surprising brilliance!

I first saw this film when I rented it with a "buy one get one rental free" coupon, so I obviously didn't expect much from it. I saw the fancy cover art and thought it would be a short, inane film that wouldn't hold my interest. I was so incredibly wrong, and after I finished the film, I couldn't wait to go out and buy it. "Run Lola Run" is sheer brilliance from start to finish, never letting your attention drift from the action on the screen. From the pounding techno soundtrack to the incredible camera angles and effects, the film is a wild ride to say the least.
The plot involves the loss of 100,000 marks by a scatterbrained wanna-be crook named Manni who also happens to be the boyfriend of Lola. If Manni does not deliver the 100,000 marks to his gangster boss, Ronnie, in 20 minutes, Manni will be squashed like a bug. From here, the action begins. Lola frantically tries to replace the money for Manni, and she encounters many obstacles along the way. The most mind-blowing part of the movie is the alternate endings that show the various ways Lola must try to come up with the money.
I was wondering how the filmmakers would stretch this film out to feature length, considering the plot begins and ends in 20 minutes, but they have done a masterful job of it. Simply put, "Run Lola Run" is not to be missed, it is one of the best foreign films you will ever see!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Tom Tykwer
Franka Potente
Moritz Bleibtreu

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