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DVD title: Switchfoot - Live in San Diego (Jewel Case)
Productgroup: DVD
Switchfoot - Live in San Diego (Jewel Case) - movie DVD cover picture
sf rocks...obviously!

This band continues to impress me. Every project is more exciting than the last, and it was great to begin with. Jon Foreman is a great frontman. I don't know what I admire most about him. He is a talented songwriter, singer, guitar player, performer... The live DVD is energetic and leaves you wanting more.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Sliders - The First and Second Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Sliders - The First and Second Seasons - movie DVD cover picture

Quinn Mallory ( Jerry O Connel)is trying to create an anti-gravity device and accidentally creates a device that opens up a portal. His physics professor Maximillian P. Arturo (John Rhys-Davies), and his girlfriend Wade Wells (Sabrina Lloyd) want to accompany Quinn through the portal to see where it leads. A washed up singer named Rembrant Brown (Cleavant Derricks)is also accidentally dragged along for the ride, when he is walking buy and sucked through the portal with them. Quinn and the rest of the group "slide" to another dimension of earth. The Sliders soon realize that they would much rather return back to their own dimension, but things are not that easy. Once you have entered through the portal, you have to keep traveling to different dimensions of earth to find the right one that will lead back home. Each episode deals with Quinn, Professor Arturo, Wade, and Rembrant exploring each dimension to find their way back to their own dimension. Unfortunately, once the Sliders have entered a particular dimension, there is only a limited amount of time to reopen the portal, and there are only a few select places within each dimension they can do it from. Finding the right place to open the portal is often a challenge to the group because each dimension is different than their own, and can be life threatening at times.
I have heard people often refer to Sliders as a rip off of Quantum Leap. While Quantum Leap was a better show, Sliders is completely different. Quinn, Professor Arturo, Wade, and Rembrant are not traveling through time. They are traveling through other dimensions of earth that differ from their own. This is what makes the show so great, because it is very interesting to see how each dimension will be different than the next. The show also offers tons of suspense. There is a "race against the clock" type feel due to the fact that the group only has a limited amount of time to find one of the few places within the dimension they can "slide" from. Jerry O Connel and the rest of the cast were excellent in their roles, and it is their performances that make the show so entertaining, especially the performance given from Cleavant Derricks as Rembrant Brown. The funniest thing about his character, is that Rembrant never asked to go with them, and was dragged along accidentally. So he often complains about each situation which usually provides for a lot of laughs.
Unfortunately, Sliders did not manage to stay great for the entire run of the show. I have to agree with many of the fans and say that the show went seriously downhill during season three when Professor Arturo left the show. Seasons four and five would become even worse, because the show left FOX to air on the Sci-Fi channel, and by the end of the show, Rembrant was the only original character left. However, the first two seasons of Sliders are what make the show rank among the top of any television show in the sci-fi genre. The best thing about this DVD package, is the fact that you get the two best seasons of the show in one set. While it is a shame that the extras are somewhat limited, this set is worth owning just for the episodes themselves.
A solid 5 stars...

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Jerry O'Connell

DVD title: Memento (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Memento (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
What Was That, You Say?

Memento is unusual. It keeps you guessing, but not because the story changes or because you do not (really) know what is going to happen next. It is because you have become like the main character of the story -- your memory is not what you are accustomed to. You realize you know much more than you think, but cannot piece it together. The movie does not play tricks with the camera, as some do to a nauseating degree, rather it plays tricks with time (and, hence, your mind). These are the better kinds of movies. Only ten minutes or so are a little slow (you can see some repetition only so much). Definitely one of those that you want to see -- not as a hot-item summer movie, but as one that you have to see in order to say you have experienced all types of movies. Try it.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Pantoliano

DVD title: Classical Pilates Technique - The Complete Mat Workout Series (Modified Basic / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Super Advanced)
Productgroup: DVD
Classical Pilates Technique - The Complete Mat Workout Series (Modified Basic / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Super Advanced) - movie DVD cover picture
The Best of the Best

I just started taking Pilates mat class at my gym, and the teacher recommended this DVD. The "Modified Basic" and "Basic" workouts really helped me understand which muscles to use, as well as the energy and timing of exercises. It was also exciting to watch the intermediate and advanced workouts just to see how far the Pilates method can take you.
Although I read a couple of reviews saying this DVD is "not instructional enough," Classical Pilates instructed me expertly! The master instructor, Bob Liekens, is very articulate and the performers are great. This DVD helped me gain more awareness of my body, how and where to initiate movement, and it helped me develop ways to create muscular resistance while stretching and lengthening.
All in all, this DVD is worth every penny; it's good for the body and good for overall health.

Studio: Classical Pilates, Inc.
Junghee Kallander
Jamie Trout

DVD title: Les Miserables in Concert / Riverdance - Live from New York City
Productgroup: DVD
Les Miserables in Concert / Riverdance - Live from New York City - movie DVD cover picture
Bestest Best Best Musical

Definately my fav musical. The first time I watched this was when I was about 7 yrs old. I didn't understand it, so I put it aside. But the London cast awoke me. I was enchanted by the music. I couldn't stop crying when Fantine, Eponine, Enjolras and the war ppl died. When I got back home, I fetched the laser disk (mine is a laser disk, but the songs and everything is the same) and played it. I was then totally glued to the screen. Judy Kuhn's sharp soprano voice; Lea Salonga's crystal-clear voice; Colm Wilkinson's classical, Valjean-like voice; Philip Quast's low, really-Javert-like voice; Michael Ball and Michael Maguire and Adam Searles' clear, strong voice; Hannah Chick's sweet voice... I just couldn't believe how they chose the best of the bestest best singers. This really is worth seeing! This concert won them 2 standing ovatations!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: John Caird

DVD title: Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful - even for a beginner

I love this man's yoga workouts. Whilst some of the poses can be very difficult - you never feel pushed into doing them. Bryan Kest is very clear about you taking things at your pace and as you start to do the workouts on a regular basis you begin to notice that you are stretching further - loosening up -feeling great and before you know it - you are achieving those poses you once thought impossible. I found his videos particularly useful because I am tired of buying DVDs Videos that within a few weeks you feel cannot stretch your abilities any futher - that there is nothing left for you to achieve. In Mr. Kests videos you always feel that there is another level to be reach.
Some have criticised the way he touches people on the video or the way he is dressed. Well, he is an instructor - and to be able to correct and improve people's positions - there is a need to touch the student - or are we now so politically correct that you expect him use a cue stick to indicate changes that need to take place?! Besides all of that - YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EXERCISING - NOT SITTING! When you are exercising you barely have time to note the touching or the dress code. And quite frankly - if Mr Keats wants to reveal to the world what yoga had done for the toning of his body - then go for it. His later DVDs have obviously taken those criticisms into consideration as he is wearing a t-shirt and long pants!
Highly recommended - just a shame his videos and DVDs are not available in the UK

Studio: Warner Home Video
Bryan Kest

DVD title: Ultraviolet
Productgroup: DVD
Ultraviolet - movie DVD cover picture
Truly Wonderful

After reading all the reviews, I'm sure you have an excellent idea of what this DVD is about, so I won't bore you.
Suffice it to say it is an wonderful piece of work. The central idea, of people having to do things they find appalling in order to save the world is not often explored these days. These people are wounded or worse, cut off from humanity, and yet they press on. Excellently written and acted, it doesn't get bogged down in how wonderful vampires are (thank you Ms. Rice), but rather deals with the real human issues of fighting a *possibly* inhuman enemy.
Oh, and the carbon bullets? 'Way cool!

Studio: Ryko Distribution - Video
Director: Joe Ahearne

DVD title: You've Got Mail
Productgroup: DVD
You've Got Mail - movie DVD cover picture
Very sweet!

This is a great movie, appropriate for the entire family.
Two people fall in love through letters (actually, email). They meet in "real life" - as business adversaries.
A number of conflicts are explored - the need to change, and desire to keep everything the same, the difference between "business" and "pleasure" and the way men and women look at work and their personal lives.
The basic goodness of these two people overcome everything else - and it's really a very wholesome sort of love story.
One of my favorites.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Nora Ephron
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best DVD's

A brilliant film, certainly enhanced by the superior quality of the DVD version. Although the German battle tactics in the final battle sequence are very questionable, the story is fast paced and the characters believable. The DVD is the only way to experience the film short of the big screen.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

DVD title: AC/DC - Family Jewels
Productgroup: DVD
AC/DC - Family Jewels - movie DVD cover picture
Simply Awesome!!!

No better collection of AC/DC videos anywhere. The quality is flawless even the videos from the early seventies are crystal clear. This is a must own for all AC/DC fans

Studio: Sony

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