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DVD title: Sanford and Son - The First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sanford and Son - The First Season - movie DVD cover picture
sanford and son is a classic tv show

I love this series finally they put sanford and son on dvd what a great buy for collectors can't wait for season 2 to come out buy this dvd

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star

DVD title: The Bachelor
Productgroup: DVD
The Bachelor - movie DVD cover picture
Fall of The Seat Laughter!

This movie is by no means a perfect movie. It has its flaws but that doesn't take away from just how likable it is. Ladies, this is the movie to watch with your boyfriends/husbands/whatevers. They'll enjoy it just as much as you. Guys, buy this bad boy and watch it with your significant other. They'll love it and you'll like it, too. It's not a "chick flick" at all. It's a very funny romantic comedy that never gets sappy or dippy.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Gary Sinyor
Chris O'Donnell
Renée Zellweger

DVD title: Kolya
Productgroup: DVD
Kolya - movie DVD cover picture
Heartwarming with cultural details

When Louka agrees to marry a Russian woman so that she can stay in Czechoslovakia, I was waiting for Gerard Depardieu to hop onto the screen. But the story really has little to do with the marriage and much more to do with the relationship that develops between young Kolya and this cynical man. The cyclical theme of acceptance is seen throughout the movie, and is seen largely when Louka finds himself defending the little Russian boy to his mother ("Not all Russians are the same"). On of the most touching parts is when 2 homesick, Russian soldiers (remember that they are not much appreciated in the area) are thrilled to see Kolya playing outside. Mistakingly thinking that the household is Russian, because the little boy speaks it, they go to the door to try to befriend the family.Although the movie is rated PG-13 this really is an excellent family movie.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Jan Sverák
Zdenek Sverák
Andrei Chalimon

DVD title: Airport (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Airport (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The first is always the best.

He didn't appear inebriated at all in this film, and he really showed that he could be a damn fine actor. This film started the ball rolling on what would soon becalled "The Disaster Genre".
Produced in 1969, Jennings Lang could not have even imagined what he was getting into. The film was one of Hollywoods shining moments and usherd in the modern era of action/adventure/disaster films. The effects were top notch, now a little cheezy, but I am sure that those like me love it either way.
I did notice a few pilot tech flubs, such as reaching for the flap handle by way of the gear lever(!). The flap actuator was next to the thottle quads in the 707, not on the front panel where the gear actuator is located.
Even from a pilots point of view, this film is a must see. I would really like to see the directors cut of this film, as I read somewhere a few years ago that the DC was 40 minutes longer than the edition we see now.
Oh well, time will tell!
Excellent Filmmaking

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Burt Lancaster
Dean Martin
George Kennedy

DVD title: You've Got Mail
Productgroup: DVD
You've Got Mail - movie DVD cover picture
A Movie To Watch 85 Times & Then Some....

I have to tell you...seeing this movie at the theatre changed my whole life. I got out of a "nowhere" relationship and came to believe that there is the dream of someone.......I bought this movie the day it was released to buy and have since watched it at least "85" times! I watch it when I down, I watch it when I feel good. I love Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks! They are a combination that although Hollywood (Nora Ephron) put together, it is obvious that Heaven had a part in the pairing. The movie leaves the viewer believing in love and that is what this world needs after all. More love. I met my love online and why shouldn't anyone else be able to? If you haven't seen this movie, see it! If you don't own it yet, buy it! Rent it, borrow whatever you must but SEE IT! Nora Ephron also had a hand in Hanks & Ryan's first pair up, "Sleepless in Seattle" and has shown again that she can make magic work! Although there is the same song in both, and the same bit actor in both, only someone who has viewed both movies as many times as I have would notice.....but, dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true! .... A must see!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Nora Ephron
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

DVD title: Heavyweights
Productgroup: DVD
Heavyweights - movie DVD cover picture
Too Funny!!!

This is a really good and funny movie.It is just way too funny.The movie is about a group of fat kids who go to a fat camp thinking it would be fun(because it has go-carts and other things).Ben Stiller's character owns the camp,and he makes the kids stay at the camp a living hell.I won't bother telling anything else,you have to see it for yourself.It is hilarious.
Peace Out

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Steven Brill
Tom McGowan (II)
Aaron Schwartz (II)

DVD title: Black Widow
Productgroup: DVD
Black Widow - movie DVD cover picture
Very Suspenseful

One of the most evil villianesses of all time, Russell seduces wealthy men and then kills them after assurring herself of their fortunes. Winger is an FBI agent, who is trailing Russell and tries to earn her confidence and then entrap her. Great suspense.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
Director: Bob Rafelson
Debra Winger
Theresa Russell

DVD title: Labyrinth
Productgroup: DVD
Labyrinth - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome movie

It really is sad that people are charging up to $70 a copy for a used rental version of this tape. Great movie and almost deserving the cost. Jim Henson Studios has to see the need for this to be re-released along with Dark Crystal!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Jim Henson
David Bowie
Jennifer Connelly

DVD title: Tango and Cash
Productgroup: DVD
Tango and Cash - movie DVD cover picture

This is a good flick and Kurt Russle has done it again baby. Stallone your ok. Buy this movie from amazon because its worth it.

Studio: Warner Studios
Sylvester Stallone
Kurt Russell

DVD title: Edges of the Lord
Productgroup: DVD
Edges of the Lord - movie DVD cover picture
Edges of the Lord

I just finished viewing this picture, ORDER IT TODAY! It's rated "R", but we watched it with our children, to help them to understand the evil of that time in world history. To reinforce the drive to avoid this at all costs. We wanted to be there to answer the question that inevitably comes up, "why are they so mean".

Buy this picture and view your self, but don't pass it up. It was released in Poland 2 years ago, but not in the US until now, thank you for having the courage to do this.

This is yet another triumph for Haley Joel Osment, this young man has the ability to turn you on and off like a switch. Haley where does you talent end, each picture is better than the last? Please, please keep up the outstanding work. I felt that the subplots weaving thought the picture were just perfect, the Priest who handed Haley an unblessed wafer at their first communion, (he understood that the boy did not feel comfortable and made it possible for him to continue his disguise), the your girl who wanted the have sex with him, the youngest brother how believes he is the Christ, and wants to suffer and die to return the world to where it was before the war,and many more. You will want to watch this one 3, 4 or more times.

As a Jew I found his performance string and stunning. The plot set against Word War II and Nazi occupation of Poland brings on memories of the holocaust, people murdered in cold blood, the trains, Oh those trains of helpless Jews going to their death. The youngest boy, Liam Hess; when he was put on that train to die, the tears rolled down my cheek. I pray that we shall NEVER see such a thing happen again. This is one of the most powerful holocaust pictures I have ever seen it is as powerful as "The Pianist" and "Schindler's List", It must be seen to be believed.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Yurek Bogayevicz

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