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DVD title: No Secrets: Get to Know Us - A Video Fanzine
Productgroup: DVD
No Secrets: Get to Know Us - A Video Fanzine - movie DVD cover picture
review for "get to know us"

this is a very good movie that i have had for a while now and have watched it a bajillion times! it has videos of their songs of their cd "no secrets" and interviews with the girls themselves! with this video it does really feel like u "get to know them" the no secret girls jade jessica angel carly and erin are the sweetest people ever and u need to buy this video and their cd too:) hehe:)

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI

DVD title: Heart - Alive in Seattle
Productgroup: DVD
Heart - Alive in Seattle - movie DVD cover picture
Heart Blows The Roof Off At This Seattle Concert......

Heart Live in Seattle is one of the best live recordings I have heard in a long, long time. Not only does it feature the strongest line up, but the DVD in in the Widescreen format and has both Dolby Digital and DTS sountracks. The only thing missing is the smell of Ann & Nancy's perfume and the smell of the candels.
For a number of years I took photo's of the band for the media and so I have heard the band live with many different lineups, but this one really rocks the house. Ann's voice has never been stronger and their harmonies are right on.
The DVD features most of the Heart favorites and a few new ones as well. This DVD will surely please any Heart fan or first time listner as well.
Buy this DVD, lite up the candles, kickback and prepare to to be transported to Seattle and experience what the audience experienced that magical night.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Ann Wilson
Nancy Wilson

DVD title: National Geographic's Tigers of the Snow
Productgroup: DVD
National Geographic's Tigers of the Snow - movie DVD cover picture
National Geographic's: Tigers of the Snow

This is an extremely emotional video that brings to life the heart breaking battle to save the Siberian tiger. The opening scene of the illegal poaching of a tiger is one I'll never forget. This video prompted me to become involved myself, in the fight to save the tiger. If you love animals, especially tigers, you must see "Tigers of the Snow".

Studio: National Geographic

DVD title: Speak
Productgroup: DVD
Speak - movie DVD cover picture
A Teen's View: Haunting and Inspiring

I started watching this movie on TV at 2 AM in the morning, just because there was nothing else to watch. But after about twenty minutes, I was glued to the couch until the end!
At first it appears like a typical coming-of-age movie about a teenager who defies authority in trying to find her identity. Only as the story progressed, I realized that she was not normal teenager, she lived with a horrible secret that no one else knew.

The story shows you how a once popular, outgoing girl is destroyed by the memory she can't forget. She loses her friends, her grades drop, she stops speaking, and no one knows why. It also shows you how the same girl can discover how to overcome her fears with the help of an unusual art teacher and a boy who isn't afraid to speak up.
MAJOR SPOILER, if you don't want to see it, skip to the next few lines of asterisks.
Because the secret is so integral to the story and part of the reason I like it so much (and you probably know anyways), I'll just say it. She was date raped and didn't tell anyone for a year; in fact, she stopped speaking. The truth about what happened is only revealed later in the story (though it is fairly obvious what happened).

I was blowned away by Kristen Stewart's acting. She WAS Melinda for me. Melinda: the hurt, but not defeated, defiant and quirky girl; a real human I could relate to, not the-girl-who-was-raped. Her painful interactions with her old friends made me cringe along with her, and every time she saw the boy who had raped her or her parents yelled at her, I wished she would TELL someone the truth!
As a teenager myself, I appreciated the accurate portrayal of the teachers and student life. The teachers remind me of my own: there are those who are arrogant idiots who want to shove their opinions down your throat; the nervous teachers, and the occasional live-changing, inspirational teacher. And the stupid cliques, peer pressure, and general shallowness that is hallmark of highschool was dead-on.

The ending almost made me cry. I won't spoil this for you, but I think it was an almost perfect ending. Afterwards I kept thinking about this movie. I wish more people would watch this movie; then maybe we would be more aware of what happens to the people around us.

Studio: Showtime Entertainme
Director: Jessica Sharzer

DVD title: Donnie Darko
Productgroup: DVD
Donnie Darko - movie DVD cover picture
"Burn it to the ground"

This an awesome movie. The story tells of a troubled young adolescent who takes some strange pills to take care of his disorder (probably advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage.) When he takes this medication it summons a 6-foot tall demented bunny rabit from the future who tells him when the world is going to end. With this knowledge in mind, he continuos to go about his ways at school but he keeps seeing his rabit friend. The rabit tells him do various tasks like vandalising the school and other assignments. The demented story-book character asks, "Do you know much about time travel?" and so begins the unforgettable adventures of one of my favorite movies of all-time. The movie is very dark, but often hillarious. The ending is quite possibly the best ever or at least the top ten next to Fight Club, Memento, Brazil, 12 Monkeys, and Sixth Sense. The special effects though limited, are astounding. The time travel "spears" that come out of everyone's chest look very awesome. Along the way he talks to his dad who laughs when he shouldn't, his too-nice mom, bratty sister, funny older sister, a speaker who says fear and love are the only two things in life, his friends who debate about the sexual life of a smurf, an obsessed teacher, and a girl he "goes with." A great cinematic event with fantastic characters, dark humor, and a dazzling climax shouldn't be missed.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Richard Kelly (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mary McDonnell
Jena Malone

DVD title: Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Productgroup: DVD
Diana Krall - Live in Paris - movie DVD cover picture
Enkralling perfection!

I purchased this DVD the day after I saw Diana Krall in concert. This is the way music should be enjoyed! The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is stunning, the clarity and depth are wonderful. The camera work is equally brilliant, always focusing on the musicians' talent.
Ms. Krall's performance is an impossible combination of polished perfection and down-to-earth personability - nightclub intimacy with the grandeur of a large scale concert.
This is a must-have, no questions needed.

Studio: Eagle Eye/Pioneer Entertainment
Director: David Barnard

DVD title: Gorillaz - Phase One - Celebrity Take Down (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gorillaz - Phase One - Celebrity Take Down (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

At last a Gorillaz DVD.On this disc you get 5 Music videos; Clint Eastwood, 19/2000, Tomorrow Comes Today, Rock Da House and the previously unreleased video - 5/4.The disc also has little animation clips and storyboards as well as other cool features. You get a cd full of stuff for your PC and in the limited edition Set you get a 52 page Gorillaz Illustration History and a sheet of stickers.This is definately worth buying and is a must for all Gorillaz Fans.

Studio: Emi Distribution

DVD title: Centennial
Productgroup: DVD
Centennial - movie DVD cover picture
Bring Out The DVD!!

(...), we can't WAIT for the DVD... it's the only way to see a miniseries; and when I think miniseries, I think Centennial! This is the best of all time (with the exception of "Lonesome Dove") and we'll be putting the pressure on Universal to get this baby out.

DVD title: WWE Vengeance 2005
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Vengeance 2005 - movie DVD cover picture

The Heat Match was for the RAW Tag Team Championship
--Hurricane and Rosey vs. Heart Throbs
----The superchamps won when Hurricane pinned someone. ***

The First Match of the PPV was for the IC Championship
--Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
----Now I am NO Benjamin fan, however Carlito is the worst character ever even more so than Savio Vega. Carlito pinned Benjamin after Benjamin hit the exposed turn buckle, that Carlito exposed, to retain his dirtily won title and forever tarnishing the IC Championship. ***

Christy Hemmi vs Victoria
--Snooze Fest big time Hemmi is fun to look at, that is it she is not a wrestler and will never be one so she just needs to stay on the mic and in the back looking good. Victoria pinned Christy, using the ropes for an unclean win, as if Victoria could not win clean. ***

WM21 Rematch
--Kurt Angle vs HBK
----HBK pins Angle after hitting the Sweet Chin Music as Angle was coming off the top rope. This was a real great match, these two can work together and they can work real well together. *****

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
--John Cena vs Christian vs Y2J
----This was one of the best matches since the creation of the Triple Threat Match. When Cena gave Jericho a powerbomb while Jericho gave Christian a suplex at the same time that was just a great spot. The end had John Cena giving the FU to Christian and taking out Jericho at the same time. Cena pins the CLB Christian. *****

Kane vs Edge
--Real entertain match, Kane has gotten so good at storytelling in the ring and bell to bell, Snizkey tried to interfere, no dice Gene, Kane was all over it. Kane pins Edge after a chokeslam right to hell. ****

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in the Cell Match
--Big Dave Batista vs Paul HHH Levesque
----Batista just beat the hell out of HHH. HHH got some good ones in on Dave but when Dave Spinebusted HHH on the steel steps that was cool. Batista gave me a lot of WWE Fantasy points on this night. Batista beats HHH and ends his undefeated streak. With Batista now working on Tuesday Nights, HHH may now be able to win the WWE Title on Monday Nights. *****

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Kurt Angle
Triple H

DVD title: For A Lost Soldier
Productgroup: DVD
For A Lost Soldier - movie DVD cover picture
Thought provoking!

This film challenges many of our notions about relationships; in particular, intimate relationship between two people. The adult-child nature of the relationship is no more complicated than the same gender angle. And we see both in the film so that should make it doubly complicated to deal with. But the film eases through these complications by telling the story without passing judgments or making conclusions. It leaves viewers to form their opinions about the relationship the two characters had and probe at the inner motives of each. Was the soldier manipulating the child's emotions or did he truly felt love for the boy? Was the boy merely looking for a father figure or did he genuinely felt a natural attraction for the young soldier?

And that is where the film is most effective. A film that leaves me thinking long after I see it is a film that respects me because my opinion about it is just as important as everyone's.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Director: Roeland Kerbosch
Maarten Smit
Andrew Kelley

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