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DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Eegah
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Eegah - movie DVD cover picture
pure 1960 s fuzz-vision.

being a child of the 70 s.I was always plummeted by this kind of cinema on saturday afternoons man it really brought me back the best

Studio: Rhino Video
Michael J. Nelson
Joel Hodgson
Trace Beaulieu
Kevin Murphy (II)

DVD title: WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin - What?
Productgroup: DVD
WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin - What? - movie DVD cover picture

This new AUSTIN "WHAT VIDEO" is a must for those types of WWF fans who love a good laugh. The WHAT catch-phrase caught on very quickly and it produced outstanding comedy courtesy via STONE COLD. This video is a must for WWF fans and I promise you, you will see it again and again as its TOO DAM FUNNY.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Steve Austin

DVD title: American Fighter Pilot
Productgroup: DVD
American Fighter Pilot - movie DVD cover picture
An amazing show!

As disappointed as I was when CBS pulled this show so early in its run, I am 10 times as excited that it is now out on DVD! The aerial footage is unlike anything you have seen, and the stories of the aspiring pilots are truly engrossing. This DVD is a must have for fans of action, military themes, or just plain great human story telling.

Studio: Hannover House
Tony Scott

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Sixth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Sixth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Buffy Lives

The switch to UPN infused the series with a new look and style that I liked a lot. Buffy returns from the grave and starts a compelling and believable relationship with Spike (In his best season). The three nerds are the best villians in the series in my mind, they are hilarious. Spike interigating them with a Boba Fett action figure is priceless, as is the Millenium Falcon painted on the side of their covert ops van (With a horn that plays the Star Wars theme). Buy this season for the brilliant musical episode, "Once More, With Feeling" and stay for the evil Willow story arc which ends the season. A must have for all fans and another good starting place for newbies.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Sarah Michelle Gellar

DVD title: Bride of Chucky/Child's Play 2
Productgroup: DVD
Bride of Chucky/Child's Play 2 - movie DVD cover picture
WHERE IS CHILD'S PLAY 3 ??????????

I absolutley adore the child's play movies. Both of these movies are great. In Child's Play 2 Andy Barclay is now living with foster parents and you guessed it Chucky has found him, what follows is murder, chucky funny one liners and good entertainment. In Bride of Chucky, his girlfriend (when he was a man) ressurects chucky and they end up going on a wild, gory road trip with two teenagers, Who are heading where chucky needs to go to get the amlet of his dead corpse of charles lee ray. Both movies are great and already in my collection, but My Question to UNIVERSAL IS WHERE IS THE GREAT CHILDS PLAY 3 ON DVD ??? PLEASE , PLEASE RELEASE CHILD'S PLAY 3 ON DVD UNIVERSAL.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ronny Yu
Jennifer Tilly
Brad Dourif

DVD title: Ray (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ray (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ray outshines the rest

Jamie Foxx in his portrayal of the late Ray Charles is outstanding. This movie is a definete for a classic. The cast is phenominal. An all around Oscar performance for Foxx a must see for both young and old.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Taylor Hackford
Jamie Foxx
Kerry Washington
Regina King

DVD title: The Razor's Edge
Productgroup: DVD
The Razor's Edge - movie DVD cover picture
The pure pursuit of inner perfection -- no greater thrill

Words fall short in the praise of this remarkably uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable film that dares to show an individual in pursuit of the Sublime -- that elusive commodity explored by the classical Roman Longinus in his treatise, "On the Sublime," a seminal work of inspiration to the Renaissance over a thousand years afterwards. This landmark movie might have anticipated the Sixties idealists who tried, however tragically and unsuccessfully, to turn away from monetary and social success to find their souls -- only this movie's hero, admirably portrayed by Tyrone Power, does not fail.
The film goes where venal Hollywood rarely ventures: the spiritual longing in all our hearts that demands that we take ourselves away from the distractions and illusions of success that Society dangles before us. This movie is a defining work on the pursuit of inner peace and perfection in the real world, the heroic, quixotic pursuit of the "Life Worth Living." It explores with dazzling creativity -- plot, script, casting and direction -- the timeless "what if" proposition. What if a man with everything going for him -- good looks, a "goddess" for a fianc?e, money, social graces and social position -- realized that Holy Scripture was right when it said, "Vanity, vanity, all is vanity"? What would happen in the 20th century if, like Eliseus when the prophet Elias threw his holy cloak over him, our protagonist turned away from the pursuits of the world to pursue Truth alone -- without compromise in any way?
If you have ever wanted a little encouragement in thinking on the level of the sublime, ever yearned to live your one-and-only life in accordance with God's holy plan, then this film is for you. Oddly enough, it doesn't preach -- that's for non-artistic bumblers like myself futilely trying to capture the essence of the film to do! -- and even more oddly enough, it is ultimately a "feel-good" film. It never compromises, but remains intellectually and artistically honest. A masterful tour de force of the human spirit seeking to triumph over the profane, "The Razor's Edge" is for us all. How can we do other than rejoice with the inspired cast, crew and director who told this tale of the spiritual "knight errant" armed only with his curiosity and a seeking heart to find meaning in life? How hard has each age sought to find meaning in our short span here on Earth? And if this movie does not give us the final answers -- again, it doesn't preach, and so it never pretends to answer the questions -- it holds aloft some of the essential questions. It is, after all, up to us to answer them as the Spirit moves us individually.
Bravo to those who had the courage and integrity to make this epic film for us. We are the better for it. How rarely does art ever try for the Sublime -- then make it so thoroughly enjoyable! How fortunate for us when art like this succeeds. Longinus, your quest continues!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Edmund Goulding
Tyrone Power
Gene Tierney

DVD title: The Quiet American
Productgroup: DVD
The Quiet American - movie DVD cover picture
A bright diamond of a film.....

The plot has been described well by a number of reviewers. This is a steadily paced film. In it we see the lives of its characters growing more complex and nuanced, precisely as Vietnam itself is undergoing the same. Michael Caine is in love with a beguiling, beautiful and disciplined Vietnamese woman, but tethered to a wife in England. In one remarkable scene, a man joins Caine at a table at an outdoor bar and laments to Caine the loss of his son, about which he's heard from home, but Caine cannot spare the time to listen, and appears puzzled by the story, perhaps doubting the credibility of his guest. A bomb explosion in the city is vividly captured. Everyone and everything is growing more difficult in this country, and to all expatriates the home country beckons in one way or another. A brilliant introduction to the country on the eve of a chaotic epoch.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Phillip Noyce
Michael Caine
Brendan Fraser
Do Thi Hai Yen

DVD title: Sense and Sensibility
Productgroup: DVD
Sense and Sensibility - movie DVD cover picture
The best of the Jane Austen pictures...

Director Ang Lee outdoes Merchant Ivory, with a lively script and great acting from Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant. It's a really sweet tale with twists and turns that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling. I, personally, dislike Jane Austen's novels -- the repression of the time leaves me feeling claustrophobic -- but this one will have you smiling, not frowning. Also, check out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, also by Ang Lee...

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Ang Lee
Kate Winslet
Emma Thompson

DVD title: DysFunKtional Family
Productgroup: DVD
DysFunKtional Family - movie DVD cover picture
eddie is hilarious

i think eddie is one of the funniest comedians, but if youre easily offended stay away becasue he holds nothing back. i thought this was very funny i also really enjoyed his i got the hook up stand up dvd. i was in tears. if you only wanna buy one, i would recommend that one but if you want two then get this one too they are both very funny but the other one is just crazy!

Studio: Miramax Films
Director: George Gallo
Eddie Griffin

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