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DVD title: Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light
Productgroup: DVD
Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light - movie DVD cover picture
please come back!!

Also agree with all of you! this concert was brilliant!!!

Studio: Super D / Phantom So
Director: Joni Mitchell

DVD title: Jacob's Ladder
Productgroup: DVD
Jacob's Ladder - movie DVD cover picture
Terrific movie, director and star with a powerful story

Jacob's Ladder is a tough film if you want a simple ending, if you want it to be contrite and plausible. This movie is anything but. Danny Aiello as your chiropractor trying to explain life and death and existence is enough to both laugh at and find hilarious.The whole movie flirts and eventually decides on the premise that we all make decisions, even teh relaly big ones about life and death and whether or not to accept it. (Similar to the Tananarive Due book The Between). However this movie asks you to take a simple precept: that your whole life flashes before yoru eyes when you die and accept it. But at the same time it also forces you to understand that your whole life includes the possibilities that it could've been had you not died. See that's where it all gets freaky and the remote control is tossed over your shoulder and you shake your head.But think on it.What of the millions of dead just within the last century, what would've become of them had they lived. How many Beethovens or Baldwins or Hawkings would've been birthed by the dead? Okay, suppose even further that you got to see/project onto this screen of possibility and that's where Jacob's Ladder picks up from. Except it takes a normal man and allows him (the real question is whether it's his mind and his body or only his mind) to slip though the cracks in death, to reject the dissolution of form to body and instead ressurrect himself in form and thought. See, now you're tossing the movie box cover because there is an allusion to Jesus Christ and Dante's Inferno and the concept that our last fear is death but not of dying, the physical thought of death but accepting that life is over. We can imagine an injury in war, as happens here but we can't accept the thought that the show's over on this plane of existence, no matter who comes to try and get you to accept it----your dead child, a chiropractor/angel, demons. Because teh movie kind of alludes to the concept that we leave breadcrumbs, spritiual ones throughout our life and good and evil track us by them. The more powerful you conceive of, or perhaps actualize yourself as the greater possibility that your demons are gonna come for you.The movie is not so much of an enigma as three questions lined up. If you give it over to the first then you have to take the next leaps.Question 1: What if "death" through some kind of medical experimentation/cosmic fluke became a choice?Question 2: Who would be "sent" to get you to accept death?Question 3: What would you have created in life during the time that you were to be dead?You can also say that there's the question of who's imagining what here as the character's perceptions of reality overlap to the point of this movie needing a second viewing. But each time you watch it ask your a different question. What if he's dead? What if the experimentation saved his life? What if this is his thought projection about the last bits of his life, its possibilities?A super film.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Adrian Lyne
Tim Robbins

DVD title: Pursuit of Happiness
Productgroup: DVD
Pursuit of Happiness - movie DVD cover picture

"Pursuit of Happiness" is a superb old fashion romantic comedy film. Actors are really good, especially I liked Annabeth Gish very much. She is a talented, beautiful and smart actress. It seems to be a simple romantic movie but it is much more than that. The perfect atmosphere of the movie can make you feel a lot of different emotions. It shows me a lot of truth that I was not aware of. It shows that the job, money, carrer and things like that are not really important. The important thing is to aware of the day, love the day, seize the day and just be happy because there are somebody around you that loves you whatever you are or you will become. If you want to watch a good film, feel wondeful things and see good acting, I suggest this film strongly.

Studio: Mti Home Video
Director: John Putch

DVD title: Melissa Etheridge - Live... and Alone (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Melissa Etheridge - Live... and Alone (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Melissa Etheridge: Live and Alone, the Deluxe DVD

.I was washing my car in a little car wash across the street from Christy's (the other Bono) restaurant when I remembered that that night was the premiere of the Movie of Melissa Etheridge's Live and Alone Concert.
So I went.
It is just like being at the concert except that you get to sit in a real seat.
It begins with some footage from the last time Melissa sang in a particular bar in Pasadena, California in 1987. She had so much promise and poise, even then. The bar scene flows into the time before right before this Concert which was filmed at the Kodak in Hollywood, in 2001. Even Stephen Spielberg hobbles into this pre-concert footage.
The concert is The Perfect Melissa Concert: the photography is great; her expressions are fierce and funny; and her voice just fills up the screen and the hearts of those who hear her.
Among other songs, she sings the two piano songs, Please Forgive Me and the Weakness In Me; and other songs in which she accompanies herself on the guitar, Down To One, Lover Please, American Girl, Chrome, Scarecrow, The Only One, Come To My Window, Somebody Bring Me Some Water and The Way I Do. There are other songs; I'm not a scribe.
Chrome is really a beautiful song and beautifully done.
Lover Please, shows Melissa's pain to the point of pleading but also, through the use of that garble-machine into which Melissa sputters the words `do you want me' (I think) and through the use of that harsh yellow light, I sense real anger, anger that I never heard in the song without the visual.
The photography and editing are excellent, occasionally there would be three shots of her singing on the screen at once - the movie was really well cut and crafted.
And Melissa is Melissa. It is extraordinary.
The deluxe DVD of this concert/movie will also contain footage of Melissa at home.
It is a must for every music lover.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Melissa Etheridge

DVD title: Cool World
Productgroup: DVD
Cool World - movie DVD cover picture
The Coolest Movie

Don't listen to Leonard M. As for these other nay-sayers: "-oh, stop whining people - its a cartoon! And a good one. I would buy it if it were on DVD with Letterbox. Cool World soars, literally. From dimension to dimension, from black top speedway to ultra level dreamscape; there's colour, goofy critters running around, imagination and short skirts. There's Gabriel Byrne - Yum! And then there is Kim Basinger: Yowza! - she's de'lish, she's zany, she can sing, she knows how to make fun of herself, has a good time and it shows. She's not afraid to take risks. She's so beautiful to watch both as a 'toon and in reel life.She is: HER KIM-NESS. Cool World is a treat for Kim fans. Her detractors are just jealous.Please tell the movie folk to release this wonderful odyssey of a film as DVD/Letterbox - pronto. Miss Holli WouldSo would I!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ralph Bakshi
Kim Basinger
Gabriel Byrne

DVD title: Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation
Productgroup: DVD
Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation - movie DVD cover picture

The original was good and this one is just as good! Too many people just hate EVERYTHING these days! Its fun where it counts! Dark humored satire, action, decent actors and lots of gore and violence that made the original such a hoot. Now Im not a gorehound but its somewhat laughable as it is tinged with dark humor. Its good sci fi with a decent story!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Phil Tippett

DVD title: Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Disney at its best!

I am fourteen, but I still love this movie. I first saw it when it came out in theaters, as I have with practically every other Disney animated feature that has come out recently. This one is by far the best, to me it's better than Beauty and the Beast, which was nominated for an Oscar. Everytime I see this movie I want to cry, crying at an animate movie - I used to think it was impossible.
A girl from China cutting her hair and going to war, something that nobody had ever done before, and working her way up, learning skills that she had never known before. The animation is breathtaking - especially with a DVD.
The DVD also has the options of English, Spanish, and French, which can be helpful if somebody is studying the language, they can just make the charaters speak whatever language, and then have the English subtitles on so that they are practicing while watching a movie.
If you are a Disney fan, and you like stories about people doing amazing things that everybody said that they couldn't do, then this is a movie for you.

Studio: Disney Studios
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: Highlander
Productgroup: DVD
Highlander - movie DVD cover picture
High level action and fantasy.

HIGHLANDER was undoubtedly among the best of the medieval/fantasy/Dungeons and Dragons sort of movies that proliferated in the 1980s. The choice of the brooding Christopher Lambert was perfect for the part of the Highlander, Conner MacLeod. There is a quiet intensity to his acting, and it works well here. Sean Connery, as his mentor and fellow-immortal, Ramirez strikes just the right balance of swashbuckling and seriousness. His acting is perfect. (So what else is new?)
For me, however, Clancy Brown's Kurgan steals the film. His physical features and bug-eyed grin are dead perfect! And his way over-the-top performance, at times, makes you a little afraid of his character, but he makes you laugh, as well. The confrontation between Kurgan and Conner in a church is a great balance of wit and tension.
The battles in Scotland, at the beginning of the film, and the mayhem in the streets of New York City at the end are priceless. My favorite moment: Kurgan steals a car and takes Conner's love interest for a ride. As he careens through the potholes and traffic, he quietly sings "New York, New York". Now I know where all our cabdrivers take their lessons from. HIGHLANDER is a great piece of quality mind candy that actually tackles some deep issues.

Studio: Republic Studios
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Christopher Lambert
Clancy Brown
Sean Connery

DVD title: Va Savoir
Productgroup: DVD
Va Savoir - movie DVD cover picture
Cosmopolitan Love Makings

'Va Savoir' opens with a voice in the darkness asking for lights to be turned on a stage, and the entire film can be seen as a play or a celebration of play, of acting, role-playng, creating, stories, plots. the two lead characters are actors, and in their forking narratives, bring everyone they come in contact with into their theatrical orbit. Camille is the French lead actress with an Italian touring company who are performing Pirandello's 'As You Desire Me' (the story of the amnesiac mistress of a writer who treats her like one of his creations, filmed by Hollywood with Garbo (another Camille) and Stroheim) in Paris to general indifference. During her hours off, she seeks the lover she dumped three years previously, a sheepish philosophy professsor now living with a domineering ballet teacher.
her co-star and company director Ugo, whose precise relation to Camille we don't learn until near the end, spends his days searching for an unpublished, possibly apocryphal play by his 18th century compatriot Goldoni. this paper chase leads him to the beautiful student Do, whose mother's library may hold the key, and who is instantly smitten by the older man. her brother is used to pilfering valuable books to fund his gambling habit. these two plots, intercut with apparent crudeness early on, begin to interweave to comical, romantic and magical effect, distending its mysteries and crime narrative, collapsing into a farce of dizzyingly shifting relationships and a vertiginous mock duel. 'Va Savoir' creates an enchanted world that looks superficially like ours, but operates on completely alien principles.
Jacques Rivette is one of cinema's great fabulists, but he doesn't depend for his fantasy on special effects or the literally supernatural. Every scene, even the long excerpts from the play, are filmed with plausibility and an air-brushed realism. It is in plot development that Rivette's fantasy lies. having begun the film with rehearsals for a drama, Rivette proliferates confusions between reality and illusion. there isn't a single sequence in the entire film that doesn't have characters walking down corridors, streets or paths, or walking into rooms, but these everyday events are transformed, corridors become labyrinths or secret passageways, rooms become magic chambers or dungeons, rooftops the plains of undiscovered planets. People dreaming becoming creating authors, mirrors portals to another dimension. The emphasis is on characters seeking to affirm their identity, but continually transforming, metamorphosing, renegotiating. Allusions abound, as often distracting the viewer as enlightening the theme.
'Va Savoir' plays like 'Celine and Julie go boating' (Rivette's most famous film) updated, with the theatre as haunted house, caretakers Camille and Ugo releasing all kinds of ghosts from the past. it is also similar to Bergman movies like 'the Face' or 'Fanny and alexander', their plot-displaced climaxes extended over an entire film. If Rivette has decided to charm his audience rather than challenge it, it is somehow appropriate that in this age of infantile, no-attention-span cinema, the most adventurous, enjoyable and youthful film in years is made by a 73 year old.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Jacques Rivette
Jeanne Balibar
Sergio Castellitto

DVD title: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I can't believe that nobody's reviewed his yet...

This was Walt Disney's first live action film and probably his best. The special effects, while not up to current computer driven imagery was better than most other films for almost thirty years.
The story is an adaptation of Jules Verne's classic with an emphasis on providing pagentry and action to the viewer. In many ways, it flows much better than Verne's work and brings to life the characters in ways that Verne seems to have been able to (or maybe the problems I had was with the translation that I was reading).
James Mason overshadows all of the other actors in this film as Captain Nemo. Kirk Douglas puts up a credible front as Ned Land, harpooner, adventurer and part time crooner.
Now, why isn't it on DVD yet?

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Richard Fleischer
Kirk Douglas
James Mason

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