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DVD title: Friday the 13th
Productgroup: DVD
Friday the 13th - movie DVD cover picture
one of the best horror movies ever made

Seven boys and girls visit a camp that has been closed due to a murder that took place many years ago.There intent is to work there for a week or so,but the boys and girls become intimate and this leads to a loss of virginity.As is the case with most horror movies,once a teen loses his/her virginity,he/she is destined to meet a painful death.Every murder in this film is differnt and creative which is why I give it 3 stars.The only scene in this movie that is half-way scary is the end where the girl is sitting in the boat.This movie can only seen once or twice because it is very disturbing.If you are looking for a movie that is scary and not very disturbing,watch Halloween,Fright Night,or Evil Dead.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Sean S. Cunningham
Betsy Palmer
Adrienne King

DVD title: Chicken Run
Productgroup: DVD
Chicken Run - movie DVD cover picture

This just not any story to do with chickens, it is the story where it disribes the true life of chicken (if the could think and talk). The carecters are so funny the way they talk walk look. i would really recomend this for anybody. If you are depresed for any reson o your are happy watch this movie it is one of the best short movies this year. The only thing wrong about it is that it isn't wallace and gromit but any way it is still a good movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Mel Gibson
Julia Sawalha

DVD title: Vampires in Havana
Productgroup: DVD
Vampires in Havana - movie DVD cover picture
Sergio Aragones meets Ralph Bakshi!

Although it has usually been pretty hard to find, this is a must-see for animation enthusiasts. A young jazz player, caught up in the Cuban revolution, has grown up unaware that he is, in fact, a vampire. He soon gets caught between opposing clans of European and American vampires, giving Juan Padron the opportunity to spoof virtually every ethnicity he can think of. The sheer whackiness of it all, combined with the strikingly original animation style and hot Latin jazz soundtrack, keeps the stereotyping from offending most. However, this is NOT a movie for staunch anti-communists. Not for kids either. If you're neither of the above, this is some highly entertaining stuff.

Studio: Vanguard Cinema
Director: Juan PadrĂ³n

DVD title: Pilates Complete for Everyone
Productgroup: DVD
Pilates Complete for Everyone - movie DVD cover picture
Real pilates, very good

I really like this DVD. Most of the other Pilates DVDs available are just the popular fitness divas who decided to jump on a bandwagon and BASE a workout on Pilates. This is really a certified instructor and a real Pilates program. I don't need fancy sets and snazzy music, I need a qualified instructor who will show me the proper way to do the exercises and not hurt myself. This DVD promises to be very versatile and will be good for me as I progress in strength and flexibility.

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.

DVD title: The Garden Of The Finzi Continis
Productgroup: DVD
The Garden Of The Finzi Continis - movie DVD cover picture
Beautiful and emotional

I love this film because of its mood, it's done in a true De Sica tradition, so even while it deals with a terrible subject of human extermination, it does profess the idea of eternal kindness and good. Perhaps some may find it boring, but in my opinion, it's no more boring than Life is Beautiful or Seven Beauties or myriad of others - it's an italian film and definitely not a Hollywood production.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Vittorio De Sica
Lino Capolicchio
Dominique Sanda
Helmut Berger

DVD title: Super Size Me
Productgroup: DVD
Super Size Me - movie DVD cover picture

This is to the guy below me that only gave it 2 stars or whatever. The reason why he did this was because that the PR people or whomever said that eating McDonalds is healthy. Not everything was supersized. He only supersized when he was asked. It wasent about personal preference for him. He did an experiment to see if the claim that the people from McDonalds gave was true. Watch the documentary again.

Studio: Hart Sharp Video Llc
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock
Dr. Daryl Isaacs

DVD title: Loving Jezebel
Productgroup: DVD
Loving Jezebel - movie DVD cover picture
Loving Jezebel

The entire movie was great!! The cast, especially Harper Hill, was terrific! It was clean, fresh,insightful, poetic and instrumentally off the hook!!!! Why a soundtrack isn't out yet is beyond me. It took me to places long since forgotten.Bravo to all who collaborated on this project!!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Kwyn Bader
Hill Harper
Laurel Holloman

DVD title: Doctor Who - The Mind Robber (Episode 45)
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - The Mind Robber (Episode 45) - movie DVD cover picture
It's all about chemistry

This is a must have for any Doctor fan.......ANY Doctor fan......the chemistry that Zoe, Jamie and the Troughton Doctor had was amazing........I'd have to say that while i have my personal favorites as to who is the best Doctor (Tom Baker), that this era has to be the single best chemistry between companions........during the last season, the writers wanted to kill off Jamie, but he refused to be written off when he found out that Troughton was in his last season.......and Troughton fought for him to stay and Frazier (Jamie) was there until season's end.....that's chemistry and loyalty
OK, enuff behind the's the story.........the TARDIS has a "Panic Button" that is activated when it is threatened with being overrun with a flow of lava........Troughton warns that there is no telling where they will end up........well, it is outside time and space, outside of known reality.......they materialize in a plane of exsistance where a single being shapes all reality........they face common (and not so common) mythical beings such as a Minotaur, Unicorn, Guliver and Repunzel (and others from Zoe's world unknown to us Humans).......they get hunted by Toy Soldiers (who have an unnerving methodical rhythmic march that gives them an inhuman quality, similar to Cybermen but without that personality) and strange "White Robots" all after they wander out of the TARDIS and no longer know for sure that their TARDIS is the real one or a fictional one created by that (inapropriately named adversary) "The Master"...........well, Troughton and the Master (which i re-iterate is not THE "Master") have to face off with a "battle of the wits", with each of them writing reality with their own words........oh, i can't go on (and i wouldn't want to spoil that battle, which is great)........but as far as another review naming this a cross of Dr Who, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits....I'd say that is right on........weirdness and an epic era for Who, thus my ascertion as a must have.....Nuff Said

Studio: Warner Home Video
Patrick Troughton

DVD title: Ed Sullivan Presents the Beatles
Productgroup: DVD
Ed Sullivan Presents the Beatles - movie DVD cover picture

I give it 5 stars just for the ads alone! I'd already seen the Beatle footage over the years, most of the other acts were very ordinary with the exceptions of Soupy Sales, Morecombe and Wise, Cab Calloway, and Acker Bilk. The ads make the buying of this DVD worthwhile. My favorites were the silly 1965 Lipton Ice Tea ad with George Fenneman in the little boat, the Stepfordish 1964 Lipton ad with the wife making her husband a cup of tea in the creepiest looking kitchen I've seen, and of course the cute "Pilsbury Push Button Cake Decorator" ad from the second show. If Pilsbury made and sold products in Australia I would have bought one just because I like the old commercial so much. Who said old advertising doesn't work? But seriously, that's what I personally like about this set, buy it yourself, even if you don't like ads or whatever. You can always skip thru them, they couldn't back in the 60's.

Studio: SOFA Entertainment
Ed Sullivan

DVD title: Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Greatest Movie?

Is this the greatest movie ever? This film is nothing short of pure brilliance. How can you argue the storyboard, camera positioning and most important, the performances. I have seen this movie at least 100 times and have yet to tire from it. Orson Welles was a genius and not only that, had the balls to take on Hearst in a passive aggressive fest that could do nothing but provoke anger from the publishing magnet. Visualy stunning and intense, this movie should be in every dvd library.
Is this the greatest movie ever? Well, Seven Samurai comes close but Yes, this IS the great movie ever.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Orson Welles
Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten

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