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DVD title: Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
not-so-guilty pleasure

I shouldn't be laughing at the expense of others, but I can't help it: Da Ali G Show season 1 DVD is one of the funniest things I've watched in a long while. Besides, most of Ali G's (not to forget Borat & Bruno, too) "victims" deserved to be knocked down a peg or two...the more uncomfortable they get, the deeper the knife gets plunged in. I missed this show on HBO the first time around, but a friend urged me to check out the regrets at all. The only people (IMO) who wouldn't bust a gut watching this might be those whom the subject matter hits too close to home for...

Studio: HBO
Ali G
Sacha Baron Cohen

DVD title: Legally Blonde
Productgroup: DVD
Legally Blonde - movie DVD cover picture
"Road trip!" - A classic quote from "Legally Blonde"!

I loved this movie! It was the little things that made this so great- Bruiser, the dog so ugly you have to love him, in his little Harvard sweater! I cracked up. And Brooke's aliby! If you want a simple movie that's easy to love-- and you want to laugh so hard you wet your pants-- this is the one for you. Have fun!!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Robert Luketic
Reese Witherspoon
Luke Wilson

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Force Will Be With Your DVD Player......Always

Finally George Lucas got off his horse and decided to have FOX release these classics on DVD. Must have been either all the great sales of Phantom Menace and Attack of The Clones, or that Paramount put out Speilburg, Indiana Jones Trilogy (which I believe Lucas had a hand in) on discs as well. I for one am glad the discs will be the 1997 special edition re-releases. I admit with some films it's good to see the originals vs the special edition on the same disc for comparison, but this is one of those rare times that the special editions were so much superior to the originals that I could accept these AS orignals. Forget about the 1977, 1980 and 1983 copies respectively and respectfully. These 1997 reissues on tape are better, and on disc will be SUPERB. Besides only the original print of Jedi gives credit to the great James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader, while the special editions of ALL 3 do the man justice.:-) Order this set be it full screen or widescreen, and between now and September , buy yourself a multi disc player so you can enjoy all 3 back to back in one sitting.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: Mr. Show - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Mr. Show - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
Why can't TV always be this fun?

This is, quite simply, the funniest show ever put on television. There is absolutely no reason that you should not own and enjoy it unless you are a prude who is easily offended by swearing or a simpleton who cannot understand the beautiful gifts of satire and sarcasm. So many people still fail to understand irony and satire because their definiton of it was derived from an Alanis Morisette song or the treacle that is a Friends episode. If you don't find this funny there is probably something wrong with you.
The only wrong turn was the BioDome sketch. There's nothing wrong with using beastiality for humor (witness the Hail Satan Network sketch) but this sketch is just unfunny.
Otherwise, pure comic brilliance and I willingly "shake the crime stick" (see Seasons 1&2) at a society that doesn't worship Bob and David and the rest of the cast (especailly Tom Kenny) over the banality of network TV and supposed brillant works like the lame Sex in the City.

Studio: HBO
David Cross (II)
Bob Odenkirk

DVD title: Seven (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Seven (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

One of the best movies ever. Suspensefull, incredidbly interesting, very mysterious. One of the best. As I always state on my reviews about movies, I'm not gonna say anything about this movie 'cause I know I'll ruin the whole thing for you. But what I AM going to say is that it's one of the best of the best. Dynamite perfomances by MORGAN FREEMAN, BRAD PITT and GWYNETH PALTROW. Great script. Powerfull movie.
If you like those movies where it keeps you in full suspense and a very interesting twist at the end, then this one is ment to be watched by you. Go watch it now !!! You won't regret what you will see in those 2 hours of the movie. A true MASTERPIECE ! ! !

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: David Fincher
Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

DVD title: Training Day
Productgroup: DVD
Training Day - movie DVD cover picture
Training Day was soooooooooo good!

I just purchased the DVD and watched it as soon as I got home. I really enjoyed this movie. Denzel is such an excellent actor. I really hope he gets an Oscar for his performance. He is the only man I know that can act just as good as my favorite actor Samuel L. Jackson. Anyway, I have never seen a movie where Denzel is the bad guy. He was truly bad in this movie. I highly recommend this movie.
Oh, Ethan Hawke wasn't too bad either.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Denzel Washington
Ethan Hawke

DVD title: The Big Lebowski
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Lebowski - movie DVD cover picture
The Coens do it again

The Big Lebowski almost...almost...conquers Fargo for title of best Coen Brothers movie. Anyone who enjoys their work will find it very funny, and their humour is taken to surreal heights this time around. A lot of people don't like this film, but let me tell you something. Compare this to any other films of the 90s and it comes out as one of the best. People forget that we are so inundated with absolutely banal cinema that once in a while, when something good does come along, we miss out because we're too busy watching rubbish like Armaggedon or Titanic. Script first, then film - that's the way the Coens do it, and it always gets brilliant results. Any scenes with the nihilists in this film are laugh out loud funny, and Bridges is so apathetic it seems like he really is The Dude. Coen brothers films are emminently quotable, and this one is no exception, along with a series of setpieces that are marvellously mad - just watch the scene where Goodman goes postal on a car. The dialogue is fresher than anything Tarantino can do, the only other person able to reproduce the spoken language so well being Elmore Leonard. Now there's a prospect - a Leonard novel adapted by the Coens. We can hope. The interview on the disc is quite interesting if only to see how the Coens hate being interviewed, moving onto the subject of carpets instead of the actual film. Nice moving menus, although they could have done with a bit of music, but DVD can take you to all those brilliant scenes in the blink of an eye, so buy this liitle beauty - you won't be dissapointed.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Joel Coen
Jeff Bridges
John Goodman

DVD title: The Searchers
Productgroup: DVD
The Searchers - movie DVD cover picture
What makes a man to wander?

I think people read way too much into this film. Sure, it's one of John Wayne's most complex characters; Ethan Edwards is racist, stubborn and a cold-hearted killer. But for sheer entertainment value, this movie reigns supreme! John Ford's direction has never had such swagger, and his actors rise to the aesthetic challenge. The script crackles with memorable dialogue and a distinctly anti-racist sentiment. Seriously, if you have never seen "The Searchers", it should be high on your list of things to watch!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: John Ford
John Wayne
Jeffrey Hunter

DVD title: Friends - The Series Finale (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Series Finale (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I really thought there would be better "extras". Maybe some outtakes, or even the 1hr long special that ran before the final episode on May 6th.
The extended version's extra scenes weren't that great--though they did show that Monica noticed the red paint on her couch! I was wondering about that when the finale first aired!
Even though it was relatively low-priced DVD, it really isn't worth the money. It would have been easier to just tape the final episode than wait in anticipation for this HUGE disappointment!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow
Jennifer Aniston
David Schwimmer

DVD title: Sex and the City - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
absolutely addiciting!

I waited until the whole family was asleep and started watching this DVD at 1 am....I must tell you that this is the most addicting show ever...i could not stop watching....i watched the first DVD and needed to see the second, but I also needed some sleep....this shoow is amazing...i bought the DVD for the hours of entertainment it would provide, not sure if i would actually be entertained or if I would end up hating the series...well i am addicted and this and The 10th kingdom are the best DVD's to buy for hours and hours of pure enjoyment...

Studio: Hbo Studios

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