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DVD title: Little Murders
Productgroup: DVD
Little Murders - movie DVD cover picture
little murders

I only needed to change region to see the moovie. Any way it was no difficult. I was surprise about the efficiency of to send the item in a very short time.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Alan Arkin

DVD title: The Beastmaster
Productgroup: DVD
The Beastmaster - movie DVD cover picture
Please Re-release

I've been looking for this movie for a long time. It is just a fun movie. I hope this review helps in getting it re-released.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Don Coscarelli
Marc Singer
Tanya Roberts

DVD title: Rear Window (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Rear Window (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Visual Masterpiece

I know, it's a much over-used term, but in this case it's the truth. I first saw this film in a Cinema class as an undergraduate, and a good half-dozen times since, and it still holds up well.

It is one of the purest pieces of cinema ever created- Hitchcock is amaster at telling the story through the camera lense (something directors often don't do!)

It works as a mysterey, it works as cinemographic art, it works because Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly are fine people to have in your living room- if only on the TV screen.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart
Grace Kelly

DVD title: Baby Einstein Bundle of Joy (13-Pack) - Exclusive
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein Bundle of Joy (13-Pack) - Exclusive - movie DVD cover picture
We LOVE all these DVDs!

I have two children - 3 years and 8 months. I started buying Baby Einstein videos when my youngest was born. She watched Language Nursery every day for the first year of her life. Then, one by one, we started aquiring the entire series. We have all 13 sold in this set plus the 14th - Baby Santa (a holiday video).

Language Nursery, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven are great for the younger baby and will continue to be enjoyed by your toddler.

Van Gogh, Shakespeare, McDonald, Neighborhood Animals and World Animals are more interesting after 6 months or so.

After about a year, my daughter loved Neptune, Gallileo and Numbers Nursery. The baby will watch these as well bacause they are full of colorful images and entertaining sounds.

This set would be a wonderful gift for an expenctant mother. These videos are wonderful teaching tools and expose young children to a variety of music and images. Each video is only 30 minutes long so parents can allow these videos to be viewed while still controlling the amount of time their kids are in front of the TV each day.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Janicek

DVD title: Transformers - First Season Collector's Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Transformers - First Season Collector's Edition - movie DVD cover picture

This is awesome. I am so glad they came out with this. I am a huge fan of the Transformers since I was a little kid. I'm now 25 and still collect the toys, I remember when they were made of metal. This is straight up original stuff, from the very first pilot Transformers episode on to the end of the whole first season. It brought back a lot of memories and I think this was one of the best purchases I have made all year. If you are younger and never had the opportunity to know some of the old characters in their "original" form this is wonderful. A lot of the newer characters have the same names as some of the original but man have they been touched up! haha!!
Anyways, for die hard fans or even younger ones who are getting into it now, this is an absolute must have. I love it and watch it often enough to almost quote every line, call me a nerd haha! I love the Transformers and I hope they continue to come out with season by season.
Transform and Roll Out!!

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: Rambo Trilogy (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Rambo Trilogy (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A DVD Dream Come True for Rambo Fans

What more can you ask for...
1. Tin Outer Case2. Full Screen and Widescreen Anamorphic versions of the movie3. DTS Tracks4. Great case5. Booklet6. Individual movies special features7. Bonus Disc for additional Special Features
Rambo III includes post September 11 discussions in relation to the movie.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Sylvester Stallone

DVD title: I Remember Mama
Productgroup: DVD
I Remember Mama - movie DVD cover picture
A Hilarious, Touching Family Movie

Our whole family (ages 1-44) watched this movie together and every one of us (except the 1 yr old) laughed and cried throughout the whole thing. Dunne is an amazing actress for her day and plays "Mama" beautifully. Uncle Chris is a brilliant character that adds much color to this black-and-white film. The family- Mama's husband and children- are delightful to watch mature and grow up. The aunts are a load of fun! From beginning to end, this movie grabs your attention-and you will most certainly laugh! I also suggest reading the book "Mama's Bank Account" before or after watching the film. What a great movie! WONDERFUL!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: George Stevens
Irene Dunne
Barbara Bel Geddes

DVD title: Are You Being Served? Collection 1 (Series 1-5)
Productgroup: DVD
Are You Being Served? Collection 1 (Series 1-5) - movie DVD cover picture
Maximum entertainment

This has to be one of my favorite television series ever. I'm so glad this DVD set has preserved the earlier episodes so well. The 30 somewhat episodes on the 6 included discs are presented with crystal clear audio and beautiful video. Chapter stops for each episode are included, and some little bits of trivia are included. Disc 7 features special interview sessions with John Inman, Mollie Sugden, and Wendy Richard.
The episodes are present chronologically on each disc, which is better than the VHS releases, which seemed to throw 3 random episodes onto a tape. Experience the series from start to 1977, from the black-and-white Pilot to "It Pays to Advertise." All episodes presented include all that had Mr. Grainger (Arthur Brough). This set ends before episodes with different a senior from the men's department. Hopefully, since we were privileged to get these that it's a sign for future releases of the remaining 7 years of episodes.
My only complaint is that this set boasts that it has trailers as a bonus. The trailers are for other TV series! I know trailers probably don't exist for this series, but at least they could have been held off to one disc and listed as "Previews of other TV series."
While this set may be pricy, believe me you won't regret spending the money if you're a true fan. This show was really given the attention it deserved on these discs, and I highly recommend them to any fan of the show or of British television.

Studio: BBC Video
Mollie Sugden
John Inman

DVD title: Clueless
Productgroup: DVD
Clueless - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie so much that its not even worth talking about, because no words will express what a brilliantly put together,acted, written and presented film this is.And talk about feel-good, and FUN.Also, Clueless is living proof that there are teen comedies out there that aren't dumb, over the top shallow.Yes, Clueless is a light, and fluffy film, but since that is what it sets out to do(be light and fluffy and entertaining),thats just fine.And it accomplishes that goal perfectly-Clueless is a film second to none in its genre.
What sets it apart from other dumb tripe out there and makes it enjoyable for even the most weary of grown-ups is its great cast, unbelievably witty writing, and irresistable storylines that you can't help but get caught up in. The whole cast is great, but Alicia Silverstone is unforgettable.It is a pinnacle leading role for actresses in teen movies.She simply sparkles from scene one.An who could ever forget the sets and costumes??
Simply, a classic in the genre, and one of the best comedies of the nineties.A weekend popcorn movie to curl up in bed with that also has wit and charisma and intelligence to boot.Not to mention, its still not old after the fifth billion time.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Amy Heckerling
Alicia Silverstone
Stacey Dash
Brittany Murphy
Paul Rudd

DVD title: Glory
Productgroup: DVD
Glory - movie DVD cover picture
Glory - DVD

Quite frankly the best Civil War drama ever made and one the best war movies ever made.When you see the DVD version even the preview grips you in and your hooked into this truly epic vison, from Edward Zwick.The film shines like a brand new film on DVD cinamatography is incredable the score from James Horner monumental.
The story Starts with Col.Robert Gould Shaw leading his union soldiers into an important victory for the war.When he comes back he is haunted by memories of battle.He is given an assignment to command a group of African American soldiers into battle.One of them who is played with remarkable realizm as a slave (Denzel Washington) who won an Oscar for his performance.
Robert accepts but the 54th is mistrusted by the Union soldiers.The 54th at first are given a proclamation to give in or they will be punished severly.But in one meraculous scene in the movie they all stay in hopes that they would be able to defend there country and die on the battlefeild.
But they meet with an General who is seemingly bent on useing them for manual labor and not giving them a chance to fight.Robert demands from the union that these soldiers be able to fight.In there first battle they do almost superb with bearly any casultys proving that they have what it takes to go into war.
The next morning a Genral shows Robert and the 54th there main opposition the stronghold FT.Wagner an almost invincible fortress that is heavily armed.Col.Robert says that he will lead his army into the first attact on the fort even knowing that the price of his soldiers will most ceartainly be death.
The morning after Col. Robert readys his men for battle and finally we see that the soldiers have earned the respect of the union soldiers.Robert tell a reporter ''If I, should fall you remember what you saw here today''.But the most powerful line in the movies was Robert telling them if one person should fall who will carry the flag.
The final battle scene at Wagner is heartwrenching and heroic bravery.We see that there is fire all around them but what makes them soliders is they don't care they wan't to continue in the one of the best battle scenes Hollywood has ever made.We see them charging to the fort men dying all around them horribly.Shaw tells them to remain in a trench.When Shaw decides to make another attack he is killed by gunfire, in the most harrowing scene of the hole movie as one of the soliers picks up the fallen flag they make a brave charge for the fort and you see that these men are no longer soldiers there MEN.
James Horner's score is incredable in this scene it does not let up.As the men race to take the fort still heavy casuiltys and they are horribly met at the entrence by confederate soldiers killing them.In the final scene we see the confederate soldiers lifting the body of Col. Shaw and throwing him in the trench in the saddest part of the movie we see almost all of the 54th have lost there lives.
If you do not cry at or at leat think the ending of Glory is sad then you don't know what sacrifice is.A truly moving and heroic masterpeice one of the best movies of the milleniuum.
By ross

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Edward Zwick
Matthew Broderick
Denzel Washington
Cary Elwes
Morgan Freeman

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