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DVD title: The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
just plain incredible

This film was absolutely incredible. i was very surprised. I cant believe what some of the reviewers on here are saying! what there saying is just plain madness. this movie deserves 5 STARS, nomatter what other people think! (the whole movie was worth goin to for the great hall battle or the highway scene!)

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Great movie for kids and adults with lovable characters and side splitting laughter. Great Pixar quality animation, great and imaginative script, great acting voices (Billy Crystal as Mike, John Goodman as Sully) that really fit their parts, high quality comedy (some slapstick) great directing, great music.
DVD Features:
The DVD extra material are plentiful and excellent! Definitely well worth the purchase!
Great Director's Commentary; great tour of Pixar; great presentation of the animation process, etc.
"Mikey's New Car" is a great little short feature; etc. and the "Birds" short feature is cute, too!
Review: This hilarious movie delivers side-splitting laughter! Everything fits together and is just great! Should be animated DVD of the year!
This is a great DVD to have at home, even if you saw this in the movie theatre. My daughter saw it in the theatre, but still laughed uncontrollably watching the DVD movie, as well as Mikey's car! I mean really laughing until she couldn't breath!
Monsters work for a Corporation (Monsters, Inc.) That supplies energy for their city, Monsteropolis, by capturing the screams (scream energy) of children and monsters compete for the best screams with blue-furred cuddly Sully (Goodman) leading the competition. Somehow, a charming infant sneaks into Monsteropolis and hooks onto Sully; and whoever gets caught with her will get "cleaned" by the "authorities" - not a good thing! This throws Sully and one-eyed Mikey (Crystal) into a panic as they stumble against all odds to send the child back without getting caught.
Scare Factor: While the Monsters may be afraid of the children, there is no need for your kids to be afraid of them. The movie seems pretty harmless and young children seem to have no problem with the movie concept and scenes.
And, did I mention it was FUNNY?!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
John Goodman
Billy Crystal

DVD title: Karaoke: Rock/Pop Hits, Vol. 1
Productgroup: DVD
Karaoke: Rock/Pop Hits, Vol. 1 - movie DVD cover picture
DVD Karaoke

I'd like to buy a DVD karaoke but made by pioneer. What about region. I have a DVD player wchich was bought in Poland. Can I play this DVD at home ? That's immposible to buy a DVD karaoke in Poland.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Va-Rock & Pop

DVD title: Stargate
Productgroup: DVD
Stargate - movie DVD cover picture
An All-Time Favourite Sci-Fi Flick Of Today!

From the director of The Patriot, Godzilla and Independence Day is none other than Roland Emmerich. This is a beautifully crafted movie. It even has spawned the series SG-1. Although the TV series is as good as the film, the film itself is still the best by all comparisons. And this is the kind of film that made you want to watch the movie over and over again. The only downside about this DVD release is that the movie, although in widescreen, is not anamorphically enhanced for 16:9 TVs. Other than that, this DVD release is fine on the overall. Stargate is still one the best sci-fi films up to date. With great plot and storyline, the film is sure to get you to hold on tight to your seats!
And those of you who have a Home Theater System, watch this movie on a loud volume. It'll sure to blow your mind away! :) A one hell of a movie that'll take you on a rollercoaster ride of your life. Calling all sci-fi fans, this is one HOT movie not to be missed!

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Roland Emmerich
Kurt Russell
James Spader

DVD title: Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
When will the brilliance end?

When will those Pixar people ever run out of great ideas? Another classic from Disney's computer animation studio is this endlessly hilarious tale of two bedroom monsters working at the factory of Monsters, Inc. John Goodman and Billy Crystal more than ably voice the characters, who work hard nine to five scaring children out of their beds all over the world to collect the tots' screams that are used as energy to power their city. Trouble comes when Goodman happens upon a child who has accidentally escaped through her bedroom door into the monster world, a big problem considering children are considered to be virulent by the bigwig monsters who run the city. Goodman keeps the kid around and grows attached to it, inciting only bigger trouble from resident bad guy Steve Buscemi. A climactic roller coaster ride caper scene is heartstopping, and the quality of animation will take your breath away. On top of that, it's really funny!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
John Goodman
Billy Crystal

DVD title: The Good Son
Productgroup: DVD
The Good Son - movie DVD cover picture
one of the best thrillers i've ever seen!

Like many preteens in the early 90s, I eagerly anticipated what Macaulay Culkin might do next. Wanting to see "The Good Son" was no different. Mom's policy about seeing R-rated movies kept me from seeing it, though--and I'm glad she kept me away! I'm sure I would have enjoyed this when I was 12, but when I rented this not too long ago from a campus video store, I was cringing on how inane this was. I still love Macaulay Culkin, and will always believe he was one of most underrated of child actors, but this was not a role for him.
Nauseatingly derivative, predictable, packed with cliches. Culkin seems terribly uninterested in his part, as does sister Quinn, who squawks her lines out like a little elf. Elijah Wood makes do with what's there, and does a pretty decent job, and the same goes for most of the other actors. And as the more positive reviews attest (albeit blindly), had Culkin not been in it, this movie would have not been remarkable. For Culkin, this is his "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?". And for that, "The Good Son" is destined to be a camp classic.
The best suspense movie ever? Compared with "Chinatown" and "A Touch of Evil", or more recently, "The Sixth Sense" or "The Limey", this seems played out. As for Culkin, you're better off watching "Home Alone" for the 103rd time. Or better yet, seek out Culkin's earlier work, specifically "Rocket Gibraltar", or his best post-"Home Alone" work, "My Girl" and "Richie Rich". This movie is not recommended unless you and your friends are holding an "MST3K" night.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Joseph Ruben
Macaulay Culkin
Elijah Wood

DVD title: The Poseidon Adventure
Productgroup: DVD
The Poseidon Adventure - movie DVD cover picture
You would never get tired of seeing this film

Even though it is nearly 30 years after the fact that this movie came out, the film crew did a great job of making this look realistic at much less a price that must have been spent to make "Titanic". Ernest Borgnine , who was in damn good shape in this movie is like the Archie Bunker of the ship with his wise cracks and Gene Hackman comes off incredibly beyond a super hero status. Just think of what could have happened if him and Pamela Sue Martin were to find a quiet space for themselves on that boat WOOOOWWWWW!!!! Shelly Winters is the heavy woman on the ship who shows incredible bravery. Every time she has to hold her breathe to swim under water in that scene I see if I could do it like maybe most of you. If you were to mix a 1/3 of Titanic and 1/4 of All in the Family and a teaspoon of Days of our lives" you would have this movie.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Ronald Neame
Gene Hackman
Ernest Borgnine
Shelley Winters

DVD title: Frida
Productgroup: DVD
Frida - movie DVD cover picture
Hayek at her finest

Salma Hayek's Oscar worthy performance made "Frida" that much enjoyable to watch! The heart and soul that went into making this movie paid off once released. One would be crazy not to feel the raw emotions that Frida is feeling during every scene. One may find it hard to believe that the real Frida Kahlo lived this movie. The make up artist was very accurate with Hayek's appearance compared to the Kahlo's paintings(they used her real ones). See it, and if you agree with me, buy it and keep in your movie collection for as long as you live. This will be a classic.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Julie Taymor
Salma Hayek
Alfred Molina

DVD title: Stuart Little 2
Productgroup: DVD
Stuart Little 2 - movie DVD cover picture
It's just FUN and I really like it A LOT!!!

I LOVE watching this movie, and I want to watch it again! I think that Stuart Little 2 is much more fun than the original. Anyway, this movie is about Stuart and his friendship with Margalo, the kind but bad small bird. Stuart makes friends with Margalo, who is actually hired by the bad Falcon to steal Mrs. Little's ring. Stuart and Margalo become good friends, but after Mrs. Little finds out that her ring is gone, Margalo runs away and Stuart goes out into the city with the help of Snowbell and try to find Margalo and bring her back again. You should watch this movie and I'm very, very sure that you'll love watching this movie and that you'll want to watch it again.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Rob Minkoff
Michael J. Fox
Geena Davis

DVD title: Die Nibelungen
Productgroup: DVD
Die Nibelungen - movie DVD cover picture
Superb film(s)

Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen can definitely be called the Lord of the Rings of the silent era. Siegfried and Kriemhild's Revenge are stunning films in an epic scale; visually lush with amazing special effects, for the time. Most importantly though, both films have compelling story lines and are genuinely entertaining.
The score composed by Gottfried Huppertz is amazing, albeit a bit repetitive. It is fittingly composed in a Wagnerian style. There does seem to be some problems with the recording on Kriemhild's Revenge though - the original tapes must have been damaged because there are some ripples in the sound, especially noticeable when high woodwinds are playing. Overall, it doesn't distract that much though.
Also, the special features are interesting, eventhough I would have liked some sort of commentary or lengthy "behind-the-scenes" programme on the films.
Overall a terrific set from Kino. Highly recommended to all fans of silent cinema.

Studio: Kino International
Director: Fritz Lang
Margarete Schön
Paul Richter
Theodor Loos

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