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DVD title: Samurai X - Betrayal (Rurouni Kenshin)
Productgroup: DVD
Samurai X - Betrayal (Rurouni Kenshin) - movie DVD cover picture
just beautiful..

After watching Samurai X - Trust. I just HAD to buy Betrayal. and Im so glad that I did.
Granted its a change of pace from Trust, but on this DVD, you see Kenshin in a different light and the mystery surrounding Tomoe is slowly revealed.
At first I thought it was a little boring because it lacked the fighting scenes that dominated the one before it. But as the story wore on, I began to appreciate the story more, and found the beauty in it.
The music is simply stunning. I can still hear the haunting tunes right now.
One tip: Make sure you have tissues handy just in case. I wish I did!

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Psycho (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Alfred Hitchock's best scary movies, which of course includes this one, are off-kilter; the pace sets your senses off but continually eludes them. With PSYCHO, he had the definite benefit of an astonishingly effective Anthony Perkins, who never again would be able to replicate a character with as much power. His Norman Bates has invaded our popular culture as THE definite creepy seductive/weird perfect maniac. The atmospheric sets, the lead-you-down-wrong-path opening, and of course the famous shower scene are merely parts of a masterful whole. This movie takes its sweet time, but the tension is nearly unbearable. And the Bernard Herrman score, which has been a standard by which to measure all horror movie scores by, provides the knots-in-your-emotion that is withheld by the players, and the seductively slow pace. Not a shot is wasted, not a word seems extraneous. It is, after all, a darkly terrifying thriller, and it means business. It lingers in the mind long after a first, and second, and third....viewing.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Perkins
Janet Leigh

DVD title: Latter Days (Unrated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Latter Days (Unrated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Must see!

I was optimistic about this video at first. With all the reviews, some positive and some negative; I wasn't sure if I wanted to take the chance. But, I was very excited and very, very happy with my choice! UNBELIEVABLE, thats all I can say about this movie!

This movie definitely is a true coming-out love story between two gay guys! If your into sex and alot of it with different people, this movie isn't for you.

Chris and Aaron. Both from two different worlds. They set forth in there own personal itineraries. One guy a club going, very out gay guy, who loves sex. And by the way, a lot of it. The other guy, a religious, church obiding hottie who has to hide his sexuality. Who knew? Get this movie to find out what it really has instore for your viewing enjoyment.

Buy the movie for love, romance, and a true look at how gay relationships could be if we opened up to it.

I am so glad that producers are making more love and romantic; good same-sex oriented quality movies, rather than the "I'm in love with you but I am dying" movies.

Producers and performers, Great MOVIE!

Studio: TLA Releasing
Director: C. Jay Cox
Steve Sandvoss
Wes Ramsey
Amber Benson
Jacqueline Bisset
Mary Kay Place

DVD title: Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Don't Fear A New Beginning

I've never been much of a comic book fan, but there have definitely been superheroes that have intrigued me over the years. From the Marvel universe, I have found myself drawn to the character of Spider-man, while DC's Batman is my favorite hero from that universe. So far, both of those heroes have gotten (for the most part) great film adaptions. Both Spider-man movies have been amazing, while the Batman films under the directorship of Tim Burton have been great. The third one was enjoyable (to me at least), while the fourth was terrible; a very campy thing in the vein of the 60's TV show. So I guess that any halfway decent Batfilm would look good after that flop, so the fact that Batman Begins is in fact great (possibly my new favorite Batman movie) is all the better.
This movie has effectively restarted Warner Bros.'s Batman franchise. Robin hasn't shown up yet, James Gordon (Gary Oldman) is still only a lieutenant, and the Joker is still a petty criminal (nowhere near his status as the Clown Prince of Crime). Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), the son of Gotham City's greatest benefactors, has been spending time in prison in order to beat on the criminals housed within. A two-bit thug killed his parents right before eyes when he was just a kid, and he wanted revenge, but circumstances prevented it. Now his anger drives him to attack criminals of all kinds in order to avenge his parents. Soon however, he meets a mysterious man named Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson) he introduces Wayne to the mysterious Ra's Al Ghul (Ken Watanbe) and he begins training Wayne martial arts and dramatic theatrics. This training allows Wayne to manipulate the fears of his enemies and become a crusader against crime in Gotham City, which has degenerated into a crime-ridden hell where gangsters like Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) run everything. In a way, it's almost poetic that the film was shot in Chicago, seeing as how some friends of mine see Gotham as a parallel to Chicago, if things had gone differently back in the 30's (and hey, they refer to Gotham as "man's greatest city", which accurately describes Chicago).
Upon his return to Gotham, Wayne moves back in with his childhood butler, Alfred Pennysworth (Michael Caine), and reunites with his old friend Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes), who is now an assistant District Attorney. He also meets up with Lucious Fox (Morgan Freeman), who is a sort of Q type character who provides Wayne with all of his bat-gadgets, including the batarangs, the body armor in the batsuit, the cape, and the batmobile (which is still awesome, even though it's an SUV instead of a sports car).
Aside from Ra's Al Ghul, we also get the Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathon Craine (Cillian Murphy) in the villains department. Since he's one of my three favorite Batvillains (the others being the Joker and the Riddler), I was very happy to see him in this film. I think that the Scarecrow can be pretty cool if done right, and this movie definitely did him justice (unlike Two-Face or Mr. Freeze in some of the older films). The only thing is that they didn't really go into his backstory, which I find interesting. However, this movie was already 2 1/2 hours long, and the main focus was on Batman himself. This is actually the first Batman movie where Batman was the star of the film! In all of the previous ones, the villains were the ones who got more attention; in the first Batman, Jack Nicholson even got top billing over Michael Keaton, even though Keaton played Batman and Nicholson played the Joker.
The main theme of the story was fear (which made the Scarecrow a very appropriate villain). It was about mastering fear, using fear to fight, and using fear to destroy. For those of you who don't know, the Scarecrow developed a serum that induces a paniced state in people who breathe it in, forcing them to see the things that they fear most, which led to some pretty cool sequences.
It was pretty cool to actually see Wayne discover and prepare the batcave for use, along with being trained, both of which were passed over in the original Batman movie. In that one, Wayne was already Batman, and while we know that his parents were killed, we never saw all the hell that he went through to go from Bruce Wayne to Batman. In Begins, however, we see all the torture that occured that had to happen in order to create the Dark Knight.
For a comic book movie, the acting was exceptionally good. Caine, Freeman, Murphy, and Neeson did the best in my opinion, in their respective roles. Bale did a great Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Gary Oldman was great as a good guy (no, I am not lying; Gary Oldman plays a good guy in this movie). Holmes was fair, but her good looks made up it.
This is a film that everyone can enjoy, whether you are a Batman fanboy or a casual film viewer.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Ken Watanabe

DVD title: The Thin Red Line - DTS
Productgroup: DVD
The Thin Red Line - DTS - movie DVD cover picture
the best film about war ever

First of all I must say that all reviewers that gives that film less than 5 stars are stupid jerks.Terrence Malick with this film become one of the most profound directors of our time. Spielberg's Private Ryan in comprasion with this film is peace of banal trash. In our country second world war theme always were serios subject in cinematography.But I must say that Malik made something unbelievable.Such intense drama without any compromise in USA? Yes! It is TRIUMPH.God bless you Terrence Malick !

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Terrence Malick
Sean Penn
James Caviezel
Nick Nolte

DVD title: The Muppet Christmas Carol
Productgroup: DVD
The Muppet Christmas Carol - movie DVD cover picture
Best Version of "A Christmas Carol"

Brain Henson son of the late Jim Henson directed this movie. And which I'm sure you all know it is the first muppet movie since the death of Jim Henson in 1990. In the movie, Kermit The Frog, and other muppets play characters from a Christmas Carol. Note that there are humans like Micahel Caine in this movie, but more muppets. As the movie opens, Scrooge hates chritmas and gets invited to spend Christmas with his nephew Fred and his wife Clara.
Scrooge: Why did you even get married?Fred: Why? Because I fell in love.
Isn't that why a lot of people get married? But to you think since 1990 the muppets has gotten long with out Jim Henson as thier director? But why did it take 2 years to make a new Muppet movie?

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Brian Henson
Michael Caine

DVD title: Beetlejuice
Productgroup: DVD
Beetlejuice - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best

"Beetlejuice" is one of the best movies of the late 80's. Adam (Alec Baldwin) and his wife Barbara (Geena Davis) died in a car crash, and come back as ghosts living in their old house. However, some new people have moved in and Adam and Barbara want them out of their house. They contact a bio exorcist named Beetlejuice to help them get rid of the new, living owners.
"Beetlejuice" is a great movie for many reasons. Michael Keaton does a spectacular job as Beetlejuice, and Winona Ryder and the rest of the crew also do a good job. The special effects were superb and the script was also done well. Pretty much, there's not anything bad about the movie. If you like comedy/horror movies, I recommend you to get "Beetlejuice."

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Tim Burton
Alec Baldwin
Geena Davis
Michael Keaton

DVD title: Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends, Live on Stage
Productgroup: DVD
Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends, Live on Stage - movie DVD cover picture
My musical inspiration

Simon and Garfunkel were the group that inspired me to pick up a guitar at the age of 10. Now at 23, I can still say they are one of my favorite groups, the other being the Beatles. I am eternally grateful for my father's influencing me to appreciate . . . no not only appreciate (that's an understatement if I ever wrote one) . . . for exposing me to the wonderful, intuitive, creative, and meaningful music of the 60's and 70's - what I recognize as true art and and not the commerical crap that riddles the radio these days.

Ever since I watched the Concert In Central Park for the first time, with my father, I knew Simon and Garfunkel were something special. They have such a beautiful melodic and harmonic style. Paul Simon is an intuitive songwriter. Garfunkel has a wonderful voice and is nothing but an asset to the duet. Neither of them would have made it without the other. Paul Simon inspired me to pick up the guitar at 10 years-old and I've been playing ever since. Simon and Garfunkel were the key inspiration in my being a musician, before any other group, and that is something I hold dear in my heart and is undoubtedly what augments my appreciation of them. Cheezy it may very well sound, but oh so true.

Now about the DVD! I think it's great that the Old Friends show is being released! I saw Simon and Garfunkel in Ft. Lauderdale at the Office Depot Center almost a year ago already, and they were amazing! They couldn't have selected a better list of songs to perform, and they performed them so well. 'The Boxer' is my personal favorite, a masterpiece in my opinion.

Simon and Garfunkel . . old friends, pop culture icons, legends . . . my first muse for playing and writing. Before them, there was no music in my life. Since I woke up to them, I've never been without their legacy.

If you appreciate beautiful melodies, wise words, and just good ol' 60's folk rock, this DVD is a must have!

Studio: Wea Corp
Simon & Garfunkel

DVD title: Ever After - A Cinderella Story
Productgroup: DVD
Ever After - A Cinderella Story - movie DVD cover picture
this movie rocks!

If you are anything like me, a dreamer.... you HAVE to see this movie. I mean, not only is it the classic fairy tale love story, but it's charisma (Barrymore and Scott were terrific together) and mesmirizing sequences (when she arrives at the ball, especially) is enough to renew the faith in true love that we can loose in day to day reality. Keep the kleenex handy.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Andy Tennant
Drew Barrymore
Anjelica Huston
Dougray Scott

DVD title: Apollo 13 (Widescreen 2-Disc Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Apollo 13 (Widescreen 2-Disc Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
"Houston, We've Got A Problem..."

Those words are the tag line for every fictionalized account of space exploration disaster, but the one time they were spoken in earnest makes all the fictionalized accounts wane like the setting moon.
APOLLO 13 is a great film. Tom Hanks, who plays Jim Lovell, spacecraft Commander of the aptly-named "Odyssey" really deserved an Academy Award for this one (and might have gotten it, had he not already won previously, two years running).
The film recounts the terrifying ordeal of astronauts Lovell, Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton), their families, and their ground-based support crew, after an oxygen tank explosion on the third lunar landing mission forces an abort. The three men have to reduce their spacecraft to barely livable conditions in order to survive a quarter-million miles from home.
Director Ron Howard captures the tension of the event perfectly, and also recaptures the ambience of NASA in 1970, a mixture of energy, technical competence, and frustration, when it seemed the American public had just about forgotten it's once lionized space program in the wake of moon missions so successful they seemed absolutely boring.
For anyone old enough to remember those fearsome days of Apollo 13, as I do, this movie sparks memories. For a moment in time, the planet was united: besides the Western Powers, the Soviets, the Red Chinese, the North Koreans and North Vietnamese set out rescue vessels to retreive the returning men.
With barely enough electricity to run a toaster, limited water, no heat, and hardly any oxygen, the three astronauts faced almost certain death. Ron Howard captures their understated emotion, as well as their phenomenal resilience and test-pilot cool, without making them seem miraculously superhuman or unassailably cold-blooded.
Bacon's Swigert, a last-minute replacement to the crew can't help but gloat over his good luck, and then becomes increasingly waspish as the disastrous mission winds on.
Gary Sinise, as Ken Mattingly, grounded for an illness he'd never contracted, is at first embittered, but later becomes an enthusiastic fourth crew member as he unstoppably tests out rescue scenario after rescue scenario in the NASA simulators.
Bill Paxton plays an increasingly ill Fred Haise with such conviction that the viewer shudders with compassionate sympathy as Fred's flu and fever make him both less able to contribute and less willing to give in to his sudden illness.
Kathleen Quinlan, as Marilyn Lovell, and Ed Harris, as Gene Krantz, both turn in true-to-life performances, both of which capture the hopes and fears not only of Mrs. Lovell and Flight Controller Krantz, but of the rest of the hundreds of people involved in the rescue effort on the ground.
Without becoming "documentary" the film uses clips of actual news broadcasts to underscore its reality. What's particularly surprising is the low-tech state of the Apollo; a digital wristwatch of today has more computing power than the entire Apollo space vehicle. This movie is also a very watchable, almost completely accurate history. There are a few moments of Directorial license in the telling of the tale, but not many. The story doesn't need additional drama. I recommend Jim Lovell's excellent book LOST MOON (or APOLLO 13), to sort out the occasional changes.
As it was, the technology of Apollo both failed and succeeded beyond reckoning. As spectacular an accomplishment as a moon landing is, it pales besides the importance of the human drama.
"I don't care what anything was designed to do," barks Krantz at one point, "I only want to know what it can do." It seems that Jim Lovell's mother has the answer: "If they could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it."
APOLLO 13 is a great testament to the human spirit.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Bill Paxton
Kevin Bacon
Gary Sinise
Ed Harris

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