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DVD title: Agatha Christie's Poirot - The New Mysteries Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Agatha Christie's Poirot - The New Mysteries Collection - movie DVD cover picture
hercule poirot

j,aimerai savoire si on peut avoir les hercule poirot en francais

Studio: A & E Home Video

DVD title: Apollo 13 (DTS)
Productgroup: DVD
Apollo 13 (DTS) - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent movie, the sound and story are great.

You won't be wasting your money on this one. Tom Hanks, as usual, puts in an excellent performance. The story is about as true as you get to everyday life - not all things can be planned for, and bad things happen to good people. The movie is well written, produced, and directed. It is a classic in my book. The Right Stuff and Top Gun are not as good as this movie. You will watch it time and time again.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Bill Paxton
Kevin Bacon
Gary Sinise
Ed Harris

DVD title: Runaway Bride
Productgroup: DVD
Runaway Bride - movie DVD cover picture
I still want a sequal, but this will do for now:)

I've been in love with Pretty Woman since the first time I saw it, at fifteen. I have been dreaming of a sequel forever, but eventually gave up hope. Then in 1998 I hear that they're filming a new movie with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, directed by the great (he told me I was pretty:) Garry Marshall and immediately got excited. Sure I had to wait until July 30th to see the film, but I followed as much as I could before then. I had heard that there were a few scenes that related to Pretty Woman and they were easy to find; the throwing of the snail/the throwing of the crab mallet, the money negotiations and the problems buying a dress, but being the obsessed fan that I am I saw many more similarities such as silver cars in both films and the fact that Julia's character knows more about cars then Richard's. Like I said, obsessed fan:)I even bought a DVD player just for this film and the 10th anniversary special edition of Pretty Woman which was released a couple months later. Sure I now own many DVDs, but those two are the ones I watch the most. At least I can't wear out a DVD:)
Garry Marshall has stated many times that he doesn't make films for critics, he makes them for fans, and that is what makes him a hero to me. Runaway Bride was made for the fans of Pretty Woman, and that was proven in how much money was generated and the fact that Pretty Woman sequel buzz started again not long after Runaway Brides success, but it's been two years and I've given up hope. Critics panned Runaway Bride for various reasons I don't really know b/c I don't like critics and I don't read reviews, all I know is I love the film and have found myself watching it four times a day when I have nothing better to do.
Runaway Bride reunites MOST of the cast of Pretty Woman, Julia, Richard, Hector Elizondo, even such members as Patrick Richwood who played Dennis the elevator operator in Pretty Woman and had a few minutes with a video camera in Runaway Bride, Julie Paris who played a prostitute in Pretty Woman and a reporter in Runaway Bride, even down to the actor who played a tourist taking pictures of a dead body in Pretty Woman and Richard's hotel neighbor in Runaway Bride. Garry Marshall is known for putting the same people in his movies, the "Crony Count" as it's called, a group that includes his daughter Kathleen and his son Scott. This would be annoying if they couldn't act, but both are incredible in their small yet pivotal roles in Runaway Bride. Unfortunately Kathleen's part in Pretty Woman was that of a hotel desk clerk and her lines were "Yes ma'am may I help you...yes ma' sir." but her part as Julia's man crazy cousin Cindy in Runaway Bride was very entertaining. One prime example being after Maggie leaves fiance number four, Bob (Chris "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Meloni) and as he storms out she says "You are going to find someone who can make you so much happier then I ever could!" not a second later Cindy (Kathleen) pushes by saying "Look out!" and immediately goes after Bob giving him her number. Yes, that is a small example and her part is larger then that, but it did get one of the biggest laughs in the theater and that's always a plus.
Scott had almost no lines as a drug dealer on a skateboard in Pretty Woman but made me laugh as the hotel clerk in Runaway Bride who after giving Maggie (Julia) the keys to Ike's (Richard) hotel room so she can snoop around yells out "Don't take anything heavy!"
The entire supporting cast is wonderful, Joan Cusack as Maggies best friend who can't help but feel jealous of Maggies "Quirkyness", Jean Schertler as Maggies grandmother, Paul Dooley as Maggies alcoholic father, Rita Wilson as one of Ike's ex-coworkers, Jean Schertler Ike's ex wife, even Julia's sister Lisa has a memorable role in the film; the list goes on and on. Sure I would have been even happier if more actors from Pretty Woman showed up in Runaway Bride, such as Laura San Giacomo who was probably busy on Just Shoot Me at the time, and Jason Alexander who said in an interview that everyone hated him in Pretty Woman so there was a good reason he wasn't in Runaway Bride, but I'm happy with what I got.
Another thing that makes this movie great is chemistry, one of the many things that made Pretty Woman the fairytale classic it is. You see Richard and Julia and you WANT them to be together, and when they finally do get together you feel fulfilled. If I romance doesn't do that for you then there's really no point at all. I guess my point is, if you loved Pretty Woman you will love Runaway Bride. Yes, it is much more lighthearted then Pretty Woman, and some may find it corny, but sometimes corny works and in my opinion this movie works in so many ways. It's pretty much has the same story line as Pretty Woman, two lost people finding each other and finding out more about themselves along the way.
Sure we'll probably never get a sequel to Pretty Woman, but in this case we get to see Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together again and in this case we actually get to see them get married, which I guess is supposed to take the place of a sequel, but it doesn't mean I'll ever stop wishing and hoping, planing and dreaming...wait...wrong Julia movie:)
And P.S, I'm watching it right now:)

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Garry Marshall
Julia Roberts
Richard Gere

DVD title: An Eye for an Eye
Productgroup: DVD
An Eye for an Eye - movie DVD cover picture
This is an excellent Chuck Norris film! I feel his best!

I feel An Eye for An Eye was Chuck's best out of all of his martial art films. The story was excellent and sad in the beginning of the film. The film picks up when Norris displays his spectacular skills on a group of Triad Drug villians. The cast is excellent with good performances from Richard Roundtree and Christopher Lee. Excellent Martial Art fight scenes including Norris facing off with Professor Toru Tanaka. This man is mean and huge. An excellent martial arts film.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Steve Carver

DVD title: God Told Me To
Productgroup: DVD
God Told Me To - movie DVD cover picture
Pulls you in more and more..

I remember seeing this film for rent at the local store when I was little and being enthralled by the box... it looked so freaky! Of course being so young, I was never allowed to watch it. However, I recently found this again at another store and snatched it up. There's some action right off the bat (the first sniper shooting), then things build a bit slowly from there, but I must say that as the movie went on I had to know what was coming next. The lo-fi look can be gotten past, but there are a few pleasant surprises out of left field... Examples being the previously mentioned Christ figure scenes that actually look great. Very well done. Also, there are flashback sequences done in early film-style brown tone and some legitimately old-school sci-fi alien abduction (immaculate conception?) scenes out of nowhere. This is the type of thing that would throw off many everyday viewers, but I found it thrilling! If you're into quirky, adventurous, original films, then give this a chance!

Studio: Pro-Active Entertain
Director: Larry Cohen

DVD title: If These Walls Could Talk
Productgroup: DVD
If These Walls Could Talk - movie DVD cover picture
Very educational

I believe this movie should be shown in schools across the country to show young females (and even males) the aftermath of the choice of abortion.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Demi Moore

DVD title: Iron Monkey
Productgroup: DVD
Iron Monkey - movie DVD cover picture
very compelling and one of Woo-ping yuen's best films yet!!!

iron monkey was very compelling which was very odd, because you would normally pop in a kung fu type movie to just watch the old style fight scenes, but this was different.You know what? It must be a Woo-Ping yuen thing.Because if you compare Jet Li's The enforcer to Jet Li's Black Mask, you se that Black Mask is 100X better because of Woo-ping Yuen. He's probably the best martial arts director out there.Woo-ping Yuen has also done Fist of legend and Twin warriors with jet li.
Besides Buddhist fist ( which wasn't very bad ) all of Woo-ping yuen's films are fantastic. Check em' all out.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Woo-ping Yuen
Rongguang Yu
Donnie Yen

DVD title: Kill Bill - Volume 1 (UMD Mini For PSP)
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill - Volume 1 (UMD Mini For PSP) - movie DVD cover picture
A Bloody Loss Of Limbs, Now On The Go

Kill Bill vol. 1 is the movie that is known as the last great samurai film. I remember when I used to watch Lady Snow, Kurusawa, Kung fu, and all of those old Japanese flicks when I was young.
Ah, good times. Good times.
There was quite a bit of a gap from when this movie came out and those old samurai champloos. The world had moved on to anime, equally entertaining (but not nearly as fufilling) as the old samurai flicks, but lacking in the fantasy realism feel. So, due to this, I found myself straying away from Japanese films and anime. At least from the samurai tales.
I began to follow more along of real-time movies. I fell in love with horrors, and then my world was introduced to the world that is completely separated from every other genre of movie: the Tarantino. I loved the films: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, JAckie Brown. Fantastic films.
Than I saw Kill Bill.
Wow, a blast from the past. Lady Snow meets Fujini, Kill Bill was perfect. No plot? Check. Badass characters? Check. Fantastic action? Check times three. And now that I watch it on my new PSP, I love it just as much. It engulfes me into it's high-quality lore, and the animated menus have proven that the PSP is truly the superior handdhelf. Technically, anyways.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture

Curb Your Enthusiasm-Season three episode guide:
301- Chet's Shirt (9/15/02)
302- The Benadryl Brownie (9/22/02)
303- Club Soda and Salt (9/27/02)
304- The Nanny (10/6/02)
305- The Terrorist Attack (10/13/02)
306- The Special Section (10/20/02)
307- The Corpse-Sniffing Dog (10/27/02)
308- Crazy-Eyez Killah (11/3/02)
309- Mary, Joseph, and Larry (11/10/02)
310- The Grand Opening (11/17/02)
The first season of Curb Lacks the kind of overall plot connecting the episodes that the most recent three seasons have had. The second season steered Curb in a very "Seinfeld" direction as Larry begins to pitch a TV series (Starring, initially, Jason Alexander, and later Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to several networks, very similar to Seinfeld's fourth season. Finally, it seems, Curb Your Enthusiasm "found itself", so to speak, with its third season. The third season's plot finds Larry investing in a resturaunt along with several other celebrities.
So finally, after a hectic albeit funny first and second season, the show settled down and focused on connecting and inter-weaving the episodes in really interesting and unique ways while still leaving each open-ended enough to be enjoyed alone. The time Curb saved slimming down non-plot-essential information went into a good deal of critically needed character development. Remarkably, the deepest character in the first two seasons is Larry's manager, Jeff.
Luckily, Larry and Cheryl are at the core of almost every aspect of the third season. Their family lives are fleshed-out in much greater detail, making both seem infinitely more human. And this character-development allowed Curb Your Enthusiasm, in my opinion, to become truly great.
-Colin George

Studio: Warner Home Video
Jeff Garlin
Larry David
Cheryl Hines

DVD title: Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
Productgroup: DVD
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein - movie DVD cover picture
Kickin' Way to Call it Quits at Universal!

This has to be the ultimate farewell to the monsters at Universal! I can't believe that I still don't have this one in my collection, but that will change. This film is also the best of the Abbott & Costello genre! Lou, at one point, replies to Talbot(who plays the character as he always did)"I'm a bit of a wolf myself!" The film is much like House of Frank & Drac as we get a smorgasbord of the 3 Universal Monsters(Drac,Wolf & Frank Monster!), but this also includes the wonderful antics of Bud and Lou. I am glad that Lugosi donned the cape to play the count for this one as that was also a fitting farewell to the genre of 2 Universal decades(I often wonder how audiences took to that after not seeing Lugosi in the Dracula role for 19 years on the big screen!), but they should have figured out a way to work the mummy in this one!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Charles Barton
Bud Abbott
Lou Costello

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