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DVD title: Bend It Like Beckham (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Bend It Like Beckham (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
cant wait

bend it like beckham was one of The greatest movies i have ever seen. i recomend this movie to everyone... almost everyone can relate one way or another. its hilarious with twist and turns. casting-great. its so unfair that it came out in the us so late! its already out on dvd in the uk! when was the last time the us came out with such a successful and hilarious movie? well big fat greek wedding...but thats gotten old, and played out, and thats the only good movie here, but bend.i.l.b makes my big fat greek wedding like nothing! the movie is great, it couldnt of been casted, or perfected in any way more than it already was...i may just have to fly over to london myself and pick up a copy, i cant wait a whole year to own this film!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Parminder Nagra
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

DVD title: Natural Born Killers
Productgroup: DVD
Natural Born Killers - movie DVD cover picture
Did Justice

the movie is well known and great, but this DVD's quality sucks big time. Don't let them get away with it - wait for a re-release with good (as well as anamorphic) video

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Oliver Stone
Woody Harrelson
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Memento (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Memento (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
SNL's Mr. Short Term Memory gone bad

You remember that SNL skit where Tom Hanks can't seem to remember anything for more than a few moments? Well that is essentially what this movie is about. Leonard (don't call him Lenny) is in search of the man that raped and murdered his wife. It was during this attack that Leonard was injured and has since not been able to make any new memories.

Since Leonard can't form any new memories he has to rely on a system to direct his investigation. His system includes polaroids, notes, and freaky tattooes. All of these are to remind him of what he is doing. He even has to remind himself to hate.

If you are looking for a suspenseful movie where you are forced to watch every minute of the movie then this is for you. The movie actually works itself back from the present. It is as if you are watching the end first. As details are "relived" you get to see just how twisted this movie and the people in it can be.

I usually know exactly what is going to happen in a movie by the first ten minutes. I did not see the ending (beginning) of this one coming. So if you are in for a very surprising and twisted ending (beginning) then this is the movie for you.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Pantoliano

DVD title: Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Beyond Excellent

I only saw a few episodes of this show when it came out. It was cancelled so quickly, it was the biggest mistake the networks made. I was hoping to be able to see all the shows and thanks to the DVD sets it is now possible to have them and keep forever. I wish there were more than 18 episodes, I could watch so much more. The DVD set is one of the most awesome sets I have in my collection. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS. You have to get the set, you will not be sorry. The stories are Fantastic, the acting Great, the set opens up like a book, a lot of thought went into this release, I hope they sell millions!! The care put in this show is so wonderful and touching. You can see that they really cared about this show. I will watch them again and again, I will show it to my friends so they can also enjoy it. The reality of this show in those days is right on. Congratulations to Paul Feig and the Cast of Freaks & Geeks for giving us a treasure!! Thanks!!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Charmed - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Charmed - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
About Time

I am so glad this is finallly here. I have been waiting so long for this to come out. If you are not into Charmed you should be. This is one of the best shows ever!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Shannen Doherty
Alyssa Milano

DVD title: Ravenous
Productgroup: DVD
Ravenous - movie DVD cover picture
Tasty Flesh

Have you ever wanted to taste the flesh? Is it really like chicken, wash it down with some warm human blood to make the taste even more sweet, then buy this movie. This is movie is the greatest dramatic piece I have ever seen. If you are fan of dark and disturbing images such as those from the Lyrics of Kool Keith then buy this title. The setting is amazing and the hidden themes show a side of America that we have come to embrace as human beings. Eat to live or Live to eat you decide?

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Antonia Bird
Guy Pearce
Robert Carlyle

DVD title: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Renew yourself in ART!!! THE BEST!!!

It's the best movie of all time. The first few times you watch it you won't be able to get the music out of your head. Great plot..great music..great movie. Dream it in your living room bit it in the theater.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jim Sharman
Tim Curry
Susan Sarandon
Barry Bostwick
Richard O'Brien

DVD title: 10
Productgroup: DVD
10 - movie DVD cover picture
Very Sexy Movie

The movie 10 brought many trends to America. The cornrows in Derek hair began a national fashion statement. It welcomed the fresh British humor of Dudley Moore that had not been seen in this country since the arrival of Monty Python.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Blake Edwards
Dudley Moore
Bo Derek

DVD title: West Side Story
Productgroup: DVD
West Side Story - movie DVD cover picture
Maria, I Just Met A Girl Named Maria

"West Side Story", released in 1961, is a great adaptation of the Broadway musical thanks to producer and director Robert Wise (Jerome Robbins also directed). It stars Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood. This was inspired by Shakespeare's world-famous play "Romeo And Juliet". The film earned ten Oscars including Best Picture. Through the songs and the plot, its themes of two rival gangs, Jets vs. Sharks, and a couple who instantly fall in love in 1950's New York City combine well. Other plot details also give it the added touch: Sharks frequently facing racism, wives and girlfriends deathly concerned of their beloved gang members, a restaurant worker trying to reach through the gang members, and others. Since its release, the long-lasting impact has made it a worthy classic.

Its songs remain commonly sung by many audiences today, namely "Tonight", "Someday", and "Maria". The score and they were written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. The film soundtrack made music history on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts by staying #1 for the most weeks (54 non-consecutive). The lyrics and the musical theme wonderfully blend with the plot, and every musical detail adds a wonderful unforgettable touch to every scene. The dancing gives these songs additional meaning while enacting the storyline. All these film details give great homage to the original Broadway stage version. The plot romances the love scenes beautifully while intensifying the vocal and physical battle scenes wonderfully.

The actors and singers perform their roles wonderfully. Though not every actor actually sang, the overall performances were spectacular, namely Rita Moreno (Anita) and George Chakiris (Bernado) in their Oscar winning roles (Best Supporting Actress/ Best Supporting Actor). Beymer (Tony) and Wood (Maria) contain the special chemistry between them that makes the love theme more romantic. Their charm gives their characters and the film the added beauty. All other actors give the film the added individual touch.

"West Side Story" is a great musical for genre fans to watch. This is sure to continue pleasing audiences for many more years. Fans of this film should also buy the film soundtrack. Such combination makes a great entertainment experience.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Natalie Wood
George Chakiris

DVD title: Lost in Space - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Lost in Space - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

I grew up in the sixties watching this show and I'm thrilled that it's finaly coming to DVD. I have all the episodes from Columbia House on tape, but I'm looking forward to the dvd release. And far, the first season is the best. I will be looking forward to season 2 and 3. I can't wait till they come out with "Voyage to the bottom of the sea" and "Time Tunnel" to dvd. I'm already getting "Land of the giants" on dvd from Columbia House. These shows bring back some great memories. Irwen Allen was great with some great shows. This is a must for any fan...of the show or the sixties.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Guy Williams

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