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DVD title: Sibelius - Violin Concerto /De Falla - Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Productgroup: DVD
Sibelius - Violin Concerto /De Falla - Nights in the Gardens of Spain - movie DVD cover picture
brilliant !

This is my favorite dvd violin concerto..the filming is clear, the sound magnificent ! Maxim Vengerov is an exciting young performer who is absolutely at ease playing the Concerto . The music flows through him spectacularly and he expresses the adagio beautifully on his 1723 stradivarious...! This is fine art captured on dvd folks...
Life is good...

Studio: Arthaus Musik
Placido Domingo
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Maxim Vengerov
Daniel Barenboim

DVD title: Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Productgroup: DVD
Tremors 2: Aftershocks - movie DVD cover picture
More adventurous than the first Tremors

Most of the time, sequels to great movies aren't nearly as great as the original. "Tremors 2 - Aftershocks" is an exception. It's more adventurous and a lot more entertaining than the first Tremors movie was. This time, the people are up against a new kind of monster. Instead of the huge wormlike creatures that terrorized them in the first movie, some much smaller creatures are in this one. The creatures in this movie see by infrared (by heat), instead of by movement. They also reproduce very quickly.
"Tremors 2 - Aftershocks" is a better movie than the first Tremors movie in my opinion because it has more of a sense of adventure and moves at a faster pace than the first one did. I recommend anybody to get this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: S.S. Wilson
Fred Ward

DVD title: Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture

This is one awesome movie. It's fun, funny, and VERY, VERY SCARY!!! I would highly recomend it to fans of George Romero's Original, and it's definetly worth owning when its out on dvd.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Zack Snyder
Sarah Polley
Ving Rhames
Jake Weber
Mekhi Phifer

DVD title: Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is probably the best kids' movie that I've seen in a while, especially great for those 'in-between' kids at the ages of eight or ten.
It's about a sweet little clown fish that gets taken away from his father and world and put in a dentist's office aquarium. His father has to go on this huge journey to save him, and meets all these little sea creatures on the way...
But enough about that! What makes Nemo the greatest isn't necessarily the father, Marlin, or the son, Nemo, but all the little supporting characters that know exactly what to say and how to say it.
Dory- the blue fish with a memory problem- is hilarious, and so is Bubbles, the yellow tank fish that has a fixation with- you guessed it- bubbles.
The graphics are beautiful, as well, and they actually make you seem like you're underwater. Extremely colorful fish and scenery in the beginning, and when you get to the more 'out-there, away-from-fish-civilization' places like the trench, it actually gives you the feeling of danger.
I didn't think that it was that physically scary like, say, Spirited Away, or that emotionally scary, like Lilo and Stitch had been, and I think that kids of all ages would love it.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Albert Brooks
Ellen DeGeneres
Alexander Gould

DVD title: Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Minority Report (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Second best thriller of the decade.

If not for Fox's 24 (yes, the television series), Minority Report would probably be my choice for (so far) the best thriller of the decade. Pretty hefty statement, I realize, but Minority Report's a pretty hefty movie, one that plays as an innovative mix of futuristic sci-fi and film-noir. And I'm a little surprised nobody prior to Steven Spielberg has tried for for a similar formula (cases have been made for Blade Runner and Dark City, though I can't entirely agree).
Minority Report is set in the year 2054, a future that, outside of the roads and constant eye-scans, still visually resembles the present (or the past, in this movie's case). Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, one of the heads of Pre-Crime, a division in Washington, D.C. that has the ability to stop murders before they happen, thanks to the work of three Pre-Cogs, psychics (two male and one female) permanently placed in a watery bath, delivering info about the future to the Pre-Crime division (just how it's done is revealed in a very clever and tense opening sequence).
Anyway, there's a debate over whether or not Pre-Crime should go national, and it's something that the people are going to vote on. The creator of this division, Lamar Burgess (Max Von Sydow), is a bit wary of the FBI agent (Colin Farrell) sent to investigate the way the division operates and the possible infallibilities.
Anderton himself has a bit of a mess in his personal life. He lost his son six years ago, is divorced, and is addicted to illegal drugs. But matters grow even worse when the Pre-Cogs' latest vision displays a pre-meditated murder (unsurprisingly stated as a rarity in D.C.) and the killer happens to be Anderton himself! Going on the run, Anderton struggles to escape his old teammates and discover the truth behind this vision; is it a mistake or a genuine view of a nightmarish destiny?
First off, let me say hats off to Steven Spielberg. The man's always had unfounded criticism tossed at him with virtually every film he's ever made. It's nice to see he's never dissuaded (or influenced) by such complaints, he's a filmmaker who's always crafted his films with a touch of confidence and genuine emotion that few directors could even hope to achieve in decades worth of work (in case you can't tell, I'm a Spielberg fan, meaning I've just incurred the wrath of David Lynch lovers).
Spielberg's work here is, right off the bat, much unlike anything I've ever seen him do. Sure, there was A.I., but not a segment in that film resembled Minority Report's opening scenes, a montage of quick-cuts awash in blue colors that builds in both violence and intensity, in spite of the fact this sequence moves backward (meaning the violent act is committed first, then we see what led up to it). The segment ends with a close-up of an eye, with the camera pulling back to reveal a woman lying in a pool, ominously stating the word, "murder." It's a chilling, daring intro that holds a lot of promise, and instead of disappointing, the rest of the film actually manages to improve upon it.
The future that Spielberg presents here is entirely believable, from both a societal and technological viewpoint. Most interestingly, when I first saw the previews, I'd expected a "Big Brother" type society akin to 1984, one in which the government monitored all the actions of the people. But that's not the case here. The government presented here questions the ethics and logic behind Pre-Crime because if this were reality, it's a subject matter of serious concern, and not just hive-minded behavior and blather about how this is good for "everybody." Finally, we get a film that features a dark view of the future, but simultaneously gives us reasonable, intelligent characters that realize there are pros and cons to everything.
On a dramatic level, Minority Report delivers with as much resonance as A.I., and maybe even better when you factor in just how coherently and cleverly Spielberg and the writers tie all the subplots together. The emotional baggage is handled mostly by Tom Cruise, who does quite an admirable job; maybe that's an understatement, like the man or not, he delivers one of the best performances I've seen all year. No one else except for maybe Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton, comes close to Cruise's powerhouse performance, not even Max Von Sydow.
Plot-wise, the film is on solid ground with a few admittedly major stumbles. One of the movie's narrative burners is the move to make Pre-Crime national, which when you consider the logistics, is almost impossible (3 pre-cogs, an entire country, the cops have to decipher the location through the visual clues; let's face it, you'd need thousands of pre-cogs to pull it off). (Major spoiler here) The film's big plot twist, while fairly surprising and thought-provoking, doesn't completely hold water. It's a nice, well-done time loop, but if you consider what happens, then by that basis, I'd suspect a LOT of people could just as easily be accused of murder on such thing ground.
Whether or not Minority Report would appeal to the traditional summer crowd is a little iffy. There's not a whole lot of action (though the jetpack chase/car factory fight is the most hectic, exciting action scene I've seen all year), the story requires undivided attention (and maybe even a repeat viewing to gather in all the themes), and the downbeat tone, almost pessimistic tone will throw a lot of viewers off. But for those who do get caught up in this twisty tale (and that should apply to most people), Minority Report offers a lot of rewards, more than you could reasonably expect from a big-budget blockbuster.
A lot of people see Minority Report as a warning for how far technology could go and bite us back. While such a statement works to an extent for A.I., Report is mostly about morals, accepted ethics, and an intriguing look on just how far people are willing to go for their own survival in this "winner takes all" society. As far as science fiction goes, the genre hasn't been this damned smart and thought-provoking since Dark City.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Max von Sydow

DVD title: The Taming of the Shrew
Productgroup: DVD
The Taming of the Shrew - movie DVD cover picture
Better in widescreen

I like the widescreen version of this much better than the standard size view because you can tell more of what is happening. Especially when Tranio says "No profit grows where is no pleasure taken." In the regular size view, he looks like he's talking to the horse. In widescreen, we see that he's talking to the handler.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton

DVD title: The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Traveled Down a Road, Now It's Finally Back Again

I am a sixteen year-old male, and I love "The Golden Girls". I never got the privillege of enjoying this show when it first aired, but I thank God that "Lifetime" airs this show. "The Golden Girls" is one of those shows that is such a treat to watch. It is a feel good TV show. I've been a faithful fan of this TV show for about three years now, being able to speak the lines of the cast. This show has become a second home for me. And even if there aren't that many extras on the DVD, I am just so happy that it is finally coming to DVD. I feel that all the stars in the world would never be able to explain what a good show this is. It is cleverly written and is delivered in such a way that leaves you breathless. And, the chemistry between the cast is masterful. If your are a fan of this show, (and, come on, who isn't?), then I strongly recommend buying this pearl. If you are a newcomer, I think you should purchase it. You will get hooked and be telling St. Olaf stories in your sleep! "The Gold Girls" is quite possibly the best show to ever grace the airwaves!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Betty White

DVD title: Pulp Fiction
Productgroup: DVD
Pulp Fiction - movie DVD cover picture
Nick likes it.

Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino. Ready to buy the movie yet?
If not, you've obviously never heard of him or seen any of his works. Writer, director and amateur actor, he melds colour, music and video into one. The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is quite terrible to anyone who hasn't seen the movie, but after you have, each tune reminds you of a scene from the movie - from Travolta trippin' in his car to the (hilarious) rape scene, where Bruce Willis saves himself and his arch-enemy from shot-gun weilding hicks. The twisting, multi-protagonistic plot is excellent and enjoyable for layman and intellectual alike.
This is my favorite movie from the last 10 years (a close second to Apocalypse Now), buy it now and enjoy it for years.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
John Travolta
Samuel L. Jackson
Bruce Willis

DVD title: Blue Hawaii
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Hawaii - movie DVD cover picture
The Hawaiian Wedding Song does it every time.

I'm not a big Elvis fan but i've always loved this movie more than all of his others. I never thought of him as a great actor but he does (did) have wonderful stage presentation and is also wonderful to look at. God, he just ozzed sex.But the main reason why i bought this was for "The Hawaiian Wedding Song." I've always thought of it as a beautiful song of ultimate love and combined with that whole wedding scene and hearing the music in 5.1 just gives me goose bumps all over. That song alone is worth the whole movie.The other songs, costumes, beautiful Hawaii itself and the other actors all speak for themselves and i just LOVE Angela Lansbury as the mother. She is just a hoot and plays the part to a "tee."It's just a great movie and if you like old fashion romance, nice music, a sexy Elvis, beautiful secenery you'll really enjoy this movie. Good job!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Norman Taurog
Elvis Presley
Joan Blackman
Angela Lansbury

DVD title: The Bourne Identity (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Bourne Identity (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Matt Damon as always at his best!

In the friendly feud between buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck we learn that quality certainly beats quantity. While Affleck seems to be getting into every mass produced piece of garbage under the sun Damon's selectiveness has seen him in some of the best films produced over the past few years. The Bourne Identity is quite a step away from Damon's typical emotionally charged films and puts him in a more action oriented role. He pulls it off convincingly. His character, Jason Bourne, is plagued with amnesia and upon awakening has no recollection of who he was. On his quest for answers he realizes he has certain talents that normal folks don't normally wield. Damon's ability to really get the viewer inside the characters head is great here because unlike normal action films you can really get into this one. Also his calm under pressure convinces you that this character was once something very feared. The plot itslef is decent. A nice conspiracy thriller with a few twists here and there. unfortunately the film doesn't hide the solution too well and if you pay close enough attention, and have seen enough thrillers, you can figure it out. The action scenes are well done and while not too ridiculous are well choreographed and Damon shows he really mastered the role. The supporting cast doesn't employ many big names and this is a good thing. The provide a great web of mystery as the plot unfolds and we even get to see Julia Stiles in an uncharacteristic role. If you enjoy action thrillers and liked Minority Report then this film is a definate must see for you.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Doug Liman
Matt Damon
Franka Potente

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