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DVD title: Frailty
Productgroup: DVD
Frailty - movie DVD cover picture
bone chilling....

if you are looking for pulse-pounding nailbiter, you needn't look any further. i am almost willing to bet money that you won't find a more disturbing psychological thriller anywhere this year. frailty is easily the most bone chilling film of this year or many more to come perhaps and it's sadly being dismissed by critics and audiences everywhere for no apparent reason. i walked into this film not knowing what to expect and was held captive the entire time. bill paxton has unearthed a film which startle you, provoke you, and leave you squirming in your seat with fear. although the film is not very gory, the shocks here come a plenty and frailty will most likely appeal to many horror fans out there and well as fanatics of psychological dramas. excellent performances are given by the entire cast here including bill paxton, matthew mcconaughey,and powers boothe which gives the already demented story an extra boost which is much needed here given the central theme of the story. i do highly recommend you check this one out even if it means waiting for dvd. frailty is rated r for horror violence and some occasional profane language. definately not intended for the young audiences. watch this one when granny and the kids are as far away as humanly possible.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton
Matthew McConaughey

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - movie DVD cover picture
classic, a masterpiece

I first saw this movie in my 8th grade class as a part of a freinds book report, and fell I love instantly, this is not only one of the best sci-fi films of all time but probably the best animated too.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ralph Bakshi
Christopher Guard
William Squire

DVD title: Miller's Crossing
Productgroup: DVD
Miller's Crossing - movie DVD cover picture
What Hat?

As it's chilly performances and aloof style put the audience at a distance, it's hard to see the first time through what a brilliant film this picture is; but repeated veiwings have only cemented my opinion--Miller's Crossing is the finest American film since Raging Bull.
I think the key to my love for Miller's, though, is realizing what what I believe the dream-hat meant (I'm sure this will be obvious to some, especially those that have watched a number of times, but I just want to throw this out there for folks that have seen it, but don't know what all the hubbub is about--because certainly, that's how I felt when I first saw it).
Whether people wear hats or not in the film seems to represent whether they are acting out of passion-from the heart, that is, or out of mind--thinking logically, or unemotionally.
Tom's conflict in the film is entirely between his head and his heart(Verna). He loses his hat to Verna in a poker game, and he goes back to her apartment to get it--and it is left on the sill while they fool around. And Tom says about his dream: "There's nothing more foolish than a man chasing his hat." Ultimately, Tom chooses mind over heart in the end--or does he? The final shot shows him methodically putting his hat on so low that we can't even see his eyes, so he seems to make the cold choice of pure logic--but then, as he looks after Leo leaving (Leo, who has been hatless throughout, pure emotion, has now learned something--and he is wearing a yarmulke), the camera sneaks in under the brim of Tom's hat to see his eyes. It is rare for a movie to understand its character's so well. Wonderful filmmaking

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Gabriel Byrne
John Turturro
Albert Finney

DVD title: Mary Poppins (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Mary Poppins (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Much better than I remember...

Mary Poppins was released in 1964. The following year Julie Andrews starred in The Sound of Music. Both are terrific films, and the Disney creation fairs reasonably well against the specacular Austrian setting of the 1965 Robert Wise production.
Dick Van Dyke deserves special praise for virtually stealing many scenes. The entire supporting cast is first-rate. I especially enjoyed David Tomlinson as the stuffy banker/father.
The music composed especially for "Poppins" remains as bright and snappy as was in 1964.
Even if you own this film on VHS, the bonus features available on the DVD make it worth purchasing.

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Robert Stevenson
Julie Andrews
Dick Van Dyke

DVD title: Pretty Woman
Productgroup: DVD
Pretty Woman - movie DVD cover picture
You will be always happy.......

This is my favorite movie. I just play this tape whenever I don't feel good and whenever I want to be happy. There is nothing to tell badly about this movie. Just buy this one. And watch it. You will agree with me. I'm sure.......... And you will like the music too.

Studio: Buena Vista
Director: Garry Marshall
Richard Gere
Julia Roberts

DVD title: The Verdict
Productgroup: DVD
The Verdict - movie DVD cover picture
As good as ANY courtroom drama I've seen

This movie is clearly as good as or better than any other trial / courtroom drama you'll see. Paul Newman is fantastic as the broken down lawyer chasing what is likely to be his last big case. To win it, he has to fight the famous doctors, the big hosital, the powerful, high-priced law firm, a hostile judge and the Catholic Church. Oh, and throw in some tactical blunders of his own, and a traitor girlfriend. But the case is very compelling, and the peformances by the actors were powerful. Not just Newman, but also James Mason as the opposing counsel, and Jack Warden as his friend / guide. The only downside is that the sound is very muffled at times, which may be due to Newman's amazing voice control, giving his character the raspy, hoarse voice of a man who has drank too much for too long.
All these things add up to a great trial drama, with none of the overly "Hollywood" treatment of movies like "A Few Good Men". For my money, this is as good as it gets for lawyer flicks.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Sidney Lumet
Paul Newman
Charlotte Rampling

DVD title: Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Attack of the Clones - the Best Yet

Spectacular is a word that comes to mind after seeing Attack of the Clones. Superb, brillant and best yet are others. George Lucas takes the audience on a maginificent ride through Jedi Councils, the Senate, across the Galaxy, a beautiful romance and the building of a clone army. We begin to see that Annakin, although a talented and powerful young Jedi, has some traits that will one day turn him to the dark side of the Force. However for now Annakin and the stunning Amildada are destined for each other. Their relationship is complicated by Annakin being a Jedi and Amildada a Senator but love does conquer all. The scenery, costumes and characters are in my opinion, the best yet out of all the Star Wars series, actually I would say this is one of the best films I have ever seen. Yoda is an all time personal favourite of mine and I was delighted to see his presence throughout the film. He truly is, and always will be, the grand Master of all Jedis...

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: George Lucas
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman

DVD title: Fold It: Beyond Traditional Origami with Karen Thomas
Productgroup: DVD
Fold It: Beyond Traditional Origami with Karen Thomas - movie DVD cover picture
Afraid of "Origami"? Don't be! Karen makes it EASY!!

Omigosh--no more standing on my head to try to figure out how someone folds those cool cranes. Boxes? Simple! Tiny kimonos? Piece of cake! And earrings that are to die for! Envelopes! Paper finishes! Books!
Some of these projects were on Carol Duvall's show, but now you get to see what you never saw on that show--step by step closeups and simple ways to finish things. No diagrams needed!
What I loved about this DVD is that every little part of it is worth watching. Never before have the 'credits' been almost as interesting as the main portion of the program: Karen shows her private journal as the background to the credits lists! And the bloopers show the Karen we all know and love from Carol Duvall: elegant, modest, but warm and funny. The gallery was great, and even the ads for upcoming DVDs from PageSage gave glimpses of the other DVDs.
PageSage really has this instructional filming down pat--no unnecessary head shots and always close images of what is being done. Better than the front row in a class, since you can watch it at 2am in your pyjamas!
Get this DVD if you have even the smallest interest in folding paper but have been afraid to try it. You'll be as hooked as I now am!

Studio: PageSage
Director: Suzanne Lamar

DVD title: God of Gamblers
Productgroup: DVD
God of Gamblers - movie DVD cover picture

What can I say...this movie shows just how cool Chow Yun-Fat can be in all situations. One moment he is a great gambler, the next moment he is a child (a cool child to say the least), then he is an expert killer...yes, all this in one movie. Just having him on the screen makes this movie good. Do you want to learn how to "bluff" in a card game and get away with it? If so you need to watch this movie and take notes. Wong Jing picked the correct person to play "The God of Gamblers" in this movie...not like all the other sequels and prequels he made later (an exception to this would be "God of Gamblers Returns" where Chow Yun-Fat reprises his role know who). Everyone should own this will teach you how to eat chocolate in a cool manner.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Jing Wong
Yun-Fat Chow

DVD title: Touched by an Angel - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Touched by an Angel - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Worth the wait.

Just got my copy of T.B.A.A. first season a few days ago. Been watching it almost non-stop. Very much worth the wait and very much worth buying. Love the fact that they also included the two-part episodes that ended the series. Didn't get to see it so glad it was included with this set.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Roma Downey

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