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DVD title: Toni Braxton - From Toni with Love... The Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Toni Braxton - From Toni with Love... The Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture
best DVD

I've been fans Toni's since she came, I have her 4 cds Toni Braxton, Secret, Heat and More than woman and her DVD with love Toni and her song are beautiful and love I like Spanish Guitar, Flow and he mean wolrd me.
I love her is pretty

Studio: Bmg/Arista
Toni Braxton

DVD title: Time Bandits - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Time Bandits - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture

In case some of the other reviewers are confused, this film has been presented in the aspect ratio that the director intended it to be in. Yes, the VHS edition shows "more of the frame", but the film was shot with the intention of "matting out" the top and bottom of the screen for theatrical distribution. Therefore in the VHS "full-screen" version, you are only seeing "more" of what the director DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE.
Although I understand the frustration of those who are used to seeing the "TV" version, this transfer preserves the integrity of the film as a work of art. That may sound pretensious, but as someone who has much respect for Auteurs like Terry Gilliam, I'm sure I come off as pretensious most of the time.
Oh yeah, this film is also EXCELLENT, but it's still no BRAZIL.
PS: MOST films, with the exception of those shot in Anamorphic or Super 35, are shot in full-frame and then matted for projection. The stuff that the letterboxing "blocks out" is, for the most part, junk. Of course, there are exceptions. Such as when a filmmaker wants the frame to look good in a theatre as well as on television. See Kubrik's "Eyes Wide Shut" (co-written by Frederic Raphael) for a good example of this.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Terry Gilliam
Sean Connery
Shelley Duvall

DVD title: Sights and Sounds in the House
Productgroup: DVD
Sights and Sounds in the House - movie DVD cover picture
My one-year-old niece loves this video

I bought this DVD for my one-year-old niece's birthday. She loves to watch Finnegan and the children move and dance. The video actually keeps her attention the whole way through. My brother told me that this is one of the best gifts she received!

Studio: MindBlooms LLC / The EFX Company
Director: Joe McGrath

DVD title: Once Were Warriors [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
Once Were Warriors [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
Words cannot discribe the Power of this movie!

When I saw this movie I was astounded by the parrallels between the Maoris and Americas inner city. I've never been to New Zealand but the story could just as easily have been set in South Central LA. The story is completely compelling and I have recomended it to any one I knew that would listen.

Director: Lee Tamahori
Rena Owen
Temuera Morrison

DVD title: Saving Grace
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Grace - movie DVD cover picture
Omigod, you've gotta see this one...

Superb. Grace (Brenda Blethyn) is widowed and instead of finding her comfortable country life insured, discovers she's been left with a huge debt that threatens her ability to retain the family home. Then she finds that her charming gardener has been growing a few marijuana plants on her property, and they're looking a little sickly. He hesitantly comes to her for green thumb advice - and she sees a way out of her debt. The rest? Well, I'm sorry: you'll just have to see the movie. But suffice it to say that you won't regret it. It's a hoot and a half and all's well that end's well. The scene where a group of 'ladies to do tea' get inadvertently stoned when the wrong leaves are used for the afternoon brew - it's worth seeing all by itself. Fun, funny, sweet, and silly - and utterly charming.Five stars.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Nigel Cole
Brenda Blethyn

DVD title: It
Productgroup: DVD
It - movie DVD cover picture
Delightful frolic

Even though Clara Bow had been a star for a few years before this film came out, there's no denying it's her most famous and best-remembered today (except maybe for 'Wings'). Watching this delightful story, it becomes obvious why she really did have "It" in spades, such effortless sex appeal, spunk, charm, personality, charisma, and presence, the kind of traits that rivet one to the screen. This film could have been made with any actors, but Clara makes it really come to life and makes you want to watch it, because of her strong screen presence and personality, in a way not just any old actor was capable of doing. And part of her appeal is how she was like the girl nextdoor (albeit the very sexy girl nextdoor), from a solid working-class background and lifestyle, and that makes the audience root for her and sympathise with her over the snobby rich girl Adele, who is also vying for the affections of Cyrus. Even a lot of the title cards are charming, fun, cute, and sweet, all serving to elevate this beyond the level of your ordinary date movie or lighthearted romantic comedy. Times may have changed somewhat (for example, the subplot about Betty Lou's roommate Molly and her presumably illegitimate child and how the nosy spinsters want her to turn the baby over to social services may no longer mean anything to modern audiences who have no problem with an unmarried woman having a baby), but just because some parts of it might seem like products of an earlier time now doesn't diminish from the underlying charm, fun, and delight. I would also recommend the Milestone release over the Kino one.

Studio: Kino Video

DVD title: Berserk - Season One (The Complete Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Berserk - Season One (The Complete Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
unexpectedly complex and satisfying

I checked out Berserk because I couldn't get the theme song ("Forces") out of my head after viewing the trailer on a Kenshin disc. The preview makes it looks like yet another thin story propping up the usual violence and gore. Well, there's ample violence and bloodshed, but deeper themes flesh out the narrative and characters: friendship, comradeship, duty, rivalry, jealousy, loyalty, ambition, torment, betrayal, sacrifice, destiny... the shadows of the past, power and the lack of it, the search for a place to belong and being able to recognize it when you find it.
Let's face it - it ends on a cliffhanger. It's unlikely to be resolved in anime form, but there's the manga, and there are Berserk websites to fill in the blanks. If you can deal with the loose ends (of course you can!) and you're OK with the high quota of violence, then settle in for a wild ride.
If you're interested in Miura's manga, Dark Horse is due to start releasing an English-language version of each volume (first issue ISBN: 1593070209). Or track down the Japanese-language original - the art is first-rate, even if you don't read Japanese!

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc

DVD title: Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body
Productgroup: DVD
Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body - movie DVD cover picture
I highly recommend this video. I have a few and this is #1.

Erich Schiffman, the key teacher in this video, teaches one to move deeply and correctly into each posture. I'm surprized this vid. isn't the top seller. I hope MacGraw and Schiffman produce other videos together.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Bear in the Big Blue House - Potty Time with Bear
Productgroup: DVD
Bear in the Big Blue House - Potty Time with Bear - movie DVD cover picture

Abby is not quite 18 months, but she loves Bear. We bought this video because we are coming up on potty time. We should have bought two. She doesn't like to sit and wait for it to rewind to watch it again. I am not an advocate of tv sitters, she doesn't watch any other tv than Bear and Blues Clues...but she has to see this video at least once a day...she mimics bear and sits on her potty chair like a big girl...but she has yet to make a "boof" as she calls it. I think he has gotten her this far, in knowing that this is what the potty is for and to not be afraid of it. I love Bear, he is a completely safe show to let any kid watch and I love to laugh at Tutter. Parents can also enjoy the "shadow story", they are cheesy and funny! So all around, get this video!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios

DVD title: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Productgroup: DVD
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - movie DVD cover picture

THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS is one of those fun little films that are nothing but harmless fluff. Based on the popular and long-running Off-Broadway musical, the toe-tapping musical tells the tale of back-woods bordello The Chicken Ranch - "where history and randy boys get laid"!!!
The Chicken Ranch is owned by the busty Miss Mona (Dolly Parton); and Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd (Burt Reynolds) who is in love with Mona sees to it that the bordello is not discovered by the powers that be.
However, television consumer reporter Melvin P. Thorpe (Dom DeLuise) is out to expose and close down this most sacred state treasure.
A very endearing musical comedy which reunited Dolly Parton with her NINE TO FIVE director Colin Higgins. Parton also contributed to the score of the film, which was altered significantly from the stage version.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Colin Higgins
Burt Reynolds
Dolly Parton

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