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DVD title: A Very Brady Sequel
Productgroup: DVD
A Very Brady Sequel - movie DVD cover picture
Zsa Zsa Gabor was in this movie!

Zsa Zsa Gabor was in this movie! She was so funny! It was funny when Zsa Zsa made a bid for the horse and the guy said "Who the hell is that". Genius. It even brung up the subject of when she slapped the cop! Zsa Zsa Gabor lives on!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Arlene Sanford
Shelley Long
Gary Cole
Tim Matheson

DVD title: WWE WrestleMania 21
Productgroup: DVD
WWE WrestleMania 21 - movie DVD cover picture

45-50 Horrible PPV
50-69 Bad PPV
69-78 Decent PPV
78-85 Good PPV
85-92 Great PPV

Eddie vs Rey- Very good opener. It got the crowd going with all the near falls. Eddie should have won in my opionion. Nice corkscrew spot over the ropes by REy. REy wins Match Rating 7

6 man money in the bank ladder match Benoit vs Jericho vs Kane vs Edge vs Christian vs Shelton- Great ladder match. Shelton performance is the best out of the other 5 opponets. Great T-bone of the ladder. Shelton is awesome. Edge wins with a steel chair to Benoit. Match Rating 8

Randy Orton vs Undertaker- This match was so good. Someone out of all Takers opponets wanted to end his WM streak. Randy should have been the one to do it. Nice counter from chokeslam to RKO. Undertaker goes 13-0. Match Rating 9

Christy Hemme vs Trish Stratus Womens Championship- Nothing good here. Press skip. Trish Retains. Match Rating 2

Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle- Match of the night by far. You see a little bit of everything here. Nice mat wrestling at the begining. These two need to meet again. Kurt wins via Submission Match Rating 10

Big Show vs Akebono- Just like the womens match. Nothing good here. Match Rating 1

John Cena vs JBL WWE championship- Nice but to short. It was a good match but could've put more effort into it. Cena wins. Match Rating 7

HHH vs Batista- Good main event. Not as good as WM 20. Batista comes out on top. Match Rating 8.5

Wrestlemania 21 gets an 87 which means it a great ppv.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Twin Peaks - The First Season (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Twin Peaks - The First Season (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Why did ABC buy it!?

In retrospect, you really have to cherish the fact that network television allowed David Lynch twenty-nine weeks at prime time! Forget the X-Files, this was the most profound series ever to appear on t.v. Laura Palmer, BOB, the Black Lodge, Dale Cooper, and the Log Lady-just to name a few. The first seven episodes just tell you why! My only complaint is that you really need the pilot if you are a TP rookie. Hey, I have mine!
All the drama is here, however. And the seven series box does give you some background. Once you play the entire first season through you'll be hooked--Pete Martell (the late Jack Nance)would say, "Gone fishing."
Packaged very well--a nice contrast of Laura--dead and alive! Let's just hope that this is the beginning and not the end--pray that they release all twenty-nine episodes on DVD-and that we get a domestic version of the pilot.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: David Lynch
Kyle Maclachlan

DVD title: Zeram
Productgroup: DVD
Zeram - movie DVD cover picture
Great stuff

I saw this movie a while ago on the Sci-Fi channel. Unfortunately it seems that they do not plan to show it again for a long long while.
I happened to like this movie, but I could see why people would not like it as well. I thought the female bounty hunter with her computer companion were a nice team. It was sure an adventurous movie, with action leaking from it's ears, but it wasn't exactly what I would call thrilling. I tended to like her computer partner better than her, but I tend to be partial to metallic things and people with mainframes.
I would recommend this movie to fans of anime, especially Iria (which was based on this movie) and all fans of old sci-fi movies with funny effects and strange plots. I would NOT recommend this to you if you don't like science fiction. You MUST like science fiction. Just buy it and bring it to a movie night with lots of popcorn.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Keita Amemiya
Keita Amemiya
Yûko Moriyama
Kunihiro Ida
Yukijiro Hotaru

DVD title: Daredevil (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Daredevil (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Much better storyline than the Theatrical Release

I liked Daredevil. But there were story points that were lagging IMHO. I read the graphic novel of the film and the Director's Cut, if it follows the novelization (and I assume it does) is a far superior story. The largest omission was that of the character of Dante Jackson (Coolio in the movie). He is a murder suspect who's case nobody will touch but Matt Murdock. Ironically, it's this "small fish" that leads to the fall of the Kingpin!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner
Colin Farrell
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: Baby Mozart
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Mozart - movie DVD cover picture
My son loves it!

Yes, this is a very simple video. It's so simple that it probably angers some parents that the creator is making so much money off of her idea (too bad they didn't think of it first.)
Personally, it bores me to tears. My son, on the other hand, can't get enough. He sits in front of the t.v. almost in a trance watching the screen and kicking his little legs.
One important note, while it may be easy to use this as your sitter for 30 minutes of "me time" once in a while, it is also important to use the video as a learning tool as well. You can point out shapes and colors on the screen as they appear so that your child actually GETS something from the video.I agree that interaction with your child is most important of all, but come on, 30 minutes a day is not going to ruin your child. While this video may seem addicting to your little one, I can think of much worse things they could be watching.
My advice is get the video. Your child will love it, and if nothing else, you get to enjoy beautiful music while you do the dishes.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Baby Einstein
Julie Aigner-Clark

DVD title: Bay of Blood
Productgroup: DVD
Bay of Blood - movie DVD cover picture
The sickle of death is about to strike

And it does so many times in this movie. A double-murder within the first ten minutes of a movie gets the pace going in what has been called the utmost in Mario Bava's ouvre of horror movies. Minutes after Countess Federica is murdered by her husband Filippo Donati, he himself is killed by an unknown person and his body dragged away.
Many people then come down to the bay. There's Albert and his wife Renata, the latter being Donati's daughter. Frank Ventura is the scheming architect who wants to turn the bay and the area into some unspecified development project. There are also some teenagers who arrive in a yellow dune buggy and carouse in the abandoned night club by the bay. They are murdered most foully. It is the scene involving these people that served as the guiding inspiration for the Friday The 13th series, you know, brainless teens getting chopped up. But they are quick and brutal, or surprising in one case. Brunhilda, a German girl who looks like Penny Irving (House of Whipcord, Are You Being Served?) has a nice nude swim and a shocking surprise before her demise. She's actually one of the more decent of the four.
Of the residents, entomologist Paolo Fosatti, who is too involved in his Coleoptera (that's the taxonomic order of beetles, BTW) than in his complaining, wine-bipping, fortune-telling wife Anna, and when she was alive, Countess Federica, are opposed to turning the bay "into a sea of cement," the former for the insect life, the latter for its natural beauty and serenity. Simon, the Countess's illegitimate son, hunts squid and lives by the bay.
This movie is also known as Bay Of Blood, Carnage, The Last House On The Left Part II, Ecology Of A Crime, Reazione a Catena, and Antefatto, so take your pick, but Twitch Of The Death Nerve is the official English title. Whatever the title, this film sports a very high body count and brutal blood flow. Despite the cover boasting it being the uncut version, running 84 minutes, I read in one of my film books that the running time was 90 minutes, so a discrepancy there.
The only face I recognized here was Claudine Auger (Renata), who played vivacious Domino in the Bond movie Thunderball. Here though, there is not a shred of decency or compassion in this Lady Macbeth of a woman. Mario Bava's stylish technique on lingering on victims and blood plays a large part here, as does Stelvio Cipriani's piano score, which resembles that of the Rachmaninoff-like love theme in his first movie, Black Sunday.
It's difficult to filter out the message of human greed and also that of preserving the environment. Simon says it best: "Man should live and let live and without any interference." When Fosatti points out that the squid he was eating was alive, Simon retorts, "At least I eat my squid. I don't kill as a hobby like you do. If you kill for killing's sake, you become a monster."

Studio: Simitar Video
Director: Mario Bava

DVD title: Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pixar and Disney - a Dynamic Duo

This movie is Pixar Studios (PIXR) at its very best. The plot of the movie takes the user (both adults and children) on a tour of emotions that is so believable that you end up totally empathizing with the animated characters. The best entertainment always has a point, and "Finding Nemo" is no exception. The film allows us to watch and feel the development of a relationship between a parent and a child that ultimately ends up as one of compassion, mutual respect, and trust. The heavy emotionally-laden storyline is saturated with good humor and action as both Nemo and his father Marlin (Albert Brooks) navigate their underwater worlds. If you see a movie, and buy a DVD this year, then see "Finding Nemo" and buy it on DVD when it is released this holiday season. This is a film that we will all cherish for many years to come. Cheers to the animation geniuses at Pixar Studios, the imaginative minds at Disney, and the brilliant finance people on Wall Street for allowing this film to be made.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Albert Brooks
Ellen DeGeneres
Alexander Gould

DVD title: Redemption - The Stan "Tookie" Williams Story
Productgroup: DVD
Redemption - The Stan "Tookie" Williams Story - movie DVD cover picture
EXCELLENT FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Vondie Curtis-Hall

DVD title: Pearl Harbor
Productgroup: DVD
Pearl Harbor - movie DVD cover picture
See Pearl Harbor Now

A very fine movie about a very important event, Pearl Harbor draws you into the film at it's very inception, but really comes alive about an hour into the film when the attack on Pearl Harbor begins. From then on, it's an awesome display of moviemaking at its best. Great characters, great action. See it soon.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Michael Bay
Ben Affleck
Kate Beckinsale

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