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DVD title: Resident Evil (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Resident Evil (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Zomborama(zombie heaven galore)fearfest

Everything I've ever dreamed of in a zombie film.Tension.Yes,it had those gutwrenching scenes wherethe undead pour in through everywhere,nowhere to run,nowhere to hide.Absoloute terror!Hell yeah!It had terrorallright.The thousands of pulling hands,the unsettling roarof the undead,the chilling screams of those eaten alive!Oh yes,it had it all,not to mention Mila Jovovich as ourheroine hottie! This was a great film! ....

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Milla Jovovich
Michelle Rodriguez

DVD title: Rocket Gibraltar
Productgroup: DVD
Rocket Gibraltar - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. The is definately a *MUST SEE* for everyone!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Daniel Petrie
Burt Lancaster
Suzy Amis

DVD title: Queen - We Will Rock You
Productgroup: DVD
Queen - We Will Rock You - movie DVD cover picture
If you like best Queen, it looks like...

You'll not find a show about the very best early years with good image and sound. I don't know how they do it, but this seems to be recorded last year. The image is clear, widescreen and defined with live colors. The sound brillant and clear, Freddy will be singing in your room.Yes, the show isn't the best, but with this band even not the best is wonderful. Enjoy it!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Saul Swimmer
Freddie Mercury
Brian May (II)

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
What a great movie!

What can I say, other than what a great movie! Tom Hanks is given the gruelling job of searching out a mothers last living son from the war ridden coasts of France. But when the boy does not want to go but rather stay, and fight his last battle, Tom is forced to stay. But will Tom Hanks loose even more than his rank if he stays to insure that Private Ryan gets home safely to his heartsick mother? A very touching movie!

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

DVD title: Doctor Who - The Ark In Space (Story No. 76)
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - The Ark In Space (Story No. 76) - movie DVD cover picture

1974's Season 12 saw the introduction of a new Doctor in the form of Tom Baker and while the first story "Robot" had the public wondering what had happened to Jon Pertwee, the second story "The Ark in Space" made them quickly forget him.
The Doctor decides to take UNIT's chief surgeon, Lt Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter), on a quick trip in the TARDIS to prove to him that really was a space/time machine. When Harry and Sarah (Elizabeth Sladen) emerge with the Doctor they discover themselves on space station in the far future. The Doctor finds a damaged console and attempts to repair it to activate the station's life support system but accidentally engages the intruder defense system. While the Doctor and Harry dodge energy blasts in the control room, a dazed Sarah is teleported to another part of the ship where she is placed into cryogenic suspension. With the defense system deactivated, Harry and the Doctor set off to look for Sarah. They eventually come across a stasis chamber full of preserved humans awaiting revival. They locate Sarah's capsule and attempt to revive her. Meanwhile the Doctor finds the mummified body of a giant wasp-like insect which appears to have damaged the space station's clock preventing the human from awakening. With his repairs complete, the humans start to revive and the first one to emerge is Vira, the first Medtech, who is disgusted to find what she regards as primitive savages onboard her ship, is confused by the presence of the dead insect and then horrified to find that one of the capsules is missing its occupant and that the remains of an alien membrane are attached to the inside of the shell. The Doctor deduces that the dead alien had laid eggs in the missing crewman which had hatched, devoured him and was now infesting the station's solar stacks. In order to slow their development the Doctor heads off to shut down the stacks while more human are revived. Sarah is reanimated along with two technicians and their leader, Noah. Noah doesn't trust the strangers and follows the Doctor, preventing him from shutting off the power, but becoming infected by the Wirrn larvae. The alien cells start to mutate Noah into an adult Wirrn and cause him to kill one of the revived Techs. Other Wirrn start to emerge from their cocoons in the power room and the alien Noah demands the remaining human bodies in stasis be left as hosts for more Wirrn eggs...
Once again the BBC has done a wonderful job of remastering the prints onto DVD. The story line is excellent and is somehow similar to Alien and you can't help but wonder if this might have made a good adult horror movie on the big screen if it had a bigger budget. There is also the option to replace the laughable original model shots of the space station and the shuttle with new CGI effects in order to "upgrade" the show for a more modern audience that are not used to cardboard spaceships suspended from fishing lines. A classic story with some excellent acting that will give you 90 minutes of pure viewing pleasure. The commentary with Tom Baker, Elizabeth Sladen and Phillip Hinchcliffe provide a funny and interesting guide to the making of this fan-favourite romp!

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Quick Fix - Stability Ball Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Quick Fix - Stability Ball Workout - movie DVD cover picture
busy mother of 3

Great DVD, highly recommend it. If you can't get away to a gym to workout, this is a great alternative, inexpensive, low tech, very doable for a middleage woman trying to get back in shape. I can do this on the basement floor while the kids play! The exercises offer two levels so if it's too hard you can do the easier version. Very pleasant leader, very encouraging, not a "fluff" or scantily clad kind of female but very atheletic and also middle age. I'm already noticing good results in 1 weeks use so give it a try!!!

Studio: Peter Pan Industries
Keli Roberts

DVD title: The Joy Luck Club
Productgroup: DVD
The Joy Luck Club - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of my favorite movies of all time because of several reasons: 1) It came out at a time when I desperately wanted to see Hollywood make an Asian-American film. 2) The American stories totally brought back my childhood. I almost felt like I was watching my life story. 3) It is a very well produced film - it just looks gorgeous. 4) It makes me cry every time I see it. I admit though, it's not a perfect movie. The acting was only okay. Rosalind Chao and Lauren Tom were very good, but Ming-Na Wen was only decent (she's gotten better through the years) and Tamalyn Tomita was kind of awful. The mothers were pretty good overall, with France Nguyen being the most memorable. The best acted scenes were the ones in China - or maybe it just seemed better because it was in Chinese. The script was also shamelessly cheesy at times - "You take worse quality crab because ... you have best quality heart!". Okay so that made me cry the first time, but that doesn't make it good writing. :) Still, despite it's flaws, this movie will always have a certain place in Hollywood history and it will continue to make me cry everytime I see it. As for the DVD version, it looks great but no Chinese subtitles?!?!?! That's just wrong.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Director: Wayne Wang
Tamlyn Tomita
Rosalind Chao

DVD title: Desperado/El Mariachi
Productgroup: DVD
Desperado/El Mariachi - movie DVD cover picture
El Mariachi is what it's all about...

As you've probably noticed by now, this DVD includes two movies - "El Mariachi" and "Desperado", "Desperado" being the more famous of the the two.
Think "Desperado" is better? Wrong.
"El Mariachi" is simply stunning. The feelings, the style, the actors left me with my mouth open. Which reminds me - when I say 'actors' I mean Consuelo Gomez (as Domino) mostly. There's something about her that leaves Salma Hayek (Carolina in "Desperado") looking as an overly simple james-bondish girl, someone with no temper and no character. Consuelo Gomez, on the other hand, would make "El Mariachi" worth seeing even if the movie had no other great qualities.
But it has. The very young director Robert Rodriguez has created a very delicate movie - not in terms of action, but in terms of feeling. There is nothing Hollywood-ish about this movie (and there could have been - even though the budget for the movie was $7000).
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about "Desperado". The opening scenes are brilliant - but afterwards you cannot help but wonder (at times!) if you haven't seen this scene of James Bond before - the main character doesn't get killed even though he has more than ten trained killers shooting at him, he kisses his girl in-between shooting people, he jumps from building to building etc. And Salma Hayek has too much beauty and too little character to not be too much alike another bond-girl.
Banderas is quite good, though. And the opening scenes (featuring Steve Buscemi, Quentin Tarantino and Cheech Marin!) are worth as much as "El Mariachi".
Overall, "El Marichi" is great and "Desperado" is quite watchable. Together, they get five stars and a tad nostalgic feeling Rodriguez should never have got rich and famous enough to make movies that end happily...

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Antonio Banderas
Salma Hayek

DVD title: Running on Empty
Productgroup: DVD
Running on Empty - movie DVD cover picture
River's Best Work

This is one of River Phoenix's most moving and amazing performances. Having seen this film over 30 times in the last 14 years, it still manages to stir up my emotions every time. This is a story about the closeness of a family, love, and aspirations. I recommend this movie for anyone, even if you aren't a River Phoenix fan.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Sidney Lumet
Christine Lahti
River Phoenix

DVD title: Floor Filler
Productgroup: DVD
Floor Filler - movie DVD cover picture

This new DVD single contains the videos for FLOORFILLER (From their new album "Pop Til You Drop") and SUGAR RUSH (From their previous album "Teen Spirit") Floorfiller is a very good dance song and a great video for dancing it was shot at a club in LA. Sugar Rush is a slower song (but not TOO slow) and is a cute video shot at Malibu last summer. While not the best DVD single available this one is a good one!

Studio: Universal Music & VI

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