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DVD title: Zombie
Productgroup: DVD
Zombie - movie DVD cover picture

In 1979 when I was 12 years old Zombie came out and from the commercial I could tell the movie delved into and dramatized the ultimate depravities. I nagged my father till one hot afternoon we drove all the way out to Eagle Rock and saw a matinee. The movie made a deep impression on me though now I don't remember it at all.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Lucio Fulci
Tisa Farrow
Ian McCulloch

DVD title: 21 Grams
Productgroup: DVD
21 Grams - movie DVD cover picture
Where is the respect?

I usually don't write reviews, for no reason imparticular I just seem to never write any. After reading some of the reviews for 21 Grams I knew now was the time. The film comes to us from Alejandro Gonz?lez I??rritu, the same director that brought the excellent and emotional attack of Amores Perros. The film follows the lives of three indiviuals an ex-con-turned-Born Again Christian (the intense Benecio Del Toro) a profressor in search of a heart transplant (the heartbreaking Sean Penn) and an ex-addict-turned-mother. The story is told with in a scattered pattern with the beginning, middle and end all intertwined. This format can be confusing and possibly irritating if you let it get the best of you. But I found that the performances really compensate for the setback. Penn makes you understand the pain that he is enduring and how much he just wants to be normal again. Del Toro breaks your heart in almost every scene. It seems that no matter what he tries to do to follow Christ there is always something there that destroys his every intentions. Watts, well what can I say, she is amazing. She displays every single emotion one person caan go through and each one comes across in it's most full form. We feel for her at every turn and understand why she might feel forced to degress to her past ways.
Overall the movie is and emotional odyssey into the darkest depths of our beings. Maybe I'm being a little bit pretentious here but this is one of the most moving and thought provoking movies I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend seeing it.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Sean Penn
Naomi Watts
Benicio Del Toro

DVD title: The Fast and the Furious (Widescreen Tricked Out Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Fast and the Furious (Widescreen Tricked Out Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The fastes movie ever

I think it is a fast movie, and its taking you to the edge of your dreams and eyes,but only if you liked cars .The main stars in this films is acting very cool,most vin dielsel and paul walker try to give it to the edge.And of course a couple of hot (babes),but I mostly love the cars,I think it is the hottest in this movie,but I can recommend this movie to all that like A KICK ON THE EDGE.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Rob Cohen
Paul Walker
Vin Diesel

DVD title: Jawbreaker
Productgroup: DVD
Jawbreaker - movie DVD cover picture
A highly entertaining dark comedy

I can understand why some people don't particularly like this movie, but I enjoyed it immensely. Of course, I enjoy anything featuring Rose McGowan, but the movie itself is actually a lot of fun. If you tend to take movies seriously and have trouble suspending your disbelief, this movie isn't for you, and a short description of the movie should easily convince you to take your cinematic interests elsewhere. I happen to like over the top movies about high school life, and Jawbreaker takes the stratification of high school society, something we are all acquainted with in one form or another, and runs with it. Rose McGowan plays Courtney Shane, considered by some to be "Satan-in-heels." She is your ultimate clique queen, operating the controls of high school popularity and approachability with the help of faithful and reliable henchbabe Marcie Fox (Julie Benz) and two goody-goodies who somehow manage to stay cool despite hobnobbing with their social inferiors from time to time. Rebecca Gayheart (who finds herself in the odd situation of being rather invisible whenever McGowan shares the screen with her) plays Julie Freedman, and she is in fact complicit in the unusual death of Elizabeth Purr, sweet little angel and fourth member of the ruling babes of Reagan High School. Courtney, Marcie, and Julie celebrate Liz's 17th birthday by disguising themselves, sneaking into her room, tying her up and gagging her, throwing her into the trunk of their car, and eventually releasing her to enjoy the hilarity of their innocent little prank. Wouldn't you know it, something goes awry. The insanely large jawbreaker that Courtney stuffs in her mouth before taping it closed manages to work its way down Liz's throat. With their friend dead, the three girls must take action quickly to avoid detection; Courtney is a natural at evil plotting and quickly enacts a plan. Unfortunately, class geek Fern Mayo happens along and overhears the big secret, prompting Courtney to take drastic action; in return for Fern's silence, she will transform Fern into the beautiful, popular girl she has always wanted to be. Julie wants no part of it, but her own guilt and complicity leads her to do little more than go schoolmarm and reject her evil friends.
This movie does raise issues about high school life, but it does not attempt to make some meaningful statement . The common stereotypes are presented but not dwelt on. Those who would not understand how nice, sweet Fern could be enticed into going over to the dark side were obviously not among the nerds and geeks of their own graduating class. Even though Courtney was hated as much as she was loved, the vast majority of her peers wanted to be like her, immensely popular, beautiful, intimidating, and awe-inspiring. Sure, she is selfish, evil, and uncaring, but that's part of her charm. I personally prefer her to Julie, who pretends to be something she is not and blames Courtney alone for an act she herself played a large part in.
Don't even try to think about this movie; you're not supposed to learn anything here. This is entertainment and nothing more, and I for one was greatly entertained. The ending leaves a little something to be desired, but all in all this is a marvelous dark comedy. Rose McGowan makes this movie cool all by herself, but the kicking soundtrack is more than ready to assist in this endeavor whenever called upon, which is quite often. The music is almost a character in and of itself, beautifully assisting in the creation of whatever atmosphere is required for each scene, and its incessant energy never allows for a moment of drag as the story works itself out. There is quite a bit of profanity in the script, and it is this much more than Rose McGowan's all-too-brief yet sizzling nude scene that earns this one its R rating. I seem to take delight in praising movies of this type, and I take great delight in praising this one. Jawbreakers is a very entertaining dark comedy.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Darren Stein
Rose McGowan
Rebecca Gayheart
Julie Benz

DVD title: The Commitments
Productgroup: DVD
The Commitments - movie DVD cover picture
The best music film since "The Blues Brothers"

This is and excellent story of a Dublin band forming and going puplic. The scenes and dialect are perfect. The film portrays Dubliners of the '80s and is very funny.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Alan Parker
Robert Arkins
Michael Aherne
Angeline Ball

DVD title: Final Destination (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Final Destination (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
I thought it was funny and scary!

This was definately the scariest movie I have EVER seen, it totally freaked me out! But there was a few parts that I just HAD to laugh! Maybe it was to keep myself from screaming, but there was one part where a guy got his head chopped off and he just stood there for a few seconds before he fell. I thought it was so funny! Everybody thinks I'm stupid for thinking it was funny, but I couldn't help myself! Some people say the movie "copies" the Twilight Zone, but I have never seen that, so it didn't affect me. And some people say the acting is not very good, but I don't know where they got that from; I thought they did a great job. I was holding on to my seat the WHOLE time! You should this movie if you liked the Sixth Sense(that was a great movie, too):)

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: James Wong (IV)
Devon Sawa
Ali Larter

DVD title: Mary Higgins Clark's Loves Music, Loves To Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Mary Higgins Clark's Loves Music, Loves To Dance - movie DVD cover picture
I loved this movie!

Patsy Kensit ('Lethal Weapon 2,' 'Hell's Gate') is yet another British 'import' that has always found it more alluring to fake an American accent to win a role ...The movie is dull, horribly tangled in red herrings (some even blatantly 'fake' red herrings, if you know what I mean) and worst of all, I can't recall a noteworthy performance by any one member of the cast !

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Mario Azzopardi

DVD title: Forrest Gump
Productgroup: DVD
Forrest Gump - movie DVD cover picture
Forrest Great

I could watch this movie over and over again. If you haven't seen this movie, well you are missing a master piece. And how could you not go out and buy this file, even if you don't like Tom Hanks? It's got history, great music and lots of tears and laughs.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Tom Hanks
Robin Wright Penn
Gary Sinise
Sally Field

DVD title: The Cosby Show - Season 1
Productgroup: DVD
The Cosby Show - Season 1 - movie DVD cover picture
I am the Lost Child of Cliff and Claire Huxtable

I love the Cosby Show for its wholesome and positive energy towards life and family. You can really feel the love in the Huxtible household every time you watch. This is a classic sitcom and I have been watching it for the last 13 years. I must have seen every episode at least once. It is, if not the best, definetly one of the all time best sitcoms. Please release this DVD so everyone can see an example of a loving family, see the cultural significance, and enjoy the humor and entertainment value.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Bill Cosby

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 2
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect Yin to Volume 1's Yang

"Kill Bill volume 1" was a thrilling, intense, stylized, gory bloodbath with occasional poignant moments of character development and backstory. We saw the Bride in full-on revenge mode, hacking to pieces anyone who got in the way of her killing the assassins that turned her wedding rehearsal into a massacre. What we have with "Kill Bill volume 2" is actually a perfect yin to volume 1's yang: A poignant, character-driven, dialogue-heavy story with occasional moments of intense, stylized violence. In Volume 2, the focus is on the Bride's complex relationship with Bill, who was her mentor, lover, father figure and would-be killer. We come to understand the reasons why the Bride left the DiVAS to marry a record store owner, and what drove Bill to murder his former lover and protege. As with the last film, Uma Thurman handles every scene and scenario with incredible skill, poise and understated brilliance. David Carradine also gives a terrific performance as the charismatically evil Bill. Props to Tarantino for not just splitting one film in two, but actually creating two distinctly different films that complement and complete each other.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
David Carradine
Michael Madsen
Daryl Hannah

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