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DVD title: Zoids - The Coliseum Battle (Vol. 3)
Productgroup: DVD
Zoids - The Coliseum Battle (Vol. 3) - movie DVD cover picture
Zoids-The Coliseum Battle

As you've noticed this vol. is called The Coliseum Battle,but there are no titles refering to this in this vol.,so by my terms this refers to the last episode in the series.There 4 episodes(like any other vol.).The episodes featured are The Princess Arrives:Mary Champ in which Harry looses all his zoids.His Sister Mary comes to talk him out of zoid battling.He tells her he's in it to beat Bit and win Leena which Mary thinks Leena is a push over.She sees the ligerzero and chanlges the Blitz team to a battle for it.But they loose and the ligerzero remains for the Blitz team and Mary decides to let Harry loose...i mean try to win his battles.Next Desert Tusk:Assult of the War Sharks the Fofma team vs. the Blitz team, The Sensational Three:Rematch with Jack Cicso in which the Blitz team looses their first battle,and Zero is Stolen:The Firey Battle.This episode is what the title refers too.In this episode Zero is stolen by the Backdraft and Bit has to fight the Elephander and be apart of the Backdraft or they'll eraese Liger's memory.The two fight in a coliseum which is interuted by the Hover Cargo's assult of gun fire.I won't tell you the rest you'll just have to find out yourself.You should buy this series of excetment today.

Studio: Ventura Distribution

DVD title: Them!
Productgroup: DVD
Them! - movie DVD cover picture
Six Legged Freaks!

I first saw THEM! on the late-late show when I was about 8-9 years old. I never forgot it! The opening scene, where the police find the little girl walking down the deserted road alone, is stunning! She clutches her doll and stares blankly ahead. James Whitmore is excellent as the state trooper who stumbles upon the hideous mystery of THEM! James Arness plays the hardboiled FBI guy, smitten with the daughter of the scientist (played by Edmund Gwynne). The tension builds slowly, until one of our true stars appears over a hill. A big hairy ant! The sound they make is haunting. I remembered it for the 30 years between viewings of this sci-fi wonder! No gore. No nudity. No real violence or profanity. A tribute to the way movies used to use story and imagination over cheap shock value and splatter. Watch for Leonard Nimoy's tiny role! Highly recommended...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Gordon Douglas
James Whitmore
Edmund Gwenn

DVD title: John Waters Collection #3: Pink Flamingos/ Female Trouble
Productgroup: DVD
John Waters Collection #3: Pink Flamingos/ Female Trouble - movie DVD cover picture

I was introduced to John Waters during my first year at NMSU and was immediately addicted to everything Divine and John Waters! to think this stuff was allowed to make it on film during the 1970's is quite something. John Waters loves to push the envelope and not take himeslf seriously at all. This is what makes his films so insane, delicious, campy and without a doubt NUTS! Pink Flamigos is that wild tale of The Filthiest People Alive and the lives of thos who hate them with a burning jealousy. Divine stars as well, Divine the undisputed queen of all this filth since this is her title and motto. She lives in a trailer home with her retarded mother, Crackers her insane son,and Cotton the traveling blonde companion. They live blissfully together until 2 jalous perverts, Raymond and Connie Marble attempt to steal that title away. Well, this only gets worse and the end result is a totally gross out battle, a disgusting party, a burning trailer, lesbian couples seeking children to adopt and so many insane events to mention. The next film featured here is Female Trouble with Divine as Dawn Davenport, Cookie Muller, Edith Massey,Mink Stole, and the late David Lochary. The premise is not as stomach churning as the PF however, it does have its revolting moments. The story centers on a teenage Dawn Davenport who is upset when her parents failed to give her those much desire cha cha heels for XMAS!!!! As a runaway teen she has no recourse to end up pregnant (with Mink Stole as Taffy)and winding up marrying a heterosexual hairdresser from the Le Lipstick Beauty Salon where she meets the notorios owners, Mr. and Mrs. Dasher!!! these two are hell bent on getting Dawn involved in a life of crime. What is so amazing here is the imagination that it took to dream up such weird and insane stories. There never is a dull moment here folks. But I do promise that you will feel paralyzed by Joh Waters and his legendary cast of Dreamland players. This is the stuff that would wind up on tabloids and really freak you out. This is another must have in your trash cinema collection

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: John Waters
David Lochary
Mary Vivian Pearce

DVD title: Cher - The Farewell Tour
Productgroup: DVD
Cher - The Farewell Tour - movie DVD cover picture

by not having this dvd..YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOSING!!
This is AMUST HAVE CHER tour on DVD! on the official site there was this 3 words that took me by storm..(SAVE THE MAGIC)this ain't another tour dvd..THIS IS THE FAREWELL TOUR!I know that there is hollywood stars,pop stars,celebs..and there is CHER! i really loved this dvd..and i wish i could give it 10/100000!

Studio: Image Entertainment

DVD title: Bully (Unrated/ Theatrical Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Bully (Unrated/ Theatrical Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A shocking & necessary look at today's generation of teens!

Don't be fooled by the explicit sex scenes. This is not a happy, feel-good movie. Put aside your inhibitions, and watch it in its entirety. You will see that it shows the tragic downfall of young people coming-of-age who are raised on a lethal combination of broken homes, promiscuous sex, substance abuse, non-involved parents, low morals, criminality (the murder),and a society that encourages their soulless self-centeredness. What struck me more that the behavior of the special-ed social circle, was how uninvolved their parents seemed to be. Bobby has an agression complex, probably incurred by his demanding father. Marty's parents are oblivious to the fact that he's suffering, even as he nervously sits at the breakfast table with a black eye. Ali's parents seem to treat her with routine neglect, similar to the way she treats her own baby. Lisa's mother isn't much better. She wants to hurt Marty for bruising Lisa's wrists, but overall she keeps Lisa out of her sight. Prior to murdering Bobby, she chides the group for their aimlessness, but doesn't do anything to point them in the right direction. Then, once the group is on trial for murdering Bobby (the end result of their lack of morality), their parents all wondered how this happened. Parents need to be in tune with this generation, and should realize that their children's low morality is a reflection of their own. If they see something not right with their kids, a good idea would be for them to do a check-up on the home environment first, and see to it that optimal conditions are met for their kids. Otherwise, they will succumb to various types of self-destruction.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Larry Clark
Brad Renfro
Nick Stahl

DVD title: Diabolique
Productgroup: DVD
Diabolique - movie DVD cover picture
This movie was awesome, awesome , awesome!

This movie totally rocked! I rented it while I was in Florida on vacation. I thought it was very well laid out and acted. I usually don't like Sharon Stone, but in this movie she was great. She and Kathy Bates had the best lines. And her wardrobe was totally to die for. Everything I read about this movie said it sucked, but I think the stupid critics who were supposed to be watching this movie were actually sleeping! I liked it so much I ordered my own copy of it. Diabolique is a definite must-rent, folks!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Sharon Stone
Isabelle Adjani
Chazz Palminteri

DVD title: Return to Paradise
Productgroup: DVD
Return to Paradise - movie DVD cover picture
Return to Paradise

This film is a sincere and touching film about two friends who have to decide whether they will spend three years in a Malaysian jail for drug possession or to let their third friend hang. They have eight days to decided. This film journeys through the lives of all three men. Joaquin Phoenix's performance is outstanding. A really good tear jerker.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Joseph Ruben
Vince Vaughn
Anne Heche
Joaquin Phoenix

DVD title: Way Past Cool
Productgroup: DVD
Way Past Cool - movie DVD cover picture
A sign of our times

"?Way Past Cool,? Adam Davidson?s debut film, is inventive and intimate, and it brings these qualities to material that most filmmakers and opinion-makers treat with all-too-familiar images and assumptions.Is this a movie about Black gang members (boys and men) in California? Yes and no. It is also about how we become who we are in those terrifying years between childhood and adolescence. What help do we get from parents and friends? When does loving them protect us and when does it endanger us? What happens when kids live in neighborhoods that threaten to violate them every day of their lives?When a gang of young boys use guns to protect their turf from older gang predators, that old political question of means versus ends arises?and in a country (not just a ghetto) that has no idea of how to separate violence from "entertainment" violence. No other movie I?ve seen so captures this blurring in the minds and psyches of the young: that giddy omnipotence alongside the puzzlement about what death really means.We read about this in newspapers, we see it on television in the long-faced documentaries about the young and the breakdown of values. "Way Past Cool" is something else altogether. It makes us want to struggle with these crises and questions by looking and feeling more deeply. It turns life into art in ways that are truly surprising but that make heart wrenching sense."

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Adam Davidson

DVD title: Gang Related
Productgroup: DVD
Gang Related - movie DVD cover picture
Bexcellent movie

this movie is excellent

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Jim Kouf
James Belushi
Tupac Shakur

DVD title: Silk Stockings
Productgroup: DVD
Silk Stockings - movie DVD cover picture
A great cold war spoof with good actors

This is a wonderful take on the Cold War---tongue in cheek--in 1957!!! But as such, wait till it is a DVD.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Fred Astaire
Cyd Charisse

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