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DVD title: Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Zim is the Best!

Invader Zim is very worth watching. Zim is an alien (Irken) who is intent upon conquering the Earth, which he believes he's been assigned to do by his home planet. Actually, the people in charge of the alien planet just sent him to Earth, which is to them a piddly nowhere little planet, to get him out of the way because he is such a screw-up.
Zim is completely unaware of the fact that everyone regards him as a screw-up, and is very fanatical about his quest to conquer Earth. Zim has a goofy sidekick robot named Gir who was taken out of the garbage and given to him when they sent him on his "quest" to conquer Earth. Gir is a hilarious character, and is part of waht makes theseries so great (he reminds me very much of my cat, I think I would've named her Gir if I had seen any episodes of Zim before I got her). There is one person in the whole universe besides Zim who actually takes his quest to conquer Earth seriously, and that is his nemesis, Dib. Did is a human boy who is obsessed with aliens,and heis the only person who realizes Zim is an alien. He tries to tell everyone but no one believes him, so he singlehandedly tries to thwart all of Zim's plots. It always backfires on him, and Zim's plots always fail anyway. The artist who wrote and drew the series is Jhonen Vasquez, who was known before Invader Zim, for the "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" (JTHM) and "Squee" comic book series. Invader Zim is more than just a comedy, the artwork is great and every episode is full of Vasquez's characteristic dark, subtle mockery of all the stupid things about society.
I think Invader Zim was excellently done and deserved a longer life than the less-than-a-year it was given on Nickelodeon. I believe this was because it was being shown in the wrong venue. I just don't think that the people who turned on Nickelodeon on a Friday night were expecting or looking for anything like Vasquez's dark, intelligent humor. I think that most people who glanced at it just assumed it was more of the same-old meaningless Nick-toons, and never really ever tried to watch it(not that I mind Nick-toons, but not even "Rocket Power" or "SpongeBob Squarepants" come close). I myself might never have sat down to watch Invader Zim, except that, being familiar with JTHM and Squee, I recognized Vasquez's artwork when I happened to catch a commercial for the show.

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc
Director: Steve Ressel

DVD title: Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Infinite Progression and Regression, Up and Down.

The words of my title were used by Dr. Sagan at the end of "The Edge of Forever," to describe an "unproven" theory that this universe is a closed electron similar to all the atomic elements within it, and that in turn these elements constitute a universe of their own. Mind-boggling? Maybe fantastic? Regardless it is a beautiful theory. In my formative years, I also had a similar idea when I drew an analogy of the planetary systems with the atomic particles everytime I saw a representation of a nucleus with its particles orbiting around. I say this without any pretense because my occupation is not in the field of sciences, but rather to note that the scientific community in the field of cosmology was entertaining the same idea which I thought was just a figment of my imagination. I also have to say that although I have seen some episodes of cosmos, I had not seen this one when I was a teenager. If I were forced to choose one episode as my favorite, it would be "The Edge of Forever".
Throughout the whole Cosmos series, Dr. Sagan's narration flows like music to the listener; although it was written in prose, his delivery produces the effect of a cosmic poetry, and offers a first glimpse with the transcendent. The following is an example of that glimpse, taken from the brilliantly entitled chapter "The Edge of Forever": "Who knows for certain? Who shall here declare it? Whence was it born? Whence came creation? The gods are later than this World's formation. Who then can know The origins of the world?
None knows whence creation arose... Or whether He has Or has not made it... He who surveys it from the lofty skies. Only He knows... ... or perhaps He knows not."
This is a 3500 year old Rig-Veda, a collection of early sanskrit hymns, reflecting a tradition of skeptical questioning about creation and the universe, as paraphrasing Dr. Sagan.
... I would like to finally add that Cosmos somehow reminds me of the following words which keep stirring my mind:
"The human heart refuses to believe in a universe without a purpose"
It is credited to Emmanuel Kant if I am correct, although the concept may not be original to him. Kant had brilliant ideas but never a simple and clear writing style, and I can attest to that since I abandoned the task of reading his books several times. But on this one he could not have been more clear and concise to express such a big concept in so few words.
Just watch the entire Cosmos with your most dedicated attention and you will know what I am talking about. For example, ponder on the sheer expanse of space and time with your closed eyes, and that experience alone will bring you closer to the cosmic energy, and put all your daily mundane affairs and problems into perspective.

Studio: Cosmos Studios
Carl Sagan

DVD title: Spring and Chaos
Productgroup: DVD
Spring and Chaos - movie DVD cover picture
The problem got fixed...

I had a while back posted a reveiw that told people to stay away from this DVD due to problems associated with awful pixelation and inconsistent subtitles. They have remastered the DVD and the version you are likely to find in stores should work/look fine. For more information regarding this version, consult this

Studio: Tokyo Pop
Director: ShĂ´ji Kawamori

DVD title: A Zed & Two Noughts
Productgroup: DVD
A Zed & Two Noughts - movie DVD cover picture
A classic. Though obviously has limited appeal!

A Zed & Two Noughts is a great, "arty" movie with some crazy speeded-up visuals of decaying animals and an absolutely brilliant soundtrack by Michael Nyman. It's the kind of movie that you see once and never forget what you've seen and heard afterwards.
One more thing: I just wanted to point out that the English entertainer ("blue" stand-up comedian, sitcom star & game-show host) Jim Davidson stars as the zoo keeper in this movie. For anybody who knows of Jim, this is possibly the most unexpected thing he has ever been in. Whenever I watch this film, I'm always left wondering how he got involved with such a surreal, dark production like Z-O-O...

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Peter Greenaway
Brian Deacon
Eric Deacon

DVD title: Heavyweights
Productgroup: DVD
Heavyweights - movie DVD cover picture
my mans packin

"repulse the monkey - part the wild horses mane" "im doggin it, lets go T" "i see a future chairman of a fortune 500 company, there i see a future rap artist..." "i like comedians, maybe i should book you on a tour sometime" "get off the scale!" "you're a negativity spreader" "there are alot of myths about the abdominal muscles, this is one i am glad to put to rest... you disgust me!"

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Steven Brill
Tom McGowan (II)
Aaron Schwartz (II)

DVD title: Seven
Productgroup: DVD
Seven - movie DVD cover picture
Fincher strikes again. Best DVD since Fight Club.

This is an almost-perfect DVD. Great added features, crystal-clear picture, INCREDIBLE sound. This is another DVD that belongs in everyone's collection. It's a testament to David Fincher's ability and dedication as a director that he realizes the job's not done once the film is released in theatres. More directors should put as much time and love into their films as Fincher does.
As a film, Se7en is astounding. One of the best, grittiest, darkest films ever made. Pitt, Freeman and Spacey are all teriffic here; some of the best performances I've seen from ANY actors. And David Fincher hit his stride as a director with this film. He has raised the bar for other directors for years to come.

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: David Fincher
Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
great film

This is one of the best cast ever assembled in hollywood. This is the type of cast that any director dreams of. But I have to point out that Joe Pesci stands above the rest, what he doesn't have in height he more than compensate in performance and screen presence. And then there's Ray Liotta, the first movie where I took notice of him, and Robert De Niro, who had another great film that year (Awakenings). Together with the rest of the cast, and under the meticulous direction of Martin Scorsese, this team is explosive. This is, in my opinion, the best film about organized crime.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
Productgroup: DVD
H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds - movie DVD cover picture
A Must for Sci Fi Fans and Martian Fans

Listen up fellow Sci Fi geeks and Martian nerds.

I - F R I G G I N - L O V E - T H I S - M O V I E !

Eat up and pass me seconds.

Studio: Uav Corporation
Director: Timothy Hines

DVD title: James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre
Productgroup: DVD
James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre - movie DVD cover picture
If you're a Taylor fan, you will love this

I have enjoyed my DVD since purchasing it over a year ago. However, I have really enjoyed the concerts available on DVD. Taylor's is at the top of the list. I have purchased a number of other music DVDs and they all pale in comparison to this one. Obviously the sound quality of the DVD is great, the picture wonderful, but the length of the concert is twice that (an approximation) of an audio CD. Buy this one and you will not regret it. A word of caution, do not use the subtitles, or everyone watching will feel compelled to warble with James.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller
James Taylor

DVD title: Heaven's Gate
Productgroup: DVD
Heaven's Gate - movie DVD cover picture
Yes it is a masterpiece

Along with Citizen Kane, The Sweet Hereafter, Paris Texas, and others, this movie is unflinching; a magnificent movie. It is complex -- woven brilliantly into an honest look at bigotry and corruption, especially as practiced by the powerful elite against the 'lesser' classes. In other words, American to the core.
Stay away from this movie if you have a low I.Q. If so, you will also write a simplistic review, call it boring, overreaching, or something equally inane. Most people are not aware that politics, not merit, ruined this movie's debut and reputation. I'll leave these facts for you to research.
Watch the full length (unedited) version. When the movie ends, you'll wish it had lasted even longer. Hollywood doesn't produce movies this fine anymore. At least not lately. Perhaps we Americans can't handle such an honest look at ourselves. Perhaps the public doesn't have the taste or attention span to support their production.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Michael Cimino
Kris Kristofferson
Christopher Walken

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