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DVD title: Led Zeppelin
Productgroup: DVD
Led Zeppelin - movie DVD cover picture
Zeppelin was the very, very best

Zeppelin has long been criticized for having sloppy live performances. yes, like any other band they had their off nights. however, we finally have footage of shows when they were on top of their game. this dvd proves that on their good nights they were explosive, revealing a raw energy level no other rock act could match. My favorite footage is from the 1970 Royal Albert Hall show. these performances show them before the excesses of rock stardom affected their play. they did have only the first two albums of material to draw from. however, they concentrated more on just PERFORMING instead of on the showmanship and strutting around that page/plant would show in the 73,75, and 79 shows. has anyone else noticed how page seemed to develop a sweating problem as the years went by? on the 1970 footage, he is not sweating much at all. by the 1979 show he is sweating profusely. i rack this up to drug/alcohol abuse. his playing at the albert hall is clean, quick, and simply AWESOME! don't get me wrong, he was super on the later footage, but he would play no better than at the albert hall concert. as far as plant goes, he could still hit those high notes in 1970 and the excessive strutting and theatrics of the later shows is not present here. he concerned himself more with just singing instead of acting like a sex symbol. i can't forget bonham. check out his drum solo on moby dick. much better than the version on "the song remains the same". his heavy powerful drumming was the essential backbone to the zeppelin sound. The Denmark radio show in March, 1969 is another highlight for me. zepp seemed out of their element in a studio setting with teenagers gathered around in a tight circle. this setting forced zepp to just play since they had little room to move around. the kids could literally reach out and touch them! although the footage is in black and white and the sound is only in pcm format, the performance is top shelf. you get to see the boys up close and personal, and they deliver! The other highlights for me are: - page on "in my time of dying" from the 1975 Earl Court concert. his combination of slide and picking on this song is a sight to behold.- "Trampled Underfoot", from the same Earl's Court session. more great playing by page and some nice synthesizer from JPJ to boot.- "The Ocean" from the 1973 Madison Square concert. why this wasn't included in "the song remains the same" movie is beyond me. page is again hitting on all cylinders with this one. i found that bonham was the most impressive at the 1979 Knebworth show. his heavy drumming is the most evident here and shows how important he was to the band. i thought of all the members, his performance level dropped off the least through the years. if anything, he might of been at his best at the 1979 show, less than a year from his untimely death. I highly recommend this 2 disc dvd because it is simply the best combo of audio/video of zepp available today. Enjoy!

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Jimmy Page
Dick Carruthers

DVD title: Hitman
Productgroup: DVD
Hitman - movie DVD cover picture
Contract Killer

Contract Killer is the dubbed version of the film with the English title Hitman. Hitman is a good action comedy with excellent performances by Li, one of the few times he's not dubbed in the Cantonese soundtrack, and Eric Tsang with the two showing excellent chemistry.
When preparing Contract Killer for release, Columbia Tristar appears to have gone that extra mile to remove the funny, cutting scenes where Tsang expounds on how to be a killer diluting his rapidfire monologs.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Wei Tung

DVD title: A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My Review On A.I.

I have seen a lot of good movies in my life. Movies like Titanic, The Sixth Sense, and even a lot more. But i have to tell you- i have never seen a movie like this before. This is the best movie i have ever seen in my whole life. I thought that Haley Osment was great in the Sixth Sense, but in this movie i can't even say how good he was... Haley Joel Osment... he was so good in it- if it was someone else- i wouldn't have liked the movie. I thought the ending was amazing and I couldn't have thought of a better one. Right when Haley Osment blinked his eyes-- my heart was pounding and there were good tears dropping down my eyes. No I don't think this was a movie for people the age of 10 and younger because it was a little confusing and it was a serious movie-- there were only about 3 parts that you can laugh at but everything else, younger kids can't understand. I would like to tell Steven he did an amazing job, Jude Law had a very hard part but he played it awsome and for Haley Osment,... the best actor i have ever seen in my life...The only thing i would change in this movie was to make it not as much a fairytale because practically the whole movie was a fairytale. Some of the fairytale parts you can keep but when he is under water than he hugged the blue fairy- that took up way to much time. There was only one part i didn't understand...

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Haley Joel Osment
Jude Law

DVD title: Teen Witch
Productgroup: DVD
Teen Witch - movie DVD cover picture
Teen Witch

This movie is really great movie. I remember watching it with a friend. I was 10 years old when I first saw it and loved it ever since. I have the movie and I watch it all the time. It is one of my favorites. This movie is great for the family to watch. or with friends or by yourself.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Dorian Walker

DVD title: Dick
Productgroup: DVD
Dick - movie DVD cover picture

Most people probably think this a teeny bobber comedy but it's much better

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Andrew Fleming
Kirsten Dunst
Michelle Williams
Dan Hedaya

DVD title: The Rock
Productgroup: DVD
The Rock - movie DVD cover picture
Non-stopped action

The best action movie I've ever seen, great acting and the prefect cast for an action movie. Keeps you on your feet for non-stopped action wondering whats going to happen. Great plot!!! The movie will make you wonder if this could actually happen in real life, but portrated by acting it out. Has great funny comments to keep this movie alive with the action.

Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: Michael Bay
Sean Connery
Nicolas Cage
Ed Harris

DVD title: Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Productgroup: DVD
Wes Craven's New Nightmare - movie DVD cover picture
freddy's just as terrifying in your dreams as he is in life

just as sick. twisted, funny etc as all the Nightmare on elm street movies
this one almost made me puke in every death scene
the violence thing definitely went up in this movie
the laughs went up too
the shock value soooooooooooooooo went up
saw this tons of times on tv
shocking horror movie to have in the nighmare dvd collection
i'm so glad i saw this
it terrified me into the extremes
so worthy of dvd buy
glad I have it on dvd
it shall be played more trust me

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Wes Craven
Heather Langenkamp
Robert Englund

DVD title: Blue Gender (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Gender (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture

I purchased this anime on the word of a friend. I regret this purchase very much. The animations are half decent. That is the only partially redeeming part of this DVD. The story lacks imagination, the characters are annoying and predictable, the dialogue is bland and tedious, and the nudity has no point. It has no part in the story at all. At one point a pilot just walks up to an android a pulls of her shirt. It did not even build his character because he was not even a main character. The main character is a whining brat. Five minutes into the film you wish he were dead. The action scenes were repetitive, dull, and predictable. I know this review is nothing but one huge complaint. People must be warned though. This is quite possibly the worst anime I have ever seen.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media

DVD title: H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
Productgroup: DVD
H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds - movie DVD cover picture
A fine movie

I saw this War of the Worlds. It's a fine movie. I'm dismayed by the efforts some shills are going at it with to imply that the good reviews on here are fake. What is up with that. Do you guys have ESP or something? talk about paranoid. They use these intricate mathimatical calculations to show how the good reviews are fake. I bet these same guys are drawing little concentric circles on their walls at home. People are entitled to like this movie. I've worked on movies and possibly some of the reviews were written by people who worked on the film. I'm sure that is done by people on every movie. Are we to think that people who worked on Spielberg's movie didn't go out and say they liked the film. Are they biased? Maybe. But it is still their right to express what they think. What I see is the same bad reviews over and over. They use the same golfing term "sub par" in almost every review. I mean if you look through these, there is like fifty bad reviews all using the same phrases, "sub par" and "don't get me started" in the same review. Count how many supposedly went to Walmart, bought the movie and then came to to review the movie. What? And look at the same reviews over and over saying they broke the DVD. Anger issues maybe? A little ( or a lot) unbalanced, maybe? What horse dung. Anyway, these jerks are putting out way more effort than the average Joe to slam this film. Way more! Recruiting people on other sites to write bad reviews about this film. Well some anonymous jerks don't scare me. I liked the movie. It was a fine film. And just because friends of Tom Cruise or whatever disturbed jerks on here say otherwise doesn't stop me or others from writing my opinion. Now watch them try and say that I'm tim Hines. What a bunch of ______.

It was a fine movie. You jerks need a job. Or perhaps this is your job.

Studio: Uav Corporation
Director: Timothy Hines

DVD title: Ravenous
Productgroup: DVD
Ravenous - movie DVD cover picture
The Mother of all "Offbeat-Sleeper-of-the-Year-That-None-of-

Antonia Bird, who directed Ravenous, has me totall y convinced of her boundless directorial talent! With this Cinematic Masterpiece, she has distanced herself from the hackneyed pack, having crafted a grippingly intense and bizarrely original film, that absolutely defies any attempt at pigeonholing or labeling it! A Dark Comedy? At times amusing, often deftly ironic, chillingly irreverent, seemingly almost intentionally politically INcorrect, and perhaps, ever so subtly feminist at the core...but certainly, ANYTHING BUT FUNNY!
Juxtapositioning, with flawless style and sobering effectiveness, diverse elements of Horror, Period Western,Action-Adventure,Psychodrama,Sus pense and the Supernatural, against a backdrop of some of the most breathtakingly dazzling outdoor scenery imaginable,(Shot near Durango, Mexico)set to a perversely inspired musical score that sould be utilized in Cinema production classes to highlight the full potential of music to shape the ambience of a film and provide the psychological equivalent of running your fingernails across a blackboard during many scenes! Ms. Bird undoubtedly has a way with people! Other- wise, how would she have managed to have coaxed such an array of truly riveting performances from each and every member of a uniquely superb cast! Guy Pearce(L.A.Confidential), starring as Captain Boyd, provided us with an uncannily haunting por- trait of a tormented pacifistic soldier, in the throws of a fierce struggle for his own soul! Robert Carlyle(Full Monty/Trainspotting)was icily convincing as a fanatically focused, but utterly deranged cannibal in uniform! Jeffrey Jones, in a oddly empathetic change of pace role, played mild -mannered Colonel Hart,plagued by an interminable list of human frailities, thusly,he is easily subverted by the sinister Ives.(Carlyle) Despite all of the aforementioned accolades,I feel I must offer a word of caution......Ravenous is undoubtedly NOT a film suited to everyone's taste! Many have complained that it revels in scenes of graphic gore...I, for one, totally disagree with these observations.Compared to Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers,(Which I consider to be an utter abomination!)Ravenous has scarcely a few mo- ments of starkly violent or macabre footage! The difference is, seemingly, that in Ravenous these moments seem so devastatingly repulsive, that they don't go away easily. Perhaps this is the reaction Stone wanted to achieve in Killers..but failed miserably in doing so!
Consequently, I would hesitate to throw out the Welcome Mat on this one! Perhaps, if films like 2001: A Space Odyssey; The Shawshank Redemption; & The English Patient are among your favorites, Ravenous just might turn out to be one of the most valued films in your collection! However, if WATERBOY and ARMAGEDDON (Although en- tertaining in their own predictable way!) are at the TOP of your list....My money would be 10 to 1 against you on this one ! I'd recommend you steer clear of it ! The DVD version was chockful of tantilizing extras ...such as various commentary tracks, but oddly, offered no details of Cast & Crew...a very reprehe nsible oversight! By the way, should anyone out there just happen to know Antonia Bird personally, it would please me to no end if she were to read this review!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Antonia Bird
Guy Pearce
Robert Carlyle

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