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DVD title: Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Vol. 11 - Zatoichi and the Doomed Man
Productgroup: DVD
Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Vol. 11 - Zatoichi and the Doomed Man - movie DVD cover picture
Zatoichi never dissapoints.

This movie may not be the most action packed in the Zatoichi series, but the overall character development was well worth it. If you love Zatoichi you cant go wrong.

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Kazuo Mori

DVD title: The Best of Ripley's Believe It or Not
Productgroup: DVD
The Best of Ripley's Believe It or Not - movie DVD cover picture
Not the best but good enough for now.

This show is great I've always loved it, but they could of made a better DVD, as a matter of fact they should have made season sets. I mean it's interesting and of course for some people like me the DVD sets would be for entertainment but for many people DVD sets would be used for reference or as a discussion piece. They could have chosen better episodes for the DVD but I guess this will do until they wake up and realize that they need to release season sets. WAKE UP COLUMBIA PICTURES, WE WANT SEASON SETS!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom

DVD title: Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Laughed myself silly.

I have enjoyed the humor of Jeff and Bill, but never had heard of Ron and Larry. I laughed myself silly through out the entire video. It was so easy to identify with the tales these fellas told. I've been around some of the "people" they talked about; therefore, it was even funnier. I hope they have another BLUE COLLAR TOUR because I'll surely buy that one, too.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: C.B. Harding
Jeff Foxworthy
Bill Engvall
Ron White
Larry The Cable Guy

DVD title: Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Blade Runner (The Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
An Intelligent and Beautiful Poetic Film

I really like the way this film blurs the distinction between human and machine, and seems to beg the question, "So if a human is no different then a machine, then what makes a human human?" The film subtly responds, "It is the complex interaction and relationship between these machines that make them more". You could probably pull the thread of a number of underlying themes.
The Vangelis soundtrack is also my all time favorite. The music swells and glistens and is rich with texture and subtle sound effects. It actually adds to the environmental atmosphere of the film and is very effective even without the visuals.
Personally I think the film is strong enough that both the original release and the Director's Cut are just as good. I do like the slightly darker feel and ending in the Director's Cut. I find the narrative a bit unnecessary and distracting. However, as one other reviewer mentioned the original release has more of a vintage 40's noir feel due to the narrative. Either way this film is brilliant. Watch it a few times to fully appreciate it.
It is too bad the DVD release doesn't take the opportunity to include extras. To make up for it pick up a copy of the book "Film Noir: The Making of Blade Runner" by Paul M. Sammon".

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford
Rutger Hauer
Sean Young

DVD title: Something's Gotta Give
Productgroup: DVD
Something's Gotta Give - movie DVD cover picture
Heart warming comedy

Diane Keaton shined and Jack Nicholson couldn't have been better. This was a truly original comedy that I would definitely watch again.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Nancy Meyers
Jack Nicholson
Diane Keaton
Keanu Reeves
Frances McDormand
Amanda Peet

DVD title: The Three Sisters
Productgroup: DVD
The Three Sisters - movie DVD cover picture
Superb acting

These classically trained British stage actors are superb. When they are gone (and some, e.g. Olivier, already have) we will not see their like again. This is an invaluable record of the glory of British acting. I agree with another reviewer's comment that the sound is bad, but if you boost your system's treble to the max and decrease the bass to lowest, the sound is not too bad.

Studio: Kino International
Jeanne Watts
Joan Plowright

DVD title: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
Classic, Epic, and Cool but I'd rather say 4.5 stars...

An excellent introduction for people to the world of subtitled martial arts film.
A high budget martial arts film playing in theaters actually in Mandarian sounded amazing to me, and it actually greatly surpassed my expectations.
First off, CTHD is a very good film in itself. The look of the battles, background, and the plot aren't revolutionary in comparison to older martial arts Hong Kong cinema, but the fact that the production value was extremely high and that this film was being shown subtitled in the cinema really got me. Add in my bias for Chow Yun-Fat (I have never seen a good film with him speaking English, this was good and it was neither English or Cantonese so I'm seeing for the first time in a good film that's not in Cantonese), and I have a very good experience seeing this movie in the theater. I've had a terrible run of films for the past year. Theaters have been so dry, I've been watched terrible films like Valentine, the Watcher, etc, but this film tops Hannibal as the best film I've seen in the theater for quite a while. If you haven't seen a lot of martial arts films, I truthfully urge you to go see this in the theater quickly, if you don't enjoy it I don't like you anyway. If you've been there done that with M.Arts movies and this movie doesn't look appealing you might want to skip it. Regardless, I really hope the film has an extrodinary impact on American movie goers (but not too much). If the right balance is acheived with its popularity we may be able to look forward to some high quality DVD and theatrical releases.
The fact that its a theatrical subtitle release that's 100% class blows my mind. I personally think its a epic-classic-type martial arts film with beautiful things to look at throughout the majority of the picture (beginning is sort of slow). I really enjoyed the duration of the entire film and will definetely add it to my collection when the DVD is released.
If you do not really like this film you are not my friend.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Ang Lee
Yun-Fat Chow
Michelle Yeoh
Ziyi Zhang

DVD title: Man of La Mancha
Productgroup: DVD
Man of La Mancha - movie DVD cover picture

This film was excellent because was restoration to DVD !!!and in my opinion who has the oportunity to read the book DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA knows.
I think you can say anything about this film if don't have already read the book.
DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA i love it!! because is legate and listen in spanish is better that English

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Arthur Hiller
Peter O'Toole
Sophia Loren
James Coco

DVD title: Bread and Tulips
Productgroup: DVD
Bread and Tulips - movie DVD cover picture
Charming Trip to Venice

A charming, funny and warm story filmed in Venice, Italy. The characters are believable, human and lovable. A rare treat for independent women and a good lesson for men.
Like Shirley Valentine, this one is just as good. I enjoyed it very much. Am thinking of buying it for my collection. It's one of those "feel good" movies.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Silvio Soldini
Licia Maglietta
Bruno Ganz

DVD title: The Mummy (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Mummy (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Relive the terror with this feature filled horror/adventure!

This is a great featured DVD! It has tons of cool features. The best part that it is in full screen so that you don't have to zoom in on the DVD. It's about these egyptian explorers that accidently awaken the deadly mummy that was mummified years ago for killing his wive's father. Now, the mummy terrorises the town with plagues from hell and uses one of the female explorers to ressurect his wife. It's a good Horror classic with a little adventure thrown in. It has great special effects since the matrix. Buy it and you won't regret it!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Stephen Sommers
Brendan Fraser
Rachel Weisz

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