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DVD title: Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Vol. 5 - On the Road
Productgroup: DVD
Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Vol. 5 - On the Road - movie DVD cover picture
Zatoichi at his finest!

Let me say this, I saw my first Zatoichi movie back when I was 14 and since then I was absolutely hooked.
The move was beautifully done and I can not stress enough what an awesome character Shintaro Katsu can play. I have all of his VHS tapes and I am slowing starting to build my DVD collection. I have DVD's from overseas subtitled and let me tell you.It invokes a feeling that no one anywhere, time, or place can in this day and age. The movies are genre films (Feeling invoking). DO you remember the first time you saw seven, primal fear, titanic - (kind of cheesy now) but at the time the movies gave you a feeling right.
Well all of his movies are like that. This one here is 1 of my top 10's! 5 out of 5. He has over 30 movies made and also 100's of TV episodes. Trust me on this. Its great. Once you get hooked you'll love it as much as me. BUT BEWARE YOU HAVE TO ENJOY FILM> If those action packed rockem sockem's are your only cup of tea then not for you.

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Kimiyoshi Yasuda

DVD title: Evil Dead II
Productgroup: DVD
Evil Dead II - movie DVD cover picture

I can't think of any other film that will make you limp like this one will! Watching this movie (DVD) will take away all your problems, cares, and worries for at least a couple of hours.
It might make a good bedtime story for some people, for sure.
Most of the time I write about DVD quality because other folks care to discuss plot points. Please understand that's why my ratings often appear low.
The picture starts out pretty flaky but improves in dark scenes, which are most of the film. It's not the best picture, especially for 1987. Maybe they filmed this in 16-mm; I don't know.
Sound is the real treat here, so you'll want to blast away and maybe have your windows open on a hot summer night. Your neighbors will flee, for sure, after hearing this soundtrack! The fidelity is not deep, but there are moments of great surround treats and they are usually gore-related. However, there are not enough audio mixtures like this in the whole film to merit another star.
What's better than the film is "The Gore, The Merrier" featurette. It's amazing what these men and women did. This really enhanced my appreciation of the film, although it's by no means a Dario Argento classic giallo nor like an American thriller.
Like I said, if you want to relieve your tension -- plus have your senses knocked silly, this is for you.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell
Sarah Berry

DVD title: The Jack Bull
Productgroup: DVD
The Jack Bull - movie DVD cover picture
John Cusack at his best!

A hero is found in the average man, given no choice but to take the law into his own hands after the new laws of the west are found not to be for the poor. After losing too much and needing to have something for his son to believe in a horse trader goes after a rancher and still finds his own honor intact, even after death and tradegy ride along with him. John Goodman portrays the perfect judge and John Cusacks father Dick Cusack is a nice surprise as the Jury Foreman.(also wrote the screenplay)

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: John Badham

DVD title: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Productgroup: DVD
A Midsummer Night's Dream - movie DVD cover picture

If you're a Shakespearean purist, don't torture yourself by viewing this colorfully engaging version! Some would say that Shakespeare should be presented as written and that one should not take "liberties" with the Bard. Poppycock! Bill Shakespeare was always one for taking "liberties" -- he almost single-handedly created much of the language we speak today. He would probably have enjoyed the concept that modern-day actors and directors would take his works and bring them "alive" for their audiences. The unfortunate reality is, however, that this version falls just short of doing that.
Kline and Tucci walk away with the best performances of the film and both help keep the story alive, humorous, and in-keeping with the tongue-in-cheek humor which Shakespeare obviously enjoyed.
For someone new to the storyline, especially younger viewers, the not-modern language will get in the way of fully understanding the story. But even my youngest kids get much of the point and enjoy the story. You and yours will too. The show is a fine afternoon view -- allow yourself time to explain some of the obtuse points to your kids as you go.
A great movie to keep in your collection.
Steven Reis

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Michael Hoffman
Kevin Kline
Michelle Pfeiffer
Rupert Everett

DVD title: Exit Wounds
Productgroup: DVD
Exit Wounds - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie of 2001!

I saw the movie, then got the DVD to watch the Making Of and it was terrific. Steven Seagal reappears after taking a short break in this action packed flick with DMX, Michael Jai White (Spawn), Tom Arnold, Isaiah Washington and Anthony Anderson, who was the life of this movie. Anthony was funny, in fact I think he was the glue that kept the film and characters together.Summary: Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal) hits rock bottom when he gets thrown out of his precinct 21 and into the worst precinct called 15. He starts off bad and gets worse making enemies from Commander Mulcahy (Jill Hennessy) all the way to the mens locker room and his nightmare begins when he busts an undercover cop called Montini and gets demoted to traffic and ends up in a rage management class where he meets Henry Wayne (Tom Arnold)a TV host, who is really annoying! (Tom was great for the part!)
So whilst all his is happening Latrell Walker (DMX) sets up another meeting with Montini to buy up alot of drugs only Latrell doesn't appear to be who he says he is. When Orin catches up with the help of his new partner George (Isaiah Washington) and Henry he learns that there are some dirty cops up to no good and he seems to be the right guy to stop them. The action scenes and stunts were terrific and I really expected something to happen between Mulcahy and Orin, but watch the movie and find out why nothing happens. Terrific all around, I wonder if they are thinking of a sequel... The title of the movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with the film and the DVD is worth the buy instead of the vhs to see the Making of and an interview with Anthony Anderson.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Steven Seagal

DVD title: Gasaraki - The Circle Opens (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Gasaraki - The Circle Opens (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Just as great as the last DVD

The shoe picks up from where it last left off. Yushiro was in shock and the Fakes from Symbol are attacking. Yushiro manages to get back up into his TA, but then a rampid sand storm occurs and the TAs and Fakes draw back. They resume their battle later at an abandoned town in Belgistan. Yushiro gets an even closer encounter with Miharu (a girl who is strikingly similar to Yushro and possess the same powers as he does). The battle is stopped when Tornado Bombers make a pass over the battle and film the battle to show to the world. They then proceed to bomb Belgistan. It appears that Symbol betrayed Belgistan and Belgistan is wiped out of the picture. The JSDF is now in a struggle to get out of Belgistan. However, Yushiro goes wandering off again to find Miharu. He finds her at the stone church of Akura and manage to explain some things. Yushiro and Miharu are soon split up again. Yushiro heads back to Japan and Miharu returns to Symbol's custody. The extras on the DVD are very nice if you like to go in depth on this show. The Japanese dialoge is extremely good and more funnier than the English. Hearing Captain Ataka in Japanese trying to speak English is very funny. Not to mention some jokes about Japanese language. Anyway, dubbed or subbed, either way you view it, its still great. It doesn't have as much action as the first tape, but it still has action and it still is great. A must have DVD.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: RyƓsuke Takahashi

DVD title: GoldenEye
Productgroup: DVD
GoldenEye - movie DVD cover picture
The return of James Bond

Personally, I think that this is the best Bond Brosnan's done so far. Even more so than Tomorrow Never Dies or The World Is Not Enough. The Tina Turner sung theme song is also one of the best yet. The villain is also one of the more original 007 villians, since he happens to be an old friend of Bond's, 006, who was "killed" by the Russians in a factory they were supposed to destroy. When Bond meets Xenia Onatopp, the link to the Russian Mafia, Bond learns that she is about to steal a powerful helicopter prototype. When things get worse, a military communications post in a small Russian town in the middle of nowhere is wiped out by a Russian secret weapon known as "Goldeneye" (an electrostatic pulse beamed from a satellite that will knock out any and all electronic circuits, to disable communication) under the corrupt Genreal Orumov, Bond is called in to investigate. The helicopter is Bond's link between the military post, General Orumov and the Russian Mafia, which is now run by, 006 (aka Alec Trevelyan) and General Orumov! The movie then goes into a cat-and-dog chase between Trevelyan and Bond, where each is out to get revenge on the other. Bond then learns that 006 plans to use Goldeneye on London, with the purpose of wiping out London's computer systems, causing global economic chaos.
The DVD's also one of the better Bond discs in the whole series. There's more stuff than a lot of the other ones combined - trailers, TV spots, commentary (I would've liked to have seen one with Brosnan, though), the two standard documentaries, and a really good transfer, too. I think, after Connery and Moore, Brosnan is the best choice they could've used for Bond, since he fits the role perfectly. Dalton didn't make as good of a James Bond as Brosnan did, IMO. While the action scenes were a little more far-fetched than in some of the other Bond movies, this one definately had its moments, like the tank chase through downtown St. Petersburg, or the factory chase in the opening. However, it's great to see that the Bond franchise didn't dissolve after Dalton left, though. It's also great that the return of Bond was one of the best Bonds in the series, too.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Martin Campbell
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Bean
Izabella Scorupco

DVD title: Bobby Darin - Mack Is Back
Productgroup: DVD
Bobby Darin - Mack Is Back - movie DVD cover picture
The Most Electrifiying Roller-Coaster of a Nightclub Act

Bobby Darin's energy is absolutely remarkable in his last recorded performance before his death. He sings, dances, plays the harmonica, guitar, and piano with remarkable soul, feeling, and unabashed confidence. This is one of those shows where you walk out with your heart beating fast, feeling refreshed and alive.

Darin swings the big band numbers hard, croons better than Sinatra, rocks out with soul and power like James Brown and Jerry Lee Lewis rolled together, and whispers tender folk songs like a Dylanesque-poet bard.

Some reviewers may wish that he stay in one type (crooner, rocker, folkie, etc.) that is their particular favorite genre of music, but Darin will wow you with his command of all styles of music. Even more remarkably, he shifts genres seamlessly to maintain the continuity of the show, thus giving the audience an appreciation for all types of music and how they are inter-related and fused.

See this video and be energized at the remarkable last recorded show of a man that has been repeatedly called by fans and musicians "the greatest performer of the 20th century."

Even his elder and more famous rival, Frank Sinatra, said it best when he said, "Nobody does it better than Darin."

Too right!

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Studio: Univ of Georgia Anthropology
Bobby Darin

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
better then I expected

Most people I know either love or hate MOULIN ROUGE. People who are sticklers for accuracy probably won't like this DVD because it doesn't portray either Paris or Montmarte's "Moulin Rouge" accurately. That was fine with me. I loved the fact that MOULIN ROUGE is a fantasy and a very romantic one at that.
MOULIN ROUGE is the story of Christian (Ewan McGregor), a penniless writer who dreams of penning a play that will be performed at the "Moulin Rouge." It is Toulouse-Lautrec, himself (John Leguigamo) who gets Christian an interview with Satine (Nicole Kidman), the "Moulin Rouge's" star. When Christian meets Satine, he falls in love immediately, but even though Satine returns his love, everything isn't sweetness and light for this star-crossed pair. Christian isn't the only man vying for Satine's love. A wealthy duke (Richard Roxburgh) has promised the "Moulin Rouge's" owner, Zidler (John Broadbent) that if he wins the hand of Satine, both Zidler and the "Moulin Rouge" will have nothing to worry about ever again. And, even if Satine weren't under pressure from Zidler, she's not entirely healthy.
Despite some over-the-top special effects (like Christian and Satine dancing in the clouds in the midst of stardust), the love story that forms the plot of MOULIN ROUGE is both believable and touching, due to the first-rate work of McGregor and Kidman. Both play young lovers with such a wistful romanticism that it's impossible not to love them and their singing and dancing were not so elaborate as to look "forced." Kidman, especially, shines, and I think her role as Satine has been her best to date.
It's impossible to comment on this DVD without commenting on the music (and MOULIN ROUGE is a musical). Lurhmann has incorporated "modern" songs into the film, such as "Your Song" and "Roxanne." I know people who hated this aspect of the film, but because it's a fantasy, I loved it and I thought it worked wonderfully.
Despite it's ending, which I didn't mind and, which I think, is inevitable, I think MOULIN ROUGE is a lot of fun. It's a gorgeous, stylish fantasy and yes, there are excesses, but fantasy sometimes requires excess and I think MOULIN ROUGE did. Its production numbers are infused with an energy and love for life that's missing in so many other films, most notably CHICAGO.
Nicole Kidman was so good as the tuberculosis stricken Satine, I would have loved it if she had received her "Best Actress" Oscar for this film rather than for THE HOURS, in which she was equally brilliant, but in a much smaller role.
If you love Paris, fantasy and romance, then you'll probably love MOULIN ROUGE just as I did and definitely want to own it. If, however, you like your DVDs "reality based," then MOULIN ROUGE probably won't be the DVD for you. Whether you like MOULIN ROUGE or not, it really is a brilliant, and brilliantly conceived, film.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Fist of the North Star
Productgroup: DVD
Fist of the North Star - movie DVD cover picture
This is the best movie i have ever seen it has everything.

Fist of the north star is the best. it has tons of violence, suspense, drama,and action. this is the pinnicle of Anime. everything is perfect ,especially the characters ,Ken, ray, rau,shin,julia. man this is a great movie i'm gonna go watch it right now!!!!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Toyoo Ashida

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