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DVD title: Zarkorr! The Invader
Productgroup: DVD
Zarkorr! The Invader - movie DVD cover picture
Zarkorr came, saw, and destroyed

Who the heck can honestly say they bought this movie for the wonderful acting, or the completly drawn out plot. BAHAHA! Noone can. Admit you just want to see a giant dragon like dino stomp around and look cool against back drops of fire. THe movie is worth the 10 dollars. Thats all. And Zarkorr diffently was a good effort to make a giant monster movie that we see on Scifi every flipping week. I rather take the old detailed suit than the crappy cgi any day of the week.

Studio: Full Moon Home Video

DVD title: Crossroads
Productgroup: DVD
Crossroads - movie DVD cover picture
What's Wrong With You People

I don't know why artists like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Lance Bass,to name a few, attempt to put their so-called acting talents on the big screen (Evita was nothing but music, those J-Lo movies are nothing but CRUD, GLITTER should've been renamed GUTTER, and I've already seen On the Line, and it was called SERENDIPITY and THAT was good). Now Britney Spears want to dominate the movies by starring in a movie that is even worse than Howard the Duck, Showgirls, and Pluto Nash put together. Let's see: a road movie with girls. That's been done before in a movie called Thelma and Louise, put some big name stars in it like Dan Akroyd and Kim Catrall, both of whom who made the life threatening decision to embarrass themselves to be in a movie with a nasally challenged pop star(Suddenly David Caruso's carreer is looking up).Add a plot that was thrown away and shouldn't have been dug up the way IMHOTEP THE MUMMY, shouldn't have been. Finally, have Britney Spears brainwashed into thinking this fluff of a movie is gonna be number one at the box office(unaware that Denzel Washington's "JOHN Q" opened at the same time and nabbed that spot). The movie altogether is a complete and utter douche, and it would make the average viewer want to barf, puke, and hurl. If Crossroads is the film to be recommended to see, then in that case Mariah Carey's GLITTER was overlooked.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Tamra Davis
Britney Spears
Anson Mount

DVD title: Batman - Mask of the Phantasm
Productgroup: DVD
Batman - Mask of the Phantasm - movie DVD cover picture
Maybe the best superhero movie ever

To me Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm is one of the best, if not THE best superhero adaptation ever. It has some unique qualities among, I think, ALL superhero onscreen adaptations:
- Animation is more friendly to comics than film - I'm getting more and more to this conclusion. With animation, there's no fuss about costumes or CGI or make-up. It allows the movement and sound and some of the 3-D effect you can't get from a comic book without things looking too campy or silly.
- Extreme faithfulness to comics - This feature is a smart and tight combination of the Year One and Year Two storylines. There's nothing here to piss-off fanboys: no stiff rubber suit, no leather jackets, no skinny guy as the hero, no caricatural or Power-Rangish villain - the Joker is actually quite creepy - no turn-back-in-time ending.
- Spot-on characterization - Like a lot of two-hour movies don't get to, this hour-and-a-half piece gets to cover in a fitting way all the basic issues of the character: why he can't get over the death of his parents and try for a happier existence, why he uses a dark symbol to fight crime, why he works outside the law, why he isn't a murderer, whether he's as crazy as his enemies or not. His skills are all featured as well: the womanizing playboy facade, the detective, the scientist, the martial artist, the acrobat, the badass. It finds na ideal way to tell his story, connecting past and present. You get to see a lot of Bats at the prime as you also get to follow his first steps.
- Great romance story - I never thought a romance story with Bats would work - at least if it didn't involve Catwoman. But this one is incredibly fitting with Bruce's character arc. Andrea, at first, seems to represent the lighter side of what he could have had - a happier, more normal life. Then she turns out to be the darker side - the murderous, all-about-revenge vigilante he could have been. It's also a rare case of a great Batman story that focuses a lot on Bruce Wayne, giving it a very human appeal.
- The scene where Bruce asks to be released from his promise could well be the most poignant superhero moment onscreen ever: never a superhero begged so hard to put all this madness behind him, and never had so much of a right to: when Supes decides to give up on his powers for Lois, the audience goes, "don't do that, you moron! The world needs Supes more than ever! That chick isn't worth it!" Not to mention Clark LOVES being Superman... When Bruce says, "It doesn't hurt so bad anymore. I can give money to the police... to hire more cops. Let someone else take the risk", even a hardcore Bats fan has to think, "you know what, that makes sense". A robot would feel sorry for Bruce when he says, "I didn't expect to be happy". Yes, a character can be brooding and emotionally difficult and still engage and touch the audience, Mr. Ang Lee...
- It broke ground for feature animation - like the animated series on TV, this feature did a lot for its genre. Superhero movies usually make their innovations on the FX area, but for the time, MOTF was very unusual for an action animation, even more in its storytelling than in its technical qualities. It pulled no punches, with people being murdered, some legitimate creepiness, and the story getting darker and darker as it progressed, with an unhappy ending.

Studio: Warner Studios
Kevin Conroy
Dana Delany

DVD title: They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs (With Exclusive Content)
Productgroup: DVD
They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs (With Exclusive Content) - movie DVD cover picture
This is the one!

I have taught 1st grade for 17 years. I have a 21 month old child. This video is definitely "funky", but it captured and continues to capture his attention. He has learned so much from this video and is able to transfer his learning to other aspects of daily living. This is NOT your typical video, but I highly recommend it to all parents who want to give their child a different slant on learning.

Studio: Universal Music Video
They Might Be Giants

DVD title: Big Trouble in Little China (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Big Trouble in Little China (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

"Jack Burton!ME!"Kurt Russell plays Jack Burton a long haulage truck driver who gets more then he bargined for when he helps out his friend Wang(Dennis Dun) rescue his fiance from the dastardly clutches of evil chinese warlord/magician David Lo-Pan("Which one,the little basket-case on wheels or the ten-foot tall road block!")He is aided by Egg-Shen,local magician/(tour base driver!?)Along the way he falls for Gracie Law(Kim Catral) a local meddler who not as smart as she says and not as stupid as she looks.OK this is Carpenters best 'homage' to adventure/mystery/monster stories.Russell is excellent as the thick-as-a-plank truck driver who only seems to survive through an amazing set of coincedences.He thinks its him saving the world when he only seems help but thanks to MR.C's direction you can't help but root for him.Great movie,terrible plot,superb effects(for 1986)and the only thing is a chorus line.Shame it didn't light up the box-office that year.Fair play though to Fox for believing in Carpenter.They wanted it to make money and thats it and was forgotten at the movies and became a cult hit.Still there always pay-per-view.Carpe Diem!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: John Carpenter
Kurt Russell
Kim Cattrall

DVD title: Summer of Sam
Productgroup: DVD
Summer of Sam - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is great I am from Brooklyn and maybe someone outside of the NYC area wouldn't "get it" but I thought that it was great. I am not a fan of Spike Lee's but he impressed me with this one! And Adrien Brody is such a hotty! You must see this for yourself and if you are from the NYC area and remember the 70's you will love it trust me!

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Spike Lee
John Leguizamo
Mira Sorvino
Adrien Brody

DVD title: Robin Williams - Live on Broadway
Productgroup: DVD
Robin Williams - Live on Broadway - movie DVD cover picture
I laughed until it hurt

the funniest standup i have ever seen. i laughed until it hurt and then until it didnt hurt anymore. i was laughing so hard that i couldnt hardly breathe. if you buy prepare for cramps from laughtin too hard!

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Marty Callner
Robin Williams

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Outstanding Series

This series is the epitome of great television. When it was on and now that I have the DVD set it truly is my serenity, my sanctuary from the heinous abomination that is taking over the air waves; i.e. reality tv. Thank you Joss Whedon and everyone who helped make this show possible and never give up the dream.Keep flyin!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season Five
Productgroup: DVD
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season Five - movie DVD cover picture
Great DVDs of DVD!!

What I won't do is bore you with info you may already know about the show. What I will do is say that this DVD set of all five seasons are very much worth the money. There are SOME nice extras, but the main focus is really the nice restoration and transfer of these wonderful episodes. The extras are ok, but it tends to be more of filler (e.g. The use of scenes from the "Dick Van Dyke Show Remembered" special and then adding the entire special as a feature when many of the scenes were used already to fill up other seasons' sets.)
Also, the lazy use of cover photos were disappointing. Photos from the sets of seasons three, four and five are not from their respective season episodes. This annoys me, but it's hardly an issue for the most part. If you are a big fan of this classic show, hurry and get all five of these DVD season sets. You truly won't be disappointed!!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Dick Van Dyke

DVD title: Trace Adkins - Video Hits
Productgroup: DVD
Trace Adkins - Video Hits - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD has made many fans very happy!!

This is a long awaited DVD! It will surely fly off the shelves!! Trace anytime of the day! What a nice thought!!

Studio: Emi Distribution
Trace Adkins

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