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DVD title: Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Invader ZIM - Doom Doom Doom (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
ZIM fans: purchase now.

I have all these episodes in DIVx format on my computer, but I bought it anyway. The commentary is cool. The Irken subtitles are funny, and the quality is better than what you will find out on any P2P network. Support Jhonen and his art.
for non-zim fans: i suggest that you get on a p2p network and find a few episodes before you buy. Some people are turned off by the twisted humor, though most love it. I recomend 'invasion of the idiot dog brain', or 'dib's wonderful life of doom'.

Studio: Media Blasters, Inc
Director: Steve Ressel

DVD title: Crocodile Dundee
Productgroup: DVD
Crocodile Dundee - movie DVD cover picture
A comedy classic ! Paul Hogan at his best!

First of all sorry for my English that is not my first language.
But I want to write a review about this film that is for me my favourite film ever and the best of the 3 of the serie of the Crocodile Dundee.
Everytime I watch this movie I am happy to see it and don't stop laughing. I like very much the funny jokes of actor Paul Hogan and regret that for the moment that there is not a fourth one... We can always dream...
There are some actors you don't know why but they have something in themselves very special,and between you and them it works! I like very much Paul Hogan because it seems that is way of making laugh is natural, He has that inside.
Thank you Paul Hogan for this movie that will always make me laugh at any time of my life because you are a great man!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Peter Faiman
Paul Hogan
Linda Kozlowski

DVD title: Chicago - RAW: Real Artists Working
Productgroup: DVD
Chicago - RAW: Real Artists Working - movie DVD cover picture
RAW people

What people dont understand about this video is that it was supposed to be R A W!!! That is why its called "Raw with Chicago".It was filmed with more of an edge look,like you where their. I love this DVD! The song selection is great, to the way they discuss thier tour set-up... the live footage and the induction footage. Good goin HMS!! I recommend this video for any music lover, young or old ...

Studio: Mvd

DVD title: The Prisoner - Set 1: Arrival/ Free for All/ Dance of the Dead
Productgroup: DVD
The Prisoner - Set 1: Arrival/ Free for All/ Dance of the Dead - movie DVD cover picture
The Most Original and Thought-Provoking TV Series -- Ever

I first saw The Prisoner as a small child, and happened to tune in during "Checkmate," the episode where people are used as chess pieces. "Wow, cool," I thought, and watched every other episode at the time, although it went way over my head. Subsequently, I caught it at various times in my life as it reran, finding more and more in this very enigmatic, weird, witty allegory. Not only was the entire series phenomenal, it has one of the strongest and most memorable finales ever created -- and it ultimately does answer the question, "Who is Number One?"
Now, finally, the series is available on DVD, which is the ideal format for it. Not only is the picture quality in this transfer excellent, but you now have the opportunity to pause and study some of the more interesting production details. Why are there no number sevens on the Village information board? Do the Greek letters on that doctor's machinery hide a secret message? Does the first episode really have *two* characters who are number 66?
If there's a flaw to the first two sets of DVD's, it's that the extra material is a little on the light side. Sure, set one has the complete alternate version of "The Chimes of Big Ben," and there are TV teaser commercials (which just demonstrate that the networks had no idea what to make of it), trivia quizzes and production stills -- but where is the audio commentary? Where are the interviews? Where's Patrick McGoohan? Maybe that will come in the final set, and I see that set three does have a behind the scenes interview. On the other hand, the "interactive" map of the Village really isn't, and if you want an excercise in boredom, watch the entire "Foreign File Cabinet" footage on Set One.
But... all of that said, this DVD series is a must-have for fans of the show, and a good addition to the collection of any fan of science fiction, mystery, philosophy, history or what have you. "The Prisoner" is absolutely unique in television. The only other thing that ever came even halfway close was "Twin Peaks," nearly twenty years later, but the issues raised in "The Prisoner" are still relevant today, perhaps even moreso with the rise of both technology and PC groupthink. The Village, after all, is all around us.
Be seeing you...

Studio: A & E Home Video
Patrick McGoohan

DVD title: Practical Magic
Productgroup: DVD
Practical Magic - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful playful movie, Much better than the book

If you think witchy movies are not your thing, then please take the time to watch this one. I think you will stop thinking of Dorothy, insipid voices and striped socks. Oz does not live here!!
I adored this movie! I loved how the women came together to help rid the Owen's of Gillian's loser boyfriend. I loved the house, can I have it? Stockard Channing as my Aunt? Oh how I wish!! Any movie with her in it is a must see. Solid cast, solid performances really a great time. The ensemble cast gives depth to a movie that really could be 2 dimensional, and in my opinion beats the book by leaps and bounds.
While this is nothing like real witches, no we don't blow on flames. Nicole's sexy innocence is a great choice for Gillian; I don't know if I would have picked Sandra for Sally, her performance is very good as well.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Griffin Dunne
Sandra Bullock
Nicole Kidman

DVD title: Third Watch
Productgroup: DVD
Third Watch - movie DVD cover picture
How could they??

How can NBC do this? Cancelling one of their best shows that they have. Plus they still haven't released the dvds yet. You can find every other show on DVD, some that just came out like last year; and not Third Watch. I hope that the network people know what they're doing, because I can't think of any good reason to cancel this show. Whatever comes to replace it will never come close to what this show was. NBC definately lost a viewer because of this. Please come out with the DVD sooon.

Skipp Sudduth

DVD title: For All Mankind - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
For All Mankind - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
The Real Deal

Science fiction movies and computer digital effects are great, but they don't compare to seeing actual footage shot in space, such as the case for this documentary. The scenes are spell-binding as ships manuever in the cold blackness of space, eventually landing on the surface of the Moon. The feature follows the sequence of an Apollo mission from the astronauts' dressing rooms, through the launch of the mighty Saturn V rocket and traveling through space, climaxing with views on the Moon's surface. Scenes are inter-mixed with footage from different Apollo missions, but it's not that displeasing and shows particular highlights such as Man's first step on the Moon, to later missions when astronauts had a lunar vehicle for traveling on the barren landscape. Brian Eno's music is perfect for this feature; if you could hear music out there - this would be it. Listening to the astronauts as they narrate this feature is nice and makes you feel even closer to them as you watch them progress through their missions. What's great is that it is all real footage, there are no actors and no FX, you get to see how it really happened.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Al Reinert
Jim Lovell
Kenneth Mattingly

DVD title: Yoga and Pilates Vol 2
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga and Pilates Vol 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Relaxing Non-Impact

This is a very relaxing workout, but not not difficult and the high basic or intermediate will be looking to a second work out tape after for exercise.

However Solomon does work muscle groups in novel ways. I enjoyed it for stress relief and relaxation. The higher score is for the relaxing environment, nice music, good verbal directions, and high production quality.

Studio: Platinum Disc Corp
Louise Solomon

DVD title: Empires - Islam: Empire of Faith
Productgroup: DVD
Empires - Islam: Empire of Faith - movie DVD cover picture
A video that will put your "misunderstandings" into clear...

This video really clears your head...about the Islam you hear on Tv...or read in the paper---it'll give you a "CLOSER LOOK" of the real Islam....and what it is! It's really a video...that you CAN'T miss...if you want to know Islam. I recommend it 100%----It's absolutely a go-go one! Don't miss!

Studio: PBS Home Video
Islam-Empire of Faith

DVD title: Doctor Who - The Green Death (Episode 69)
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - The Green Death (Episode 69) - movie DVD cover picture
Jo's finest hour!

Global Chemicals have a process that results in 25% more petrol from crude. While that may mean "more money, more jobs" it also means "more muck, more devastation, more death," as well as a doubling in atmospheric pollution. When a miner is found dead in the mine in Llanfairfach, South Wales, covered by a green phosphorescent glow akin to putrefaction, UNIT is alerted. The Doctor, however, wants to go to Metebelis Three to get one of their blue sapphires and Jo wants to help Nobel Prize-winning ecologist Professor Jones and his hippie group of scientists against Global Chemicals.
Soon, two more deaths follow, and Jo and the Doctor discover the cause down the mine--a green petrochemical slime that causes death on contact. Worse, the slime has irradiated maggots to two feet in length who also kill on contact.
The Brigadier, and the Doctor (after a perilous but successful expedition at M3) work against Global Chemicals and the director, Jocelyn Stevens. However, in Episode 1, Stevens is seen talking to (himself?), as if he's under control by someone else.
Professor Jones reminds Jo of a younger version of the Doctor. He believes in using alternative energy sources, such as solar power, movements of the wind, tides, and rivers. No waste means no pollution. Stewart Bevan, then Katy Manning's beau, is a most welcome guest performer as the progressive but ecologically conscious Jones.
This is Jo's show all the way. She did well as the Doctor's assistant, but here, she's more than just a pretty face. Her concern and compassion whenever the Doctor is near death is shown to its best when she hears of the death of Bert, a "funny little Welshman" she only met for a few hours down the mine, but whom she felt was very special. Jones' comforting words to her are magic here. She chooses to go to South Wales instead of "all the time and space being offered" to her by the Doctor. As the Doctor says quietly, "So, the fledgling flies the coop." His reaction after he says goodbye to her at story's end tells his fondness of her.
For a good example of Who, Episode One is simply packed with action and a chain of events that draw the viewer in. The writhing and hissing maggots are well-constructed. They used fox skulls for those up close, and for those far away, inflated condoms! No joke!
Note: Tony Adams (Elgin) fell ill midway through production and so his lines were carried on by Mr. Dalek voice himself, Roy Skelton (Mr. James) in Episode 5. John-Scott Martin (Hughes) is best known for as being one of the men inside the Daleks. Roy Evans (Bert) later appeared next season in The Monster Of Peladon as Rima. As for errors, notice the hand at the bottom right of screen giving Mostyn Evans (Dai) his cue to speak in Episode One. The CSO effects aren't that good when people go down the mine in the lift. And why use CSO and film intermittently in the "field of maggots"?
Katy Manning not only had three seasons as one of the series' most memorable and lovable companions, but had the best farewell story of any companion. The danger on pollution and condemnation against irresponsible corporations who flagrantly poison the Earth so that the ends (more fuel and money for everyone) justify the means, is still relevant--why else were films like A Civil Action and Erin Brockovich made over twenty years later?
Jo's rallying words at the beginning of Episode One still serves as a reminder today: "It's time that the world awoke to the alarm bells of pollution instead of sliding down the slippery slopes of..." Slopes to ruin, yes. Bye, Jo. We'll miss you!

Studio: BBC
Jon Pertwee

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