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DVD title: Dragon Ball Z - Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (Uncut)
Productgroup: DVD
Dragon Ball Z - Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (Uncut) - movie DVD cover picture
Z Fighters VS. Broly!

This is truely a werk of art. This is possibly one of my most favorite movies. It featurs maney characters including: Goku, Vegeta, Adult Trunks, Gohan(teen), and has a speacial guest appearance by Piccolo! The Z fighters take a beating and keep on winning in this awsome story of how RAGE increases one's power and how nomatter what, Good will always win! KAMEHAMEHA!

Studio: Funimation Productio
Director: Daisuke Nishio

DVD title: Saturday Night Live - Best of Jimmy Fallon
Productgroup: DVD
Saturday Night Live - Best of Jimmy Fallon - movie DVD cover picture
Hes hip, Hes funny, Hes Fallon

With fantastic impressions and a modern, hip humor, the best of jimmy fallon is hilarious. Alot of people want to just say hes ripping off sandler. Most of these people are looking for something to use against Fallon, because they dont like him. Dont let these people miss-lead you. Sandler didnt do impressions. Sandler wasnt an anchor on weekend update, and to be honest most of fallons stuff is better then sandlers! Now granted, he will sometimes look at the camera or laugh in a sketch. He does struggle with that. But never the less, hes hilarious. GET THIS DVD!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Jimmy Fallon

DVD title: Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

It's amazing to me how visionary - and relevant - this documentary is after more than 20 years. After two decades of catching only a few episodes, owning the entire series, especially on DVD, is hard to imagine.
My advice? Buy it. Watch it. Become a better person.

Studio: Cosmos Studios
Carl Sagan

DVD title: The Sopranos - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Sopranos - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Greatness continued

The second season of the Sopranos offers more characters, more character development and more great plot lines. While it doesn't have the "freshness" of the first season, It more than makes up for it in quality. Great acting, great directing. A great story told simply and wonderfully. They resorted to more gimicks in the third season, but Season 2 retains the feel of the first season. If you liked season 1, you'll like season 2. More of the same and just as good.

Studio: Warner Home Video
James Gandolfini

DVD title: Apocalypse Now
Productgroup: DVD
Apocalypse Now - movie DVD cover picture
An experience

Its a fairy-tale in hell!
How can such a movie exist, that combines a cinema experience and shocking atmosphere this good, and still be a war movie?
Its not malicious like Deer Hunter, our coarse like Platoon. It's balanced to perfection.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Martin Sheen

DVD title: The Corrs - Unplugged
Productgroup: DVD
The Corrs - Unplugged - movie DVD cover picture
The Corrs Unplugged in NTSC At Last!!!!

It has taken awhile for The Corrs astonishing "Unplugged" performance to make it onto DVD in NTSC format but finally, the wait is over!!
Captured live in October 1999 before a studio audience in Ireland's Ardmore Studios, The Corrs deliver an outstanding up-close-and-personal performance in a small intimate setting. In addition to what was then their current hits, The Corrs also debut two songs from their album "In Blue" ("Radio" and "At Your Side") which are arguably superior than what would wind up on that studio album one year later.
Additionally, the band throws in some stellar renditions of traditional Irish tunes which show off the full scope of their musicianship as well as cover versions of their favorite songs - R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts", Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" and Thin Lizzy's "Old Town" - which are played in a way that only The Corrs can play them.
A genuine highlight of the entire performance would have to be the cover version of Jimmy McCarthy's "No Frontiers" in which Andrea Corr leaves the stage giving the vocal spotlight over to sisters Sharon and Caroline who give a stirring heartfelt performance here.
Definitely, this DVD was well worth the wait. This is arguably The Corrs best performance on video. Andrea's voice is strong and powerful throughout, Sharon's violin and vocal harmonies are flawless while Caroline and Jim show off amazing versitility by switching between different instruments during the show (Caroline plays drums, bodhran, percussion and piano, Jim switches between many guitars as well as piano). The band's strong back up from Anthony Drennan, Keith Duffy, Mitchell Froom and the Irish Symphonic Film Orchestra give the performance an even bigger boost.
Despite having a rather expensive price-tag, "The Corrs Unplugged" is worth every dollar and penny. It's a great companion to the CD and shows The Corrs at their very very best.
A Must Have For All Corrs Fans!!

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Tru Calling - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Tru Calling - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
"Tru" television

This show is AWESOME! Tru Calling is probably one of the better 'supernatural' shows. Tru has the power to re-live days to save innocent victims that wind up in the morgue. She doesnt have super-strength, or magical powers to save the victims, well other than the re-living days. She uses her wits to stop the killers, and thats what makes this show worth watching. Tru even struggles with everyday life while trying to save the innocents. Harrison, Tru's brother, is awesome, and ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! Davis, the morgue attendant, is unlike anybody I've met, but he cares so much about Tru and Harry, and is the brains of the three. Lindsey, Tru's best friend, is witty, funny, and absolutely CLUELESS about Tru. Luc, Tru's boyfriend, is a great guy with a HUGE heart, and really faithful to have to go through what he has with Tru and still love her. Merideth, Tru's older sister, has a great career and money, but battles drug addiction. Jack has the power to go rewind days too, only he is Tru's true universal opposite, which means he wants the people to STAY dead...

Overall, this season is GREAT and a MUST for any Tru Calling fan!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Eliza Dushku

DVD title: Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The surprise is on our side !

The pride beyond the honor and the duty .
The unexhausted sea chase , a cat and mouse chess game ; a fantastic voyage to Galapagos Islands ; important lessons about the leadership .
The film contains so many different issues but so well integrated and edited that the movie runs about 130 min .
This movie will become in a status film through the years . The handle camera of Peter Weir , the photography is simply marvelous.
The artistic direction is first rate and the Russell Crowe was magnificent .
So what happened with all those superb adjectives ? and Why was this film so neglected in the Academy Awards?
The answer may be in those clever words of Don Quixote :
Cosas veredes , Sancho.
Please , acquire as soon as you can this work .
Fascinating and breathtaking take after take.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Peter Weir
Russell Crowe
Paul Bettany
James D'Arcy
Billy Boyd

DVD title: Bang, Bang, You're Dead
Productgroup: DVD
Bang, Bang, You're Dead - movie DVD cover picture
Feelings provoked that no other movie has done.....

A few years ago (2001) I played the title role of Josh in 'Bang Bang You're Dead' the play in Massachusetts at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, and it was the most challenging role I have ever played and the most rewarding experience of my life, no joke. The play was so amazing and brought out my emotions, that are normally kept hidden, in ways I've never known before. I feel in the very short time that I did the show, I tapped into so many emotions that I didn't know I had. It was so utterly real, that it was frightening for me to play Josh and to become (even for a few performances) the person that he was. I never shared his feelings before or had been through what he has in high school (thank god) and I feel so fortunate for my life. The screenplay is so exciting, thought-provoking, slap-in-face realistic etc. It spoke to me and impressed me more than any other play I have ever read or played in. The very same goes for the movie. I have seen many movies in my life (some pretty amazing ones are out there, ie. Donnie Darko, my favorite) but when I saw the movie two years after my portayal of Josh, the same emotions were brought out of me like the play. The play and the film are both amazing, and though may not stand out in special-effects or cinematography, it is a mind-boggler and not in a stupid- Vanilla Sky what-the-hell-is-going-on way but in a realistic, this is really life for thousands of people out there way. I highly suggest this movie and I highly suggest that every high school should either show this movie for the student body or, more importantly, put on the play for the community. It speaks out to everyone and you'd have to be heartless to scoff at this movie. It may feel like an exaggeration of realism to people who can't relate with this character, but you have to understand from his point of view because there are so many people out there that feel just like Josh and nothing being done about it. Maybe I am being biased because I was Josh in the play and really got into who he was and how he felt, nevertheless this movie is a must-see. Truly.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Guy Ferland

DVD title: Beyond the Sea
Productgroup: DVD
Beyond the Sea - movie DVD cover picture
Spacey Does It Again

I was a teenager during the 50's and never cared much for Bobby Darin nor Sandra Dee. I recently saw the Movie "Beyond The Sea" and wish I had paid more attention to Bobby Darin when he was recording. Kevin Spacey did a terrific job of portraying Darin.
I enjoyed the movie so much that I intend to purchase a copy of the DVD as soon as it is released so that I can watch it again & again.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey
Kate Bosworth
John Goodman

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