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DVD title: The Big Lebowski
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Lebowski - movie DVD cover picture
You're outta your element if you don't like this movie

This is my favorite Coen brothers movie, closely followed by Raising Arizona. John Goodman is hilarious as a Vietnam Vet who takes his bowling very serious and doesn't rollon sundays. Shomer Shabbat!The highlights of the movie for me are the parts with Jesus. Not the messiah, but the bowler. The part where he's shining his bowling ball makes me die laughing every time. "You said it man. Nobody f's with the Jesus."

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Joel Coen
Jeff Bridges
John Goodman

DVD title: Meet The Fockers (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Meet The Fockers (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I Found It Better Than The First

I know I'm probably going to get a barrage of not helpful votes like for my reviews of "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" and "Titanic", but I actually found "Meet The Fockers" funnier than the first moive, 2000's "Meet The Parents". I got a lot more of the humor and the additoion of Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand to the cast made the film for me.

The film picks up some time after the events of the first one. Gaylord "Greg" Focker (Ben Stiller) has finally earned the respect of future father in law Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro), who he is now allowing to marry his daughter Pamela (Teri Polo). However, there is one hurdle they have to clear: meeting Gaylord's parents. Jack is intent on meeting his daughter's future in-laws. So, the Byrnes (including Blythe Danner, returning as Dina Byrnes, and Jinx the Cat) journey down to Florida to meet Bernie Fokcer (Dustin Hoffman) and Roz Focker (Barbra Streisand), Greg's carefree parents. As soon as they meet each other, it's clear that the Byrnes and the Fockers are polar oppsites. The Byrnes (okay, Jack) are conservative and somewhat stuffy. They tell onlyof their achievements and think that a simple handshake is the proper way to show friendship. The Fockers on the other hand are the opposite: they hug people, tell embarassing stories, and dedicate an entire wall to Greg's underachievements. This creates some tension between ex - CIA agent Jack and Greg.

This results in several slight but very funny gags. Among them, a football goes horribly wrong, baby Jack drinks booze and sees "Scarface", Greg "speaks the truth" aout what he thinks of everyone, andon top of it all, Gaylord may already have a little Focker of his own.

It's basically a rehash of the first movie, but the same schtick is even funnier the second time around. This is a film that I think I could recommend to just about anyone with a bird's taste in movies.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jay Roach
Robert De Niro
Ben Stiller
Dustin Hoffman
Barbra Streisand
Blythe Danner
Teri Polo

DVD title: Jeepers Creepers
Productgroup: DVD
Jeepers Creepers - movie DVD cover picture
Best monster since Predator

What I liked about this movie was that the creature wasn't just killing for the heck of it. It had a purpose. While he killed people, he was doing it to survive.
There are instances in this movie that you get creeped out by just seeing the monster. An example is when the kids are leading the police back to where they found all of the bodies. The second view through the back window did it for me.
I've watched horror movies all my life. It wasn't always slash and dash, disembowelment and hacking up oversexed teens who are drinking and doing drugs. Boring! The "Lady in White" and "The Ring" demonstrate that good writing makes a better movie.
The best monsters I've seen in a long are: the Alien, the Predator, and the monster from this movie. While they all have gross scenes, it's the creature him or herself that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Victor Salva
Gina Philips
Justin Long

DVD title: Walking with Dinosaurs
Productgroup: DVD
Walking with Dinosaurs - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Dinosaur Documentary on the Planet

I purchased this title along with "When Dinosaurs Roamed America" and this is by far the better DVD set. Both titles use a lot of liberty in recreating the world the dinosaurs lived in and what their daily lives were like but the "Walking with Dinosaurs" set covers much more ground and has the better CGI effects of the two. Both are worthy of purchase, but if you are sitting on the fence trying to determine which is the better buy then look no further. This is THE standard by which all other dinosaur documentaries are measured.
Kenneth Branagh is far superior to John Goodman in his narration and although the scenes are solely based on the researchers and film-makers imaginations, there are no obvious logic flaws as there are in "When Dinosaurs Roamed America". In that title, a segment on the raptors at one moment describes them as the most intelligent of all the dinosaurs and then the next moment shows them feasting on a carcass while ignoring an oncoming forest fire. As the other animals flee, they remain and gorge themselves until they consumed in the flames. That would make them the most ignorant of the dinosaurs at the time, not the most intelligent.
You won't find logic flaws like that in "Walking with Dinosaurs". What you will find is three plus hours of amazing footage and facts that will enable you to see these magnificent creatures like you've never seen them before. Ever wonder what the dinosaurs of Antarctica were like or imagine an Allosaurus getting taken out by an ocean dwelling carnivore? You'll see it all here. This is the closest thing to a National Geographic show on living dinosaurs that we'll ever see. I only hope that the creators of this series will make more episodes.

Studio: BBC Video

DVD title: Barbie in The Nutcracker
Productgroup: DVD
Barbie in The Nutcracker - movie DVD cover picture
Great entertainment - FUN!

My daughter really likes this movie. She always wants to get dressed up in her "ballerina" clothes and fairy clothes and play and dance along. Many movies are to scary for her.. this one isn't... it has just enough suspence to make the ending exiting without disturbing her
My husband hates it... it probably isnt good for family movie night.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Owen Hurley

DVD title: Splash
Productgroup: DVD
Splash - movie DVD cover picture
4 3/4 Stars really, But Who's Counting

This is the movie that took a young TV actor named Tom Hanks and made him a movie star. It didn't hurt the careers of Daryl Hannah, John Candy, or Ron Howard, either. Allen Bauer (Hanks) is on the rebound when a mermaid (Hannah) comes to New York looking for him. She saved him from drowning twice, although his memories of being saved are a bit hazy. He falls in love with her, of course, without realizing exactly what he's in for, because her tail changes into legs when dry. Add in Allen's playboy brother (Candy) and a zany scientist seeking to prove the existence of mermaids, and you have all the necessary ingredients for a very funny movie.
My problem was how to rate this movie. I don't really consider it to be quite a classic like "Tootsie", "Arsenic and Old Lace" or some of the others I have rated 5 star comedies here. On the other hand, it is a personal favorite, I own a copy, and I have enjoyed watching it many times. So consider it about a 4 3/4 star movie (I rounded off). Whatever, anybody who enjoys comedy should certainly get a good laugh from "Splash". It's a great "date" movie, too, so watch it with a friend.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Daryl Hannah

DVD title: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Productgroup: DVD
Planes, Trains and Automobiles - movie DVD cover picture
Exceptional Comedy! John Candy's Finest Hour!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I first saw it 5 years ago and I recently got the video. It has a fantastic storyline and it is VERY FUNNY! There are too many funny scenes in this movie to even start mentioning! The sad part is that this movie would've been perfect if not for the swearing of Steve Martin at the airport which automatically makes this movie a cert 15. It's a shame that they had to go ahead with all of that language on this movie as up until then it would've been a PG family flick. But other than that (which is sorta funny anyway! LOL) you'll laugh out loud at these two great actors doin' their stuff onscreen. AN INSPIRED DUO!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: John Hughes
Steve Martin
John Candy

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
A little bit overrated but an amazing season anyway

I wrote I want Buffy and Riley Back Toegther again! And im writing this because I want them back. Read I want Buffy and Riley back toegther again and you will fill my pain. They were a good coupile. And you proply won't do it (not a insault)because you had this already planded. But my dad pays mostly 200 or more dollars on the tv bill. Because all I ever Watch is Buffy the vampire slayer. So please do it for me. Because writing to you takes some pain away, But if you did this for me I'd greet in side! Please do it for me. Thank you for listening to me!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Joss Whedon
Seth Green
Charisma Carpenter
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Boreanaz

DVD title: SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season
Productgroup: DVD
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season - movie DVD cover picture
spongebob and patrick

There are two types of people in the world- those who like Spongebob Squarepants and those who want to untie their shoes, take their socks off and rip their toenails out at the nasal sounds of the little sponge. But I'm with the former group and I love the adventures of the little yellow sponge and his friend Patrick. The first season contains some classic episodes such as Bubble stand, Ripped Pants, Help Wanted, Reef Blowers, Tea at the Treedome, Jellyfishing, Plankton, Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Boating School and Pizza Delivery. The subtle adult jokes make the series eminently re-watchable. A must-have DVD for sponge fans. The movie's great too. Essential cartoon TV.

Studio: Paramount Home Video

DVD title: Planet of the Apes - The Complete TV Series
Productgroup: DVD
Planet of the Apes - The Complete TV Series - movie DVD cover picture
this is great

IT'S ABOUT A BUNCH OF APES AND HUMANS WHO CAN'T GET ALONG!!! WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT? Yet, the Planet of the Apes Television is highly under rated as an asset to the POTA cult genre. In the series, Ron Harper and James Naughton play astronauts, Alan Virdon and Peter J. Burke from their Earth of the past, crashing on the Ape planet, not realizing at first that they have come home in much the same fashion POTA fans are accustomed to in the movies. There is an excellent attention to the teaser and intro for these episodes indicating that the writing and production were of superior quality for television studios in 1981. In fact, the attention to the music, costume, and set (mostly shot on location outside the studio) denote the meticulous quality of direction and editing that took place. A lot of work was done to reconcile the movies that predated the series, and a lot of changes were made in a good way. Differing from the movies, humans in the series talked and wore clothes (more similar to the humans in the Tim Burton version of the Planet of the Apes Movie, starring Mark Wahlberg). This was necessary to reduce the tension from apocalyptic themes to humankind struggles-you simply cannot have an explanation of the problems of humanity if the people cannot talk. It just doesn't work that way. The best news however, is that Roddy Mcdowell who played Cornelius in the movies is back as "Galen" in the series. Booth Coleman does a remarkable job of course as Zaius and the most excellent tid-bit of trivia for the cast is revealed with Mark Lenard who plays General Urko. Lenard is a recruit from the hit cult TV series, Star Trek, and is best known for his outstanding performance as Sarek of Vulcan.
Lenard's performance is in fact so good as General Urko, that when I think of Ape military, Urko is the character that stands out in my mind. General Urko is played sufficiently brutish, rash, and impatient, just as you would expect from watching the movies. However, every actor's performance was a testament to the quality of these episodes bringing shame to the many hi-tech, hi-cost jet set science fiction series that flop in the 21st century. I prefer to think of the TV series as a huge mini-series based on this point alone. Clearly, good writing played a large part in these episodes with complex themes coupled with exciting film work. Each episode is like a movie all its own, and with 14 episodes, you will never tire of them. It is sad that this series was cut short but it also creates a strong point for viewers. This series is obtainable, watchable, and learnable in a very short period of time. You can study the characters, experience their social messages and enjoy them without the cheesy special effects present in comparable sci-fi on TV or in movies for the series' time period. Not only do I recommend the Planet of the Apes TV series, but I would be so bold as to say that it is the best medicine for the entertainment blues of more than just sci-fi or POTA fanatics. I've personally introduced the series to women, youngsters, teens, and older people who always have something good to say or reflect upon.
In short, I'd also like to add that this wholesome family entertainment from a dying breed of TV show that respected family values and ideals. The show's handling of virtue and integrity are refreshing from the smut that generally ruins what was originally a great idea on television. Enrich yourself and others, buy this series before this world goes to the simians.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Planet of the Apes
Roddy Mcdowell

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