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DVD title: The Sweetest Thing (Rated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
The Sweetest Thing (Rated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
You guys take things too seriously!

This movie was no Mystic River or Titanic. However, when I bought it, that wasn't what I was looking for. This movie had me lauging harder that Something About Mary. Yea it's got some raunchy jokes and a(great)'gagging' scene but I think it is no worse than some similar movies with men in the leading roles. Can't handle the fact that women can have just as many dirty thoughts as men?? I highly recommend this if you once or twice had a wild time with friends or you just love clean raunchy fun. Don't watch if you are going to take this movie seriously and poo poo on it because it wasn't nominated for an Emmy.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Roger Kumble
Cameron Diaz
Christina Applegate
Thomas Jane

DVD title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Productgroup: DVD
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie, extras reviewed

I'm sure people have spent much time reviewing how great this movie is, and it is. So I'll keep it very short, and just comment on a couple of extras. It was cool that the extra footge was added in, but having Eli and Clint do the lines so recently was very distracting and obvious (as in, you could tell they were very old). For integrity purposes, it was cool, but for movie consistency, I almost would have liked to have had an impersonation closer to the original younger voices. It would have made these added scenes seem less obvious as added/restored scenes. Secondly, I've heard some people complain about the commentary being dry and boring. Personally, I liked it. Either way, who cares, these are just the extras... the film itself is phenomenal. You don't have to like westerns... if you like Quentin Tarantino, you'll love this. Probably, you'll love it for what it is, though!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Sergio Leone
Clint Eastwood
Lee Van Cleef
Eli Wallach

DVD title: What's Up, Doc?
Productgroup: DVD
What's Up, Doc? - movie DVD cover picture

This movie was an Easter attraction at Radio City Music Hall back in the days when that was something special. And speaking of something special, so is this film.
From the crackling opening title song (Barbra's rendition of "You're The Top" is one of the best things she has ever recorded) throughout every second of this homage to the old screw ball comedies, you can't help but laughing and loving every wacky second of this delightful movie.
One historical note of interest: when the movie first played, audiences did not hear Ryan O'Neals response to Barbra's statement: "Love means never having to say you're sorry". That's how loud the audience howls of laughter were when she uttered that line.
Well, with the video, you'll hear (and love) every second of this movie.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Barbra Streisand
Ryan O'Neal

DVD title: Cabin Fever - Special Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Cabin Fever - Special Edition - movie DVD cover picture
a horror equation fulfilled! (WON'T SPOIL THE MOVIE)

as a movie man. i appreciate good and bad movies for, well, the good and bad aspects of both.
as everyone should know, horror movies are bad. so expecting that, one can pick out great qualities.
this movie combines everything a present horror movie should have. a bit dark, pretty gross at times, sexual (and with some wacky things, even for today's teen-audience movies), a whole lot of laughs (the kind that may or may not of been intended, random, and plain old humor), and a bunch of twenty-something mediocre to horrible actors and actresses.
very enjoyable.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Eli Roth
Rider Strong
Jordan Ladd
James DeBello
Cerina Vincent
Joey Kern

DVD title: The Simpsons - Bart Wars
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - Bart Wars - movie DVD cover picture
Don't Own It, But Wish I Did

There's a sticker on the cover that says: "3 new to DVD episodes." As President Clinton once said, "It depends on what the definition of 'is' is." Apparently, this doesn't mean, episodes that are New and only on DVD, it means, episodes that were never on DVD before. As already discussed, there are no epsidodes in this package that includes the artwork depicted on the cover (and back) of the package.

Oddly enough, there is also no phone number for Fox Home Video anywhere on the package. Go to their website, and you will also not find a phone number. So after over an hour of research, I finally called the main Fox "News Corp" number, and left a message... four times. Finally, someone called back today and woke me at at 8:15 in the morning... and again at 8:35...

So, the least I can do from this experience, it to share with you the super secret number for Fox Home Video TV Products Customer Relations, which is in the subject of this message.


Studio: Fox Home Entertainme

DVD title: Napoleon Dynamite
Productgroup: DVD
Napoleon Dynamite - movie DVD cover picture
Napolean is dynamite

Napolean Dynamite is by far the best movie of 2004. It's creativty and uniqness is unmatched by anything else coming out of the mediocre Hollywood comedy industry. The best thing about Napolean for me, is the characters. Each has thier own completly out there personality but the funny thing is, you know people that remind you of the characters. Some say there was no plot but that is another theme of the story. These people are so boring they have no plot lines in their existence. The PG rating is also very appealing to me. I love Office Space, Clerks, and movies like that but they all have unnecasary moments. Napolean replaces curse words with stupid irrelevant words but that also adds to the humor. I saw this movie with my girlfriend and we have been quoting it ever since. If you hav not see the film, I suggest you see it as soon as possible. Buy it if possible because I assure you, you will be wanting to watch it over and over.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jared Hess
Jon Heder
Jon Gries
Efren Ramirez

DVD title: Led Zeppelin
Productgroup: DVD
Led Zeppelin - movie DVD cover picture
All Live

"Led Zeppelin 2 DVD-SET" Royal Albert Hall, January 1970: 1. "We're Gonna Groove", 2. "I Can't Quit You Baby", 3. "Dazed and Confused", 4. "White Summer", 5. "What Is and What Should Never Be", 6. "How Many More Times", 7. "Moby Dick", 8. "Whole Lotta Love", 9. "Communication Breakdown", 10. "C'mon Everybody", 11. "Something Else", 12. "Bring It on Home" Madison Square Garden, July 1973: 1. "Black Dog", 2. "Misty Mountain Hop", 3. "Since I've Been Loving You", 4. "The Ocean" Earl's Court, May 1975: 1. "Going to California", 2. "That's the Way", 3. "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp", 4. "In My Time of Dying", 5. "Trampled Underfoot", 6. "Stairway to Heaven" Knebworth Festival, August 1979: 1. "Rock and Roll", 2. "Nobody's Fault But Mine", 3. "Sick Again", 4. "Achilles Last Stand, 5. "In the Evening", 6. "Kashmir", 7. "Whole Lotta Love", plus xtras...
This is the info i got from a friend. Sounds really good!

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Jimmy Page
Dick Carruthers

DVD title: Jurassic Park Trilogy
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park Trilogy - movie DVD cover picture
JP2=The Best. / JP1=The 2nd Best / JP3=The Third Best

I say that Jurassic Park 2; The Lost World is the absolute best of the three because everything about it is perfect, Jurassic Park 1 is almost as good as the second, and Jurassic Park 3 is Ok. I love the Lost World because of extreme scenes like the San Diego rampage scene.

Studio: Universal Studios
Sam Neill

DVD title: The Science of Fitness with Tamilee: I Want That Body!
Productgroup: DVD
The Science of Fitness with Tamilee: I Want That Body! - movie DVD cover picture
Versatile and effective.

You get two sets of exercises for each of your arms, abs and buns -- that's six sets in all, which you can do in about one and a half hours if you have the time. Otherwise you can break them down based on the body part you want to work out, how much time you have, and the intensity level you want. Although the first set of exercises is easier, it's not lame and you will be sore the next day. I've followed Tamilee's workouts since she did the Buns of Steel videos, and I can say this DVD is the best one yet. No daunting moves or choreography. No fancy equipment. All you need are a set of 5 lb. dumbells (or heavier, if you prefer) and a chair with a low seat. After giving birth, I was able to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was flabby. This DVD not only toned me up, it helped me add a little bulk and actually gave me the abs I never had, not even in my 20's when my tummy was flatter. Now if only I can do something about the stretch marks...

Studio: Goldhil Home Media
Tamilee Webb

DVD title: Signs (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Signs (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Very Good Movie

This is a really good movie. One of the best thrillers that came out this year. I find it really annoying when people give away the plot of the movie then continue to bash it. If you don't like the movie fine don't ruin it for other people. Anyway this movie stars Mel Gibson as a former minister who has lost his faith. He lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with his brother and two children. One morning he wakes up to find crop circles in his cornfields. Is this the work of aliens or is it an elobrate hoax. There are some very creepy scenes in the movie that will make you jump. If you like thrillers than you should give this one a chance.

Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Mel Gibson
Joaquin Phoenix

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