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DVD title: Two-Lane Blacktop
Productgroup: DVD
Two-Lane Blacktop - movie DVD cover picture
You either love it or hate it.

You may notice the other reviews rate Two Lane Blacktop with either 5 stars or 0 stars. This can be attributed to weather or not the reviewer does or does not understand the fascination gearheads have with the automobile. There is no in-between. If you are looking for strong acting performances that inspire and move you, then keep looking elsewhere. If you are down with the era gone by, sadly, of musclecars and then men who are obsessed by them, this is your movie. You will see things you never will see today. Superbirds racing Hemi 'Cudas, Superbees racing Chargers, 442's and Chevelles getting it on. If you know what all this means, buy this movie. You will understand. You will not be sorry you did.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Monte Hellman
James Taylor
Warren Oates

DVD title: The Mummy Collection - The Mummy / The Mummy Returns (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Mummy Collection - The Mummy / The Mummy Returns (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Mummy is Great

The MummyWhen a 3000-year-old Mummy is resurrected, a legionaire, a librarian, and her sneaky, but cowardly, brother are off to stop him. It starts with a treasure hunt where the librarian Evelyn uncovers the Book of the Dead and accidentally uses a spell to bring back a mummy. Rick O'Connell, the legonaire, is then sucked into a campaign to save the world from his evil powers. They learn that they must use the Book of the Living to kill him, but finding it proves difficult.This is a great adventure story with a great story, great characters, and great acting. This movie is also full of amusing jokes, which add to the fun of it all.
The Mummy ReturnsThe mummy is back again, this time brought back to fight the Scorpion King, a man who, if defeated, will surrender his powerful army to the man who defeats him. Once again Rick and Evie are back to stop him, because if the mummy defeats the Scorpion King, he will use the army to destroy the world.This movie is good, but not as good as the first one. It moves at a faster pace, but it sacrifices plot to do so. Still, it's a very enjoyable adventure.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Stephen Sommers
Brendan Fraser
Rachel Weisz

DVD title: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series) - movie DVD cover picture
very funny

this movie is a must see if you are a kevin smith fan. I'd advise watching all his other movies before this one to get some jokes you wouldn't if you didn't. like jay's "beserker" t-shirt. and jason lee's bearded and non bearded characters. this movie was hilarious. I wouldn't reccomend to people who didn't like kevin smith's other films, though.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

DVD title: Happy Tree Friends:Overkill 3pk
Productgroup: DVD
Happy Tree Friends:Overkill 3pk - movie DVD cover picture
the sick world of Happy Tree Friends

From what I know of HTF is form what I seen on AOTS and I loved every sick a twisted second of HTF this is worth owning it has Giggles, Cuddles, Smoochies, Petunia ect it you enjoy twisted cartoons then get this when it comew out

Studio: Ventura Distribution

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Hey ROB ANDERSON I can answer your question!

It's been said that pirate movies don't do well at the box office, but this isn't your standard pirate movie!
This is one with an extremely charismatic leading man playing the role of a pirate, the likes of whom have never been seen before on screen. Jack Sparrow is animated and amusing, and yet bewitching and mysterious. He's naughty, then he's nice, he's dark and brooding, then he's a comedian.
It's got a little bit of everything - action, comedy, romance, "horror", heroes and heroines, and the best cast of villians assembled in a long time. The star studded cast gives a masterful performance. Kudos to Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush and Keira Knightley.
Well worth it's weight in entertainment.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
U wont ever please everyone!..

I have the books, the original Dune Movie, now this set.
Some say this lacks, on the contrary, a big fan will lap up any worthy offering, and I feel this is. The original was great however it needed the next 3 - 4 hrs to help explain things, particularly the Dune politics.
This offering goes that far with much deeper political / plot explanations.
If you are not sure.. Heck! hire it, watch it, and then if you love it.. then Buy It!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
William Hurt

DVD title: Classic Albums - Nirvana: Nevermind
Productgroup: DVD
Classic Albums - Nirvana: Nevermind - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD is Great! For Die Hard Finds!

After reading the other reviews on here I decided to give my opinion. If your just a casual nirvana fan whos only looking for the music videos (which can easily be found on the net) then this is not for you. This is a documentary is based on the making of this incredible album, which why would anyone expect the videos to be on here? The purpose is to give a behind the scenes look at the making of this masterpiece. The new/ recent interviews with Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic are great! It is rare for them to speak publicly about Nirvana, especially dave, so these are a great treat! Some great stories and insight that have not been revealed anywhere else. But by far the best parts of the dvd is when Butch Vig (the producer) breaks down the trackings of the recordings, when he drops out the intrumentation and is just playing the Kurts vocal tracks, to hear just kurts voice on its own is incredibly moving. I highly recommend this DVD, it is by far the best Nirvana documentary I've seen. And Ive pretty much seen them all.

Studio: Red Distribution, In

DVD title: South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Productgroup: DVD
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie Is Great Mmmmkay!

From the opening song, to the end credits, this movie loses no steam. The crude humor, which adds to the charm of the characters, and the actual plot that is satire at it's best, makes this a fantastic movie. The way the movie takes shots at nutty groups that are opposed to everything, to the MPAA, this movie is fantastic. Not to mention the great songs that are in the movie. Look out for "Blame Canada" and "What Would Brian Boitano Do", those are the best songs. So if you are a fan of the show, or a fan of satire, this is the movie for you. If you are an uptight, psycho nut that is opposed to anything that relates to any kind of creativity or self expression, don't watch it, it will just fuel your misguided fire.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

DVD title: Dogma
Productgroup: DVD
Dogma - movie DVD cover picture
If it's an affront, turn your back

This movie makes me smile.
Firstly, it's a smart film. The characters definitely have a handle on their opinions, their "good ideas" and goals. As far as I could see nothing stopped them from saying them (even God herself. Jay's little tirade in front of her had me laughing so hard that fell out of my seat at the theatre). I like characters who aren't all wishy-washy and who don't waffle around unless they have a character-changing experience. Also, The issues raised range from the common ("Is abortion right or wrong?") to the heirarchical ("Is Catholicism stodgy and arcane?") to the silly ("Do Bishops really bless their golf clubs for a better game?") to the divine ("Is God a 'he' or a 'she'?"). And all the characters are well-educated about THAT as well.
"Dogma" does not suffer from lack of opinions or perspectives, to be sure.
Secondly, it's an emotional film. The scene between Linda Fiorentino and Alan Rickman at the lake when she asks the burden of her quest be removed from.. and the Metatron says that her Ancestor said the same thing to him: "Please make this go away." For the first time since I was a child I remembered the tragedy built up around the Birth of Christianity (or Catholicism or whatever...)
Thirdly.. come on: Alanis Morisette as God. How much more fabulous could it be?
For those who think it's insulting and degrading to the Mother Church, well, no one said you had to watch it. Sadly, most of those who protested DIDN'T watch it, yet protested anyway.
See "Dogma", form an opinion and let me know what you think. I for one found it to be an amazing fantasia, full of faith and fun.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Kevin Smith
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Linda Fiorentino

DVD title: Boogie Nights
Productgroup: DVD
Boogie Nights - movie DVD cover picture
A DVD with the Highest Quality Fidelity

Boogie Nights is not the greatest movie of all time, but the DVD package may be the best one available on the market at this time. The film looks great and especially sounds great if you have the sound hooked up to a receiver and high quality speakers. The music of the 70s never sounded better!
About the movie itself. This movie is hilarious, depressing, entertaining and thought-provoking all in one shot. Great performances abound, particularly from Burt Reynolds, the late Robert Ridgely (the Colonel), Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heather Graham (who you get to see quite a bit of in this movie, in more ways than one). Mark Wahlberg is totally convincing as the "gifted" teenager with brains the size of peanuts while John C. Reilley personifies the classic 70's porno star (lots of hair and ugly as sin). The latter two character's give and take throughout the movie is one of its strong points.
The story deals very little with actual porno filmmaking but more about the life and family of the folks involved in this type of life. It is thoroughly convincing. My only real complaint about the film is that it drags during the time that Dirk Diggler (Wahlberg) is out of the porno business and is trying to make it in other things, like music (although the recording scene is hilarious).
A great movie for people who like simple pleasures, like lollipops in their mouth and .... (sorry, you have to see the movie to complete the sentence).

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Burt Reynolds
Julianne Moore
Mark Wahlberg

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