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DVD title: Equilibrium
Productgroup: DVD
Equilibrium - movie DVD cover picture
You Should Not Miss These Sensational Action Scenes

Sci-fi flick with stunning visuals, "Equilibrium" deserves much more attention not only from fans of genre, but also from general audiences. Sure, its flaws are too visible, borrowing Orwellian ideas from other films like, say, "Brazil," but it is not that ideas themselves but the way they are put into practice that really counts, and on that score "Equiliburium" is a winner. (And critics, please let me know, why do you all praise Steven's "Minority Report" which actually borrows ideas from other films of this genre? So, why not give this one a due respect?)
Well, I admit the opening chapter of "Equilibrium" is a bit weak, introducing us to the dystopia world after the WW3, but soon you will forget that. The totalitarian government established after the war decided to eliminate anything that might possibly make humans emotional, forcing the people to inject a certain doze of [chemical substance] to be unemotional every day. Moreover, it decrees there should be no more music (not only hip-hops, but classic music), no more motion pitures, and no more decorated interiors. Those who love them hide underground, becoming rebels while the authroity set up a super-cop troop called "Grammaton Clerics."
Christian Bale ("American Psyco") is John Preston the best of the Clerics, and dedicates himself to the job until he arrests a woman Mary O'Brien who possessd illegal stuffs. But her strong creed and perhaps beauty make their way into the sleeping heart of Preston, who has been long fighting for his cause.
The film's philosophical messages are in themselves not new at all, and director Kurt Wimmer might have kept his idea a little too long. I say so, because today, in the 21st century, it is not this Orwellian society that we are afraid of most. The story has enough twists to surprise us, but maybe one too many, I think, and the wrap-up part of the film feels a bit hurriedly done.
However, those are noting before the film's sensational action scenes, which can make up for any flawed part of the film. The "Gun-Kata" fighting deserves special mention, using [weapons] like Japanese swords, and its hyper-kinetic movement is very violent and very beautiful at the same time. Incredible it might sound, but Christian Bale shows excellent action star quality here, displaying the beauty of "Kata"s -- and "kata" means in Japanese "style." Yes, there are lots of styles in "Equilibrium."
Other plsyers are also effectively cast, and most unexpected is Emily Watson, who quite naturally becomes the Joan D'Arc-like character. Taye Diggs is good as Preston's partner, and though short time, Sean Bean, cast against type, is also perfect as Partridge who plays a key role in the story.
I was quite surprised and satisfied, and even thrilled to see this neglected film, which should have been more pushed. Again I say, its actions are sensational. Not that this is "Matrix"; rather, it is more unique and has its own "kata" = style, which means a lot these days.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Kurt Wimmer
Christian Bale
Sean Bean
Taye Diggs
Emily Watson

DVD title: Hotel Rwanda
Productgroup: DVD
Hotel Rwanda - movie DVD cover picture

A brilliant, beautiful, heartbreaking movie. Don Cheadle should have won the Oscar. This is the best film I've seen in a long time.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Terry George
Don Cheadle
Sophie Okonedo

DVD title: Charmed - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Charmed - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Very Charmed!

What a refreshing entertaining show. It has the perfect blend of comedy, reality and fantasy. I have recently started watching it as it has become available (finally) in our area. From the first episode I was hooked and I am now a faithful watcher.All the actors are amazing!! Julian McMahon, Alyssa Milano, Brain Krause, Holly-Marie Combs, Rose McGowen and all the supporting cast are just phenomenal! When this series comes out on DVD I will definately purchase every season's set. I am really surprized it hasn't already been released.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Shannen Doherty
Alyssa Milano

DVD title: Pink Floyd - The Wall
Productgroup: DVD
Pink Floyd - The Wall - movie DVD cover picture
It had been a long, long time......

It had been a long, long time since I watched this movie (at least from beginning to end). It brought back so many memories, good and bad, of growing up, listening to music, especially music like this that formed so many of my opinions on life (gee, thanks Roger).
The whole "Hey You" and "Goodbye Blue Sky" sequences are brilliant, filling me with buried emotions. As did "Vera/Bring the Boys Back Home", which in my opinion is the pentacle of Roger Waters power as a songwriter (that's my opinion). I also love the scene where young "Pink" takes bullets of his father's and places them on the railroad tracks.
There are several tidbits of goodies here, as well. For instance, did anybody else out there catch "Pink" reading poems that were actually lyrics found later in "The Final Cut" and "The Pros and Cons..."? Or, does anybody else actually know who Vera Lynn is? I do. I actually researched it in high school (very sad).
Finally, I rented this movie on numerous occasions just to hear "When the Tigers Broke Free" and the longer, better version of "Empty Spaces" (both songs are written in the sheet music book "The Wall" that I have). "Tigers" is such a good song, wow.
I hope this will review will at least let other Pink Floyd fans, old and new, know they aren't the only ones out there who need to get a life.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Alan Parker
Bob Geldof
Christine Hargreaves

DVD title: Sideways (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sideways (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Losers don't always lose...

Despite being hesitant about watching this (the director was behind the overrated About Schmidt) i came out of the theater reasonably happy that i did.

While "Sideways" is actually a film that blends many familiar themes in its plot it manages to introduce them achieving an atmosphere that makes it a very warm and ultimately very human film. These themes include a traditional loser type who cant get over his collapsed marriage (Giammati) and who has become self-loathing and bitter about it as well as about his soon NOT to be published book, and his friend who fully exploits him for a few sexual adventures before he himself gets married as they both embark in a weekly trip culminating to the wedding.

Now, if you feel that the storyline might be one of those pseudo-intellectual comedies rest assured that it isn't.
Sideways is genuingly funny in a manner that we all know real life can be. It's also equally tragic mostly because the loser of the story is a terrifically convincing character, one of those people that actually proclaim themselves losers even though they possess wonderful qualities that they themselves do not realise. This character is given a great performance by Giammati, one that should easily be considered for Oscar material even if the film doesnt have the otherwise flashy credentials recquired for such a consideration.

The world of "Sideways" evolves around this loser and his efforts to somehow fit in despite his defeats. His closest friend isnt too interested in saving him and couldnt even if he intended to. Not only that but he leads him from one hilarious disaster onto another. Hilarious yes, farsical even, but still very believable. The scriptwriter obviously managed to achieve a very fine balance here, without which we'd have another fine idea messed up on celluloid.

I's definetely not a situational comedy as most of the charm of the film is based on some seriously self-sarcastic and poignant dialogue and this counts as an extra asset to it.

One of the bigger surprises in films this year, "Sideways" shouldnt be ignored by anyone who looks for a comedy which isnt really a comedy or for a drama which isnt that either, but something in between which will have you laughing and thinking at the same time..

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Alexander Payne
Paul Giamatti
Thomas Haden Church
Virginia Madsen
Sandra Oh

DVD title: Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Greatest Trilogy Ever! (next to Star Wars)

This is one of the greatest trilogies ever to come to DVD. I love the time travel stuff and it was well thought through. Though after watching all 3 a million times I do tend to find discrepancies in the time travel and the history it changes.
The photo in 1955 shows Emmitts tombstone mentions Clara on it. This is before Marty goes back and the revene is still called Clayton revene. Emmitt doesn't rescue her until Marty shows up. So how did he meet her previously (as stated on the tombstone) if she was dead in the revene?
In 1885 if Emmitt is there via the time machine shouldn't there be 2 time machines then if Marty comes back to 1885 as well? Thus Emmitt could have replaced the fuel line and had leftover gas. (maybe)
In part 2 when Old Tannen steals the time machine in the future goes back and gives the Almanac to himself in the past then how did he make it back to his future? I did notice the extras does show him come back and disappear but was not in the main Movie.
Reguardless, the movies rock. I can watch all 3 over and over.

Studio: Universal Studios
Michael J. Fox

DVD title: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Productgroup: DVD
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - movie DVD cover picture

What can you say? This is the original of all Jim Carry's really funny movie stuff. All his hilarious "In Living Color" voices and actions with a football backdrop. If your baby nephew is asleep and you don't want to wake him, don't throw this movie in.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Tom Shadyac
Jim Carrey
Courteney Cox

DVD title: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Productgroup: DVD
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - movie DVD cover picture
terrific movie with lots of bells and whistles on the DVD

I would rank this film as one of the Coen Brothers' best. The premise (of relating Homer's Odyssey as the 1937 story of an escaped convict's journey to prevent his ex-wife from remarrying) is interesting, the dialogue is clever throughout, the cast is wonderful, and the music adds immeasurably to the entertainment.
Of special note, the Coens have been exceedingly generous in the extras offered to those who see the DVD. A behind-the-scenes presentation features interviews and observations from the brothers as well as major actors and technical people; a music video of the breakaway single "A Man of Constant Sorrow"; a documentary about the unique digital colorization techniques used for the film; and (my favorite) three scenes which can be run as a simulcast of the film with storyboard panels. The cinematography and sets are beautiful.
This is what a DVD package *should* be! If you like the Coen Brothers' previous work you should love this. If you are interested in film as a creative endeavor, you will probably enjoy the film and the informative and fun extras. If you like comedy and good music, it would be worth your while to take a chance on this very enjoyable film.

Studio: Touchstone Video
George Clooney
John Turturro
Tim Blake Nelson

DVD title: Charmed - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Charmed - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Must have!

This tv show is a must have in the tv shows.I really want this serie in DVD / VHS.Vote for this please ( and add your e-mail on the right of this page.I hope us votes makes the studios editing this (and after the others seasons) in DVD/VHS...

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Shannen Doherty
Alyssa Milano

DVD title: Bottle Rocket
Productgroup: DVD
Bottle Rocket - movie DVD cover picture
One of my favorites

As its title indicates, 'Bottle Rocket' is a desperately sad comedy about confinement and the reach for liberation. Framed by men incarcerated in institutions accompanied by friends, the film switches expertly between perspectives and patterns - from wide country spaces to cramped interiors whose very shapes seem to offer yet another wall to kick against; from hope-fuelled plans to inept executions; from the need to settle down to the desire to escape; from children to adults, friends to lovers, play to work; from comedy to tragedy, the ideal to real, fireworks to damp squibs, trust to lies, innocence to experience. And, for genius director Wes Anderson, from the limitations of genre, to the messy, vibrant open-endedness of emotional experience.
If the characters in 'Bottle Rocket' were children, the whole thing would seem a lark. A young man, Anthony, is released from a mental hospital, where he was rocovering from 'exhaustion'; he is met by his high-wired friend Dignan, who bombards him with blueprints for the next 50 years of their lives. They plan a heist on a book store, bringing in a rich friend, car-owning Bob, frequent victim of his beefy older brother's bullying. This is intended to impress the Kafkaesque figure of Mr. Henry, a landscape-gardener-...-ganglord. They cross states 'on the lam' for a while, where Anthony falls in love with Inez, a cleaner from Paraguay with little English. Bob, his brother arrested for drug-dealing, goes back with the car. Frustrated by failed love and broken dreams, Anthony and Dignan have a fight, Anthony returning home to relative normality. Then Dignan turns up in a yellow boiler-suit, with the big plan that's going to turn their lives...
The film is full of play, silliness, mucking about, kids pretending they're big men, their failures eliciting laughter and sympathy. Anderson's fluid but fidgety style, true to the needs of his story, but employing all manner of stylistic variations, approximates his young heroes' vitality, imagination and restlessness, while the family intimacy of cast and crew spills into the performances. Because these aren't kids, though, because their lives are slipping away, because their dreams far outstrip their means, the larks stop being funny. The true hero of the film is not the compromising Anthony, through whose developing eyes we watch it (the nocturnal, neon-pool love scene at the motel is a hymn to quiet rapture, quickly intruded on by his friend), but Dignan, a man out of time (and, let's be honest, mind), a man with ambition, big ideas in a little land, a straw target easily unstuffed by burly policemen; a man who needs space, confined.
Although it wasn't especially noticed at the time, 'Bottle Rocket' now looks set to join 'Citzen Kane', 'They Live By Night' and 'Badlands' as one of the great American debuts. It has the spaciousness, generosity, inbuilt mystery, feel for America and stylistic depth that could see it grow.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Wes Anderson
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson

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