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DVD title: The Black Hole
Productgroup: DVD
The Black Hole - movie DVD cover picture
Yes, *this* is "that Disney movie with the robots in it"!

The first thing you're gonna notice about this re-release is the lack of any Disney markings, with the exception of one: the tiny little print in the bottom-left hand corner of the box that reads, "Disney Enterprises". Disney..."ENTERPRISES"??? Boy, no bragging about this tape, huh?
Michael, it wasn't that bad. Trust me. Was the film that bad? I mean, after all, you can see where "Event Horizon" got its inspiration...:)
I really can't see why they took their name off the tape and left the copyright on there. I mean, if you look at it, what have the Disney animated films become? The Beast gets stabbed in "Beauty and the Beast". "Aladdin" was about a street-thief who had to "steal to eat". And the Lion King had two lions hitting each other in the face with flames surrounding them, while echoes of Mufasa's death played. Then you had "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in which one character kills a baby's parents and later sings of "Hellfire" and pictures himself lusting after Esmerelda. Finally, we see "Mulan", where the title character dresses up as a guy, risking treason, where the penalty is death, and fights off an entire army. Along the way, Disney took hits for being both sexist and racist, capitalizing on and exploiting ethnic cultures that weren't theirs to touch. And their name appears, covering "The Black Cauldron"? Disney's ONLY PG-rated cartoon. The PG-rating came forth because of the dark violence and the villian who looked like Satan's worst nightmare.
And then you have "The Black Hole", one of two seemingly forgettable Disney sci-fi's. "Tron" was the other one.
This film does have quite a cast to back up its reputation. Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award-nominee Robert Forster, Max Schell, Anthony Perkins, and the always lovable Roddy McDowall as the voice of "Vincent", the good-guy crew's robot. Yes, their performances vary, and yes, the dialogue is hammy, but you know what, the dialogue is there when needed. That's all that counts. I can find about fifty films last year that can't make that cut(let's start with Something About Mary...). Leave the rest up to special effects(Rhineheart's ship is a wow!) and great poetic moments(check out "hell" and "Heaven") and you get a nicely-rounded fun ride through a nightmare and back again. Picture Event Horizon
Yes, this one DOES show "hell" at the end. And for it's time, it IS a very scary depiction. But, it also DOES show "Heaven". The point of these visions was not to be controversial, but rather, to give a message that we don't know about the things that lurk on the other sides of the universe.
And perhaps, we shouldn't pry.
Check out this small wonder that Disney has chosen to dismiss and see for yourself. Along with TRON, WATCHERS IN THE WOODS, and THE DEVIL AND MAX DEVLIN, this one is worthy of a place in the "Saturday Afternoon Matinee Hall-of-Fame".

Studio: Media Home Entertainment
Director: Gary Nelson
Maximilian Schell
Anthony Perkins

DVD title: Life-Size
Productgroup: DVD
Life-Size - movie DVD cover picture
Life-Size RULZ!

Ok, I am a Lindz fanatic, so it may just be me... I own Life-Size on DVD AND VIDEO, I love it sooo much... (Then again, I own TPT on Dvd, Video, and Laserdisc, but anywhoo...)... Lindz is awesome! Tyra Banks sucks, but that ok, because its made up for by Lindsays performance... and Jere Burns does a pretty good job, except hes not into it enough... BUY LIFE-SIZE
"Watch it lady, I hit 20 homers last season!" "Thats a 50-watter, can we try going for 100?" "Shine bright, shine far! Be A Star!"

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Mark Rosman

DVD title: The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Excelent production

Based in actual facts about the life of Mutsukashi (considered one of the best samurais ever existed) they added a lot of good actors and great locations and you get a fantastic film that really gives you the sensation of being among samurais and their mysticism. This will become a classic.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Edward Zwick
Ken Watanabe
Tom Cruise
Billy Connolly

DVD title: Karen Voight - Slim Physique
Productgroup: DVD
Karen Voight - Slim Physique - movie DVD cover picture
Changed my idea of exercise!!

I have recently gotten into Karen Voight's style of aerobics and I love her! Her personality is totally my style. She's real, feminine and athletic all at the same time. She teaches simple, very effective and efficient moves that really make a difference in your body. I used to be gung ho for the Firm series, and although I still like them- I really like Karen's moves a lot more. She doesn't stress your body out like The Firm seems too. Perhaps I was overdoing the Firm. I don't know, but I really have gotten into the more gentle yet efficient lengthening cardio moves that Karen uses. It has changed the way I look at exercising. My body has a more sleek look now that Karen is my choice instructor rather than the Firm :) AND- I look forward to exercising a lot more now too! If you eat healthy and you exercise with Karen most days, you will see a difference. This DVD is a great intro to Karen's stuff... If you find yourself wanting more cardio after her cardio, just pair it with a nice walk or run. It's perfect for me and may be for you too!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Karen Voight

DVD title: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Great movie, Super Special Effects. The extra features were very interesting. Must see for the Action/Adventure movie fan.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Kerry Conran
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jude Law
Angelina Jolie

DVD title: The Animatrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Animatrix - movie DVD cover picture
I Had No Idea Such Talent Existed

This absolutely fantastic companion to The Matrix blew me away with its quality of story, quality of animation, pace, action and soundtrack.
It tells so many smal stories that supplement and explain someof the unexplained aspects of Matrix and Matrix Reloaded.
I'm not a big Anime fan - some of this is "anime" - most of it isn't. If you liked the Matrix and the Matrix reloaded, you'll enjoy this too. There are apparently two versions - one that comes with a CD soundtrack of Matrix unloaded and one that doesn't.
Check it!

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: The Music Man (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Music Man (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Music man

The Music Man is a great inspiration to children who love bands. Shirley Jones is one of the best singers of all, having sung in Carousel as well. And Robert Preston is perfect. To this one I give 5 stars!!!!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Morton DaCosta
Robert Preston
Shirley Jones

DVD title: Crash
Productgroup: DVD
Crash - movie DVD cover picture
A masterful director shows what he can do with a great book

This film's delayed distribution and release in Britain made it unsuccessful commercially, but its style and content made it an instant classic for fans of the Cronenberg genre. The performance of James Spader is so much like Christopher Walkern in The Dead Zone I almost forgot I was watching a different movie. As in several of Cronenberg's films, the lead character has a deadly curiosity, and his desire to learn more leads him into dangerous areas. In this case, he is becoming more and more involved in the (fictional so far as I know!) fetishising of car crashes and their effects and the people who take such behaviour to its extremes. Cronenberg knows how to push cinema to the boundaries of good taste, then to crash right through them. This both excites and repulses us at the same time. Whilst watching this film I felt thrills I hadn't felt for a long time, comparable to those an adolescent experiences on any new sexual discovery. Just as Spader is taken from his world of mild infidelity into a bizarre underworld where the subject fetish is the norm, we are taken out of familiar movie territory, into an area which is deepest Cronenberg.
Isolated from the film, it would be laughable to see groups of people pay good money to watch a man crash a car dressed in an unconvincing wig, but our involvement by the time this scene arrives is so complete it seems quite normal. The viewer is so drawn into the narrative that it seems like we are among those who have paid to see a man crash a car in a wig...hang on, we have! The film also features an extension of the exaltation of James Dean, in that his car has been restored and the famous crash re-created, a seemingly tasteless treatment of one of cinema's icons, but is this in reality a mere extrapolation of the morbidity and voyeurism of his many admirers?
This film makes you think. Would you put your life at risk for the purpose of getting a new thrill? Many people do every day with drugs or high speed driving. For those of us who have experienced crashes, can we compare the intense mixture of emotions with sex? Credit for this most original of ideas must be given to J.G.Ballard, writer of the book. Only with new ideas like this can Cronenberg sustain his reputation. That this film is not wholly down to the vision of one man benefits it enormously. The actors all seem committed and Hunter and Arquette are sexy in a non-obvious way. Well done Cronenberg, you've done it again! (Sadly there were no extras on the disc).

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: David Cronenberg
James Spader
Holly Hunter

DVD title: Judy Collins - Live at Wolf Trap
Productgroup: DVD
Judy Collins - Live at Wolf Trap - movie DVD cover picture
VHS Version Is Excellent Too

The other review is for the DVD copy. This review is for the VHS copy. The VHS concert has excellent quality stereo audio and excellent video. In addition, Judy's performance is outstanding. The live concert lasts 90 minutes and includes Someday Soon, Mountain Girl, Both Sides Now, City Of New Orleans, Gypsy River, She Moves Through The Fair, My Funny Valentine, Kerry Dancers, Danny Boy, My Father, Beyond The Sky, Send In The Clowns, Amazing Grace, Bird On A Wire, The Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry, Who Knows Where The Time Goes, Walls, and The Blizzard.

Studio: Geneon Entertainment
Judy Collins

DVD title: The Lion King (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lion King (Disney Special Platinum Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Superior Sound Quality

Great movie - typical Disney film for all ages. This edition has a superior Disney Enhanced Soundtrack. Want to give your surround sound system a workout? Play this film. Bose uses it in their stores as a demo because it's so good.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Matthew Broderick
James Earl Jones
Jeremy Irons
Whoopi Goldberg

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