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DVD title: Das Boot - The Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Das Boot - The Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
Yes, a really great movie

I rarely buy movies. I rarely sit through long movies. I never re-watch movies.

"Das Boot" was totally different, I happened by it on late night TV (the full director's cut).
I was not bored for one minute. It was 209 minutes long and it felt shorter than some crappy 30minute shows I've seen.
It was such a great movie, I actually bought the DVD (for the record, I only own 4 DVD's, this is one of them).

Some people say it's a war movie or submarine movie. I think it's really a movie about people. It just happens to take place at war, in a submarine.

Yes, amazing, nearly the whole movie takes place within the cramped confines of a U-Boat and I was not bored...

Really a great film!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Jürgen Prochnow

DVD title: Attack
Productgroup: DVD
Attack - movie DVD cover picture
Fine War Drama--Unfortunate Title.

This film is almost 50 years old, yet it still packs a wallop for viewers. I called the title "unfortunate", because it implies that this is an action movie--of course, it is much more. There are certainly battle scenes, and they are grim and realistic--no John Wayne heroics here. At the same time, the opening credits indicate that "Attack" is based on a play--so much of the film is dedicated to character development by some excellent actors.
The Nazis are the enemy, but these American GIs have another enemy within their midst--a cowardly, villainous commanding officer who has a well-deserved reputation for letting his men down. Some good soldiers lose their lives because of this officer's incompetence and indecision. In this role, Eddie Albert gives a wonderful, unforgettable performance. Later in his career, "Green Acres" may have given him more financial security, but it was obviously a waste of a huge talent.
As the brave GI who must report to a drunken coward, Jack Palance is rivetting in one of his best performances--his confrontation scenes with Eddie Albert really sizzle with animosity. Messrs. Palance and Albert are well supported by great character actors like Robert Strauss, Richard Jaeckel and the recently-departed Buddy Ebsen. Eddie Albert's commanding officer is played by Lee Marvin--and with Lee Marvin, "commanding" is the word ! Unfortunately, the Marvin character is just as corrupt, and self-serving in his own way as the man he supervises.
As I said earlier, this is a war movie that makes you think--it is not intended to merely entertain. I would not call it anti-war--there is no question that the Nazis here, mostly SS, are evil. To emphasize the point, we learn that Robert Strauss' character is Jewish, and how he would be treated if captured by the SS. Most of the American soldiers are depicted as brave, honest, dedicated men, laying their lives on the line every day. Nevertheless--as "Attack" shows us-- sometimes people are put in positions of authority for reasons that have nothing to do with merit--whether it is the military, in business, government or other fields of endeavour. In this case, of course, it is a problem that costs lives. It is a powerful message.
The DVD is nice--clear B & W picture--the sound is mono--the price reasonable.
Bottom line--a fine, thinking person's World War II drama, that deserves a higher profile.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Robert Aldrich
Jack Palance
Lee Marvin

DVD title: Aliens (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Aliens (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
An excellent combination of action and Sci-fi

"Aliens" sucessfully combines action and sci-fi to create one of the best films for both genres. I was impressed with the action and the story, action films seldomly have a story. James Cameron does an extrordinary job of maintaining the tension, once the movie gets going it doesn't let up. Sigourney Weaver gives a tough, convincing performance as Ellen Ripley. This film is without a doubt the best film in the "Alien" series and one of the best Sci-fi/Action movies around.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver
Michael Biehn

DVD title: Adaptation (Superbit Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Adaptation (Superbit Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Nothing and everything

Adaptation is an apt title for this film because it's a word play on the meaning. It could either mean (1)adapting the book to screenplay to screen or (2) adapting to the circumstances. And both these meanings suit the storyline perfectly. It's about Charlie, a screenwriter, who fails to adapt to his surroundings, therefore bringing about his failed relationships, his sexual fantasies, unlike Donald, his twin brother, who has written a successful (though cliche, gauche) trailer and has a beautiful girlfriend.

In the meantime, Charlie tries to adapt a book written by Susan (Meryl Streep), which in end, ends up in tradegy and comedy and happy endings.

This movie is really about nothing and everything; it is a film on writing about a film, which will be made into a film. Very postmodernist.

The beginning is rather slow at times, but it manages to heighten the fission at the end of the movie. And the ending of the movie may be a spoof or not.

Nothing happens in this movie, but everything else does.

One of the best movie I have seen in recent years.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Spike Jonze
Nicolas Cage
Meryl Streep
Chris Cooper

DVD title: Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Citizen Kane - still deserving of top honors

It amazes me still that CK failed to win best picture in 1941. Well, I guess I am not that amazed, since the Academy has a long tradition of flawed judgement. Scorcese's three greatest movies: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and GoodFellas, were all snubbed by the academy despite being the best movies of their respective years, but the snubbing of CK certainly deserves attention. Perhaps the academy was simply intimidated by the powerful and petty William Randolph Hearst, the real man who inspired much of the film. Whatever the story is, CK is a must-see for anyone who still believes that film is art.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Orson Welles
Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten

DVD title: Hulk (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Hulk (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
brilliant epic-an instant classic!

being handicapped, and no longer able to go to the theatre, i purchased this dvd yesterday. based solely on the reputation of director ang lee, i never expected such a brilliant film, with such emotion, deep feelings, a great study in science and biology! i was astounded by the acting, the split camera work to let us see everyone's reactions as to what is taking place around them! the darn desert scene alone was worth more than the price of the dvd by it self! incredible work that has taken a beating by both most critics and theatregoers (here) alike! i blame universal's marketing strategy! this should have been a winter release where a more sophisticated audience would have really gotten into it! i feel, in years to come, ang lee's masterpiece will be a benchmark on how to really make an epic--with brains! if you have not yet seen it-run out and get it! if you have, watch it again-the 2nd time is even better.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ang Lee
Eric Bana
Jennifer Connelly
Sam Elliott

DVD title: Happiness
Productgroup: DVD
Happiness - movie DVD cover picture
What is a good film?

I could not fathom how so much corrupt material could be found in one film. That in no way bothers me, however. It was a good movie, and the actors played their roles especially well. The father-son relationship made me feel so much better about I got along with my own Dad, knowing I never, ever will have to be in that situation. For those who criticize this movie, they just need to be desensitized, then they can watch it again; as for the shooting scene, they should watch it again and again. Thank you.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Todd Solondz
Jane Adams (II)
Jon Lovitz
Philip Seymour Hoffman

DVD title: Dahmer
Productgroup: DVD
Dahmer - movie DVD cover picture
A brilliant performance by a talented young actor

Jeremy Renner portrays the infamous serial killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and he does a tremendous job of humanizing this real life monster. Now before I go into a review of the DVD let me first warn all the viewers who are expecting a gorefest that you will be disappointed. THere are no references to cannibalism or any real vivid murders and very little blood. WHat this movie is really about is Jeffrey Dahmer the person. The film starts with Dahmer in Milwaukee picking up a young Asian. By this time Dahmer is already a serial killer. Then the film shifts back to the teenage Dahmer and his relationship with his father. Renner is convincing in both roles. The film brilliantly focuses on Dahmer's first murder which is the high point of the movie. Dahmer's first murder was as a teenager and his victim was a college wrestler who is hitchhiking his way to school. Dahmer jokes with his victim, feeds him, drinks with him, but then when the victim decides to leave Dahmer kills him because he can't bear to be alone. I think that basically is why Dahmer was a killer, he just didn't know how to fit in socially. One scene in particular really is heartbreaking. After his first murder he just breaks down sobbing. Renner's performance in this scene is simply incredible. He just breaks down and bawls like a child who has just lost his mom. As a viewer I felt crushed by this scene and it made me understand a little about what was behind this heinous murderer. The film ends with the teenage Dahmer simply walking off into the woods alone. His first murder complete, his future atrocities in front of him. But it is Jeremy Renner who makes this movie great, I can't think of another actor who could have done as good a job portraying Jeffrey Dahmer. Buy this DVD, don't expect blood but do expect a great performance by a very talented actor in Jeremy Renner.

Studio: First Look Pictures
Director: David Jacobson

DVD title: John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and Friends - 70th Birthday Concert (Collectors' Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and Friends - 70th Birthday Concert (Collectors' Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Double Your Pleasure

If there ever was an "essential" John Mayall DVD, then the 70th Birthday Concert (Collector's Edition) has to be it. When I threw this in for the first time after it arrived, I sat transfixed as I took in the spectacular extravaganza that Mayall's birthday occasioned. Not only is his current lineup on hand, but a couple of alumni from past incarnations of the Bluesbreakers join in to make this DVD one to remember.
For me, the highlights are Southside Story, Dirty Water, Blues For The Lost Days, Walking On Sunset, Oh Pretty Woman, Hideaway, All Your Love, Have You Heard, and I'm Tore Down.
Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor return to contribute some guitar pyrotechnics, but long-time Mayall guitarist Buddy Whittington more than holds his own. Joe Yuele shows the world why he has been Mayall's drummer for so many years with his faultless play and Tom Canning turns in inspired performances on organ and piano. And what about Mayall himself? Well, he can play so many instruments and with such virtuosity, its hard to say what he's best at. The songs covered range from ones originally done in the sixties to some recorded in the last five years. The way everything came together so seamlessly, you'd think these guys had rehearsed this for months!
I recommend the Collector's Edition over the straight DVD. For a couple bucks extra, you double your pleasure. With the Collector's Edition, you get an abbreviated version of the concert on CD that you can listen to anytime you can't get to your big screen. It makes great cruising music. My favorites on the CD are Dirty Water, Walking On Sunset, Hideaway, Have You Heard, plus a real bonus that isn't on the concert DVD; a fine rendition of California
This is going to remain high in my rotation at home and on the road for months. If you like the music of John Mayall, then you should be thrilled by the way it comes alive here. Order it now!

Studio: Red Distribution, In
John Mayall

DVD title: Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Simpsons Suck, Family Guy Rules


if you haven't seen Family Guy buy it, you moron. if you like the simpsons you will like family guy. it is so funny i all most crapped my pants. Peter (the Father) steals the show. he is frickin funny. buy this disc set or i shall kill you. Giggidy, giggidy, giggidy!!!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Seth Macfarlane

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