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DVD title: Stalker
Productgroup: DVD
Stalker - movie DVD cover picture
Yes, I do have better drugs....

I love the trash review directly below! And I always stupidly thought it was drugs and sophomoric attitudes that made films like this impossible for some people.

Working with next to nothing, Tarkovsky conjures up a unique film experience. Imagine a visually magical film about the search for the Grail filmed in someones backyard--it's kind of like that. In some respects it's a bit like Godard's Alphaville...but only in some. It's certainly not a film to "get," but one to get lost in and I think that's why it frustrates a lot of viewers who sometimes think every intelligent film is a puzzle that needs to be worked out. Some film-goers need to understand that one can't always be poetic and linear/literal (I say "can't always" to be ironic). Hard point to make in the world's most unpoetical linear/literal society.

Tarkovsky is a master of the tangential, the sublime, the surreal--anything but the direct. I've watched this film nearly a dozen times and I can't tell you what most of it is about--especially the ending (which is utterly devastating and quite beautiful). Well, that's not totally true, I've a fair idea what it's vaguely about; in some ways the meaning's as clear as French criticism. It's just elusive too, because people's souls are slippery eels, and souls seem to be an obsession with Tarkovsky.

I'd put hard money on this being a great film but it's tough to prove it, especially using the Procrustean critical and analytical tools we find scattered around the garage today (The "Boring-ometer," or the "Left-handed PC Gauge") People who strongly dislike it seem to be of two camps: one is the sort of ADD group that can't handle long, slow movies with little visceral stimulation; it's a valid lifestyle for many but insufficient grounds for condemning anything*. The other camp consists of a type that's been with us since the cave man or woman discoverer of the wheel was given one star on Amazon.rock for creating a pointless spinning thing that made folks dizzy. There's no response available to complaints that a complex, advanced, or visionary work of art is "boring," "artsy," or "pretentious." The reviewer is writing--quite validly and no irony intended--to his or her equals and they should listen keenly. My dog, Alphonse, once reviewed a Beethoven symphony and described it as "meaningless and annoying low-frequency noise with no hope of dinner or treat implied in its raucous ending" and since that was published (in The New Yorker, no less!) no other dog has bothered to listen to the "Eroica." My cat hates paintings by Mondrian because the artist didn't leave enough texture on the canvas to sharpen ones nails on. The mice, however, love Pollock. To each according to their needs and abilities.

[* I recently suggested to the Turner folks that since colorizing worked so well to bring boring old black and white films to the attention of the easily distracted (Or "Differently Attentive" as the PC folks say), that we should, uh, "stimulize" slow-moving old films. This would involve say, adding footage of car crashes and explosions, maybe even a graphic decapitation to "Twelve Angry Men" or re-editing "Jane Eyre" so that it looked like an MTV video. We could easily digitally minimize clothing so that "Miracle on 42nd Street" could get an R rating and an audience. Just a thought]

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Andrei Tarkovsky

DVD title: Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (Director's Cut) (Jewel Case)
Productgroup: DVD
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (Director's Cut) (Jewel Case) - movie DVD cover picture
Pink Floyd.

Want to know if this DVD is for you?
Well, it depends on what kind of person you are, even if you're a Pink Floyd fan. There are many kinds according to the type of music and/or mood they prefer.
1)There are the solitary, silent people who prefer to stare at something and find beauty even in the patterns of the floor tiles. These people prefer to look beyond what can be seen or heard and find "the spirit" of something, no matter how caothic it may seem. These are the fans of 1968-1972 Pink Floyd's looong, strange pieces. I know somebody like this, a painter, friend of mine, and he was immediately hypnotized by "Echoes", in spite that he wasn't a huge fan of Pink Floyd. These people will really enjoy the original concert film. I did. If you dream about being alone in the desert and watch the sunrise listening to "Echoes", this is just for you.
2)Others prefer the glamour and the coloured lights of traditional concerts; they like interviews with artists, special 3D-effects, and Star Wars. They enjoy jazz and prefer more "structured" music. These profile correspond to Pink Floyd fans from "Dark side" through "Wish You were here". These could love the Director's Cut; however, some of them might be dissapointed.
3)And there are those who don't really appreciate jazz, classical music, or staring at anything. Those of you who listen to pop music all day or who think "The Wall" is the best Pink Floyd music ever, this DVD is not for you.
There are many kinds of art... There is simple-structured art, like pop music or naif-style paintings, whose beauty can inmmediately seen, but when trying to find the soul of it... well, there isn't any. And there is the other kind of art, that present in desolate De Chirico paintings, in El Bosco's obscure visions, and in the desert. This can't be appreciated in a first sight; instead, it needs to be studied and re-visited many times, in order to love it. This is the type of art present in "Live at Pompeii". I saw Shrek and liked it a lot the first time, second time it wasn't that fun and the third time it didn't capture my attention anymore. But Live at Pompeii is a DVD I will wear out.
If you really love the songlist, buy it. If you like Pink Floyd but don't like these particular songs, keep searching.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Director: Adrian Maben

DVD title: The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark/The Temple of Doom/The Last Crusade) - Widescreen
Productgroup: DVD
The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark/The Temple of Doom/The Last Crusade) - Widescreen - movie DVD cover picture
Fifth DVD

Has anyone else puchased the limited 5th DVD set? I got it the morning it hit the stores 10/21. The 5th DVD is outside the box under the shrink wrap. Titled "Raiders of the Lost Ark classic featurette".

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: To Catch a Thief
Productgroup: DVD
To Catch a Thief - movie DVD cover picture
One of Hitchcock's best films

"When people ask me who my favorite actress is, who my favorite actor is, who my favorite director is, and what my favorite film is, I tell them to watch To Catch a Thief (1955) and they'll get all the answers"--Costume designer Edith Head. (Edith Head's Hollywood. E.P. Dutton, 1983, p. 109)

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant
Grace Kelly

DVD title: Eye of the Killer
Productgroup: DVD
Eye of the Killer - movie DVD cover picture
After Alice

Keifer Sutherland continues to grow as an actor, and the sky is the limit. The way he portrayed his character was Oscar material in my book. He has a great command of emotion and he puts everything he has into his character. The emotion on his face as he felt the pain of the murdered victims was one of, if not "the" best performance I have seen in recent memory. I just wonder why this terrific movie never got the attention it deserved. Maybe word of mouth will do it....Buy it..I did.
And Keifer, if your reading this you should really look for movies scripts that will play on your talent as a leading man....You have a huge female following, and as a woman, I would love to see you in more romantic settings....You have that "look" the fire in your eyes that every woman secretly craves. Don't ever stop acting, even though I know you have interests in directing...half the world would miss it very much.
A Fan

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Paul Marcus

DVD title: Baby Mozart
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Mozart - movie DVD cover picture
Very good with beautiful music

I really like these videos. My daughter is 28-month's old and diagnosed with autism. She will only sit for 10 minutes to Book of Pooh, The Wiggles, Rolie Polie Olie and Kipper videos. I thought I'd give these a try after all I've read about them in children's magazines. I think the best two in this series is the animal ones: Neighborhood and World Animals, but this one is very good as well.
In this video there are toys in motion to Mozart music. The toys are stuffed animals, trains, action toys like pound-a-ball and a silly sequence of pictures of fruit to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (I wonder why they chose fruit?) The motion of the toys fits very well to the music, which is superb. I am surprised my daughter will sit the entire 25 minutes to this tape. I think the quality of these Baby Einstein videos is remarkable. Very entertaining and fun for the whole family.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Baby Einstein
Julie Aigner-Clark

DVD title: Frequency (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Frequency (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the few movies that actually surprised me...

Usually I don't just go and see any movie that's playing in theaters. First, I check with friends, then read some reviews, then do some online research. This movie, however, was an exception. I didn't hear anything about it prior to watching it. My wife and I had some time to ourselves, and after a nice dinner we decided to go see a movie. This one just happened to play at a convenient time. I think I opened my mouth in the beginning of the movie and didn't close it until the very end. I was shocked. I was speechless. It wasn't just good. It was one the best movies that I have ever seen. The plot is very original. The characters are so well played that you forget that they are actually actors. Dennis Quaid is terrific! One of the top DVD's in my collection.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Dennis Quaid
James Caviezel

DVD title: Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2) - movie DVD cover picture
"Ohhh Ohh God This Is Better Than Sex!" <---exactly

Wow. Family Guy is easily one of the funniest shows on TV, only cancelled because it offended too many people. If you like the Simpsons but wish it were edgier, then Family Guy is for you. Family Guy is just a different kind of humor. In one episode Peter states about a bicycle "My first bike! I played with that bike for hours" then it switches to a flash back of him as a young boy and the bike sitting on a blanket and him sayin "More tea Mr. Bike?" Simply put, its one of the best shows ever and you should definately give this awesome box set a shot. How could you go wrong with a dumb father, a smart mother, a popularity obsessed daughter, a food obsessed son, a world domination obsessed baby with an english accent, and a satirical alchoholic dog?

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Seth Macfarlane

DVD title: Hulk (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Hulk (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Hulk could beat up Neo ,Luke Skywalker and X Men in 1 go.

bruce banner gets angry and he gets big muscly and green and stops the thing thats getting him angry from getting him angry.He has big giant muscles (even bigger than supermans),is green,and annoyed at stuff that winds him up. In a fight he could easily beat up batman or superman.He has bigger muscles and he can lift up mountains.(if you doubt me look at the fight he had against hercules where hurcules got a big boulder and threw it at the hulk and the hulk chucked a mountain at him.Its documented in marvel comics .One nil to hulk).anyway this film is good coz the 70s tv hulk was a fraud coz he couldnt lift up mountains(he struggled at lifting cars above his head,the wnker.) This hulk is proper hard.He throws tanks miles into the distance and swats machine gun helicopters like flies and is very big, green and muscly.This is the best film ever apart from matrix and scarface.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ang Lee
Eric Bana
Jennifer Connelly
Sam Elliott

DVD title: Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout - movie DVD cover picture

Wooooo!!! I bought this tape accidently. I wanted to find out more about doing Pilates. I am now going to back track and buy the beginners tape. Ana Caban IS an excellent instructor. Sure the quality of production is not the greatest, but you don't buy workout tapes and look for the same production as you would a movie....I decided to continue doing this tape until I get the beginners, because after the first workout every muscle in my body ached. That means, something got moved around that hadn't been moved in a while. :) It feels better than lifting weights for toning, and it teaches concentration and balance. You get a good stretch in the process. I am loving Pilates. I will definately continue....The only position I am having a problem with is the "Teaser". Was that position meant for the human body? hahaha....Does anyone know a good tip for this position?

Studio: Gaiam Americas

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