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DVD title: Arlington Road
Productgroup: DVD
Arlington Road - movie DVD cover picture

I passed on ARLINGTON ROAD in the theaters because the preview reminded me too much of another Bridges film, BLOWN AWAY. It seemed to be the same plot, same story... the same old same old... but I was wrong (I also made the same mistake with TRUE LIES... which to this day I wish I had seen on the big screen). ARLINGTON ROAD is a fantastic film. Flawless in direction, stlye, writing, and performacnes (Joan Cusak's performance will raise the hairs on the back of your neck because you've known people like her, lived next door to people like her... and have had nightmares about people like her). This is a jarring film right from frame one and will not only have you guessing, but questioning not only the people around you, but your own fundamental beliefs in the media and government... it's that good. As for the DVD, it's a tight package. On a FIDDLE FACTOR (i.e. bells and whistles)between one to ten, ARLINGTON ROAD gets a five. The commentary between director and star offers great insight into the background and mindset in making this film. Pick it up... it's worth having a part of your collection, as well a thrilling nights rental.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Mark Pellington
Jeff Bridges
Tim Robbins
Joan Cusack

DVD title: Gandhi
Productgroup: DVD
Gandhi - movie DVD cover picture
Great Film

This is one of the great movies made in the last fifty years. This movie is the kind of film that any student of history should watch. It is a good introduction to the topic of Indian Independence from Britian. It does not cover all the issues centered around Indian/Pakinstaini Independence, but it is only three hours long.
Highly recommended.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Richard Attenborough
Ben Kingsley
John Gielgud

DVD title: The Big Bus
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Bus - movie DVD cover picture
The Big Bus Unknown Legend

A must have for any video library. If you like Airplane you will love "The Big Bus" a movie which all spoof films are based. This movie should be much more well known than it is. If available I would add this to my DVD collection.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: James Frawley
Joseph Bologna
Stockard Channing

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
A DVD Set might not be Firefly's Due but it's a start!

Nothing can ever sooth the anger that I hold for Firefly being yanked off the air but a DVD set containing all 12 aired episodes plus the three that weren't and a ton of extras is a welcomed distraction. For those returning home to Serenity it needs no introduction but for those new to the 'verse Firefly is a Science Fiction medley with Western themes set 500 years into the future after a huge civil war. Sound odd? Maybe but five minutes into the series premiere and it all comes together with the help of superb acting, ingenius writing and storylines that speak to what makes us human whether it's now or in the future. No firefly fan should be without and nobody should go through life without watching this amazing show at least once. But trust me, like 'Pringles', you won't beable to watch just one so make sure you have the whole day free!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Productgroup: DVD
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - movie DVD cover picture
It's a classic, and NOT a slasher film.

While many kids weaned on "Scream" movies would be turned off by it, this film is the closest thing to a filmed nightmare ever committed to celluloid. The film practically eminates a carcas stench inside the house of the crazies, and the ever-screaming Marilyn Burns certainly gets a run for her money. What's amazing about the film is the horrific subtext to the crazy family, a subtext that is satirized to its fullest extreme in Hooper's splatter sequel. It's easy to understand why this film isn't for all tastes, but fans of hardcore bizarro horror would be remiss to pass up this DVD edition. The DVD also offers numerous extras, including deleted scenes and a poster gallery that fully exploits its international appeal. The transfer is incredible, as well. I saw the film numerous times in theaters, and it never looked so good.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Tobe Hooper
Marilyn Burns
Edwin Neal

DVD title: A Christmas Story (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
A Christmas Story (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Baby Boomer Classic

For those who were born from 1946 to 1964 (aka: baby boomers), this SHOULD BE in your DVD collection. The locations, architecture, interiors, and even the appliances are familiar to us who grew up in this time period. Even the department stores look like the old Sears Roebucks and JC Penney's! If there was a way to go back to those cozy times, the smell of popcorn, Christmas food and treats, this movie is the first step. You'll laugh, and yet inside you'll shed a tear for the good old days.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Bob Clark (III)
Peter Billingsley

DVD title: Leaving Las Vegas
Productgroup: DVD
Leaving Las Vegas - movie DVD cover picture
Best movie of 95 (runners up were BABE and APOLLO 13)

Hollywood cannot portray recovery from what ails Nicholas Cage in this film, for recovery is not a matter of images. The 1948 film The Lost Weekend was marred by the need for a happy ending, which is the imaging of redemption.
We may contrast this film with 28 Days, a movie about "recovery" starring Sandra Bullock. Leaving Las Vegas, and 28 Days, have the same male-female polarity as A Civil Action (a 1997 film, starring John Travolta, about a failed environmental lawsuit) and Erin Brockovich; for Erin Brockovich, in order to provide a believable happy ending in a society in which the most recent Presidential election had to be decided by a quiet coup d'etat, had to individualize struggle, and make it into a game show. A Civil Action portrayed the truth of the plaintiff's bar as modal total loss, with occasional wins reversed on appeal making the news.
This is a male-female polarity because both 28 Days and Erin Brockovich use a triumphalist-feminist narrative which images and personalizes evil in the form of men, and unrealistically portray women as able, courtesy of misunderstood, vernacular feminism, to get to the required happy ending. Their "win", however, is a zero-sum game. Brockovich claws her way to the top of a bogus revolution by dissing African-Americans and fat people (the latter in a snide plug for a Southern maker of near-inedible donuts that was probably connected with an IPO for Krispy Kreme that happened shortly after the film's release.) In the irredemiably lower-middle-class economy of 28 Days, Sandra's Aussie boyfriend has to personalize clueless evil.
Leaving Las Vegas portrays in a mature way the consequences on relationships of the commodity system: for in the pressure of commodities as represented by Las Vegas causes relationships to use sado-masochistic mechanisms.
In the Las Vegas portrayed, "winning" has become a floating signifier which is detached from any sense of desert (as in deserving to win, by making a contribution to a society which has disappeared from the ontology of the individual.) As a screenwriter, Cage portrays the plight of the real contributor to other people's success whose own success or failure is too unimportant from the standpoint of capital NOT to become a detached screen "credit" with no relation to reality.
Cage decides to drink himself to death and Liz Shue invites herself along for the ride. No possible "happy ending" could be imaged for this plot because the ending would take outside of the system in which Cage is enmeshed.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Mike Figgis
Nicolas Cage
Elisabeth Shue

DVD title: Rage Against the Machine
Productgroup: DVD
Rage Against the Machine - movie DVD cover picture
Rage Against the machine video

Great, its amazing...inflicts the pure, raw, and political energy of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE into your own home.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Rage Against the Machine

DVD title: Stardust Memories
Productgroup: DVD
Stardust Memories - movie DVD cover picture
For a great double feature, see 8 1/2 and Stardust Memories

Couldn't agree more- this is one of his best. Personally I think it was originally panned because it was sort of proactively mocking its critics, due to the seemingly autobiographical slant of it. Woody Allen always insists his films are not autobiographical, though he does write what he knows. Here's a somewhat slow, very European movie from an American master of comedy, about a director known for his comedies, who's being panned because his latest movies are dark and European and not funny. It's as if Allen were making a movie about what was going to happen when said movie was released, which I don't think is intentional. But taken as intentional it would really **** off a pompous critic.
It's really brilliant, and just beautiful to watch being in Black and White. And- it is funny. Allen says in an interview with Stig Bjorkman that Stardust Memories is the closest he's ever come to exactly what he wanted to accomplish.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Charlotte Rampling

DVD title: The Prince of Egypt
Productgroup: DVD
The Prince of Egypt - movie DVD cover picture
A great Technical achievment. A new era in Christian movies

I'm glad they started getting into old Biblical stories that - according to the Director -"Deserve to be told".. Biblically correct, and involves you in the emotional and historical story more than just reading the story in the Bible.. Gives a new dimension to the Bible Story. God bless the work, and hope to see more stories from the Bible come alive like this..

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Val Kilmer
Ralph Fiennes

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