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DVD title: Casablanca
Productgroup: DVD
Casablanca - movie DVD cover picture

What more can be said about "Casablanca"? I'm not even going to try. Instead I'm going to devote my review to the transfer quality and extras featured on this marvelous two disc set from Warner Brothers. The film transfer has been upgraded from the previously issued disc, though in truth the latter wasn't too shabby looking either. However, this new DVD is flawless, exhibiting a gray scale, black and contrast levels that are absolutely bang on. A little edge enhancement crops up but nothing that will disappoint or distract you from enjoying Rick, Ilsa and the gang. The soundtrack has also been cleaned up and sounds crisp, vibrant and extremely well balanced. EXTRAS: On disc one we get the feature (already discussed) plus the original trailer and the 1992 reissue, plus two distinct audio commentaries and an intro by Lauren Bacall that was recorded nearly a decade earlier. Disc Two features the previously available "You Must Remeber This", a documentary hosted by Lauren Bacall. Bacall also hosts a tribute to Bogie. There are outtakes and deleted scenes (fascinated) and two rarities; the Bugs Bunny spoof "Carrotblanca" and the pilot episode of "Casablanca" a television spin off from the mid-60's that never quite took off. There's also a stills gallery and some DVD-ROM junkets to explore. The video quality of "You Must Remember This" is far better than as it appeared on the previously issued DVD. Edge enhancement and aliasing, which plagued the former, has almost been eliminated on this transfer. The rest of the suppliments have also been impeccably remastered.BOTTOM LINE: I don't usually recommend buying up reissued discs because it's simply a studio's way of making more money on a title you already own. But in the case of this 2-disc set, I have to say that you will be making a great mistake if you don't junk your previous DVD and run out at this moment to snatch this one up. It represents the most definitive version of "Casablanca" ever presented for home entertainment. And "as time goes by", you'll want to "play it again." Trust me!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Michael Curtiz
Humphrey Bogart
Ingrid Bergman

DVD title: The Piano
Productgroup: DVD
The Piano - movie DVD cover picture
An everlasting tune keeps playing in my heart

What a triumphant piece of pure art ! Having always loved art movies, The Piano impressed me at a very young age. I remember being in the 3d grade and not allowed to watch this movie. Now that I have seen it almost...I don't know...more than 10 times, I cannot forget this sensual movie experience. Gifted actors like Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin lights up the screen in a perfect mother and daughter pair. Wonderful performance by Harvey Keitel ! Hunter and Paquin deserves every ounce of their Oscar gold ! The Piano is an undoubted winner and bound to be cherished by dozens of generations to come. This is and will forever be my favourite movie.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Jane Campion
Holly Hunter
Harvey Keitel
Sam Neill

DVD title: Legally Blonde
Productgroup: DVD
Legally Blonde - movie DVD cover picture
Legally Blonde

Hoping to find some new material in this movie, I was greatly disappointed. This is a retread of old ideas, about becoming, about dumb blonde jokes, about spoiled rich kid jokes, about nothing we haven't seen already a dozen times already. There were only two genuinely funny moments, other than that, it was time I'll never get back.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Robert Luketic
Reese Witherspoon
Luke Wilson

DVD title: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Productgroup: DVD
Planes, Trains and Automobiles - movie DVD cover picture

Will this ever be released onto DVD, I really do hope so, apparently John Hughes let Steve Martin and John Candy just ad-lib there way through most of the scenes and the actual movie was 4 hrs long, this would be a great directors cut... Please John Hughes if you are reading this...release this version! I am 26 years old, live in England and when I first saw this movie way back in 1987 I was 13 and I love it still as much as I did back then. Infact everytime I see it I still react the same, laugh, cry, and I always seem to think more clearly after watching it. I am desperately trying to suceed as a screenwriter, if I only had what John Hughes had making this film the 'land mark in feelgood movies' and 'a massive following of worshipers' I would be a very happy, happy chappy! The best John Candy film ever and the best partnership ever...LONG LIVE THIS MOVIE and LONG LIVE THE LATE GREAT MR CANDY WHO IS SO DEARLY MISSED BY EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH CHEERS!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: John Hughes
Steve Martin
John Candy

DVD title: Sesame Street - Elmocize
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street - Elmocize - movie DVD cover picture
A Great First Exercise Video for Toddlers

If my daugter was old enough to rate this, she would give it 5 stars. She is 1-1/2 year and loves this video. She asks to watch it several times a day. The short scenes of "activities", such as bending, jumping, and twisting, are appropriate for young toddlers that are not ready for choreographed workouts. The length of the scenes are appropriate for this age group as their attention spans are not very long. It has lots of singing and some "free-style" dance and of course the favorite Elmo.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack)
Productgroup: DVD
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack) - movie DVD cover picture
You've got a trend in me

Toy Story 2 has that added ingredient for sequel success - Joan Cusack. Just as in Addam's Family Values, she brings her enthusiam to an established character, but allows the original actors to maintain their charm.
Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reprise their original voice roles to brilliant effect. As long as I don't have to look at them, they're terrific. Toy Story 2 runs a little longer than the original, so it bumps along a couple of times, but the screenplay contains enough gags and "action" sequences to keep you from noticing. Sometimes, screenplay-by-committee works!
Watching the credits, you can realize what a corporate entity Pixar has become (look at all the lines for the Finance office!), it's amazing that they are able to make a movie that is both so disarming and full o' heart.

Studio: Disney/Pixar
Director: John Lasseter
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen

DVD title: Gypsy
Productgroup: DVD
Gypsy - movie DVD cover picture
A grate movie

I heard the story of her life but seeing the movie truly brought this young dancer to life. She was enchanting and it was amazing to see a movie about her. I had no idea that she was like that. Or that her life was like that. I say this is a grate movie to see if you love amazing storys sort of legends turned into amazing brilliant movies.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Rosalind Russell
Natalie Wood

DVD title: The Education of Sonny Carson
Productgroup: DVD
The Education of Sonny Carson - movie DVD cover picture
This movie is a classic.

The education of Sonny Carson is a classic. If you liked Cooley High, than you would like this movie. It talks about the street life in Brooklyn in the 50's and 60's. If you are into Hip-Hop it is a must see. Alot of rapper's and R&B singer's have sample this movie title and used it as refences. A great movie. A must have if you want more street knowledge.

Studio: Vci/Ffi
Director: Michael Campus

DVD title: Cool Hand Luke
Productgroup: DVD
Cool Hand Luke - movie DVD cover picture
Classic Film

what can i say about this film? Paul Newman is Cool to the Bone as is George Kennedy.Paul Newman is a Can't miss in this Film.He handles the Film from start to Cliche' as this might sound it's one of those roles he was born to play.the Chain Gang isn't the same with Cool Hand Luke around.a must see film.very well Acted&Directed.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Paul Newman
George Kennedy
Strother Martin

DVD title: Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan)
Productgroup: DVD
Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan) - movie DVD cover picture

Image Entertainment has unleashed on DVD the most satanic valentine to gothic cinema ever conceived-and at least in this writer's opinion, the greatest horror film ever made. BLACK SUNDAY is not merely equal to the best of Murnau, Whale, Freund and the classic Universal Pictures tradition, but surpasses all with M.C. Escheresque visuals informed with the dark poetry of stylish sadism. Barbara Steele imbues her portrayal of the vampire/witch with a demonic majesty never before brought to the screen. Indeed, her skeletal facial features, a landscape of puncture wounds bearing forth wild, burning eyes and thick, cruel lips (promising the joys of eternal Hades) is itself the very ensign of Italian fantascienza of the Sixties.
The plot will not be retold here (but is in my full summary in Films in Review online).
Aside from the drop-dead gorgeous visual presentation, the audio commentary by Tim Lucas is definitive. We ardent lovers of Bava wait in sheer anticipation of his book on the subject (due in 2001).
Most noteworthy missed opportunities in this stellar effort is Barbara Steele's participation in the analog track. The presentation of the film in its beautiful Italian (which runs longer as there are scenes deleted from ALL USA & European versions should have ben included. Indeed, the American-International print with the much maligned (and unfairly so) Les Baxter score should have been included. However, this effort is a 5-star, full thrust knockout and belongs in every serious horror film buff's collection.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Mario Bava
Barbara Steele

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