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DVD title: Save the Last Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Save the Last Dance - movie DVD cover picture

I am a french student who spent 2 months in California for an internship last spring(2001). When I was there I got the opportunity to see the movie: Save the last dance, "I felt in love with it" , I mean everything seems so real in it!! that's totally amazing!! when I went back to France, in the summer the movie was only on movie theater, I've seen it 3 times there and I took with some 10 or 15 friends to come & see it with me, they all appreciated it a lot!!! now I'm studying my master in France and I am taking hip hop dance courses, I really enjoy dancing hip hop, now it became essential to me!!! So if you have not seen it yet, you gotta rent it or buy it, but anyway you gotta see it!!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Thomas Carter (II)
Julia Stiles
Sean Patrick Thomas

DVD title: Once Upon a Forest
Productgroup: DVD
Once Upon a Forest - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful animated adventure

This is an awesome animated movie. It should be released on DVD. I have very fond memories of this from when i was a kid.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Michael Crawford
Ben Vereen

DVD title: Johnny Handsome
Productgroup: DVD
Johnny Handsome - movie DVD cover picture
The revenge is a dish that it eats very cold!

A double crossing in a robbery will sent prison to Rourke and despite these serious wounds will disfigure all his face he will be submitted to a plastic surgeon . Once he is released he will plot the revenge for those who betrayed. This script has been told so many times but Walter Hill knew maintain the internal tension all along the film creating a dark atmosphere thanks to a notable cast and impressive violence images. Watch for Freeman and Whitaker in secondary roles.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Walter Hill
Mickey Rourke
Ellen Barkin

DVD title: Ranma 1/2 - The Movie 1, Big Trouble in Nekonron China
Productgroup: DVD
Ranma 1/2 - The Movie 1, Big Trouble in Nekonron China - movie DVD cover picture

I have always loved Ranma1/2. It always makes me laugh. This was not an exception. It was great. I just Loved it.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Shuji Iuchi

DVD title: The Sure Thing
Productgroup: DVD
The Sure Thing - movie DVD cover picture
Funny, witty, a movie to live by.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is incredibly funny, with a dry wit. Cusack is at his best. Buy it and watch it... often.

Studio: Polygram Video
Director: Rob Reiner
John Cusack
Daphne Zuniga

DVD title: Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Another great DVD package for a Pixar classic

I was sitting there watching "Monsters, Inc." on DVD, the first time I had seen the film, and kept thinking it was a very good but not a great animated film. Then we got to the ending and suddenly I find myself crying. I get weepy over lots of movies, but rarely animated films ("Bambi" and "Beauty and the Beast" begin the exceptions that prove the rule). I think this especially surprised me because I did not think that "Monsters, Inc." was going to be that kind of a film.
The story is about Monsters, Inc., a corporation in the Monster world that sends scarers into the bedroom of human children all around the world to capture their screams, which are used to provide energy. James P. "Sully" Sullivan is the best of the best, and Mike is his assistant. They are going for the all time record when something really, really bad happens: Sully accidentally brings back a little girl from the human world. At this point, wackiness ensues.
The promotion for this film really made it seem like it the main character was Mike Wazowski, the frenetic one-eyed green dude voiced by Billy Crystal. But this film is really about James P. Sullivan, the hairy blue giant with John Goodman's voice. I was sort of disappointed that Crystal was not really stealing each and every scene, sort of like Eddie Murphy did in "Shrek." But this film is clearly Goodman's show (how did they ever avoid giving this man an Emmy for his flawless work on "Roseanne"?), and he shows you what he can do with just his voice.
Any doubts I had about the rating to give this DVD were quickly settled by the second disk. You can read the list above of all the goodies you will find there, but the chief joys are (1) the hilarious "outtakes" Pixar always managed to come up with for their films; (2) the Original Treatment, which tells the earliest storyline about Johnson, the monster who dreams of being a star scarer; (3) an all-new animated short film, "Mike's New Car; (4) "For the Birds," the 2001 Oscar winner for Best Animated Short Film; and (5) a behind the scenes look at Crystal and Goodman recording "If I Didn't Have You." I think you will find that with numbers (1), (3) and (4) you might laugh more than you do while watching the actual movie, especially on (3) and (4). My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard.
So, that's the "Monsters, Inc." DVD in a nutshell. You cry, you laugh. What more do you need to know?

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
John Goodman
Billy Crystal

DVD title: The Mission (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Mission (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
So compelling...tear provoking film

The way in which The Mission, which is set c. 1750, integrates the life of Rodrigo Mendoza, a former capturer of indigenous people for the slave trade, to the lives of Jesuit missionaries and the lives of the indigenous people of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil is absolutely amazing.
I would like to focus on the issue of the indigenous culture of South America that is portrayed in the film-the Guarani Indians. I feel that the lenses through which the indigenous people are viewed in the film are realistic, as you can say. There are, basically, two perspectives on the indigenous people in the film. The first perspective views the indigenous people as "animals." This perspective is held by Don Cabeza and by other representatives that back up Spain's and Portugal's intentions to take over the land of the indigenous, as well as to enslave them. The second perspective is shared by Father Gabriel, Rodrigo (who, ironically, has become a Jesuit and, therefore, serves the interests of the indigenous people), and the other Jesuit missionaries; this perspective views the indigenous people as valuable human beings with rights.
The relationship among the indigenous community and the Europeans begins by being hostile, for the first Christian priest to arrive to the area is murdered. However, Father Gabriel accomplishes to win the love and trust of the indigenous people.
The role that religion plays in the film is extremely important. The indigenous people come to believe the word of the Jesuits-that is, that it is God's will for them to abandon the jungle and build a mission. Their convictions grow to be so strong that later, when the Cardinal, who professes to speak for Portugal's king and for the Catholic Church, insists that it is crucial for them to abandon the mission, the Guarani leader opposes to do so and, instead, fights back. Other aspects, regarding the relationship among the Europeans and the indigenous people, that stand out in the video are the indigenous people's adoption of European religious rituals, beliefs and daily life practices, the role that language plays, and lastly, the issue of power among the oppressing entities of politics and religion.
In conclusion, I definitely recommend The Mission. It is one of the most compelling videos that I have ever watched, and what is most compelling about it is that its historical aspect is actually based on facts. It brings up the following ideas: What does it mean to be a human being? Who has the right to determine what a human being's rights are? How can men be capable of being so selfish, inhumane and cruel to other human beings, yet they are also capable of being so loving and altruistic in such a way that they are willing to give up their lives for others?

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Roland Joffé
Robert De Niro
Jeremy Irons

DVD title: American Outlaws
Productgroup: DVD
American Outlaws - movie DVD cover picture

There's a reason they don't make many Westerns anymore. They stink. This one reeks. After 5 minutes worth of cliches and amateurish acting I was ready to exit. I suppose you can say I'm not entitled to review a movie I couldn't sit through but to me it was like a glass of sour milk. Once you realized that it was bad you stopped drinking it and threw it out. You wouldn't keep gulping it down just because it's there. I could have asked for a refund but I didn't.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Les Mayfield
Colin Farrell
Scott Caan

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture

I have to admit, I did NOT want to see this movie. I remember as a child seeing the original, and remember being so depressed and sad that so many people had died so tragically. I hate movies that leave me feeling depressed. But after urging from my kids, I did watch it, and if you could cut the nude scenes, it was a much better movie than I anticipated. The ending left one with hope that death was maybe just the beginning. The casting was great, I believe the actors did a good job. Special effects were much better than the old movie. The theme song was perfect, depicting a love not everyone is favored to find in life. The historical sense was wonderful, and reminded us that so many people, loved by someone somewhere, lost their lives. Technology has made great strides in ship construction, and the Titanic played a great part in it. History, after all, is what shapes our future.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Family Guy, Vol. 1 (Seasons 1 & 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Cartoon Ever!!!

Family Guy is the funniest Cartoon ever made. The only way you can't find this show funny is if you don't know a thing about pop culture...all and all family guy is the best show ever

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Seth Macfarlane

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