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DVD title: The X-Files (aka Fight the Future)
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files (aka Fight the Future) - movie DVD cover picture
X-treamly great for fans as well as first-time watchers

I absolutely loved this movie! I am a die-hard fan and i think they did a beautiful job on this film. It answered questions, while posing more; it brought first-time viewers up to date without boring the people who have seen every episode. I've heard people say that it was like a 2 hour episode, but i hardily disagree. The X-files movie brought out details of the relationship between Mulder and Skully as well as the deeper conspiracies in the government. This is a must have movie and i could watch it a thousand times without getting bored. Rent the movie or buy the tape, because there are new scenes added that clear up some questions that have been plegueing viewers for years and it also adds to the plot for people who don't watch the show.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Rob Bowman
David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

DVD title: The Dukes of Hazzard - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Dukes of Hazzard - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Great Family Fun

A great show - we watched the whole first season in a weekend, and season 2 in a week. It's good clean fun for the kids, and fond memories for the parents!
Can't wait for season 3!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Tom Wopat

DVD title: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Productgroup: DVD
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - movie DVD cover picture
This Movie Kicks serious @$$!!!!!!!

Definitely one of the best movies ever made. No movie will ever defeat it...well...maybe only THE MATRIX is better, but I saw T2 almost 50 times!!!! A must see.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton

DVD title: Zoids - The Battle Begins (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Zoids - The Battle Begins (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
zoids ...[cool]

hi im joey im 11 im on sending but i watch zoids every day at 4:30 and in the morning has ne body seen the new edition with the dude who looks like vega my fav. people are bit cloud and the liger-0 i love the transformation parts ,the only thing is is the new edition class-s ive never seen class -s they always restarted it after the royal cup thing

Studio: Ventura Distribution

DVD title: Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

It's hard to imagine that this movie did not perform better at the box office; it's by far one of the better movies this year, and certainly one of the best golfing movies. Everything about it is inspiring and beatiful...the story, the characters, the settings. I'll admit the pacing is not exactly fast, but the overall message makes up for this.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Rowdy Herrington
James Caviezel
Claire Forlani
Jeremy Northam

DVD title: X-Men
Productgroup: DVD
X-Men - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Fantastic

First of all, let me start off by saying that I have been a comic book veteran for years. I have read a multitude of titles and the X-men being one of them.
When I had heard about the release of X-Men the movie I was very skeptical. This had all of the potential of being a big-costume, big-budget bust. Tim Burton's brilliance aside, I could not realistically see a good movie coming from a comic book.
Needless to say, Brian Singer proved me wrong. Hugh Jackman gave the best performance in the movie by far. The tragic characters of Magneto and Rogue were brought to life in a much different light then the comics have painted. The special affects were absoluteley awesome. I saw this movie and realized that I was not watching a comic book on-screen, but a story unfold. OK, I can admit a bit of the dialouge was a little forced, but overall this movie has far exceeded my expectations.
No you do not have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this movie. X-Men tells a story of tragedy and triumph, with no defined good or evil. Cheers to Singer and to the whole cast and crew for annhilating the skeptics.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Bryan Singer
Hugh Jackman
Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Napoleon Dynamite
Productgroup: DVD
Napoleon Dynamite - movie DVD cover picture
Soooo FUNNY!!!!!

I loved this film. It is funny like the mainstream films try to be but usually don't live up to. Its got some really gross parts to so watch out. Every scene is laugh out loud. I was laughing so hard I was crying. It also has a really good theme. The minority actually gets the upper hand by using creativity, not giving up and still being themselves. The actors were absolutely outstanding! The story is fresh and original without the cliches that seem unending in many films. Napoleon is a boy in high school who would be considered a nerd. He is different because normally the nerd cliche would be to not stand up for yourself but Napoleon has a temper and isn't afraid to speak out for himself. Its just that he does it so funnily. Napoleon is not the only funny character, the film just overflows with creative characters, his brother who is 34, still living with grandma who cooks steaks all the time. He is also nerdlike and possibly slow. But he is so funny, he wants to be a karate fighter, he and Napoleon get into a slap fight, its just hilarious. The brother has a girlfriend he meets on the internet, who shows up and changes the brother into Mr. Cool, but it just isn't possible. The Uncle is Uncle Rico who loves football and is stuck in the 80's. He wants to go back and play in the 4th quarter and become a pro, which he didn't get to do. He buys a time machine on the net, another lol scene. Pedro is from Juarez, Mexico who gives a deadpan performance. His acting alone makes the movie a winner. He decides to run for president against the most popular girl in school. He never gives up and neither does Napoleon. Napoleon's love interest switches to Mel who is also another interesting character. Into photography and also somewhat nerdy. She is played by Tina Majorano (sp.) She was that little girl in When a Man Loves a Woman. Another great performance. I can't say enough about the film. I think most ages would like this film, there is some cussing and some gross out scenes, no sex. Go see it!
Lisa Nary

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jared Hess
Jon Heder
Jon Gries
Efren Ramirez

DVD title: Gods and Generals
Productgroup: DVD
Gods and Generals - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent and Very Realistic Movie, Historically Accurate!

This movie focuses on Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee as men of faith and integrity who led the Confederate forces during the Civil War. A brief look at the Union side is given, complete with anti-slavery arguments, but basically this is the war from the Confederate viewpoint. The officers on both sides are shown as family men who left their wives and children in order to fight for the principals they believed in. Emphasis is given to Jackson's strong Christian faith which sustained him and his family through difficult years of the war and strengthened his leadership skills. Battle scenes are done without the usual blood and gore which have become almost standard in today's movies. The acting is well-done, especially considering the long and lofty speeches which the actors are required to give. The views of pre-battle settings in Virginia are beautiful and give the viewer some idea of what the Confederacy was fighting for. The movie is over 3 hours long, but is interesting enough to keep the viewers' interest.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ronald F. Maxwell
Jeff Daniels
Stephen Lang
Robert Duvall

DVD title: Left Behind - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Left Behind - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Left Behind - The Movie

I have read all of the Left Behind books in the series and have enjoyed each of them. I was so excited to see the movie had come out on video. I have already watched it several times and think it is awesome!
The characters in the movie are just as I had pictured them in the books. Kirk Cameron plays Buck Williams and the others are portrayed very well. I enjoyed being able to see what I had read before.
I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. Whether you have read all of the books in the series, as I have, or never opened the first one; you should check this movie out.
It will also be released in the theaters on February 2, 2001.

Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Director: Vic Sarin
Kirk Cameron
Brad Johnson (II)

DVD title: Of Mice and Men
Productgroup: DVD
Of Mice and Men - movie DVD cover picture
Hits You Like a Gut Punch

This screen adaptation of the John Steinbeck classic novel is a harsh,fantastic film that took the wind out of me with its frank and brutal depiction of desperation and longing. Movies about the Depression that were actually made at the time of the Depression by people who knew of what they spoke by necessity feel so much more authentic than later movies that treat the Depression as a historical event. The men in this film are quite literally living day to day, and the comparison of men
to dogs that serves as a running motif throughout the film feels like more than just a poetic device. Like dogs, these men were faced with the scary prospect of some day being of no more use, and there was no system in place to take care of them when that day came. Being shot like a dog put out of its misery by its owner really was preferable to the alternatives awaiting them.

I was surprised about how candid this film was, and how bravely it tackled some of the thornier issues of Steinbeck's novel. The incident between Lenny and Mae is divested of some of its sexual overtones, but much is implied anyway. And a scene between Crooks, a black work hand, and some of the other workers, in which Crooks explains in blunt language what it means to be black, tackles race relations as honestly as many films today.

Moments of this film are almost unbearably sad and poignant, but never in that over-sentimental way common to Hollywood films of this time period. Burgess Meredith is terrific in the role of George; he expertly conveys--without ever directly addressing it--the bond he has with Lenny and the degree to which Lenny is as much George's savior as he is Lenny's. Charles Bickford is also excellent as a rough and world-weary
worker. The cast's weak links are Betty Field--hopelessly overplaying her bored sex kitten--and Lon Chaney as Lenny, though both are very good in the pivotal scene that sets off the action of the film's finale.

John Ford's adaptation of "The Grapes of Wrath" from the following year gets all of the attention today, and one hardly ever hears of "Of Mice and Men." But much of what is great about Ford's film is also great about Lewis Milestone's, and he deserves credit for laying a fine blueprint for bringing Steinbeck's beautiful and heartbreaking stories to the screen.

Grade: A

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Lewis Milestone
Burgess Meredith
Lon Chaney Jr.

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