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DVD title: The X-Files - The Complete Sixth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files - The Complete Sixth Season - movie DVD cover picture
X-files at it's very best!

The Sixth Season of the X-files was one of the most thought-provoking of any of the seasons. The episodes were all genious and entertaining, while feeding you just the right amount of information that you need to know in each episode, so you will be drooling for the next. "Field Trip" was my favorite episode, because it was completely unpredictible until the very end. "Triangle" of course was a complete pleasure to watch, a very creative episode. All I can tell you is you can't go wrong with the 6th Season. X-files at the pinnacle of it's 9 seasons.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
David Duchovny

DVD title: Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
Productgroup: DVD
Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War - movie DVD cover picture
Unbiased Look at a Biased War

Looking back over the past couple years, this documentary reveals how the Bush administration changed its claims about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. Through speeches delivered by Bush, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, and others, it is shocking to see the chronology of how the lies, misstatements, and exaggerations from the White House have changed over the past couple years. The film presents interviews with more than 20 experts, including weapons inspectors Scott Ritter and David Albright, Ambassador Joe Wilson, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, former CIA operative Robert Baer and the Washington editor of The Nation, David Corn.
Highly recommended to anyone with more than a passing interest of how and why the White House continually changed its message about the rationale to go to war.

Studio: The Disinformation Company
Director: Robert Greenwald
Robert Baer
David Albright
John Dean (III)

DVD title: The Godfather DVD Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Godfather DVD Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Cinematic Benchmark

Godfather II and I are my favorite movies (in that order). They represent movie-making at its finest and are truly the benchmark by which all movies should be judged. Godfather III was not a horrible movie, it just suffers by comparison. Godfather III's flaw was the miscasting of the female lead which proved that not all of Francis Ford Coppola's relatives can act.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Al Pacino

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
Scorsese's Best !!

This is director Martin Scorese's best film. It is the best film about the mob you can watch. The cast and story line give the viewer a front row seat in the life of a modern day mobster. Following Ray Liotta's character Henry as he grows up in the "family." A wonderful film to watch, even at the 2 hour and 45 minute running time, it doesn't even feel that long.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: Late Night with Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary Special
Productgroup: DVD
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary Special - movie DVD cover picture
Keep cool, keep cool my babies!

Conan's 10th anniversary special blew my mind. Since I'm not an American, I didn't have the chance to watch this special when it aired, so I saw it first on dvd with all the conalicious special features! Seriously, I'm loving it. Conan O'Brien is the best comedian on tv and no one would deserve to do his own show more than him. Cone Zone is second to NONE!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

DVD title: Stephen Lynch - Live at The El Rey
Productgroup: DVD
Stephen Lynch - Live at The El Rey - movie DVD cover picture
Stephen Lynch is "Awesome Man" !

If you love to laugh, this ones for you! Stephen Lynch's delivery is genius! Adding to the hilarity are his facial expressions, which are as funny as the jokes, and his pairing with hilarious sidekick, Mark Teich. He will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. This material is not for the easily offended, as NOTHING is sacred here. Not your average shock comic.... Mr. Lynch's material is actually funny! This is a great DVD for an evening with friends!

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Steve Lynch
Stephen Lynch

DVD title: Tora! Tora! Tora!
Productgroup: DVD
Tora! Tora! Tora! - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly THE greatest film ever made

This in-depth portrayal of the infamous December 7, 1941 attack on the US Navy Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor is possibly one of the most researched and accurate historical films ever produced. It provides a magnificent viewing experience, and despite not having the fancy and exuberant special effects that the recent flick "Pearl Harbor" was filled with, it is possibly the most enjoyable war movie you can watch. Unlike the more recent film, which was undoubtedly directed at today's younger crowd, who (aside from myself and those like me) are less interested in history and more interested in lots of explosions and sweet tender emotions, this film did not blaspheme the attack by turning an account of it into a stupid love story. It's just the politics, strategies, mistakes, and triumphs that made December 7, 1941 the saddest day in American history up until September 11 of 2001.
One of the greatest aspects of this film is that it sheds light on the absolute brilliance of the Japanese Naval strategists. Admirals Yamamoto and Nagumo and Commander Genda were three of the greatest military leaders/strategists of World War II, and possibly, of all time. The film presents the attack not as a barbaric act of unprovoked massacre, as most Americans would like to think it was, but rather, as a decisive military move in the better interests of Japan. After all, as (the character who played) Yamamoto stated in the film, the Americans would have been (and proved to be) the most difficult enemy that Japan had ever fought. The attack was basically an act of desperation, as the warmongering Japanese Army, who controlled politics, blatantly rejected the Navy's pleas to avoid a war. I was very happy to see this film treating the brilliant Japanese planners and pilots not as the heartless murderers that many ignorant Americans see them as, but rather as the national heroes that they had become for Japan by acting in what they believed was the best interest of their nation. After all, isn't that how we think of our soldiers? If it isn't, then we need to sit down and examine our conscience.
Even without the jazzy special effects, this film recreates the combat scenes very well. Unless you're a computer geek who believes that special effects make a movie and the story line is just there for the hell of it, you won't notice any problem with the explosions and aerial combat. In fact, the replica Japanese aircraft (BT-13s and AT-6s modified to look like A6M 'Zeke' [Zero] fighters, D3A1 'Val' dive bombers, and B5N2 'Kate' torpedo bombers) and American P-40s engaging in actual aerial maneuvering was much more spectacular than if it had been recreated on computer screens. The pyrotechnics used were fantastic as well, and the scene of a B-17 landing with one wheel up was a scene to remember. On a side note, if anyone was ever fortunate enough to catch the Commemorative Air Force's (formerly Confederate Air Force) reenactment of the attack at an air show, they actually had the B-17 "Texas Raiders" crank one wheel down and fly LOW over the runway to recreate that very scene! I'm not sure if they still do that, but that was the kind of thing that made memories!
Overall, if you want a truly unbiased account of the attack on Pearl Harbor, without the liberal twist thrown in to make it look like our brass and President were helpless victims instead of revealing the mistakes made by the top levels of our government and armed forces, then you'll love "Tora! Tora! Tora!" I recommend it to anyone with an interest in war movies, military history, naval warfare, aviation, or just plain great movies.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Martin Balsam
Sô Yamamura
Joseph Cotten
Jason Robards

DVD title: The Bicycle Thief
Productgroup: DVD
The Bicycle Thief - movie DVD cover picture
One of the finest Italian films ever!...

There can only be three things that can summarize this film, in my opinion. The expression of the human soul, the strength of love between father and son, and the life of poverty. This film, the director and the players truly have done a superb job in expressing and revealing the human soul, however the audience interprets it to be. Taking kindly to stranger but yet having the need to do the immoral; the love of the father for his son both expressed deeply here and reveals them through their eyes by both actors; the timeliness (post-WWII Italy) of the setting could not be any better to express and develop the character of this film. The Bicycle Thief is an extraordinary film that touches the viewer's intrinsic soul. I highly recommend buying this film in any format or platform. Just see and enjoy.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Vittorio De Sica
Lamberto Maggiorani
Enzo Staiola

DVD title: The Little Mermaid II - Return to the Sea
Productgroup: DVD
The Little Mermaid II - Return to the Sea - movie DVD cover picture
good film for children

Little Mermaid II is an excellent follow-up to the first movie. The original characters are all involved and continue to entertain. This is an exceptional movie for little children. There is enough mystery for the older youngsters, and a great deal of love and gentleness for everyone.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Jodi Benson
Tara Strong
Pat Carroll

DVD title: Shania Twain - Live
Productgroup: DVD
Shania Twain - Live - movie DVD cover picture
one of the best concerts of all time

any concert of shanias is the greatest-she puts her heart and soul into it
please come back to concerts and music we all miss you

Studio: Uni/Mercury Nashville
Director: Lawrence Jordan (II)
Shania Twain

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