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DVD title: Xena Warrior Princess - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Xena Warrior Princess - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Xena: Warrior Princess Season One DVD set

I don't know what happened here, I love Xena so I bought this set, I give it 2 stars just because it is Xena, however, this is about the worst picture quality I have seen on dvd, there is grain everywhere, so much so in some scenes that it is annoying to watch. I don't know what the quality of the sets on the Xena website is like but they can't be worse than this. I only hope that Anchor Bay gets it right the next time, and improves for Season 2, as well as the upcoming Hercules season. A terrible disappointment overall, don't listen to other reviews saying the video quality is great, you will be disappointed.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Lucy Lawless

DVD title: Scrooge
Productgroup: DVD
Scrooge - movie DVD cover picture
Truly inspiring. The feel-good movie of the century.

Albert Finney does an outstanding job portraying Scrooge. The music in this film is unforgettable. "I Hate People" will leave your family convulsing in laughter. And then, when Scrooge sings in reminiscence of his childhood, and when he sings in retrospection of his one chance at love, it will leave nobody in your house (with half a heart) dry-eyed.
The unique choreography in the dance scenes is worth noting, too.
There is one part in the film, however, which leaves the viewer wanting. Scrooge in his boyhood is inside, while the other children, including his sister, are outside playing. Why is he forced to stay inside?

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ronald Neame
Albert Finney
Alec Guinness

DVD title: Amadeus
Productgroup: DVD
Amadeus - movie DVD cover picture

It's one of the "Classics" but not really noted as one. Tom Hulce did not get the recommendation that he deserved. Although F. Murray Abraham did an excellent job in this movie, so did Tom as "Mozart." He is so good in this role that once you see the movie.......... you never forget how truly bleak his life was. Unfortunately, he wasn't recognized! This movie will take you back to the beginning of classical music and help you understand just how important it was and IS to our culture today!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Milos Forman
F. Murray Abraham
Tom Hulce

DVD title: Kindergarten Cop
Productgroup: DVD
Kindergarten Cop - movie DVD cover picture
Where's the Special Edition?

Great flick, good for all ages, and above all else, it's SCHWARZENEGGER!!! I would really like to see a widescreen special edition of this film, but Universal is severely lacking in that department. The picture quality isn't that great and it's only available in fullscreen pan and scan. But it's a great film either way.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ivan Reitman
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Penelope Ann Miller

DVD title: Insomnia (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Insomnia (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Breathtaking, real, I was sleepless afterwards...

I could not get my eyes off the scenery of Nightmute, Alaska. I was hooked from the start. The film kept me there the whole time. Pacino was riveting, Williams was perfect for the part. Enjoyed it very much and will see it a hundred times again.When a movie changes you forever, you know it's got your emotions and your heart. This one will stay with me always. As good as any James Patterson novel.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Al Pacino
Robin Williams
Hilary Swank

DVD title: Universal's Classic Monster Collection (Dracula/Frankenstein/The Mummy/The Invisible Man/The Bride of Frankenstein/The Wolf Man/The Phantom of the Opera/The Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Productgroup: DVD
Universal's Classic Monster Collection (Dracula/Frankenstein/The Mummy/The Invisible Man/The Bride of Frankenstein/The Wolf Man/The Phantom of the Opera/The Creature from the Black Lagoon) - movie DVD cover picture
No horror film fan should be without these films!

This is a fantastic bundle! These movies are eternal!! Each movie has been restored and looks great on DVD! I was amazed at how well they restored them. The only one that looks a little weathered is Dracula. But, it kind of adds to the film, since it was made in 1931 and the original. Maybe I'm just nostalgic! The editorials really give you a feel of what the creators were trying to accomplish back then and the impact that it had on the public. You will watch these films over and over.

Studio: Universal Studios
Classic Monsters

DVD title: The Innocents
Productgroup: DVD
The Innocents - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful film and should be given more notice!

Adaptation of the story The Turn of the Screw, I really fell in love with this film and was totally hooked on watching it over and over.....Deborah Kerr's character is hired as a Governess to care for two young children. Both children were mainly in the care of their very well-to-do Uncle that is not so great at taking care of anything but his own needs but his niece and nephew are looked after well inspite of his ego. Kerr's character is interviewed by the Uncle to care for his young family and was somewhat persuaded to take the job because of his flirtations win her over.Little did she know that upon entering the job, the new Governess was quickly hurried to a mansion in the country away from everyone and anything. The children had a house-maid that watched over them but she couldn't be a Mother like the job entitled her to be. The children lost their parents when they were very young and they both went through two prior tenants that Kerr was instantly replacing as Governess. She was told that both tenants had died but not how within year of her new job. Kerr fell in love with the children and quickly noticed how much they both loved one another as siblings. So much love, that they took on strange and frightining personalities that began to scare the Governess. Obligated to find the answer for the behavior, Kerr nearly met her own death and termination of her job while trying to take hold of the forces that were around her and beginning to take shape physically.
I loved this film and I will not reveal the entire story but I will say that it didn't " drag along " the story. It is worth it's weight and gold!!!!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Jack Clayton
Deborah Kerr
Peter Wyngarde

DVD title: Target
Productgroup: DVD
Target - movie DVD cover picture

If you're looking for a good old film to watch, watch TARGET. It's a great story with character development, some twists, a creative story, and too good of a film to find a place to pause. This movie DESERVES to be on DVD. If all those junky films are on DVD, there's no reason for this not to be on DVD.I vote for this to be on DVD, many times over!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Arthur Penn
Gene Hackman
Matt Dillon

DVD title: Rocky (Five-Disc Boxed Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Rocky (Five-Disc Boxed Set) - movie DVD cover picture
My favorite Sylvester Stallone films!

These movies are really a part of popular culture. While they are often looked at as "guy" movies, quite a few of us Ladies enjoy Sly Stallone as the Italian Stallion! Allow me to take a brief look at each film:
Rocky I: Must I say the first is the best? This is a very well-written movie, and also well acted. Stallone received two Academy Award (aka Oscar) nominations. Works like a charm after all these years. 5 stars (out of 5)
Rocky II: This began the wholly unnecessary- yet always entertaining- string of sequels. This is nearly a remake of the first film, pitting Rocky against Apollo Creed yet again. Still a great fight sequence, and lots of soapy drama. 3 stars
Rocky III: Here is where the formula really took hold- arguably the most influential of the series, as far as spawning copycats (like The Karate Kid, to name but one). Stallone essentially stops playing Rocky and plays a version of himself. Much slick and glossier than it's predecessors, this remains extremely entertaining- holding up to repeated viewings probably better than Part II. 3 1/2 stars
Rocky IV: Pure formula. The untimely demise of a main character... The requisite songs by Survivor... The obligatory "big argument" with wife Adrian... Ultimately still watchable, but threadbare. The Russian vs. U.S. antics are laughable. 1 1/2 stars
Rocky V: Surprisingly strong entry, much better than Part IV, possibly even III! Stallone re-enlists original director John G. Avildsen and sends Rocky back to his old Philly neighborhood and breaks from the tried and true formula, managing to inject some new life into the series and go out (for now, anyway) on a high. 3 1/2 stars
Special features junkies will find this boxset lacking, as only the first film is given the "Special Edition" treatment. I'm not a big fan of features, but even I have to admit that the 30 minutes of video commentary from Sly was pretty nice.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Sylvester Stallone

DVD title: Baby Mozart
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Mozart - movie DVD cover picture
Parents time alone!

If you find that your baby does not allow you to get a crumb of food or go to the bathroom, this tape will! I cannot say enough good things about it! It entertains my daughter every morning while I take a shower, get a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom etc... It is a miracle. I started using it around 3 mo. old and she is 5 1/2 mo. now and acts like it is the first time she has seen it when she watches it. She giggles out of sheer delight every time she hears Mozart's music now. The other tapes in the series do not hold her interest like this one. Very worth the money!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Baby Einstein
Julie Aigner-Clark

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