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DVD title: X-Men
Productgroup: DVD
X-Men - movie DVD cover picture

Okay, I didn't know this was a comic book, I hadn't ever heard of it but I was blown away! Everyone in this movie was perfect, wonderful, you fell in love with all of them, hell I even loved the bad guys. This cast and this story was incredible. Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman's chemistry as Rogue and Wolverine was INCREDIBLE, I'd watch the movie just for their scenes alone but Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart who I've grown up loving, Framke, everyone in this movie. James Marsden was fabulous, I hope that's how you spell his name, Ian, oh my God, this was SO good and I am dying for the next one. Please see it, it's a great action flick with a lot of emotion in it, a lot of connecting and a lot of chemistry, it's got everything good, humor, it's fabulous. See it. BUY IT!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Bryan Singer
Hugh Jackman
Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellen

DVD title: The Grudge (Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
The Grudge (Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
Lots of scares without the gore. Excellent movie.

First of all, I love a good scary movie. They hard to find. When I first saw the trailer to The Grudge, I compared it to The Ring. When I actually saw the movie on the first night it came out, I was very impressed. There were frightening moments throughout the movie. If you are into the "get ready, somethings about to happen" scenes in a movie, this is for you. I love the anticipation of what's about to happen.

In my book, The Grudge is a must see. I saw it the first day it was in the theaters and I bought the DVD on the first day it was available. I recommend it to anyone looking for chills & thrills. It'll scare the pants off of most. Put on some popcorn, pop in the DVD, turn off the lights & enjoy. I suggest watching with someone. You won't be disappointed. You'll be scared out of your wits. No disappointments here.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jason Behr
Clea DuVall

DVD title: The Temptations
Productgroup: DVD
The Temptations - movie DVD cover picture
A Remarkable Mini-Series

A remarkable mini-series indeed! This two-and-a-half hour drama intimately depicts the outstanding career of one of the most successful groups of all time. The film documents the group's internal and personal struggles and tragedies, as well as their rise as dynamic and breakthrough entertainers. This must-see film embarks on a journey that captures the true spirit of not only a terrific group, but an entire musical era. The riviting and captaving portrayls of Otis Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and Paul Williams as the five original members of the group are fantastic. This is the film for anyone.

Studio: Hallmark Home Entertainment
Director: Allan Arkush

DVD title: 2 Fast 2 Furious (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
2 Fast 2 Furious (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Whoa there .... most awesome movie!

Wow! This movie has been getting real mixed reviews .... personally, I am a huge Vin Diesel fan - the man rocks! ... and whilst I love the man, and I am disappointed he wasn't in this sequel, I also thought 2Fast 2Furious was a damn good movie.
I thought the storyline was pretty cool actually, people need to take the 'tone' of the movie into account ..... this is about cars, fast cars, hot women, buff men, and essentially tells us what happens to Brian O'Connor (Paul walkers character) after the 'open' ending of the fast and the furious! Tyrese isn't Vin Diesel but then I don't think they tried to make out that he was! There are absolutely superb action shots and plenty of movement in the plot to make it kick ass.
Ummmmmm.... make sure you check out the special features section, cause there is a couple of short films to get you to where we start the movie.
I get the feeling that there's gonna be another fast and furious movie coming out, cause I think they're going to get together Vin Diesel, Tyrese, and Paul Walker to finish off the series! That would be most awesome.
If you like awesome cars, action, and humour then you won't be disappointed in this movie! I looooooooove it! And I'm a chick.
To those of you out there who thought it sucked ..... maybe you should watch it again and give it a 'go'. As in, forget the hype, and just watch the movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: John Singleton
Paul Walker
Tyrese Gibson
Cole Hauser

DVD title: Kelly's Heroes
Productgroup: DVD
Kelly's Heroes - movie DVD cover picture
A Super Movie

It's World War II, and Kelly (Clint Eastwood) has found out that behind enemy lines there's a bank full of GOLD! Now all he has to do is figure out a way to get it it without getting killed and without having to divide it with too many of his comrades. This movie has action, suspense, comedy, and drama. It is filled to the gills with stars who play unique characters. Among the stars of this film are Telly Savalas, Don Rickles, Carroll O'Connor and Donald Sutherland who by the way, gives an epic performance. This is one movie you can watch again and again and again, and still love it. Oddball, (played by Donald Sutherland) demonstrates the power of positive thinking and has the most unique way of attacking the enemy while riding in a tank. This isn't one of those low budget films that leave you wondering what in the world is going on. It is a masterpiece of writing and directing. Friends of mine who are currently in the military or who are long retired veterans adore this film. Everyone who plays in this movie give stellar performances, plus, it shows just what a little team work and positive thinking can do. This is a review for the vhs version of the movie.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Brian G. Hutton
Clint Eastwood
Telly Savalas

DVD title: When a Man Loves a Woman
Productgroup: DVD
When a Man Loves a Woman - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the best loves stories of all time. Meg Ryan, for the first time shows how she has been do acting school. Until this film I can honestly say that Meg Ryan has not shown any diversity in her acting skills. However, this is a beautiful film and she plays the role convincingly. I was very impressed.
The chemistry between Meg and Andy Garcia is great. You can believe that these are two people that love eachother more than anything else in the world. I never cry in films but the pain that these two characters suffer is unbearable and these actors have to be given a pat on the back for their skill.
Andy Garcia is a beautiful actor and makes you believe every word he says. He makes the audience want to kiss it all better and conveys the pain in an amazing way. Like every man, he finds it hard to cry but knows what it is to cry.
The family on the whole work as a lovely team. Lets face it, the kids are extremely cute, and the older daughter is an amazing actress for her age, so thumbs up to her. Th film moved me and made me believe in a love that you don't find in many other films. Beautiful work from everyone...

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Luis Mandoki
Andy Garcia
Meg Ryan

DVD title: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I've seen this movie at least 60 times and i've never grown tired of it! This movie is without a doubt the greatest B-movie parody(and best ever cult classic) of all time. Although the special edition doesn't really add a whole lot to the original movie, what true Rocky Horror fan could resist.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jim Sharman
Tim Curry
Susan Sarandon
Barry Bostwick
Richard O'Brien

DVD title: The Fifth Element
Productgroup: DVD
The Fifth Element - movie DVD cover picture
A BRILLIANT action packed movie.

Ifound this film similar to MIB (Men in Black) I think Bruce Willis played a great part in this once again save the world type movie. Also Chris Tucker played one of the funniest parts I have ever seen in an action film. Over all a film that could be watched over and over again. IT IS EXCELLENT

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luc Besson
Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman
Milla Jovovich

DVD title: The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie of the Year

Very worth owning, very worth watching again and again and again. The soundtrack is wonderful, too!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Wes Anderson
Gene Hackman
Gwyneth Paltrow

DVD title: Being John Malkovich
Productgroup: DVD
Being John Malkovich - movie DVD cover picture
"The puppet is weeping but you yourself are not"

Despite quite a few stinkers, 1999 turned out to be a great year for variety at the movies. Think back on some of the unconventional films you wouldn't have expected to see in a cineplex 10 years ago: "Dogma," "Magnolia," "The Blair Witch Project," "Three Kings," "Boys Don't Cry"...While I'm not a fan of all those films, they at least tried something new, and "Being John Malkovich" stood head and shoulders above the crowd as the weirdest, most original film of the year. And, to these eyes, the best.
Entire cans of alphabet soup have been spilled trying to describe and praise the movie. Let me just praise the DVD. First of all, it contains the movie. Always a good thing. It has the trailer, which hooked many of us the moment we saw it: "This looks completely twisted. I have to see it." It has the complete video documentary of the career of John Horatio Malkovich, Genius Puppeteer. It has a strange interview with Spike Jonze and an even stranger visit with one of the movie's extras. It even has a segment on the real-life puppeteer who did all the puppeteering for Cusack in the film. It also has the complete video documentary on the history of the 7 1/2 floor. What more could you want?
If you saw and loved the movie, you need to buy this DVD even if you don't have a DVD player, just so you can take it out once in a while and look at it and say "I have this on DVD." If you do have a DVD player and you saw and loved the movie, but you haven't bought the DVD yet, you're just being mean to yourself.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Spike Jonze
John Cusack
Cameron Diaz
Catherine Keener
John Malkovich

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