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DVD title: WWE Wrestlemania XX
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Wrestlemania XX - movie DVD cover picture

Even with all of the hype of Wrestlemania 20, lest face it, in the end it didn't live up to the hype. Apart from the triple threat world heavyweight title match the other matches were o.k. however I believe that if the WWE are as clever as they make they are then they will try to make Wrestlemaina 21 the biggest one yet. This means big hype, big matches and major superstars returning to the squared circle once again. I also think that the cross-over promotional matches from last year were an excellent idea and should happen again at Wrestlemania 21. Last year there were three matches, Kane Vs Undertaker, Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg and the divas match.

Here are the matches that I would like to see at Wrestlemania 21:

Match 1: Fatal-4-Way for the U.S Title
Rey Mysterio vs. RVD vs. Eddie Gurrerro vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool (Champion)

This will be an excellent opener with lots of high flying moves and fast paced action. There should be a part at the end of the match where Rey and Carlito are down and so Eddie does the frog splash on Carlito at the same time as RVD does the 5 star frog splash on Rey and so both go for the cover at the same time and the referee does not know who to count for. I would like RVD to win this match as he truly deserves a major title and not just the tag team titles. (The match would be a 5/5 rating)

Match 2: WWE Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita (Champ)
I must admit I always thought that women's matches only took place for the divas to show off but I was surprised when I saw Lita vs. Trish on Raw (6th December). The match was actually quite entertaining with some close pin falls and some cool moves by either woman, though saying that Lita still needs to improve on her in ring movement as it is still quite sloppy. Anyway their Raw match was good let's hope that if they wrestle again at Wrestlemania it is a better match. (Should; be a 3/5 rating).

Match 3: Inter-promotional Match - Iron Man Match
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

These two have had many matches over the years some were instant classics (ultimate submission) and some were not. But these two are still two of the best technical wrestlers alive today and I believe would make an amazing Ironman match. This rivalry would begin at the Royal Rumble where Angle is being interviewed and is claming to be the best wrestler in the WWE today and as always boasting about his Gold Medals when Benoit interrupts the interview and begins to insult Angle. Angle then claims that he will win the royal rumble and win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21. Benoit laughs and asks Angle about how last year (Wrestlemania 20) how he won the Royal Rumble even though he came in number one and then went on to win the World Heavyweight Title whereas on the same night Angle lost to Eddie Gurrerro because of his boot slipping off. Benoit laughs at how Angle has not won the title since and has not even been in a WWE title match. They both argue and then in the Rumble Benoit Eliminates Angle. Then Angle comes back in and hits Benoit with a chair. After the rumble Angle interferes in Benoit's matches on Raw. The rivalry continues when Benoit causes Angle to lose his match at No Way Out. Then Angle demands Vince to make the match and so the iron man match is made.
The match itself will be excellent with Angle tapping out to cross face and Benoit to the Anklelock. I would like Benoit to win the match (Match would be a 5/5 rating).

Match 4: Fatal-4-way Ladder match for the Intercontinental Title.
Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin (champion)

This will obviously be one of the best matches of the night. Lots of excitement that happens in ladder matches and the ladder is used in many innovative ways to bust the superstars open. Jericho does the walls of Jericho on Christian on top of the ladder. Also when Christian is hanging from the title Edge does a flying spear from the top rope. Jericho does a moonsault from the ladder to Edge through a table. Jericho wins the match and becomes the intercontinental champ for the eighth time. (Defiantly would be 5/5 and one of the best ladder matches ever)

Match 5: Triple H vs. The Rock

The Rock returns just before Wrestlemania as he did last year and as he usually does will insult Triple H. This match was set up when Eugene told The Rock that Triple H is his favourite wrestler but because of the Rocks Hollywood career it was left undeveloped. But hopefully these two will build a rivalry until Eric Bishoff makes the match and it should be a good match but not the best of the night. Triple H has lost some of his in ring ability and can sometime underperform. I would want Tripe H to win as I can't stand The Rock (3/5 rated match)

Match 6: World Tag Team Title Match - A 3-team tag team turmoil.

Rhyno & Tajiri vs. La Resistance vs. Eugene & William Regal (champions)

Should be a normal tag team match with Eugene doing his usual frolicking around. Hopefully Rhyno and Tajiri will win, as they truly deserve them. (2/5 rating)

Match 8: WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman (champion - after beating Funaki on Smackdown)
These two hate each other to the max and after Chavo's return from his injury; have not yet been in a singles match so Chavo has not got his true revenge on Kidman for what he did to him. This will be an excellent match with highflying moves and lots of close pin falls. Kidman will hit the shooting start press but Chavo will kick out of the pin. Chavo will hit the gori-bomb but Kidman will kick out. Finally Chavo will do the shooting start press, pin Kidman and win the title as well as getting his revenge. (4/5 rating)

Match 9: WWE Tag Team Title Match - 4 team Tag Team Turmoil

Dudley Boys vs. Hardcore Holly & Daniel Puder vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki vs. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak (champions)

Should be a better than the Raw Tag team title matches with more intense fighting. Luther will dominate and there will be some close pin falls. Luther and Jindrak should retain the titles but I think Hardcore Holly & Puder will win so that WWE can boost the promotion of Daniel Puder as a real wrestler. (3/5 match)

Match 10: Booker T vs. JBL
This match would take place because Booker T would come out on Smackdown and make fun of JBL for losing the title to Undertaker at No Way Out. JBL would get his cabinet to attack Booker T. Theodore Long would make a tag match on Smackdown being JBL & Orlando Jordan vs. Undertaker & Booker T. JBL would cheat and pin Booker T causing Booker to demand a match against JBL at Wrestlemania. (To be honest I don't think this match will really happen I'm just saying it, as I have not put them in a match yet) If the match happened will be better than their Survivor Series match and will be an o.k. Match. I would want Booker T to win, as JBL is getting boring now. (Should be a 3/5 rating)

Match 11: Last man Standing Match
Batista vs. Kane

I've always wanted these two to have a proper match with no interferences. Even though they have had matches in the past they have usually been interrupted or someone has helped Batista to win and so these two have not had a proper match. I believe that these two are of equal strength and power and so could make an excellent last man standing match. A normal match would not be enough for what these two can truly do to each other. This rivalry will start at the Royal Rumble where Batista Impressively Lifts Kane up in the air and throws him out of the ring. Kane will get furious and will go back in and the two will start to fight until Kane is forced out by the referees. The rivalry will continue to develop on Raw week after week as both say they are better and bigger than the other. Bishoff will then say that the bigger and better man will be the man who is the last man standing at Wrestlemania 21. This match itself should be a classic and in the words of JR " a true slobberknocker". There will be no Interference, as Evolution would have already split up by the Royal Rumble. Both men will be busted open and Kane will Choke slam Batista through the Spanish Announce table. This should be long match. I would like Batista to win and be the last man standing as I believe he is better than Kane. (4/5 Should be a Brutal and awesome match)

Match 11: Inter-promotional Match

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

For some reason I believe that this match will defiantly take place at Wrestlemania 21 and I will be quite surprised if it doesn't. These two came into the WWE at roughly the same time and are almost the same age. They are both young and are excellent athletes; they both are very popular with the fans and are worthy of being in main events. I also remember that there was a confrontation between these two backstage at a recent PPV but I'm not sure which one. I believe this match has already been promoted, if you have played the new video game Smackdown Vs Raw then you would know that in the beginning intro we here JR shouting "oh my god its Raw Vs Smackdown" and we see Orton and Cena fighting in the ring. I believe that if this match happened it will a superb match with close falls and some awesome wrestling. Orton would be on the top rope and would do his trademark splash but Cena will catch him on his shoulders and do the FU. I wouldn't care who wins that match as in my view both are as good as each other and both deserve to win. (Would be a 5/5 rated match)

Match 11: WWE Title Match - Triple threat match

Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker (champion)

Ok... o.k... I know why Brock Lesnar? But I would not have included him if not for one thing. I saw Armageddon 2004 two days before I wrote this review and if you remember in the 3-on-1-handicap match Big show used an F-5 to pin Mark Jindrak and win. Now this may be just me but why would they make Big Show use an F-5 all of a sudden, WWE don't usually do this unless there is a specific reason. In my view this usually means two things: 1 being that Brock has defiantly left WWE for good and so his finisher was given to Big Show permanently, or 2 for causing a storyline in which Brock makes his return. Brock would show up at the Royal Rumble and eliminate the Big Show. Then these two would argue for who should face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 21 for the WWE title. They would have singles match at No Way Out, which Lesnar would win, but by cheating. Theodore Long would settle the argument by making this triple threat match for Wrestlemania 21. The match will be excellent with all three superstars giving their best. Taker would tombstone Lesnar but Lesnar will kick out. Big Show will double chokeslam on Lesnar and Taker though the Smackdown Announce table. This will be a good long match, and I would want Undertaker to win as he deserves to remain the champion for longer, and plus he would continue his Wrestlemania winning streak. (Should be a 5/5 rating match).
BUT: if Lesnar doesn't not return then it would be Big Show vs. Undertaker and would still be a good match.

Match 12: World Heavyweight Title Match - Hell In A Cell

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels (champion)

I know... I know a dream match... is very unlikely for it to actually happen, but come on you know if it did it would probably be the match of the night. Even if it was not a Hell in A cell and just a singles match it would still be amazing. This is how I think this match would be set up. Shawn Michaels will return on Raw and would win the vacated World heavyweight Title by beating Edge (this would allow him to get the title as well as having his revenge on Edge for costing him the title at Taboo Tuesday). Then at the Royal Rumble Stone Cold Steve Austin would make his shocking return by knocking out Christian and taking his place in the Rumble match. He would win the Royal Rumble and so it would mean that he faces Michaels at Wrestlemania. Even though I would prefer it to be a Hell in A cell the match would still be good if it was not. If it is a Hell in A Cell the match will be absolutely amazing. Will be long and very bloody. Both me will give it their all and would be exhausted by the end of the match. They would leave the cell and climb on the top where they fight each other and try to push each other from the top. Austin would DDT Michaels on the top of the cell causing it to break and they would fall in the ring. Both men would be down and then Michaels gets up and sets Austin up for the sweet chin music just as he is going to hit Austin, he blocks it and hits the Stunner. Both men then collapse but Austin manages to fall on top of Michaels and the ref counts three causing Austin to win the World Heavyweight title. Sounds good but is very unlikely to happen. I would want Austin to win because we all want to see him as the champ again. (Would be the best match of the night - 5/5). I think I speak for every WWE fan when I say "PLEASE WWE MAKE THIS MATCH"

So there it is, Wrestlemania 21 - the way I would make it if I were making the matches. 12 superb matches, some realistic some just plain dream matches but if this happened then it would defiantly be the greatest Wrestlemania of ALL time and by god I mean it.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Brock Lesnar

DVD title: Chunhyang
Productgroup: DVD
Chunhyang - movie DVD cover picture
A great piece of filmaking

"Chunhyang" is living art. Narrated in the Korean tradition of Pansori in which a story is told through sung verse, it's the timeless classic tale of two young people who fall in love at first sight, are separated through adversity, and come together again. Chunhyang is the daughter of a courtesan, and in the ancient Korean class system she is therefore considered a courtesan herself, and Mongryong is the son of an upper-class nobleman; they meet, fall in love, and marry secretly. Mongryong's father, however, has plans for his son that don't include marrying a courtesan's daughter, and the couple has to split up while Mongryong prepares for a state examination. Chunhyang spends the three years of their separation fighting off the advances of a venal provincial governor; she's about to die for her resistance when her long-lost husband returns to save her. Virtue has its rewards. The film succeeds on every count. The cinematography is splendid, the two young lead actors, both of them teenagers, are excellent, and the haunting tones of the Pansori singer draw us into the film and make us a part of it. Unlike those reviewers who felt that the singing distracted from the movie, I thought it helped to underscore the ancient tradition of story-telling, a part of so many cultures, in which a tale is narrated through song and verse as well as prose. We not only enjoy "Chunhyang" as a brilliant example of Korean film making, we feel it on a fundamental level as a love story anyone can relate to. It's a great movie that deserves a much wider audience.

Studio: New Yorker Films
Director: Kwon-taek Im
Hyo-jeong Lee
Seung-woo Cho

DVD title: Death in Venice
Productgroup: DVD
Death in Venice - movie DVD cover picture
They got it.

I wasn't too hopeful when I screened this film for 15 students immediately after reading Mann's masterpiece. In fact, I considered going instead with Von Sternberg's/Emil Jannings' "The Blue Angel" as a comparable narrative and proven cinematic success. But Visconti crafts a hypnotic and compelling film while Bogarde turns in the performance of his life. The lush cinematography and rich Mahler score are no mere "window dressing" but the very heart of the narrative, making the Dionysian currents that lap the Venice shores as irresistible to the attentive viewer as to the character of Aschenbach himself. I've never felt quite the same about a screen character--at once a pitiful caricature, his make-up melting under the hot Venice sun, and a noble figure who chooses his destiny.

This isn't a film for everyone. But as the final Mahler note was being sounded, one spectator excitedly whispered to me, "They got it." That's good enough for me.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Luchino Visconti
Dirk Bogarde

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Fifth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Fifth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Buffy Season 5

You know, it just pisses me off how people in the United Kingdom have season 5 already for like a year and a half, and we get ..... That is totally unfair. I think it ..... big time. Plus, aren't we supposed to get things before they do? I love season 5. It's my favorite season, and I will not buy any other season yet until I feel safe and secure that I have it. They better bring it out here. I hear it is supposed to come in October here. And it better cause it's my bday month and I can have friends buy it for me.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Sarah Michelle Gellar

DVD title: In the Army Now
Productgroup: DVD
In the Army Now - movie DVD cover picture
The best ever

I love this movie it is so funny, I've seen all Pauly's movies and he is so great in all of them.I would buy this!!!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Daniel Petrie Jr.
Pauly Shore
Lori Petty

DVD title: Jackie Brown (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jackie Brown (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
When is this going to be a DVD

I waited a long time to see "Jackie Brown", because I heard it wasn't any good, and I didn't want to tarnish the memory of "Reservoir Dogs" or "Pulp Fiction". Both those films were kinetic, profane, daring, and truly visceral experiences. I loved every minute of them. "Jackie Brown" is a horse of a different colour, however. It is low-key, thoughtful, tender, and assured. And, I must say, just as good.
One of the main criticisms leveled against it, that I've heard, is that it's too long and too slow. Well, compared to "Pulp Fiction", which is about the same length, of course you'd think it was too slow. But that's the way this story needs to be told, for one simple reason. "Pulp Fiction" was about young, experienced criminals, always on the go, always in control. They could afford to move quickly. "Jackie Brown"s criminals are a touch older. Jackie Brown and Bail Bondsman Max Cherry even have a conversation about what it means for men to get older (they lose their hair) verses what it means for women to get holder (their behinds get bigger). It's actually kind of a touching, and very odd, moment to have in the middle of what should be a zippy little heist flick.
Another way it differs from "Pulp" or "Dogs" (which would lead people to believe that it's sluggish) is the lack of gunplay. Tarantino's earlier films were defined by the style and abundance of their shootouts. "Jackie Brown" has only six gunshots. And all are essentially off-camera, or off in the distance, producing little or no blood. Now I'm not offended by violence in movies. Not at all. But it is kind of refreshing to see a director, especially one who's made his name off it, not rely on the showy exploitation of shooting someone. When he does show it, however, the torment and suffering and guilt of the shooter is always apparent.
Which brings me to the most intriguing thing about this movie. Tarantino, who the rap on in recent years has been that he's tormented by his early success and hasn't the confidence to make his next picture, actually shows a very assured hand in making this movie. Besides the above conversation between two aging characters, there are other places where he shows supreme confidence in his decisions. For instance, he's cast Robert DeNiro in his movie. Okay, a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Because he's cast DeNiro in a tiny, stoical role. Simultaneously, he's cast Robert Forster (I know he got an Oscar nod, but before that wasn't everyone asking "Robert who?") in a role that's very meaty, the tortured love-interest. A less-assured director would have switched the two actors, but Tarantino knows what he wants, and boy does he get it. DeNiro doesn't do more than he has to in creating his understated character. And Forster steals the show with his laid-back, relaxed, but always conflicted Bail Bondsman.
And Forster's scenes with Jackie Brown are touching, chemistry-filled, and a joy to watch. Credit in this case should go to Pam Grier, as Jackie Brown, another Tarantino casting coup. Grier is asked to be maturely sexy, street-smart, tough, and vulnerable all at once. And she pulls it off without flaw. I suspect that Tarantino has fantasized most of his life about casting Pam Grier in a movie, and would have done so even if the role didn't suit her so. But it does. It truly does. She carries the picture as not only the title character but also its emotional centre.
The rest of the cast is good in their own rights. Sam Jackson was born to speak Tarantino's dialogue, and doesn't disappoint. He makes Ordell a genuine badass, even through his ponytail and silly little beard (and Jackson, bless his heart, even throws in a nod to my home town basketball team, the Toronto Raptors). Bridget Fonda is actually quite sexy as a layabout surfer chick, whose big mouth is bound to get her into trouble. And Michael Keaton, who I've always thought of as a very underrated and interesting actor, plays his ATF agent with just enough faux-cool and indifference that you're always wondering if he's playing Jackie or if Jackie's playing him.
While talking about character, I'd like to give kudos to Quentin for a neat little-shorthand trick he uses to define them. Each character essentially has his/her own soundtrack. A scene near the end, which cuts between several different characters driving in their cars, shows this very well. Cut from Melanie's (Bridget Fonda) van, where faux-eighties punk is blaring, to Max Cherry's (Robert Forster) car, which features the laid back grooves of the Delfonics, to other characters and their distinctive musical tastes. The music shifts so suddenly sometimes that it can be jarring, but it's an effective technique. Furthermore on the music front, Tarantino liberally uses the Meters' "Cissy Strut" near the beginning of the film, which quickly brought a smile to my face, and let me know that funky good times were ahead.
"Jackie Brown" is a fine addition to Tarantino's oeuvre. Sure, his fingerprints are all over it in some cases, such as his distinctive use of language, and his fondness for shifting time back and forth upon itself to show the same scene from several different perspectives. But it's much more of a grown up movie. True, it's a tad too long. But just a tad. I can take excessive verbosity from Tarantino easier than I can from any other writer/director, because he's always fascinating, always moving, always trying to surprise, and always trying to tell a good story. "Jackie Brown" succeeds on all counts.

Studio: Miramax Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Pam Grier
Samuel L. Jackson
Robert Forster

DVD title: Kiss The Girls
Productgroup: DVD
Kiss The Girls - movie DVD cover picture
A suspenseful thriller that wildly exceeded my expectations

Kiss the Girls is a disturbing, well-crafted movie that exceeded all of my expectations. It is not what I would call horror per se, but there are certainly some realistic scenes of violence in it. This movie pulls no punches; any ghastly images are there not for shock value but for the simple reason that the story demands them to be there in order for the film to be as powerful as it is. Someone is kidnapping young, attractive girls in North Carolina's Research Triangle area; three have been found dead in the woods, but the rest remain missing. One of the missing is the niece of Washington, D.C. forensic investigator Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman), and he goes to Durham to help find her. Soon thereafter, medical doctor Kate McTiernan (Ashley Judd) is kidnapped from her home. She wakes up to find a masked man telling her how much he loves her; this self-named Casanova has assembled a harem of sorts for himself, keeping the missing girls locked up in separate rooms in an unknown stone-walled location. McTiernan is the only victim to break her captor's rules and survive, and she becomes Cross' greatest asset in his hunt for the criminal. The eventual outcome is somewhat complex, but the terrific script allows for little misunderstanding on the part of the viewer. Most importantly, the conclusion is both spectacular and largely unforeseen; Kiss the Girls triumphs in delivering a thoroughly satisfying ending, a fact which distinguishes it from the majority of action/thriller/psychological horror movies.
Is there a better actor in Hollywood than Morgan Freeman? His virtually perfect acting is greatly complemented here by Ashley Judd's own superb performance. The role of Casanova is also played extremely well, guaranteeing the high-impact drama of the incredible conclusion. As a native North Carolinian, though, I would like to say that the accents of the Durham policemen were not really accurate. I have no other complaints at all. Some may be interested in knowing there is no nudity in this film, which is somewhat refreshing. If you like a suspenseful thriller along the lines of Silence of the Lambs, you will almost certainly enjoy Kiss the Girls immensely.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Gary Fleder
Morgan Freeman
Ashley Judd
Cary Elwes

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is by far the best pictured ever made, and if you havent seen it,I think you should, because you are missing somthing, that is going to change the way you see the hole perseption of the imagination that has to be in a movie. To tell a story is easy, but to blow all your sences, the way this movie does, IS THE EXPERENCE OF BEEIN IN A MOVIE .

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Six Feet Under - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Six Feet Under - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
HBO does it again; A+++

This is a fabulous series that we watched every single night, two episodes at a crack, until we were through it. We were really sad to see it come to an end too. The #1 standout feature is the first rate writing throughout. The series follows the lives of a family after the father, the family undertaker, is killed in an auto crash just a few minutes into the first episode. One of his sons had joined him in the funeral business but the other had been living in Seattle. Now both sons take over the business with the widowed mother and underage sister living in the house-funeral home along with them. Each character is fresh and different with Michael Hall playing the most complex character, David, the uptight "type A" brother who also is gay. There are some very leading edge moments in filmmaking in this series too, some very imaginative and surreal moments not commonly seen on the small screen. There was no film that could tempt me away the whole time we were watching this series even though netflix delivered three of them.

Studio: HBO Home Video
Peter Krause

DVD title: The Matrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix - movie DVD cover picture

This movie has EVERYTHING! Not only is it the best movie to own at home THIS YEAR, it's one of the best purchases you'll ever make. If you've never seen it before, you will love it. The re-watch value is incredible. Consider the fact that I saw the movie 19 times in theaters before buying it, and the fact that I still watch it a good 3 times a week. I especially enjoy the performances by the great Laurence Fishbourn as Morpheus and the gentlemen who plays Agent Smith (I said I wathc the movie alot, not the credits:). I don't need to say anymore about the movie, because you probably heard it before. I am disappointed by the behind-the-scenes extra, however. It answers the question of how they created the wonderful scenes, but it's really cheap looking, and there's no interviews with the stars. Still, BUY IT! You will not regret it at all.

Studio: Warner Studios
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss

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