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DVD title: Mickey Mouse Club - The Best of Britney, Justin & Christina
Productgroup: DVD
Mickey Mouse Club - The Best of Britney, Justin & Christina - movie DVD cover picture
XTINA RULES! Brit sucks!

Who cares about the whole season? Christina was the best part of that show, my only wish is that they made copies without Brit., she really is nasty. LONG LIVE XTINA!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid

DVD title: WWE Survivor Series 2003
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Survivor Series 2003 - movie DVD cover picture

Team Lesnar vs. Team Angle Elimination Match- Great match, Team Angle won. Cena eliminated Big Show with a chain and a damn impressive F-U.
WWE Tag Team Championship:Los Guererros vs. Basham Brothers-Bashams won of course with some help from Shaniqua.
Womens Championship: Lita vs. Molly Holly- Stupid match, Molly Holly won.
Ambulance Match:Kane vs. Shane O'MAc- Very crazy match, great performance by both superstars. Shane elbow dropped Kane through the announcer's table. Then Shane ran KAne through a glass booth with a car. Shane then drop-kicked a trash can into Kane's face off the ambulance. Kane then threw Shane into the ambulance a couple of times and then gave Shane a Tombstone Piledriver on the concrete to win the match.
Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff Elimination Match(If Austin loses, he has to leave. If he wins then he can go back to the Texas Rattlesnake)- Awesome match, Shawn Michaels fought his heart out (getting busted open), eliminating Christian via Sweet Chin Music and Chris Jericho via Roll-Up, with only him left on Team Austin. He then had Orton left, and almost won, but Batista interfered and Powerbombed Shawn Michaels literally all the way to HELL. Team Bischoff won.
Buried Alive Match:Undertaker vs. Mr. MacMahon- Very brutal match, Vince MacMahon busted open after one punch, Undertaker whacked Vince with the steel shovel. AT the end, sell-out Kane helped Vince bury the Undertaker.
World Heavyweight Championship:HHH vs. Goldberg- Ref got knocked out, so HHH brought out a sledgehammer. Goldberg took the sledgehammer, and the members of Evolution interfered, but Goldberg destroyed them all with the sledgehammer. Goldberg then Speared and Jackhammered HHH for the win. Overall Survivor Series 2003 was a great PPV, but my hat's off to John Cena & Chris Benoit, Shane MacMahon, SHAWN MICHAELS, Goldberg, and the last we will see of Undertaker (Or will the Deadman rise again?).

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Brock Lesnar

DVD title: No Mercy
Productgroup: DVD
No Mercy - movie DVD cover picture
Great Crawfish

The crawfish Bassinger taught Gere how to eat made my mouth water

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Richard Pearce
Richard Gere
Kim Basinger
Jeroen Krabbé

DVD title: The 39 Steps - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The 39 Steps - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
A genuine early masterpiece from Hitchcock

This is Hitchcock's first genuine, inarguable masterpiece, in which he takes a noirish spy story and cranks up the action and tension to unprecendented levels.
Several Hitchcock hallmarks that would recur in his later, more lavish Hollywood movies are first seen here - the innocent man being suddenly catapulted by accident into the sinister world of spies and secret agents is very much like his later North By Northwest.
There's a train journey as there are in many Hitchcock films, and of course, the icy, mysterious blonde, in this case the excellent Madeleine Carroll.
The 39 Steps contains many memorable, and much-copied scenes: the two leads (who at this stage in the picture, hate each other) being handcuffed together has been seen many times since. Then there's the excellent scene where Richard Donat has to get off the train while it is on a bridge.
The script crackles. The dialogue is sexy by 1930's standards, reminiscent somehow of Bacall and Bogart in The Big Sleep - the electricity between Carroll and Donat is a joy to watch. It's all innuendo, of course, which is far steamier than being explicit about things - but I bet it initially troubled the censors all the same.
The acting too is top-notch. Donat is superb as a kind of proto-type James Bond, all debonair and very, very English.
The film may not have the budget or the scale of some of Hitchcock's later work but there's no doubting his way with a story; for a movie of its vintage The 39 Steps sprints along. We are right into the thick of the story within about three minutes of the opening titles and it never lets up. It's action-packed.
It's a great yarn.
And the extras on the DVD are informative and interesting - although you'll probably only listen to the commentary once. It's the film that's the keeper; you'll play that, and enjoy it, dozens of times.
A genuine masterpiece.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Robert Donat
Madeleine Carroll

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Season Of Buffy

For six years, Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been the best show on TV. Smart, Dramatic, Surprising, and most importantly, Funny, Buffy is everything that modern entertainment should be but isn't. Here we see what many fans, myself included, think of as the best season of the best show on TV. It's not hard to figure out why Season 2 is widely considered the best. Although picking an overall best season of such a spectacular show is the closest modern day equivalent to picking one's favorite Shakespeare epic, Season 2 IS the best season of Buffy simply because there was a continuity to these 22 episodes that the show never fully regained. Every season of Buffy is about a central theme. This season was perhaps the most powerful because it was about love. Yes, love is one of the most important aspects of every season of Buffy. But Season 2 is the ultimate visual metaphor for love. Every major character was in a relationship this season. Through these characters, we see love as an idea, an entity, a power, and a tool. Instead of giving my favorite eps, I like to focus on my favorite running stories. Of course, this whole season was centered around Buffy and Angel. The Greatest Love Of All Time was just so well-done by the writers and by David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The love felt so natural, and so did the pain when Angel went wiggy. Really, if it wasn't for the Buffy/Angel saga, not just the love but the pain, I'm not sure this show would have even had a Season 3. It was just so delicious, Buffy and Angel making love and then so quickly having to kill each other. The two other running stories that made this year the one to remember were the Spike/Dru love and the relationship between Xander and Willow. Both relationships were so incredibly complicated and real and imperfect. Spike and Drusilla didn't have souls, yet were so human it was quite delicious to watch. Shallow viewers will say that Xander found Cordelia and Willow found Oz, when in fact we somehow just KNOW that Xander has always wanted Willow the way she wanted him. It just didn't work out that way. From their almost-kiss in When She Was Bad to Willow's breakdown over Xander and Cordy kissing in Innocence to an injured Will wanting not Xander but Oz at her side make this such a rich and deep relationship, one that will erupt in Season 3. Finally, the character growth of Giles, particularly when we find out about his Ripper past and when Jenny dies, is amazingly good. These actors and writers and directors and everyone else make this show just so good, you can't stop watching. On to the DVD itself. I know I'm your typical Buffy freak who always wants more, but I WANT MORE! The extras were much better than the skimpy Season 1 offerings, but still not nearly satisfying enough for such a powerful and popular show. We get, quite frankly, a couple of useless commentaries by Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, and David Greenwalt. A few interviews from Joss, a few scripts, some odd TV commercials that just feel so off (maybe commercials were made differently in 1998), a picture gallery, biographies, and three featurettes that focus on the show's makeup more than anything else. These featurettes aren't bad at all, they're actually quite informative. But, I WANT MORE! Where's the commentaries and interviews with the actors? Where's the featurettes about Buffy's characters, it's effect on pop culture, it's effect on society, the fact that it is a phenomenon? I wasn't a fan since the beginning, and I hunger to see the cast address how the show was made fun of, how it became a critic's darling, how hard it was at the beginning, when it became big. Buffy is a part of my generation. It's our Bewitched, our Dynasty, our 90210. The effect that Buffy has had on all of us should be talked about. I overlook the lack of outtakes and screen tests because back then, DVD was not a viable medium yet and I'm sure than they threw away alot of stuff. Also, the biographies use the identical info in the famous "All Buffy" issue of Entertainment Weekly. Still, the iffy extras are the only thing wrong with the DVDs of Buffy so far. The DVD creators must realize that the people who are going to be buying this DVD will either be newbies or hardcore fans, and both deserve all the extras possible. Still, I'm not complaining. Buy it, watch it, laugh, cry, smile, and relive old memories or make some new ones.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Joss Whedon
Seth Green
Charisma Carpenter
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Boreanaz

DVD title: Ninja Scroll
Productgroup: DVD
Ninja Scroll - movie DVD cover picture
High Testosterone Anime

This anime is action packed with flying samurai, ninjas, demons,and creatures of the night. There's a simple story to follow with the right amount of drama and romance(almost none). This DVD is great for any Martial Arts or Anime fans.

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video

DVD title: But I'm A Cheerleader
Productgroup: DVD
But I'm A Cheerleader - movie DVD cover picture
Very good movie

This is a very well done movie. I love Sundance films, and this is one of my favorites. Clea DuVall is one of my favorite actresses, as is Natasha Lyonne. The movie has a comdey overview of boys and girls in a gay camp, but still keeps serious at times. One of my favorite movies of all times. Defintely a keeper if your looking for some good "gay" fun...

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jamie Babbit
Natasha Lyonne
Clea DuVall

DVD title: The Maltese Falcon
Productgroup: DVD
The Maltese Falcon - movie DVD cover picture
A Noir Classic

This is one of those must have films for noir buffs. Humphrey Boggart plays detective Sam Spade in a convoluted mystery.

The story is of Sam Spade, PI, who is retained by a mysterious woman to "find her sister". It turns out that she has no interest in a fictional sister and is lying. In doing so, she manages to get Spade's partner killed and get Sam involved in a plot to steal a golden statue of a falcon, Everyone wants it. The mystery woman can't tell the truth and everyone is coming after Spade for a variety of reasons. He coolly deflects all attempts and drops one liners as he goes along.

Boggart turns in a great performance. Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet play to of the thugs and are fun to watch. Mary Astor plays the mystery woman. And does a find job of being irritating. All in all, it's a fun romp on the dark side.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: John Huston
Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor

DVD title: Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad
Productgroup: DVD
Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad - movie DVD cover picture
Best enjoyed while Drunk in Public

Ron White has become my new favorite comic. With a performance decidedly different than his Blue Collar appearance, Ron entertains a Kalamazoo crowd with tales of being denied beer unless he used "coupins," his in-laws, and a fling in Columbus that put a damper on his marriage. His crowning piece is, of course, his altercation at a bar and subsequent arrest for "Drunk in Public," and his given alias.

This DVD also includes a sit-down interview with White that also showcases his irreverant style of humor. Blue Collar Fans and fans of Texas humor in general will enjoy <Tater Salad.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Michael Drumm (II)

DVD title: MTV - Viva La Bam - The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
MTV - Viva La Bam - The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons - movie DVD cover picture
A hilarious serious, a classic and a must-buy!

I have seen nearly every episode of the series, and was extremely excited when this was released after watching the first series 6 times. If you havent seen the show, it is on sundays at 8:00 central as I speak. Promise me, if your a teenager or young adult you'll love it! WARNING, DVD VERSION HAS UNEDITED SWEARING. PARENTS CAUTION WITH KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF 13.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Bam Margera

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