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DVD title: X-Men Evolution - Mutants Rising
Productgroup: DVD
X-Men Evolution - Mutants Rising - movie DVD cover picture
X-Men Rules!

I had watched the original X-men on TV when it played on TV and enjoyed it - but I really wasn't a HUGE fan of X-men until the first movie came out (>dreamy sigh< Wolverine is so cool) and then Evolution came out and I was beyond hooked. I was helpless against it. The new images of the characters as more 'friendly looking' (in my opinion) and the light humor that plays about it more than in the previous show (though it's just as good). But I do agree that the DVD's shoudl have been marketed for the older viewers, though, my three year old little boy calles Wolverine "the cool guy". Anyway, overall it's the best non-anime cartoon I've ever seen!! (best show in my opinion - Inu-Yasha - check it out!) So, get it (both of them) watch it and ENJOY!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Scott McNeil
Christopher Judge
Meghan Black

DVD title: The Snow Queen
Productgroup: DVD
The Snow Queen - movie DVD cover picture
A Love Story Within

This is a wonderful movie! I have read the original story by hans christen anderson and I love how hallmark interpreted this story, making some changes, but good ones. The scenery is gorgeous. The acting is A++. The costumes were incredible. It makes a lot more sense to have the romance between two teenagers instead of children, like in the book. Not that the book isn't good, but I actually prefer the hallmark movie to the book. If you love fairy tales, fantasy, or (like me) BOTH, this is a must have for your collection. I bought this without seeing it first and took a chance, but it is one I do NOT regret. I love this movie and highly recommend it. It is so sweet. The romance between Gerda and Kai is truly heart-warming. The ending is perfect. Take a chance with this one, you won't regret it. :-)

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: David Wu

DVD title: Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly the best TV show ever

I was hooked on this show from the very first episode during its brief run. This is all-around excellence....from the writing to the casting! What really made this show come to life was the ensemble cast...absolutely amazing. This DVD boxset is the standard by which ALL boxsets should be judged....from the packaging to the extras, like 29 commentaries! I had all 18 episodes on VHS that I had taped during the series run, but was so happy to have the opportunity to replace them with these quality DVDs....and commercial-free!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Children of the Corn
Productgroup: DVD
Children of the Corn - movie DVD cover picture
list movie

Motoko says: This one makes the list for sentimental reasons. I saw it a year after it came out and I couldn't sleep that night. Also, it has the plot of Stephen King, who makes up some messed up stuff to begin with. "Why'd you have to go and mess with 'em, Jake?"

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Peter Horton
Linda Hamilton

DVD title: Eyes Wide Shut
Productgroup: DVD
Eyes Wide Shut - movie DVD cover picture
The most misunderstood film of the decade

This movie has been widely hated, even in circles where Kubrick is usually revered. One Salon reviewer even argued that _Eyes Wide Shut_ was a preachy, dogmatic monogamist tract, on the shallow basis that something bad happens to every character that seeks extramarital sex. I couldn't disagree more. The film's final lines suggest both that dreams can be equally as significant as reality, and that a single experience can never define an entire life. Kubrick seems to be saying that a single act of unfaithfulness, whether real or dreamt, does not have to undermine a relationship. Commitment, then, is not a set of arbitrary rules and agreements restricting your partner's sex life, as the Tom Cruise character at first seems to think. This unrealistic, fairy-tale view of his marriage is shattered, plunging him into a surreal, paranoid world of conspiracy and intrigue. By the end, however, he has realized (as his wife already has) that commitment is something renewed from day to day. The film thus points out the dynamic quality of something often considered to be static and constricting, i.e. a marriage, and celebrates commitment without demanding an unrealizable, perfect faithfulness.
Despite many critics' assertions to the contrary, _Eyes Wide Shut_ seems to me to be quintessentially Kubrick in its surrealism, its strong use of color (vibrant reds and purples predominate), and its sophisticated theme. An attentive viewer (unlike the majority of American critics) will see that there is much more to this film than a little supposedly explicit sex. Extra props for Kubrick's ability to create a mood that is magical, erotic, and deeply paranoid -- an achievement that rivals David Lynch's best work.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman

DVD title: You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's School Dance Party
Productgroup: DVD
You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's School Dance Party - movie DVD cover picture
One of the coolest DVDs ever

This is a very great movie and I really love it. When I saw it for the first time I was not able to remove it from the DVD player anymore. Mary-Kate and Ashley look so cute in there and the wardrobe is very nice too, especially in the end where they wear a black dress. And their four songs are very good as well. I can't understand people saying that Mary-Kate and Ashley would not be able to sing. I love these four songs, especially "Noyz about Boys". It's a pity that the movie is only 26 minutes long, but it is great anyway and I can't stop watching it. So I think that this is a must-have DVD for every MKAA fan and also for every non-MKAA fan.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Mary-Kate Olsen

DVD title: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Snowy Surprise
Productgroup: DVD
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Snowy Surprise - movie DVD cover picture
thomas, snowy surprize snypnoisis

this sypnoisis is from anchor bay video contains 4(i think) new storys.along with a few other christmas specials.
On Sir Topham Hatt?s railway, the winter season is a very special time of year and all the engines work extra hard to make the holidays special. But it?s not always easy. Find out what could happen if the villagers on the Island of Sodor don?t get their Yule tree in time for the winter celebration. See if Percy?s snow-covered face tricks James and the rest of the engines into thinking they have seen the very scary Jack Frost. Watch if Duck is able to get to Farmer McColl?s lambs in time to save them from being trapped in the snow. Join Thomas and his very useful friends for some snowy adventures as they work to keep this winter season on track.
Thomas' Snowy Surprise; Jack Frost; Toby Had A Little Lamb; Snow; Thomas' Christmas Party; Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree; Winter Wonderland
bonus features(dvd only)include
? 3 Exclusive Fun-filled DVD Games: "Thomas' Order Fun", "Match the Snowflake" and "Decorate A Christmas Tree" ? "Winter Wonderland" Sing-Along Song ? Sodor Special Delivery ? Web Site Fun ? 8-Page Commemorative Booklet
once this dvd comes out,and i vew it.ill give it a reveiw of my own.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Director: David Mitton

DVD title: Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely fantastic!

Obviously, I enjoy the film. I'll leave reviews of that up to other people. I want to write about the limited edition collector's gift set.
The extra DVD is worth the price of the set if you are a comic geek such as myself. The interviews with Stan Lee are wonderful. Watch and learn again why we love this man so dearly (though Kevin Smith might have stopped saying "uh-huh" and "right" after almost every word Stan said). The interview with Stan's wife is equally delightful. We get to listen to The Man read a fantastic poem he wrote years ago, and we are treated to some home movies! The comic reprint, the film cell and lithograph are definite Must Have's for any comic fan.
The "regular" DVD extras are also fantastic. The interviews with the different comic writers and artists bring a lot of insight into the evolution of our favourite Webhead, and the synopses of the various villains encountered by Spidey are great. I haven't listened to the commentary tracks yet, but am certain they will be great....

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst

DVD title: Downfall
Productgroup: DVD
Downfall - movie DVD cover picture

This by far one of the all time great films of our time. Bruno Ganz'performance is riveting. I can't say enough about this film. Watch it! Spectacular!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Bruno Ganz
Alexandra Maria Lara
Corinna Harfouch
Ulrich Matthes
Juliane Köhler

DVD title: Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Zoom Tour Live
Productgroup: DVD
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Zoom Tour Live - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent example of the talent that is Jeff Lynne

Beautifully done. Excellent audio and video, perfectly in synch.Had the opportunity to see their last tour back when. This DVD performance is better than I remembered Jeff live.Flawless performance, great songs. Distinctive voice that is ELO.I wish he would do less producing other people and more of his own work these days. Anybody remember him back in the "Roy Woods Wizard" days? Jeff just gets better with time. And I..........can't get it out of my head......

Studio: Image Entertainment
Electric Light Orchestra

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