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DVD title: White Christmas
Productgroup: DVD
White Christmas - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Michael Curtiz
Bing Crosby
Danny Kaye
Rosemary Clooney

DVD title: Since You Went Away
Productgroup: DVD
Since You Went Away - movie DVD cover picture
One of Jennifers Best

What a wonderful cast. With Jennifer and Joseph Cotten you can not go wrong. I love those two together. Whether they are lovers or friends, the chemestry is there. I have all Jennifers movies. I only wish I could tell her she is still a beautiful woman. I had the chance to see her at the special Acadamy Awards years back. She can break your heart, make you cry and make you laugh. This is a wonderful movie. So sit back and enjoy. Cheryl

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Claudette Colbert
Jennifer Jones

DVD title: Sex and the City - Season Six, Part 2
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - Season Six, Part 2 - movie DVD cover picture

Sex and the City is for sure the best series for women in their thirties! The characters portray different personalities and situations to identify with; it makes you think and feel.

Studio: HBO Home Video
Sarah Jessica Parker

DVD title: Tales From the Crypt - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Tales From the Crypt - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Oh, how i miss this show..

It's so good to have you back, you horror-hungry humans! Are you ready to endure another sickening stab of suspense? Well, look no further, kiddies! It just so happens that the Season 2 box set of HBO's "Tales from the Crypt," (complete with 18 well-written half-hour episodes) will be unleashed on October 25th, just in time for Halloween! So treat yourself to a night of tricks and experience some of the show's most gorgeously gruesome highlights!

In "Dead Right," Demi Moore wonderfully stars as Katherine, a greedy, gold digging bar waitress who longs to marry a man who will shower her with diamonds and mink coats. One day, she visits a mysterious gypsy (Natalia Nogulich), who prophesizes that Kathy will tie the knot with someone who will inherit a huge fortune and then die a violent death. Of course, poor Kathy learns the hard way that her future will not include champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Shortly after the meeting, she does indeed encounter the groom she's destined for: a morbidly obese gentleman named Charlie Marno (Jeffrey Tambor), whose heart is as big as his appetite. Three months after the vows were exchanged, a disgusted Kathy tries to walk away upon suddenly winning an abundant cash prize at an Automat. Crushed by his wife's cruelty and deceit, an insanely jealous Charles is sent to the electric chair after stabbing Katherine 13 times in the chest!

In "The Switch," Carlton (William Hickey RIP) is an aging millionaire who falls blindly in love with a much younger woman named Linda (Kelly Preston). In a drastic effort to turn back the clock, he pays $1 million to a mad scientist (Rick Rossovich) for advanced plastic surgery. To Carlton's wonder and astonishment, his wrinkled cranium is switched with that of Hans (Roy Brocksmith), a perfectly handsome specimen to behold. Eventually, Carl spends his entire fortune to purchase the rest of Hans's flawless, chisled physique. But in the end, the former octogenarian learns that the doctor's miracle came with an even larger price. Oh, did I forget to mention that this story was directed by Arnold Schwarzeneggar?

"Cutting Cards" is a tension-fueled episode about extreme gambling addiction. "Millenium's" Lance Henriksen plays Reno Crevice, a cowboy card shark who returns to a seedy casino to face his #1 rival, Sam Forney (Kevin Tighe). Both men are passionate about raising the stakes and will do anything for a stab at the jackpot. But their hatred for one another is far more toxic than rattlesnake venom. First, Reno and Sam risk their very lives by competing in a game of Russian Roulette, only to discover than the gun's solitary bullet was a dud. Then, when Reno accuses Sam of cheating, he challenges Reno to play "chop poker," where the loser has one of his fingers lopped off! Since neither man wants to give up so easily to the other champion, this fatalistic brand of poker is played throughout the night; by the next morning, both competitors lose their hands, arms, feet, and legs in less than 12 hours!

"Til' Death" is a twisted tale that demonstrates how love can reach beyond the grave. Logan (D.W. Moffett) is a suave and ambitious plantation owner who travels to Haiti to build a luxurious hotel. To his dismay, he is told by a native that the land chosen is a quicksand swamp, and that it will cost Logan a fortune to cover all damages. Determined not to let his project sink, he attempts to woo Margaret (Pamela Gien), a wealthy British lady, for her money. Naturally, she won't have anything to do with him, so he borrows a powerful potion from a voodoo priestess (Janet Hubert-Whitten) who warns him, "If you give her one drop, she'll become your wife. If you give her two, she'll be yours...FOR LIFE." You kiddies can pretty much guess HOW affectionate Maggie becomes when Logan gives her one too many doses...the conclusion is fairly easy to DIG UP!

"Fitting Punishment" is an eerie episode that bears a gory gospel flavor. Ezra (Moses Gunn) is a selfish and thrifty mortician who uses every tactic possible to cut the costs of his business. He stoops to new lows by ordering pine caskets through the mail, substituting tap water for embalming fluid, and using pliers to pull a gold tooth from a corpse's mouth. Then, when Ezra's teenage nephew (Jon Clair) moves into the funeral home after the tragic deaths of his parents, the wicked uncle saw him only as a useless burden. After crippling the boy by bashing him across the spine with a crowbar, Ezra pushes him down the stairs and into the beyond. But after realizing that the only coffin he has is too small, he saws off the teen's feet! Not surprisingly, the teen's ghastly spectre rises from the dead to teach Uncle Ezra a lesson on how blood is thicker than water.

"Korman's Kalamity" stars Harry Anderson as Jim Korman, a frustrated comic book illustrator who is struggling with a bad case of artist's block. Even worse is the fact that he is taking fertility pills to please his bossy, possessive wife Mildred (Colleen Camp). Meanwhile, a strong-willed cop named Lori (Cynthia Gibb) is investigating a string of bizarre monster sightings in the city. With mounting evidence under her belt, she concludes that Jim's detailed creature drawings are becoming rotting flesh and blood! As they both uncover this amazing truth, a relationship blossoms between Jim and Lori. Eventually, he decides to use his pencil and paper to liberate himself from his hellish marriage.

"Lower Berth" is a bittersweet tale set in a rural traveling sideshow. Enoch (Jeff Yagher) is the man with two faces, a star attraction who is constantly gawked at by spectators and beaten by his keeper, Mr. Sickles (Stefan Gierasch). That changes when the elusive Dr. Zacherly King (Mark Rolston) sells Myrna to Sickles. Myrna is a 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy encased in a stone sarcophagus. It's later revealed that she was stolen from a museum...and is now protected by an ancient curse. Anyone who dares to steal the precious jewels from around the slave girl's neck is instantly castrated! However, while Enoch is infatuated with the newly arrived freak, Sickles takes his chances by snatching the necklace anyway. Together, both the mummy and the two-faced man exact their revenge against the scoundrel with a pair of clipping shears, and the happy couple abandon the circus to conceive a son - a skeleton with a pair of icy blue eyes!

One of my personal favorite 1990 episodes is "Television Terror." Morton Downey Jr. steals the spotlight as Horton Rivers, a sleazy, sensationalistic talk show host who attempts to boost ratings by leading his camera crew into a supposedly haunted mansion. Legend has it that five years before, an old woman named Ada Ridder (Jeannie Epper) committed suicide after butchering twelve unsuspecting guests. Ignoring the grim warnings given by a paranormal psychic (Warren Burton), Horton takes his audience deeper and deeper into the bowels of the manor. But as pieces of furniture start to shake, angry spirits moan, and blood oozes out of the walls, it's clear that awaking the dead may not be a good idea for live T.V.

In "My Brother's Keeper," brothers Frank and Eddie are as different as night and day. Frank (Johnathan Stark) is a sweet, compassionate individual who reads romance novels, cooks gourmet meals, and listens to classical music. Eddie (Timothy Stack), on the other hand, is an obnoxious gigolo who enjoys alcohol and fast women. So what's the problem, you ask? Well, Frank and Eddie are Siamese twins joined at the hip. After learning about a new laser surgery that could separate the two forever, Frank is reluctant to sign the permission form upon hearing they have only a 50% chance of survival. To force him to reconsider, Eddie hires beautiful and sensitive Marie (Jessica Harper) to go on a couple of dates with Frank and then suddenly dump him. However, the web gets a little more tangled when the two fall in love, and a desperate Eddie risks dying in the gas chamber by using a meat cleaver to sever all relationships.

"The Secret" is a story that leans into the territory of Charles Dickens (sort of). 12-year-old Theodore (Mike Simmrin) is haunted by a black cloud surrounding the mysterious deaths of his parents. Even worse, he grew up in a strict orphanage where he's mistreated and scolded by Miss Hagstead (Georganna Johnson). After years of waiting, the growing boy is immediately adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Colbert (William Frankfather and Grace Zabriskie) a wealthy couple who have Theodore constantly locked in his bedroom. There, he plays with an expensive train set and is fed nothing but candy, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. Lonely and suspicious as to where the Colberts go during the daytime, Theodore keeps the family's timid butler Tobias (Larry Drake) as his only company. A few nights later, Tobias makes a failed attempt to rescue the child from the Colberts' clutches; the couple are ravenous vampires. But as Theodore is chased through the forest under the glare of a full moon, he unveils a secret of his own...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Richard Donner

DVD title: Autopsy: Voices of Death
Productgroup: DVD
Autopsy: Voices of Death - movie DVD cover picture
Behind the Scene of the Medical Examiner's Office!

Great DVD, not for children, but very educational. This DVD shows every aspect of an Autopsy, from Speculating the cause of death, preparing the body, incisions, descriptions of what is being looked at and why, including weights, to the conclusion of the autopsy! This DVD gives you the feeling that you are actually a part of the Autopsy yourself!

Studio: Tapeworm

DVD title: Gosford Park - Collector's Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Gosford Park - Collector's Edition - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent, jolly good indeed!

Agatha Christie type story told thru the upstairs and downstairs of a 1930s English Country Manor Home. Beautiful music throughout. A treasure, sure to be a classic, a must own.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Robert Altman
Maggie Smith
Ryan Phillippe

DVD title: Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel
Productgroup: DVD
Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel - movie DVD cover picture
You have the video, pick up the DVD for the commentary

If you watch the opening scene of "Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story" (or the "Sequel" or "Part II" or whatever it is being called this time around) you will see Anne Shirley bicycle bye Dalvay by the Sea, the "White Sands" hotel from the "Avonlea" series. I mention this because I stayed at the hotel for a couple of days at the start of my vacation here on PEI, where I picked up both of the "Anne" DVDs after seeing the musical version of the first novel in Charlottetown. I am sure most of you love all of the Anne books and the first two films, which means the issue is why you should also pick up the DVD versions. The answer is simply the director's commentary. There are a few missing scenes, several of which are alternative takes, and some behinds the scenes still photographs, but the chief charm here is listening to director Kevin Sullivan talk to the film's editor about the production (she does not have much to say; I think she was there to give Sullivan a real person to talk to during the almost four hour film). From this commentary you will learn where many of the scenes were shot on PEI but mostly around Toronto (I intended to track down several of them on the journey home from PEI), what he took (and why) from the three Lucy Maud Montgomery novels this film was based on, Dame Wendy Hiller's accident that almost made her quit the film and the scene she insisted Sullivan shoot for her, and loads ofother fascinating little details about the production and the performances. This is certainly an above average commentary track and fans of the film will not be disappointed. It would be nice if the DVD features closed-captioning, which I like to turn on wh ile doing the director's commentary, but despite this rather odd omission, I think fans will enjoy this addition to their collection. Besides, it is not like we have not already pretty much memorized the entire show.

Studio: Pid
Director: Stefan Scaini

DVD title: Popeye's Greatest Tall Tales & Heroic Adventures
Productgroup: DVD
Popeye's Greatest Tall Tales & Heroic Adventures - movie DVD cover picture
Thank you to the previous review and more information

Popeyes "Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures"

I have noticed some mixed reviews about this product with most of the negative ones being ghost written by our competition so i wanted to tell everyone the real truth about this product since we are the people who produced it. I am using my wifes Amazon account to post this.

We have taken some of the greatest classic cartoons ever produced, from some of the greatest animators in history, and meticulously added hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars of detailed restoration to both the sound and images in order to make them look as good as they did the day they were first released. Each cartoon is digitally processed first through photo shop frame by frame, and then using both the Davinci and the new Pogo systems to remove every scratch, line, dropout and artifact possible. We then we do a full color restoration at Technicolor using the original color palates to match the colors, tones and shades. We then digitally clean up the sound track to remove all the hiss and scratches and carefully add new foley sound effects, ambience and digitally remix them back onto the cartoons.

The result is our animated DVD series which is currently distributed in both the United States and Canada by Goodtimes Entertainment. These fully restored, full motion, color animations have not been seen in this condition since their original theatrical release. Sit back and be amazed and enjoy some of the finest and funniest animation ever made.

thats why were to only studio doing these that have the blessing and participation of Fleischer Studios and the only one to receive the prestigious Gold Medal from the Classic Animation Preservation Society.

I highly recomend this product to any lovers of classic animation.

Studio: Good Times Home Vide

DVD title: Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey
Productgroup: DVD
Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie

I've seen this movie 4 times in theatre. I've watched it so many times I can't remember how many times I've watched it. I like Shadow the best. I love Golden Retrievers. I recommend this movie to eveybody.

Studio: Buena Vista
Director: Duwayne Dunham
Michael J. Fox
Sally Field

DVD title: In Old Chicago
Productgroup: DVD
In Old Chicago - movie DVD cover picture
Fun 1938 Disaster Movie

Fox's response to MGM's San Francisco falls short by comparison, but still makes for a very entertaining disaster movie, especially in the DVD's roadshow version, and the special effects at the end are still very impressive. Tyrone Power, Don Ameche and Alice Faye are a likable trio (they can also be seen together on the musical Alexander's Ragtime Band, available on DVD) of leading stars, which is both a plus and a minus. They're just too likable and rather bland, so the film lacks the sexual tension that Clark Gable, Jeannette MacDonald and Spencer Tracy brought to San Francisco. I do prefer Alice Faye's deep singing voice to Jeannette MacDonald's. This was the first film (of less than a handful) that allowed Ms. Faye to show some range as an actress and, for the most part, she does a good job. The A&E Biography segment on Don Ameche is as informative as usual.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Henry King
Tyrone Power
Alice Faye
Don Ameche
Alice Brady

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