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DVD title: Good Bye, Lenin
Productgroup: DVD
Good Bye, Lenin - movie DVD cover picture
X Filme/Creative Pool Strikes Again!

What a delightful pleasure this movie is. It's fun to watch, yet gut-wrenching in its honesty. There are moments of unbounded humor here, but the tone overall is one of poignant tragedy amid a growing series of obstacles which the main characters must face together.

The film wrestles candidly with absurdity: At times, the best action might be to perpetrate deceit, even toward one's own mother. The viewer--witnessing the mother's reactions to the increasing complexity of staged, televised, and recorded lies--wonders what she must think.

It's difficult to say who the real star of this movie is. On the surface, it appears to be the talented young Daniel Bruehl. Perhaps it's the steady passing of time--Berlin's World Clock features prominently, silently, throughout. On deeper reflection, the best candidates may well be the city of Berlin, or the rapidly-dying idealism once found in the East German republic.

I hope you will see this movie. I think you will enjoy it regardless of your age or political leanings.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Wolfgang Becker (II)
Daniel Brühl
Katrin Saß
Chulpan Khamatova
Florian Lukas

DVD title: Metallica - S & M with the San Francisco Symphony
Productgroup: DVD
Metallica - S & M with the San Francisco Symphony - movie DVD cover picture
This concert is amazing

Metallica is awesome. The San Fransico symphony orchestra is awesome. you put them together, you get one of the most amazing Sounds ever. It was like Metallica wrote the songs to be played with the symphony. Highlights are One, Nothing Else Matters, Master of Puppets, No Leaf Clover, and the amazing Hero of the Day. This DVD is totally worth every cent. Buy it now if you are a Metallica fan, or if you are just into good rock experimentation.

Studio: Wea/Elektra Entertainment
Director: Wayne Isham

DVD title: The Blair Witch Project
Productgroup: DVD
The Blair Witch Project - movie DVD cover picture
More emotional terror than visual. That's why it's unique.

The Blair Witch Project isn't one of your big budget thrillers, like The Haunting, or The Mummy (both of which I loved, no offense there.). It has to do more with emotions, and what makes people do what they do. It forces you to examine what you would do in the same situation. There aren't any big special effects and no set script. This is more emotional terror. You see these kids pushed to the brink of insanity. You see what happens between them. How the emotional strain of what is going on around them is going to affect their personal relationships, and their behavior. And, if you are just in it for the sheer entertainment, you won't be dissapointed. This is one terrifying movie. I mean, when I was watching it, it's like, wow, this could be me and my friends. That makes it all that scarier. It seems so real. I highly reccommend it!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Michael C. Williams

DVD title: Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (Director's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (Director's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The best of Star Trek's Films and a fun DVD

I'm glad I waited to purchase my Trek DVD's--the first set of releases was "bare bones." This DVD is chock full o' fun. Wonderful histrionics from Ricardo Montalban and William Shatner make for a great, melodramatic space opera. Put it on and have a blast!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Nicholas Meyer
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley

DVD title: I Spy - Tag You're It
Productgroup: DVD
I Spy - Tag You're It - movie DVD cover picture
4 Unforgettable episodes- Spy School!

The first three episodes on this wonderful DVD are set in San Francisco. In "An American Empress", Robinson & Scott take a beautiful Chinese heiress (Frances Nuyen) on a tour of the city, only to discover that she plays an unwitting part in a plot to gain control of the government of China. The 2nd episode is one of the best of the entire series: "Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home"; After Alexander Scott mysteriously tries to take his own life, a series of flashbacks show Scott & Robinson's early days in spy school, including their very first encounter with one another, in which both consider the other "helplessly square"!! In "Tag, you're It", our heroes return to spy school for a training exercise that goes badly wrong (look for our boys hiding out in the Haight-Ashbury district dressed as Hippies!); and in "A Few Miles West Of Nowhere", the pair investigate the killing of a fellow agent in a small town in which local vigilantes make them less than welcome.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Robert Culp
Bill Cosby

DVD title: Reckless
Productgroup: DVD
Reckless - movie DVD cover picture

The cast, the story, the direction - all outstanding. This was a treat for the mind and the heart. I loved every second of it and laughed and laughed and laughed and then I ached for love that this story represents. The writing is a magnificent surprise. Surprises throughout as well. Robson Green is a deep, sexy, loving, funny and powerful screen actor. I want to see everything he's ever done. Francesca Annis is a brilliant actress and her scenes with Michael Kitchen were superb and Michael Kitchen was superb. The supporting cast was excellent with the character of Owen's Dad being a special standout. I felt as though I never wanted it to end. I bought two copies for friends and both of them watched all four tapes in one evening - I dragged it out - to experience this thrill over a few days. Four tapes - that includes the marvelous Sequel.Don't miss this. Share it. Watch it again. And have the best time.

Studio: Wgbh
Robson Green

DVD title: Sesame Street - Zoe's Dance Moves
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street - Zoe's Dance Moves - movie DVD cover picture
Great exposure to the art of dance for my 1 year old!

I bought this for my daughter when she was 13 months old to add to the rest of her Sesame Street Collection. She loves this tape the best! Zoe and Elmo are great and Paula Abdul is tolerable, but the short acts and cartoons between the dance studio scenes are just as entertaining (there's one with a young Savion Glover).
The dances include ballet, African, Asian, tap, and hip hop, but her absolute favorite is Zoe's dance, the SILLY WILLY NILLY. Whenever she knows it's next in the sequence, she gets her arms ready and starts flailing them about like Zoe.
My husband enjoys watching it as well, so we make it a family dance lesson with the three of us. It's one of those videos where the parents really have to get into it with their child. If you're not excited about it, why should your child be too? It's easy for me, since I was a H.S/college cheerleader, but I could understand why some reviews haven't been as enthusiastic.
We highly recommend it to others who want their toddlers to learn about rhythm and movement. Obviously, they won't be able to get the choreography down pat, especially the hip hop, but at least they look cute trying!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Director: Emily Squires

DVD title: Secretary
Productgroup: DVD
Secretary - movie DVD cover picture
It Actually Understands S&M

Sexuality has forever played a tremendous role in our storytelling. In recent years, those roles and themes have become more visible, controversial and erotic. Where censorship strives to dismiss controversy, "Secretary" embraces it and offers us an unforgetable tour of the taboo.
"Secretary" forces us to look outside of the box - and see through the eyes of Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Lee is of a unique breed, who gets pleasure from pain and finds security out of being submissive. Lee returns home for her sister's wedding after having spent time in a mental patient facility. We are immediately find out she is a cutter and inflicts wounds of all sorts for a sense of relief. Determined to not spend all her time at home with her dysfunctional family, she gets a job working as a secretary in a law office for E. Edward Grey (James Spader). Grey is an abrasive anal-retentive man who apparently runs through secretaries every few months or so. We soon witness his growing infactuations with Lee and through his mood swings and psuedo-violent behaviors, a strange sort of romance develops between them. He begins to abuse her and as these habits become more severe, she looks for more ways to receive abuse. Lee must then balance her two seperate lives, living with her family/exploring a relationship with a childhood boyfriend and the taboo S&M relationship she carries with her employer. Both worlds,of course, interfere with each other, ultimately ending with a final confrontation and a surprise ending.
Maggie Gyllenhaal has proven herself to be a superb actress. Her character seems so real in all her actions - there is nothing campy about her subtle nature and her excitement's crescendos. Though her role is small in this feature, Leslie Ann Warren lends her usual charismatic prescence as Lee's over protective suburban mother. James Spader is surprisingly cold and calculated in all of his antics. Each expression on his face becomes immaculately complex, as to which we must question what is going through his head as he spanks his "helpless" employee leaning over his desk.
One must remember that this movie relys on exposing the dark side of sexuality. Full female nudity, masturbation and sex is blunty displayed in a few scenes. What makes this art instead of smut is the underlying emotional states of the characters. One can only hope to find some understanding of their psychology and desires. Because of how controversial the subject matter is, this movie is not for everyone. And I think that might be a reason I love it so much!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Steven Shainberg
James Spader
Maggie Gyllenhaal

DVD title: Dragon Ball Z - Cell Games - Nightmare's End
Productgroup: DVD
Dragon Ball Z - Cell Games - Nightmare's End - movie DVD cover picture

At last the final episode of the cell saga. I have waited for this DVD for over a year and it isn't a disappointment. i have been a DBZ fan since 1991 i really think this is the best saga ever. If you are truly a DBZ fan you will surely enjoy this saga it is only a shame that they don't a complete box set for this so you can watch it all at once.

Studio: Funimation Productio
Director: Daisuke Nishio

DVD title: The Red Shoes - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Red Shoes - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture

just a great film. combining good fresh acting and marvelous dancing and scenes. it is easy to LOVE this film. I hate to sound corney but this film is unforgetable adults and kids will love this film. A bittersweet film of what can happen if you love too much.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Anton Walbrook
Marius Goring
Moira Shearer

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